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Sally Mercedes, digital marketing consultant & writer

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9 Videos (36m)
    • Content Strategy & Goals

    • Keyword Research

    • Optimizing Your Site & Pages

    • Optimizing Your Content

    • Getting the Most Out of Social Media

    • Partnerships

    • More Ways to Promote

    • Creating Community

    • Finalizing Your Traffic Strategy


About This Class

Here you are, with this great blog or editorial site: it looks good, your writing is flowing, you've even gotten a few people to subscribe to your RSS... But every time you check Google Analytics or Site Meter, you start to wonder if there's really anybody out there. Or perhaps you've been at it for a while now but you've reached a plateau and want to give your traffic a boost


Sure, we write for ourselves, but if we've got all this good stuff out there and nobody reads it, does it exist? (Seriously, it's the website version of: if a tree falls in a forest when no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?)

In this class, you'll learn how to support your content strategy and website goals with good SEO, social media, partnerships, and community-centered tactics like commenting and link love. At the end, you'll have a killer traffic strategy that you can implement right away and continue to develop as your site grows, so you're constantly taking it to the next level.


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Sally cuts to the chase and shares her insights and strategies clearly. If you're trying to get more traffic, and have a better web presence in general, I suggest you take this quick class.
This course was good. Interesting. The content is great. The audio/video could be a bit better but they don´t take away from the experience :)
Princess Val

Lifestyle blogger

Hit the basics and quick.





Sally Mercedes

digital marketing consultant & writer

I'm a writer/blogger, consultant, and lover of all things digital.

I've worked in digital marketing for several years at non-profits, editorial sites, and even a Fortune 500 company (hi Amex peeps!). The work I do cuts across a lot of different digital marketing areas but my primary focus and passions are social media, SEO, and traffic/content partnerships.

I've written for several blogs and editorial sites, including Feministe, and have worked to increase traffic by thousands and millions of unique visitors at and I absolutely love teaching people how to set up blogs, increase traffic, and create community online, so I'm psyched about offering this class.