Get MORE Real Estate Listings by Marketing to Sellers with Expired Listings! | Jr Haseloff | Skillshare

Get MORE Real Estate Listings by Marketing to Sellers with Expired Listings!

Jr Haseloff, Autodidactism for the win!

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4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. 1. Intro to Getting MORE Leads by marketing to Expired Listings

    • 2. 2. Setting up Account, Personalizing the Marketing Copy, and Downloading

    • 3. 3. Setting up your Expired filter, setting up your MLS display, setting up your Automation!

    • 4. 4. Conclusion and more!


About This Class

Want to add a quick marketing skill to your Real Estate Agent toolbox?  This course will show you how to set up and automate efforts that will allow you to quickly market to sellers who have listed their homes but been unsuccessful at selling.

I will show you how to spend 5-10 minutes a month sending out solicitations to sellers that we know have been serious enough to initially list their homes, but may need real estate consultation in order to be more successful.  Every month you will be provided with a list of Expired Listings, and you'll quickly hand write their addresses and drop them in the mail.

We will utilize a free real estate resource that creates expert marketing materials, quickly personalize it, then set up automation to provide us with a list of with\kdrawn listings on the first of every month.

Course Resource: /If you'd like to network, drop me a line at [email protected] or find me over at


1. 1. Intro to Getting MORE Leads by marketing to Expired Listings: Hey, everyone. And welcome to my skill share course this skill short courses called how to get more real estate listings by marketing to expire to the States. I'm really excited about bringing this course to you as real estate agent. You know, we're always trying to get more leaves and get more listings. And by marketing to expired listings, we'll let me tell you what that means. So basically, we know that if somebody has already made the decision to sell their house, they've actually already listed their house on the market. But for some reason, they have failed to sell Well, what we're talking about very thes air, higher quality leads, which is why I love this strategy. And in this course, what I'm going to give you is first off, we're gonna give you a great resource, a high quality marketing template that you can customize yourself, personalize and use that to solicit thes expired listings. And secondly, I'm gonna teach you how to automate that. It shouldn't take long to set up the automation. Actually, doing the entire process of this course is probably gonna take you 15 to 20 minutes. Now, every single month you're gonna get a hand your to get email delivered to you with the 15 or 20 expired listings in your market area, and you could spend about five or 10 minutes addressing some envelopes and throwing some 49 cent stamps of those things to get those out. If you're not already doing it, I highly recommend you add this strategy to your real estate toolkit. So let's get started. So here's the course outline and some of the deliverables I'm gonna expect for me from this course. But first off, we're gonna use to primary systems for setting up this skill. The first is a website called Breakthrough Broker. And if you're not familiar with Breakthrough broker, they are awesome. First off, it's a free website that we're gonna set you up with a free account that we're going to set you up with. Secondly, what their mantra is is that they think real estate professionals shouldn't have to pay for high quality market material. So we're gonna we're gonna find some great marking material, and we're gonna personalize it. The second big program that we're gonna use in this course is your local MLS. Now all unless is there just a little bit different, but they all have the same functionality. I'm gonna walk you through the automation process so that we can determine the expired listings in your market. And we're going to set up on automatic emailer that comes to you on the first of every month with the 15 or 20 new expired listings in your market. Real quickly. Before we move any further, I want to talk about withdrawn versus expired. We're gonna be using a template, a marketing product from breakthrough broker dot com, where they specifically market to those listings in your area that are withdrawn from the market. There's a couple reasons why don't I don't really like that. So first off we is. Real estate agents know there's 100 different reasons why a house might be withdrawn from the market, but they might withdraw from the market in order to make repairs. They might have a large wedding or a death or a birth in the family, but there's a lot of reasons why they might want to withdraw it from the market. What? I don't want that family. What that household to get is a solicitation for me. just because, you know, they're withdrawn it from the market so they can go on vacations or they could stop all showings for a certain amount of time. So what we're gonna do is used this same template, use the same marketing product, and we're gonna send it to those who have expired listings now expired listens or people who have had a listing agreement, they've listed their house, and for some reason they failed to do it now expired means they are no longer under contract with another real estate agent, So we avoid a lot of ethical dilemmas. Plus, if there's anything that I'm gonna put my name on, and it kind of seems shady, I definitely I don't want to send out that piece of marketing. If you do want to market to with drone type listings, what I will say is, go ahead and send a copy of the solicitation letter that we're gonna create here, send it over your broker on. Also do a quick Google search. I did a quick Google search and it is okay for me to solicit here in Texas, two people in a withdrawn status, the only the only idea there is that If I do talk to them and they are under contract with another agent, I would not be able to list their house until that listing contract were to expire. So when the current listing expires, I could hopefully have built a relationship for me. I'm actually just not gonna even bother with those listings that go into withdrawal on status. I'm going to stick with those that are in the expired status. Okay, that's it, guys, let's get busy. But before we do, I just ask you one thing. Hit that follow button up above because a lot of my courses deal with real estate if you love real estate. I've loved the network with you in the future. A lot of my courses also deal with automation, and sometimes they deal with automation and real estate. That's what I'm really excited to bring you those type of skills. If you're interested in that, give me a follow. Give me a like give me a comment below on some of the problems you're having. Let's see if we can't be able to create a course specifically suited for you because it might help other real estate of real estate professionals as well. Alright, guys, I'm excited. Let's get busy 2. 2. Setting up Account, Personalizing the Marketing Copy, and Downloading: Okay, everybody, And welcome to the next lesson in this lesson. We're gonna go to breakthrough broker dot com. Go ahead and go there in your browser while I talk about what that website ISS. So, as I mentioned earlier, breakthrough broker dot com Their mantra is that you should have high quality professional marketing for every facet of your real estate prisoners. So one of the examples that we're gonna use them today is prospecting letters to people who have expired listings. Not only can you get a high quality pdf for free after you personalize it, and you can use that in your efforts. But there's also options where you can upload an Excel spreadsheet of maybe your farm area and have them send it out to you as well. You can also upload email email lists as well. If you want things to be automatic emailed out, they can do that as well. Okay, so you hear a breakthrough broker dot com. I want you to focus here on the left hand side, created free profile. While you're doing that, it should only take a few moments. I will log in here on the right hand side Okay, I assume you're in. If not, it's taking a little bit longer. Just go ahead and pause the video. The first thing I want you to do once you get on to the site is in the top right hand corner up here with manage profile, I want you to edit your profile. And this is the opportunity for you to upload your professional photo, upload your company logo. What? You put your name, email, address your professional title website, you know, email address to your market center. Go ahead and put in all this information. Collect the real quick, the realtor box if that applies to you and then hit update. And the reason I want you to fill that in right now is as you do, Maura Maura, of these free marketing templates it fills in and all that information for you, which is it'll allow you to create products. In about a minute. You can look at it the boilerplate marketing. Copy that. Copy that. They've written in there. And it automatically populates your stuff in there. A couple button clicks to personalized things and everything is easy. Okay, If you've already done that, I want you to go into the search box. I want you to start typing in withdrawal and we look at the with drone listing letter template. There's only one search result that comes up there. Like I mentioned in the video earlier. I don't like I feel a little bit weird marketing to people who have just withdrawn their houses from the market. But the good thing is the copy. The actual sales copy that they write in this marketing product doesn't really specifically talk about withdrawn listings. On it is applicant pool, too. You know, people who have expired listings, which which that's that's the goal That's the people were targeting. So we get here to the template if you look over here to the right, Yeah, there's real estate letter pricing. Don't let that throw you off. If you click on that, that's if you want or, you know, high thick card stock, high quality, glossy stuff from them. We'll send it to you for what it is 80 cents apiece or whatever. Don't you worry about that. We're gonna get here started, including the free digital download. We're gonna click that button so this takes us to an editor here. You could see it already has my name here, Jr hassle off Realtor. It already has my image of the top at the bottom. It's got my Keller Williams logo and all of my information. So if yours does not have that, what you'll do is on the left hand side here, we're just gonna go box by box by box and fill that in manually if for some reason, years is not filled in first, his background color think of this is like a theme option. Blue and very is an option this and actually doesn't have too many options. I like the red and dark blue just because I think it works better with my killer Williams read. So I'm gonna keep that one. Go down to the name entitle section if you wanted to adjust that feel free like for example , says Here's my titles Realtor. I might just add that to be your Fort Worth realtor. Go down here to business details. All of that's already filled in phones, emails, websites. This is the information I want you to do earlier family if you need to adjust that Look at that dapper man you wanna sell house? You don't buy this guy's house, that's all. Go to the better body. This is where you do need updated. Typically in their marketing copy, you'll see things that are in brackets. If it's something that it's obvious that you need to change, go ahead and read through the copy. I actually feel pretty good with what's already written. I will change that, obviously as you should. So do that. As an agent in Fort Worth, I study the market. One other spot here. The copies. Good. Right here. Where says I cried myself in taking, I'm actually gonna add, um, a lifelong Texan, uh, put a Navy veteran and a father. I just kind of personalized a little bit. The reason why I want to put that in. There is everything we do. Our in our real estate business revolves around trust, and I want people to trust me. I want people to know that I love being a Texan, that I'm somewhat trustworthy. Maybe, Maybe, maybe veteran casts doubt for light on my lifelong decisions. Possibly. But I was kind of like personalized this just a little bit. I want people to feel comfortable with me. I want them to know that I'm gonna take care of him. So adjust the letter body as you feel as you see fit, add your logos. You see, that one is already on there, and then the disclaimer at the bottom that just lets us know. Hey, if you're already working on a real estate professional, please just disregard this solicitation that's that's gonna be in there. That's why they're sending this to withdrawn listings. But I'm gonna leave that in their even though I'm gonna send it to people whose listing agreements have expired. So I'm going to finish this project. And what will probably do here is just download the pdf If you want to get this stuff with crop marks, if you're not actually cut it yourself and put it on final card stock. You could feel free to do that, but this is the first option here. You know, no crop marks option given a couple seconds to generate that file, and it will automatically download. As you see, it just did a couple of the other options here. I could download it as an image which I wouldn't waken email it to a list if I wanted to upload a comma separated Value Excel spreadsheet with all my names and emails. I could do that. If I want them to print it. Print and ship. I'd agree to what they're telling me here is going to be 3 to 4 Business day. Wait, That that's gonna send a dollar apiece. So I'm not interested in that. And the shipping seems high for 50 sheets of paper. But but no, that's an option. If you want some high quality professional stuff done, you could send that to yourself. I'm thinking about this marketing copy and what I would use this for. I'm probably just gonna put this on a pdf printed out in color on some nice paper back in my market centre. And I probably print out 50 to 100 copies because I know that will get me through about six or 76 to 8 months worth of expired listings in my local area. So I'm not definitely not spending money on that, and obviously you can mail it to a list. You can agree to that, and then you upload the value. This is gonna be really valuable option if you. You in the next lesson, we're gonna go through Urinal s. You can export all of those expired listings. The one thing I will tell you, though, is you have to have at least 50. So if you only have the 14 or 15 expired listings, you won't be able, Teoh. You won't be able to pay them to do it for you. So don't Don't worry too much about that, Okay? So we've downloaded it. That is the end of this lesson. We're gonna say that to our marketing folder here and actually call that the expired listing letter template, because that is what we're going to be using it for. Its save has been saved appropriately. Now, where will I ever find that it from ever here at breakthrough broker dot com. You can always go up here to manage profile and my marketing. My marketing will show all the products that you've made in this account. There it is. I could neither read download it. I can edit it or I can delete it out. Bye, guys. That concludes this lesson. Stay tuned with us for the next lesson. We're gonna talk about how to pull the information who were gonna send this to as well as how to set up the automation for Okay, we'll see that. 3. 3. Setting up your Expired filter, setting up your MLS display, setting up your Automation!: Okay, everybody, welcome back to the next lesson in this lesson. I'm gonna talk broadly. I'm gonna talk generally how you set up the automation in the MLS system. Obviously, each regional MLS system will be a little bit different, but all the major functionality is the same. So if you need a positive video to kind of Google or find your way through a couple of different the actions that I'm gonna walk you through, I definitely feel free to do that. So here I am. I'm in my nitrous matrix, which is our local North Texas MLS system here, and I'm just gonna do a quick search. What I'm gonna do is set up a template and I'm gonna have a recurring search that gives me the last 30 days of expired listings. So let's do that now. The quick search is good enough. You don't need to do the full search. So it's first off. Let's do status. Let's take off all the actives and active contingent's. Here we go. I'm gonna click unexpired. Now the default option is it's going to give me the last 90 days of expired. Yeah, that's fine. If this is the first time you're using this strategy, go ahead and send out the last 90 days worth of expired catch up. You know anyone who's had expired? Listen, in the last 90 days, go ahead and touch them. But typically, what I want to do is just get 30 days worth. Because I only want the last 30 days worth so that when this tells me on the first of the month you know, the first of July, it will tell me all the June expired the first of August. He will tell me all the July expired. So 30 days, you're gonna be able to touch those customers pretty quickly after their expiring listing. Next, we gonna go up here to map search? Typically, it's about five miles outside of Lake Worth, Texas week from the drop down. Click on that. It looks like I'm gonna be a lead 11 matches. So the way I haven't set up now I can anticipate about 11 expired listings per month, so it's gonna cost me about $5.50 and stamps for this marketing strategy every month. And that seems to be okay with me. I'm gonna go up here and map those results and see what that looks like. See if I'm still happy with it. Okay, so here it is. In Lake Worth, Texas, which is outside of Fort Worth. It looks like I'm getting some expired listings in an area that I don't really care too much about. Really. Like the Lake Worth area like Eagle Mountain and a diesel. Actually, I want to do is come over here and just change that. A zonal, See if I can't get a better. Yeah, it's timing, Nasal. You bet I did. So it takes us down to six matches. Okay, but there's six better matches, so here they are, right here. This is actually I'll just expand that out a little bit. Mawr. And now we are in business because these are the houses that I want to be involved with. Right here. What is that? 14 houses. Let's go back to the criteria within nine miles of Hazel, Texas. I'm very happy with eso. We definitely want to say that. So let's go. To result the results tab, see all 14. I got him all sitting here on one page, collect all those now a couple things before we save this search result, what I want to do is you'd see that it gives me the address, but not the city state zip code. I'm definitely don't want that, because that's what I'm gonna be writing on the envelopes. And then there's no owner name. When I look at this agent single line, if you're pretty familiar with them, unless you can do this kind of in your sleep. But look for your icon on your mouse to turn into the four direction arrows, Click on any of the headers here and we're gonna insert a column. Really do this four times on insert and owner column. It applied. I want to insert a city, but I apply Insert actually not gonna insert the state because no one outside my circle is gonna get outside of the great state of Texas. And then I was gonna put this in order that I I would rather look at that address City zip code. Okay, so this is pretty much all the information I need to know. One side note here. When I received this report monthly of roughly 14 expired listings, I will have the owner name the address in the city and the zip code. That's enough to fill out envelopes stuffed my product. Put some stamps on. You will see I only have about 50% of the names. So in the owner name, this is what the real estate agent, you know, provides the MLS system. During the listing process, you could see whatever's on record or it's in a state or see agent, see private remarks so you can see a couple of these that are that are just kind of generic . And they're probably doing that to protect the privacy of the owners, and that's that's honorable, and I have no issue with that. So what I will tell you is you can either just put, you know, to the homeowners or homeowners. But I typically don't like doing that because I know personally when I get mail that just goes to the homeowners. I mean, pretty much go straight into the trash. So if you prefer, if you really want toe, make an effort to put a good marketing product in front of you know, the owners of stone like court here. What you could do you could do is just copy that, and then most MLS systems will have some kind of tax database you can open up. Ours is called realist tax, and I'll open that up in a different window. And then I'll just do a real quick search of that address. If that ever. Ludes. Here we do get a quick search loading up, put in the address box there, hit enter on, and that will give me. You know, whether it's an owner, Whether it's an estate, the owner name looks like it's a Hazlett Nails spot incorporated. So I just might put to the owners there if I don't waste too much time trying to get to the the end of who actually might own it. But, yeah, so that's what we'll do If you care to do that, that's a that's a quick way to do it. Or we can just send it off, you know, just to the homeowners. And that would be fine as well. Okay, now that we have all of this knocked out and I got it in the set that this is the set up that I want to see every single month, what I'll do is come down here ours is a little save button here. I'm gonna say this as a safe search first and foremost, and we'll call this the 30 day expired. This seems, and then I have toe send it to some contact. So go ahead and create a new contact for yourself. If you haven't done this already, I have. It's called the Jr Test contact, and I will save that. So now that I've got that saved, the second option you can do is this new automated email button right here in the middle. I definitely want you to click that. I want you to send that to your test account, and I want you to know expired listings in the last 30 days would be a good subject line. I don't really care about a welcoming email, but for the recurring email just actually, this is just going to use so it doesn't really matter what you put in here. It's gonna give you a nice link that you're going to see your monthly expired listings and then down here at the bottom don't care about any views, other settings at this schedule. I want this to go out monthly, so click that monthly option. It will come to you the first of the month at midnight. It will give you the previous 30 days worth of expired listings. And I want to hit that save button and that is it one final thing. Well, I'll tell you now that you've gone through all this work, you got the owner name and the address in the city. I'm gonna go ahead and save that as a display. That way, whenever I pull this search up on the first of the next month, I could just use the display that I want and I know the owner's name. The address in the city will be there as well as zip code. So we have an option here. It's a little edit box is called manage display on. I can name this display, and I don't just mean my 30 day expired hope Syria 30 day expired display. I want to save is a copy. So let's remember that that that's the part that I love. Being ableto just long in the first of the month. I can either come from that email that I set up where I could just log in and go to my saved searches and then say, Hey, you know, you want to use the agent full or the agent one line or the agent to line And then I'll quickly realize that it might not be everything I want so I can put my 30 day expired view and I'll be able to see her name, address, city and zip code. Now, I will leave you with this every month. You're gonna get this information. This is the way you execute print off about 100 of those pdf's that we had put him in a folder, put him in your desk. Forget about the first of every month. Pull up the 10 or 12 or 15 expired listings hand write them. I don't remember in the last lesson that PdF is double sided, right, and it's a trifle and automatically puts your return address on the top left. I want you to hand write their name if you have it. There eat and their address in Blue Pen, right, because blue pen stands out a little bit more kind of shows that personal touch. It kind of makes them pause just a little bit more before they just throw it straight into the trash can to see you know what's going on hand written? That hardly ever happens. I want to check this out. So you're gonna hand right that in blue, throw some stamps on that and send it your way. Last thing. I want you to do the next listing you get because of an expired listing. The next seller that calls you up and says, Hey, I found your ad and maybe I didn't like my last real estate agent. Or maybe we had a price wrong or other. Things just fell out the next Listen, you get I want you to comment on this course and let me know because I want to revel in your success with you. Okay, guys, I appreciate your time today. That is the end of this lesson, and we'll see you in the conclusion 4. 4. Conclusion and more!: Okay, everyone, welcome back to the conclusion. First off, I want to say thank you for going through this course of me. If you're interested in learning other skills, do me a couple things. Go ahead and give me a follow. Go ahead and give me a like thumbs up. Share the course. Tell your friends love all that. If you want something specific, go ahead and comment down below and tell me which which skills specifically during my marketing campaigns. How How am I approaching buyers? How my perchance sellers talk to me about specifically what you're interested in And I will open up the notes there and we will create a course for it. So once I appreciate you guys, thank you so much for following subscribing and continuing to absorb the content. Uh, go ahead, network with me. Let's market in the future. Until then, be safe. Be good. We'll talk to you, then.