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Get MORE Done With Time Batching Your Tasks

Amy Norton, Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz

Get MORE Done With Time Batching Your Tasks

Amy Norton, Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz

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4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro To TIme Batching

    • 2. How To Time Batch To Save TIme

    • 3. Things To Consider

    • 4. Conclusion

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About This Class

Going through this class will have you question every to-do list or planner that you've used. By completing this class you will have an awesome new perspective that will allow you to plan your life in a much more efficient way, which leaves you with more time for the important things in life!

When I began time batching I was skeptical, but I very quickly realized how much faster I was completing my tasks. This productivity technique has allowed me to get WAY ahead on many areas of my life. By batching my video editing for Youtube and Skillshare, I'm typically a week ahead. Before time batching I was typically editing the video the same day that it was supposed to be going up. By sharing this technique with you I hope to make your life more efficient, productive, and easier on you! 

Check out my Youtube channel here: Click Here!


My Youtube Channel: MissAmyxo

My Instagram: MissAmyXoo

My Email: [email protected]

My Cute Boston Terrier's Instagram: Nickel.Pickle.The.Boston

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Amy Norton

Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz


Hello there! I'm Amy and I'm so glad you've stumbled on this page. I am really excited to be sharing videos here on Skillshare and Youtube. I am very passionate about being as productive and creative as I can be. On Skillshare, I am sharing videos about different productivity techniques that I have studied and had success with as well as writing, freelance, and entrepreneurial tips that have helped me as I build my writing business. I love to use my time to the very best of my ability and I love trying new practices to stretch my time out. When I find things that work I am so excited to share them with you, so I hope you will check out my classes and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and have a fantastic day! 

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1. Intro To TIme Batching: hello and welcome back to another skill share class. I hope you're having a great day today is going to be a class all on the concept of time matching. Now. Time matching is incredible incredible productivity technique that I only really started to use in last year. So consciously and it's been amazing, like I'm getting ah, week ahead on YouTube. I'm getting a week ahead on this like it's really an incredible way it to manage what you have to dio and to get it done faster and more efficiently. So if that sounds interesting to you, I hope you will keep watching and let's go and get into it. 2. How To Time Batch To Save TIme: I'm so glad you're continuing to watch because I think this will be an excellent concept for you to try in your life. So basically, time matching is the process of combining tasks that are similar together so that you are in a mode, basically. So if you for me, for example, I also youtuber you could find my information down below if you're interested. But if I have, you know, I have different process. I have filming. I have editing videos. I have doing like the tagging and descriptions and thumbnails to prepare the video for you Tube. So all of those are different categories. So, for example, today this is a second video filming. But I also tend to edit videos in lumps. So I will have three or four videos in the day, and I will just crank out those three or four videos just editing on that day. And the next day I'll go ahead and I will start uploading those YouTube and I will start making the thumbnails and doing, and I'll do all the thumbnails in one go. So basically, by doing this, I'm already in the editing mindset. When I'm doing the videos you know, I'm already already have the program open. I already have my external hard drive, you know, plugged in. I already have everything I need to video at it out, and I'm prepared for it. So it takes less time for me to open a second file and start the next video. You know, you just keep going, You crank it out, you're already in the editing mode. So you're not having to take brakes for your mind to get back into another mode because of I What? What I would do before, like and they, like a year or two ago before I started doing this, is I would sit there on the day that he was supposed to go up, which I would not recommend, by the way. But I would sit there, I would edit the video, I would run through the video and then I would go through and do the thumbnail and the title tags, description, the cards, all that. And then I would upload the video, which, if you have to do that because you're behind on something occasional, that happens. And I have to do that. But I might as well do several tasks altogether. So all the editing together, all of the thumbnails together because I'm already they're already have the program open. I'm already already in this my mindset, where I'm editing and I'm in the mode. I've been the group, but I don't have to break that groove to go into a completely different type of thinking or project. So, like, for example, different category ideas when you're looking at your schedule, because what I recommend to implement this is to go ahead and sit down right now. Grab. If you don't have it to do, it's already grab a note pad. Write everything down. I mean, write down chores right down work tests. Write down the things you've been putting off right down. You know, if you have to cook something if you need to meal, prep something if you need to work out. If you need to edit this what your hobbies like, write down everything from all aspects of your life. Everything you need to do, say for a week and what you want to do that is, you want to go in and group these. I suggest color coding the projects or, if you like me. I will take my planner. I'll show you a picture right now, and I will. Group served by certain days were all have you know I have to work for this money hours, But then on the side, I will have at it. 123 maybe even four videos in a day, all in one day and I sit down and do those all in one's all in one go that way I'm not stopping and I get a whole chunk done. So category ideas if this is kind of confusing idea. So you like if you're not, it's not quite clicking at here. Different ideas for you to perhaps categorize now categorize based on how you feel you the most efficient But you can categorize things like mindless tasks. So I will put things like you take out the trash, you know, fold laundry, maybe delete old emails. You know, go through my nail If there's nothing like crazy, you know, I'm not saying that, like, do your taxes is a mindless task, but like, you know, you have a bunch of mail to open. Just sit there, open it really quick, go through. It's fairly mindless not too difficult. Another one this isn't the island to do is to lump creative work together. So, for example, brainstorming new ideas, writing things. If you have to write, you know, even a memo for work or an email, something where you have to kind of think and you want to put some effort into it. So it's very polished and has a little bit of his, as maybe in it filling videos, you know, editing videos, possibly problem solving. So and especially with the creative ideas, I find that if you lump creative tasks together, you start to get this trade of buzz. I feel like a lot of us can relate that we start doing, you know, our art. Yeah, I got a lot of people on social are very creative, especially so I think a lot of us can relate that if you are right and you sit down to write, if you you know, our artists and you painter, you do crafting or you're someone who edits videos like in a creative way like myself. Once you start going, you kind of get a creative buzz and then your creative juices start flowing better so Not only is your work going faster and more efficiently and maybe even at a higher level of performance, but you might also be generating more ideas because you're just in this creative mode. So that's one of my favorite tat like categories. I highly suggest trying that out for yourself. Other suggestions. Errands. Love your errands together if you can. It depends how far they are apart. But if you are going to work or a fitness class or something and you have, you know you have to go to Wal Mart to pick up something and you do a grocery store and you need to get the mail and drop off the library books, why break those up where you have one task at night after work, instead of just doing them all in one lump? Because instead of taking, let's say, 25 minutes every day to run errands If not Mawr, why not just longer together an hour and 1/2 section? And you might, you know this place is might be close together. So you're going boom, boom, boom done. So that's another. When I suggest anything, we have to be out of house tryto love it together. Schedule together. If you're meeting your friend for coffee, awesome. And then go out afterwards or before And do, you know, pick up something you need to drop off the package or whatever loved these things together and you'll save yourself a lot of times you're not constantly hopping in the car all the time. The next category this is This will depend on your life, of course, but deep thinking work ways. But you really, really have to put like your deepest thoughts. You need to be at your prime to think these through correctly, So examples are like tax pain. You know, you don't want to put that in. You don't want that to be a mindless task. You want to do that and do it well, hopefully pitching ideas to your boss when you're coming up with a pitch or something, building a presentation, doing research, all these things you really want to be in a deep thinking place. You know, if your student doing your calculus homework, you know, reading a textbook or something, you really want to make sure that you are doing these one year and then deep thinking mode . So If you can line a few these up together that could be really good now account for the time. You know, probably won't be doing deep thinking work for, like, five hours straight if you could help it, because that might be very exhausting. But if you could love a few of them together or schedule a time block, I would like, you know, schedule a time slot for that. That might really help you out. And if you just say yourself, this is deep work time that just kind of puts you in the mindset of okay, let's really focus. Let's concentrate. Let's absorb this now and not Let's not do anything else speaking off the deep, the deep work and being at your prime think about what times a day are the best time for you. So I know, especially in like the productivity world in business world. Like all of that, everyone always talks about mornings and waking up at like 54 You know, you always hear about the successful people that woke up at three AM to pursue their business. Now that's amazing. And if you could do that and that works well for you fantastic. I am not a morning person. I am not. Now I have found that I was not being very productive at night. They'll, when I was staying up, I would be playing video games and reading. And now there's anything wrong with that. But it wasn't leading me towards my goals and like helping me get towards them. So I have gradually worked backwards. So right now I'm liking about 5 30 to 6, which gives me a few hours to Craig things out without really being disturbed it all without having to leave the house. So that really works well for me. Now, if you are someone who's a night out and you actually are productive, or you can get yourself to a productive place late at night, then by all means that might be your deep work thought for me. I like to follow the whole Eat the fraud by Mark Twain theory. I might even do a video on that. Maybe let me if you're interested in that, but which is to do the most difficult or taxing task so even if it's not the most difficult , but it's the thing you're dreading the most on your to do list right away in the morning. So for me, I'm well, I don't like to make phone calls, you know, self declared introvert. Over here. I don't like to make phone calls, so of course I can't call someone at 5 30 in the morning because most businesses are open. I don't want to call a person that early in the morning like that's not great. But most things like, say, I'm really dreading doing this like writing task or I'm really nervous about getting head on work today. I'm feeling overwhelmed, but I will just get up and I mean, within five minutes of getting up, I'm already working on it, and that feels so good because I can't really procrastinate or dread it. And then by the time I finished it, it's just gone by in a blink, and I'm already like, happy with myself. So think about what time of day is going to be the best time for your deep work or your hardest projects. Whatever category is the most difficult for you and for me personally, I like to do a lot of mindless tasks at night, you know, because I'm a little more tired by then. I'm not at my mentally sharpest, so fully laundry, while listening to some TV is a great way for me to get that done, and it's more enjoyable. And I'm not using my prime like mental time, if you will. So consider what time of day it is, even if it's nighttime. If it's the middle of the day, think about your work schedule one. Can you schedule your deep working like deep thinking time? You might have to wait till the day your day off, if you can with that project. If it's if it's always If you're crazy busy during your work week, you might have to wait for the weekend or whatever you're off to do that deep thinking projects. You can do it more effectively because think of it this way. If you're scheduling yourself to do all of these creative projects or like deep work project to deep thinking projects at your weakest time, it's gonna take you twice a song. It's not gonna be is enjoyable or process. Definitely. It's just not gonna be effective. So consider just I feel like I'm going on about this for a bit. but consider what time of day is best for you. Consider your work schedule. What's reasonable for you? Can you wake up early? Can you stand later? So continue with that. How to have it. Implement this you want? If you can break your days into Chuck's now, of course, it depends on your work schedule. You might already have set set deadlines, like if you have to pick the kids up at work or you have, you know, 85 job and you're on the road from 7 30 to 5 30 or something like that. Definitely. Block that into your calendar. Think about when you're already going to be at work in all of that. But for the time you do more flexibility with, I recommend time catching on like a daily and a daily sense. So So take all of your like errands and do that one night. Take all of your mindless chores, things like that and do it another night. I like to do. Like I said, all my video editing one day of the week. Let's all take, you know, a good chunk of the day, and then later I'll have myself scheduled to do like some of those mindless tasks for the day. And again, if you are, especially if you're scheduling yourself. Say you're scheduling, like 11 to to doing this. Always give yourself wiggle room because 11 and shoe is great. But if it takes, you know, 30 minutes, you don't want that 30 minutes to push you where you're being late on another of your time matching sections. So give yourself some wiggle room because things happen. Things take longer than you think. Things take less time than you think. Like give yourself some wiggle room. Don't make it absolute, but just have a good general idea. Okay? In the morning when I first wake up, I'm going to work on batch ing all of my editing or I'm gonna work on doing this important reading for work or school at this time. So I'm really thinking it through, and I'm doing reading for several classes and just getting it done, taking some notes that way. It's all together on one section, and you're gonna get through those things much faster, and you're gonna be mentally like Okay, it's time to edit. It's time to read your already gonna be thinking in that way, which is gonna help you get through it faster and more efficiently 3. Things To Consider: on the same note when you are mentally saying Okay, this is my video editing time. This is my reading time. This is my chores time. This is my errands, that sort of thing. Make sure you're eliminating as many distractions as possible because that's not gonna help you be efficient with anything. But, you know, if you can turn your phone off, released her to vibrate if you can. If you don't even have to have your phone turned on, I will stick my phone instead of having on my desk. I will stick under my pillow sometimes if I'm really just feeling distracted. So many distractions closed the door. If you can go to the library, whatever it is limit is my instructions as possible. And that's gonna help those type matching sessions to be better because you're not breaking it up. You just keep going in that mode. 4. Conclusion: So I hope this was helpful for you. I found this to be so helpful. I've gotten so much more efficient with, like, editing videos, getting ahead on things. It's been a real game changer for me, so I want to share it on here. I hope you guys enjoy this. Please leave Marie reviewed and below on what you thought of the process and in the projects. Go ahead and leave and tips and tricks and how this worked for you. If you want to take a picture of your planner or you're like Google Calendar on how you scheduled this, I love to see it. Thank you again for watching. And I hope you'll check out my other videos and YouTube channel. Have a fantastic rest today. Die.