Get Local Publicity - for Yourself, Your Company or Your Cause | Marcia Yudkin | Skillshare

Get Local Publicity - for Yourself, Your Company or Your Cause

Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Mentor, Introvert Advocate

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8 Videos (1h)
    • Getting Local Publicity: Introduction

    • Benefits of Pubiicity

    • The 3 Basic Factors for Publicity

    • The Top 7 Strategies for Local Publicity

    • Publicity Tools and Techniques, Part 1

    • Publicity Tools and Techniques, Part 2

    • Publicity Tools and Techniques

    • Go for It!


About This Class


Become the talk of the town.

This practical, no-fluff video course, with sample materials included, teaches you in just one hour how to obtain publicity for your local business, non-profit, activist project or yourself.

When you serve a defined geographical area, getting publicity in that area is relatively simple.  Learn to approach both traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV) and new media (local blogs, other social media and "influencers").

What you need to do in order to get no-cost publicity is neither obvious nor common sense, however.  Find out both what you need to do and what you had better not do to earn visibility, credibility and outreach to potential customers and clients in your region.

Your instructor, Marcia Yudkin, has written two books on publicity, has received both local and national publicity for herself, interviewed more than 1,000 publicity seekers over the years and helped dozens of small-business clients get into the news.

Supplementary materials include a sample press release, a sample pitch letter and a sample 5-month publicity plan.

What are you waiting for? Your local media actually need you to fill their pages and air time!





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Marcia Yudkin

Marketing Mentor, Introvert Advocate

Marketing expert and author Marcia Yudkin is a fierce advocate for introverts, showing them how to claim their talents and strengths while rejecting the culture's emphasis on hype, manipulation and ego. She is the author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading People to Buy and numerous other books, as well as the ebook, audiobook, and online course "Marketing for Introverts."

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