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19 Videos (1h 27m)
    • Mastering Your Mac Introduction

    • Introduction

    • About this Mac

    • Changing Desktop and Screensaver

    • Spotlight

    • Spotlight Privacy

    • Wifi and Hotspots

    • Notification Centre

    • Dock

    • LaunchPad

    • Custom App Stacks

    • Mission Control

    • Hot Corners

    • Spacing, icons size, Quicklook

    • Dictation

    • Mouse Gestures

    • Setup a Printer

    • Using the Tab Key

    • Airdrop


About This Class

In this class, you'll learn how to move around your Mac desktop, how to customise your dock and workspace as you like.

This minicourse is a part of the Complete course: Mastering Your Mac: 10x Your Productivity which you find here as well. 

This course allows you to pick and choose the class that most interest you so that you can optimise your time and learn in the shortest time possible all the amazing features of your Mac.

Here is the description of the entire course:

Mastering your Mac 2017 is a Complete course that will show you everything you need to know about your Mac. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned user, the course is designed for self-tailored learning. It does not assume prior knowledge. However, you are free to skip, fast forward and pick the class that most suits your needs. 

  1. The course will cover the foundations of all the main apps and will guide you through the most important features without getting too technical. 
  2. There is an entire section dedicated to iCloud and Apple ID. By the end of this Section, you will have a full understanding of the Apple services and how to use them with your devices.
  3. No matter what OS (Operating System) you have, you will be comfortable using any Mac.
  4. Learn about Safari, Mail and Photos in depth.

By the end of the course, you will know the How, What and Why of your Mac and you will increase your productivity by 100 folds.

These are the requirements for the course: An Apple Mac with at least Mountain Lion. (Click on the top Left Hand Corner on the Apple Logo and click on About This Mac). Here you can check what system you have.

The other requirement is that you are comfortable enough to use a mouse or the trackpad to move and click on your desktop.

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners and intermediate new to Mac
  • Windows users using Mac
  • Business owners who want to improve their skills on their Mac and get things done quickly and efficiently
  • Professionals who want to start their own business
  • If you want to cut the fluff and get into the meat of the content and learn at your pace in a short period

The course will be updated to the latest software and changes in the Mac world.





Frank Cuccaru

CEO at Meijin Limited and Apple Certified Trainer

I have been using Macs for over 15 years, and I have been teaching it for the last 10.

I am passionate about teaching and sharing my skills and discoveries with people who are willing to learn and share as well. I have used Windows systems in the early 90's, and I was a bit intimidated by the Mac when I purchased one for the first time almost two decades ago. So If you are a Windows user, I know what you are going through.

I honestly believe the Mac can change the way you work o...

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