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7 Videos (35m)
    • 1. Intro to Perfume Bottles

    • 2. Perfume Doodle Tips

    • 3. Perfume Bottles Demonstration

    • 4. Perfume Doodles & Watercolour

    • 5. Apothecary Jars

    • 6. Project Time

    • *Bonus ~ Watercolour Perfume Bottle


About This Class

Doodles are drawings with much less or no detail. They can represent an object or they can be abstract patterns and lines. Doodling is a great place for the beginner to learn to draw. Doodling for 10 - 15 min. each day can improve your drawing by being able to make straighter lines, curvier curves, and more confident shapes.

Get ready for play while you Design, Doodle & Enhance your own perfume bottle. What would your bottle look like if you were to create your own perfume scent? Would it be casual, artsy, classic, bold. You get to decide what your scent's package would look like to best enhance it's scent.

This class is for Beginners to drawing and doodling shapes. It's also great for anyone and it is suitable for all skill levels. By using simple shapes and my tip for drawing symmetrical easily, you can doodle/draw perfume bottles and add zen doodling to your life. If you have grown tired of adult colouring books, why not doodle and colour your own pages. Tweens and Teens can also take advantage of learning to doodle and adding some creative time. 

You can download the booklet that contains 20 styles of perfume bottle doodles and a template for easy doodling. 


  • Pencil, Pen, technical pen, marker
  • Paper/Sketchbook

Your choice of medium to decorate, (Because doodles don't have to be Black on White);

  • Gel Pens
  • Pencil Crayons
  • Markers
  • Watercolour

Come along and design, doodle and decorate your own perfume bottles to add a little zen to your daily routine..

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Lots of practical tips about drawing bottles, and great ideas for coloring them. I can't wait to try this one!
This class is so much fun!!! Virginia's work is charming and her tips are stellar. Wonderful class!
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker





Virginia Noseworthy

Helping YOU "Create Something Every Day"

My "Happy Place" is creating, whether painting, doodling or just baking something for dessert. You will find me doing or learning how to do. It is my wish to help guide you to doing what makes you happy. Giving you planning tips to have more time for doing the things you love, not spending time looking for something or trying to remember something. Work is great, but you also need time to yourself for the simple things in life. Let me help you.

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