Get Doodling ~ Doodle A Sugar Skull | Virginia Noseworthy | Skillshare
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6 Videos (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. What is Doodling?

    • 4. Sugar Skull in 5 Steps

    • 5. Inspiration

    • 6. Doodle project time


About This Class

Ever seen some doodles and said "I wish I could do that, I can't even draw a straight line". Or are you  stuck in a creative rut, and staring at a blank page.Maybe you just started using a journal or planner and want to learn how to decorate it better.  Learn how to doodle and unleash your creative sleeping giant.

This class is for all skill levels, even beginners and older children. Because, who can't draw simple shapes?  Everyone is creative in their own way. Yes, you can doodle too!

Even other Artists can be benefit by trying something different, it gets the creativity flowing again. Also try using a different medium to spice things up, and break up old patterns of doing things.

Come along and let's have some fun!



  • Plain Paper or sketchbook
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Bold marker/felt tip or technical pen


  • Whichever medium you would like to use to decorate the skull.

Grab some supplies, and print out the booklet if you would like.It contains the steps and a template. You will find it in the Project Section on the right side.

*Below is link if on the app on a phone/tablet.

Booklet click here 





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Virginia Noseworthy

Helping YOU "Create Something Every Day"

My "Happy Place" is creating, whether painting, doodling or just baking something for dessert. You will find me doing or learning how to do. It is my wish to help guide you to doing what makes you happy. Giving you planning tips to have more time for doing the things you love, not spending time looking for something or trying to remember something. Work is great, but you also need time to yourself for the simple things in life. Let me help you.

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