Get Creative with Perspective Techniques using Adobe Illustrator | Kajopelaye-ola Abodunde | Skillshare

Get Creative with Perspective Techniques using Adobe Illustrator

Kajopelaye-ola Abodunde, Interactive media designer

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11 Lessons ()
    • 1. Getting started

    • 2. what you should know before taking this class

    • 3. Setting up perspective grid

    • 4. Cave Line drawing

    • 5. Cave Building line drawing

    • 6. Determining depth with Diagonals & orthographic projection

    • 7. Brick building line drawing

    • 8. Other perspective techniques part I

    • 9. Other perspective techniques part II

    • 10. Adding Color, Value, light and shadow

    • 11. Conclusion


About This Class


Creative Application of Perspective Using Adobe Illustrator

This class is an application of perspective fundamentals with the use of colour and value, light and shadow, overlapping, size, detail and linear perspective using Adobe illustrator.

Perspective is the means of creating the illusion of depth or three dimension on a two dimensional surface. Gaining practical knowledge in it, will strengthen your creative visualization and observation.

In this class, we will create a cave building in one and two point perspective. We will explore creative solutions using diagonals to subdivide rectangular surfaces of the cave building in linear perspective and will employ the concept of orthographic projection for a more complex subdivision. We will explore other perspective concepts to achieve a sense of space and depth.

This class is for any one that is in gaining the knowledge of how perspective techniques can be used to create the illusion of depth on a flat surface. However, to apply this concepts and follow along in the class project, it is important that you have essential knowledge in the use of adobe illustrator. Any version from Adobe illustrator cs5 to its current version will be perfect for taking this class.

This class also requires that students have knowledge in Linear Perspective and its application with the use of Adobe Illustrator’s Perspective Grid which I taught in my first class known as Mastering Adobe Illustrator’s Perspective Grid.