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Get Better Results from Your Digital Marketing Efforts

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Data is KING (or QUEEN)

    • 3. Dissect the Mind of Your Customers For KILLER ENGAGEMENT

    • 4. The Secret Sauce to Driving to purchase

    • 5. Focus on Building Lasting Relationships

    • 6. Setting-up Winning Digital Marketing Campaigns

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About This Class

  • Feel like you tried everything Digital Marketing technique recommended out there and can't seem to get the results you were hoping for?
  • You can't seem to get your business to take off no matter how many hours a week you spend on your Social Media and Digital Marketing efforts? 

What if I told you, that there is a fundamental problem with your current digital marketing efforts. It won't matter how hours you put in marketing your business; if you don't apply data-driven strategies you will never see tangible results.

In this class, you will learn the secret sauce to selling your product and how you can build a lasting relationship with your customers.

We will go over specific tools you can use to get your audience to engage - and some of what TRULY works might shock you.  


We will go over: 

  • Data-driven techniques to amp-up your digital marketing efforts
  • A step-by-step approach you can use right after this class to start getting results
  • How you can dissect the mind of your customer to get killer engagement
  • The secret sauce to drive more purchase
  • and more

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: you know here and welcome to my latest Hillshire class How to get better results from your digital marketing efforts. A lot of us consume a lot of information, especially when it comes to marketing, whether it's the latest instagram tactics to grow your following email funnels Facebook groups, you name it. It's all extremely overwhelming. And so when you are applying it to your business with your brand, you might be stagnating and growth and scratching your head wondering, Well, what am I doing wrong? And a lot of my clients Contin e specifically with those issues. So my goal in this class is to provide you with the strategies you need to put in place to figure out what right for you and sticking to it. So what are The problem is that a lot of friends out there tried to do too many things at once, and additionally from that they're not testing first, what would apply and what work specifically for their brand, they found who their customer are. So in this class, I really want to dig in, provide you with a step by step process that you can follow and also dissecting the secret sauce of purchasing. So we all get caught up well with technology and different social media tools that are available to us. And we keep on forgetting that the most important thing is story telling and connecting with our customer. So how can we re inject up within your strategy? So people really understand what you're all about, and they really understand the core goal of your business. And most importantly, I feel a need to purchase it. My goal in this class is to talk about all the following so you'll get out of here with having a better idea as to how you can go to market testing, different marketing strategies and essentially putting a plan that will work specifically for you. So who am I exactly if you haven't taken one of my class in the past 12? My name is Luna Vega. I'm a fashion e commerce consultant broadcaster. YouTuber and founder of Commerce Academy have worked with different Fortune 500 companies the last few years and also different start ups and I specifically help brands grow their revenue through different marketing efforts, had a range of experience putting together Facebook marketing campaign, instagram marketing, campaign influencer, marketing campaign and cells funnels. Alright, guys. Well, I hope to see you inside 2. Data is KING (or QUEEN): Alright, guys. So super happy to have you in this glass, and the first thing I want to talk about is the importance of gathering data. You've heard this over and over and over again. I'm sure data is king or queen, and it's absolutely important for you. Before you start any marketing efforts you need to but in place a proper research. So what does that mean? So the first question you really need to ask yourself is whether or not whatever it is that you're selling or offering, whether or not it's relevant. True, your audience and the following will essentially be very important because it's going to measure the overall success of your campaign. So something you need to keep into consideration is looking at Google. Trans Google trends is absolute, your best friend, because it's gonna provide you insights. I asked to what's currently trending in the market what people are currently searching for , whether it's an actual good, whether it's services, perhaps people are using new trump terminology, so it's very important for you to do that. Following research, you can just simply go on Google trends. You can google the following and include different types of keywords. And the beauty about it is that Google is going to tell you who is actually searching for these items, which specific countries and most importantly, whether or not there is, um, ongoing thread of demands and whether or not the graph is going up or down. So this information is extremely important for you, not just for what you're selling, but also for the type of messaging that you're putting out there. So you need to absolutely do this market research. Another thing that I love to do is competitive research By looking on instagram and looking at different hashtag that air relating to a specific nish and also through Twitter, I'll talk a little bit more about that. Another thing that I like to do is create Facebook ads or INSTAGRAM ads, which I called PPE. As so, these are engagement ads where your goal is to get people to comment on whatever you're posting. This is a great way to test engagement and see whether or not there is a demand for a specific product or service. And also this is your opportunity to test different headlines to see there's an opera. If there's any sort of, um, relevancy in what you're selling. So it's very important for you, like I keep on saying to look at your data. So you also need to understand who your customer is a lot of time. They're sort of a broad sense of what the age and gender of these customers are, but that's not enough data. You really need to do, um, deeper profiling. So the following can be done through doing personas, and that's more of a work of essentially really putting yourself in the head of your customer and really understanding who these individuals are. Another thing that needs to put in that you need to put in place is your Facebook pixel and Google Analytics D's are your best friend and really understanding her your customer is so Facebook pics. So is essentially what Facebook uses Went are targeting your odds. And, um, it's something that you include directly within your website. So this information, essentially they will be able to really track where your customer is, and it's also your opportunity to do custom. Audiences grew analytics as well. You need to have goals set up within your Google analytics, so you can track the purchasing behavior and also understanding where people are coming from. Where is your traffic coming from? Are these individuals coming from Instagram? Are they coming from Facebook? Are they coming from direct links? Etcetera. So very important for you to look into this information because it's going to help you get better insight about who your customer is. If you already have a mailing list, the first thing I actually recommend that you do is that you uploaded to Facebook and create a custom audience. So, essentially, by uploading your mailing list, you'll be able to also create a lookalike audience. So what Facebook does is dot Once you've uploaded your mailing list, it's gonna look at the data of who these individuals are, and it's able to look for individuals who have a similar profiling as individuals in your mailing list. So it's very important to go through all these different steps to have a really concise idea of who your customer is. So this is more in the data end of things, and then once you have that information, you can go back to your persona and start writing all these elements and really understand what the emotional trigger of your customers because it's going to help you write better copy and more engaging ads now, like I mentioned mixture to our create a custom audience with Facebook. So through the pixel, so essentially website visits. So anybody who's come to your website, you want to have a custom audience for them. If you have a mailing list in place, you want to have a custom audience for that. You want to create a lookalike audience as well. Um, and then, finally, whatever interactions you're getting, either through social media, so anybody who's liked your instagram page, you can create a custom audience for that as well. And also individuals who have viewed your ads, usually with video views. You can do the following as well, so the going gets a little bit more complex. And that can definitely do a separate class, which will talk specifically about hot to create all these different audiences for Facebook . Now, when you're looking at all this data and you're looking at Google trends, it's important for you to understand whether your business has potential for growth and understanding as well how he can treat your business around to help you move forward. So again, Google trends is a great indicator because it gives you insight as to what people are currently searching what's actually keeping people interested. Is there a way that you can use perhaps some of that Burbage that people are currently using in order to use it within your marketing efforts? So I'll give you an example. I mean, obviously, unicorns have been trending right for the last year or so, and we definitely sell Spike at some point where Starbucks came out with their unicorn lattes. A. I think that was back in April. So I want you right now to go on Google trends and just do, um, just put in unicorn very simply, and you'll see you'll have a thread of how it's been trending. So let's say, for instance, that your ah fashion retailer I'll just give that example. Well, you could easily do a unicorn T shirt. Obviously, you would need to play a creative that hot. That's funny, Um, and look at what's been trending with when within that space, we're looking at different Unicorn T shirts and looking at what's been doing really well, what's been selling most etcetera, and you can have a lot of that insight by actually, you can go on Amazon review what's been selling their by looking at the amount of reviews. You can also go on Google and look at also amount of reviews that specific shops were getting. So this is getting customer insight. This is, I mean, market insight and looking at the market in general to get an understanding of what's been selling. Now, when you have an idea in place and let's say that you've designed a T shirt, well, you can simply create a Facebook ad and see whether or not it has potential for markets. So that's just giving you a specific example of how to go about this and really analyzing trends, right? So if people are certain engaged because you just paid, like, $5 on instagram our fees book for a simple engagement on, then at that point you will see that, um, yeah, I mean, essentially, you will see whether or not there's potential, and then you can switch it into an art to cart purchasing ads, um, on instagram or Facebook. So the other thing is looking at your Google analytics right now. Where is your traffic currently coming from? Do you have that information? It's really important for you to really understand. Like, is your traffic currently coming strictly from social media? Is it coming from people searching a specific keyword? Are you capitalize on that keyword, etcetera. So again, it's really important for you to have all that information so you can have a strategy in place that will help you get leads and get customers day in and out. And when you're getting customers, we're going to talk more about that. You really need to think of it as, um Lee generation. So what I mean by that is you need to capture emails that what should always be your prime goal because it takes couple interaction with customers for them to feel comfortable purchasing from you. But we're going to talk more about that. So look at your traffic and also set up goals. Your first goal, if you're doing e commerce, should be obviously purchasing purchases. So look at how much of your traffic you're able to convert. If you have a service type website and your freelancer, the same thing applies, you need to look at how many people actually checked out meaning, um, purchased your service. So I know a lot of freelancers out there do not have a possibility for their clients to purchase right then and there. So what's more important for you is making sure that you capture email address is at all time and not It did just want to quote, but perhaps you can provide them some sort of incentive. If you are photographer, perhaps you can provide them with, like, ah, couples talk photography or something that they might want to download. So then it's a great opportunity for you to start establishing a connection with these individuals, and so your goal would be to measure how many people are signing up to your newsletter. And finally, obviously, you want to look at cell, so you need to make sure that you're going on the upward trend. Are you able to generate cells? Are you seeing progress in your overall marketing efforts? A lot of people get stuck doing the same thing day in and out to get frustrated. They don't see any result. They stop, so it's important to be super methodical and looking at your analytics on a weekly basis to see how you can shift the trajectory, and it doesn't happen overnight. It takes couple trial and error for you to get a cohesive of digital marketing campaigns. I will get you the results you want, but it's really important for you. I could keep on hammering that. You understand the market first because let's say you're trying to see if you're trying to sell something that people are not interested in, or you don't know how to essentially take that component and turn it in a way that will interest people in Julie generate interest. Um, and again, a lot of it is going through what's currently trending and really understanding your specific niche. Then it's gonna be really hard for you to get sells. It doesn't matter how many Instagram post you put out there. Do you really need to keep that into consideration? So here's Ah, a shard of Google trends I wanted to share with you. So these are pretty high level keywords, but concept, very fashion versus fast fashion. It gives you an idea of ho. It's trended throughout the years. Obviously you can look at it and you can change the setting 30 days to a year, six months and you can add different terms, and it also gives you an idea as to wear. Specifically, it's trending and which specific region. You can use this insight to target specific countries as well and open your array of audience so you can go beyond the United States or whatever country you're based on. So make sure you're searching, comparing key phrase and then estimate the potential demand for a specific product. 3. Dissect the Mind of Your Customers For KILLER ENGAGEMENT: so not a You've gone through your market research, and you have a better understanding of what is trending on where there's potential for your business weathers opportunities. You need to start dissecting the mind of your customers so you can understand how to create an emotional pool so you can have killer engagement and have individuals really excited about what you're selling. So you need to put yourself in their shoes. Why should they care? I love to use the five. Why method? Where essentially you go deeper into the thread in order to understand what the emotional pool of your customer is. So is there a specific problem you can help address through your product? Is there a specific belief system you can perhaps stop into? Is there a specific trend you can top into? And then is there a specific event you can also tap into? Is there a specific audience within your needs You can hyper target, so you really need to think about all the following when you're starting to come up with opportunities and different product ideas, and then you need to deep depicted dig as deep as possible by asking yourself five wise So why should I care? Come up with the reason why, why, why? And then continue on and really understand. What's the emotional pool of someone perhaps so buying a unicorn T shirt like we talked earlier. What's the emotional pool? Well, they probably want something fun. The, um I love how whimsical do unicorn is? It makes them feel special, etcetera. So really top into that when you're creating copy, it's gonna and you're actually creating ads as well and all your I mean, all you're copyrighting communication as your also your visual components. It's gonna really help drive the following when you be when you're gonna be able to answer these questions. So another thing I encourage you to do and we already touched about it touched a pound it in the first chapter. It's review what goes viral and look at your competition, what they're doing. So really having a pulse on what's going on on Facebook, Twitter and instagram Follow your competition. Analyzed the tweets um, Facebook instagram post and dissect why something is going viral. Why people are liking it. Make a note as well of the unique types of problems and interest their customers are sharing publicly. So this is all insights that it's going to make your marketing efforts stronger because you will really be able to fit these specific needs and really understand what your customers are looking for. So again, you know, it's just like understanding, first of all, dissecting your product and really understanding how and why would people be interested in it and then growing, and perhaps making sure that you're validating that concept by going on social media and going through all your competitions post to make sure you understand your custom, your potential customers, psychology and, most importantly, see what is working and what isn't working now, once you have that knowledge is important for you to test it and see whether or not the assumptions you've put in place. If they're correct, the best way to do the following and get results quickly is Stroot paid advertising. Like I mentioned earlier, I like to do Facebook engagement out. So either Facebook, her instagram, where all I'm paying for this clicks and comments and posting an ad with like an image of this case, like keep on saying as an example the unicorn T shirt you haven't that you've created putting that in place, obviously having capturing, having great copy within it, having a learn more button so people can go and purchase it. If you're interested and seeing whether or not you're getting comments and likes, that's all you're looking for. PPE as it's really where to actually get purchases. If you're already getting purchased with the PP at Eve's court and you have a great product , your goal here is to see whether you're getting likes and you want to get. I mean, ah, 100 plus likes. If you're only getting 10 likes. I'm sorry to say you're gonna have to try and other products. So ah, 100 plus legs with as many comments as possible, and you're gonna have your answers pretty quickly, Which is why it's great to use this approach because then it's, ah, it's no longer assumptions on paper. You're gonna have the knowledge. You can also do it through social media. It's not as effective Personally, I like to just go and spend the extra ah money toe. To do that, market research is very important and to spend $5 a day. So, um, I really think that I mean investing in paid advertising is going to get you there quicker , and you're gonna really know what gets your customer excited and taught to grab their attention. I mean, let's face it. If you want knowledge, you have to invest in really getting that market research and with just posting something, especially now the way the algorithms are. It's really hard to make a dent unless you already have a big following. Done. It's a completely different story, more power to you. And I encourage you, um, to test your ideas directly with your current audience to see what's biting. And then once you have, ah, proof of concept, then go ahead and start running your ad campaigns in order to get new customer. So it's important for you toe. Have a pulse in your specific niche and really understand what works and what doesn't work 4. The Secret Sauce to Driving to purchase : So what is the secret sauce to driving more individuals to purchase from you? So big misconception there is out there is that if you have a winning product, you're going to get a lot of cells right away. Yes, having a winning product is definitely half of the equation. Agree with you 100%. However, it takes a while for your potential customer to want to purchase from you, you need to think of it as dating. So if you were at a bar, for instance, you wouldn't go to a complete stranger and ask you to marry them, right? So the same applies with people shopping from you. It's important for you to build a relationship from them with them first, in order for them to feel comfortable purchasing from you. So the first stage is brand awareness, where someone is interacted with your brand and they are potentially thinking about purchasing from you. It's important that you re target them at that point so you can do the following through Facebook or Google AdSense retargeting but and support that you hade that data like we talked about in the first chapter, make sure that you have your Facebook pixel implemented, you can. There's plenty of tutorials out there is too hard to do that. I mean, if you haven't done it yet and could you just stop the video now and include your Facebook pixel and your Google Analytics tags as well? So once the following is done, you want to make sure that you have retargeting in place. The first thing you want to encourage people to do when they land on your website is to sign up to your newsletter because the brand consideration is going to start toe happen when they start seeing your brother over and over again, and then at one point they will feel comfortable purchasing from you. So the first purchase will happen, and then you need to make sure that these customers are have a good experience with you and they continue purchasing from you over and over again. So very important that you understand this journey because a lot of people will essentially spent a lot of energy in social media and putting post out there even with their Pete campaigns and not seeing results simply because they don't understand that it takes several interactions for people to feel comfortable to purchasing from you. So your goal number one is always getting traffic to your website. You obviously need to get traffic. So again, through paid ads, um, through perhaps organic content. So that's block post or interviews that you're doing. Whatever it is, you need to make sure that you're getting a constant flow of traffic. Then you're generating trust. You're generating trust through retargeting. You're generating trust through your email list. For instance, this is what people are getting to know your brand a little better than you're building a bond building a bond with these individuals, and they will finally feel comfortable purchasing from you. So very important you keep the following in mind. Essentially, what you're doing here and you is you're creating a cells funnel great and sells. Funnel is an email. Siri's where you take people step by step through the purchasing and the customer journey, and you need to make sure that you provide them with valuable information stuff that they would be interested in so more block post content before you start throwing products at them so they understand why they would want the unicorn T shirt. So for instance again. Let's use that as an example. Dylan on your website. They haven't purchased a unicorn T shirt. You won't need to make sure that you have a cool offer for them. So perhaps give them access to like a cool video. I don't know. I mean, there's plenty of creative ways to get them to grow. To give them their email address, you can give him perhaps 30% on the store, whole wide, etcetera. So once you have their email address, you need to welcome them to the store, make them understand what's your oral mission statement of your store, and then play around with the whimsical concept. Obviously, they like whimsical stuff, So how can you capture? Entertain them, etcetera. Do that from anywhere between 1 to 3 emails, and then you can start putting offers their way and letting them know about all the different offers that you have. So you know, the thing we need to keep into consideration is that purchasing changes depending on which platform users are in. So Facebook and Instagram people are usually just window shopping. When they're looking at something, they'll remember it. They mind honestly, like click on it. They might google it after, um, etcetera. But when they're going on Google, they actually aren't ready to buy, Which is why Google ads are so effective. So make sure you keep that in mind and YouTube, I mean, usually they're looking for entertainment. Then there might there might be an ad that pops up. They might look at it. If it's entertaining and off, they might just press skip. But YouTube is an opportunity when you're doing ads for brand recognition and for people to start remembering your brand over and over again. Right? So Facebook and Instagram people are sort of window shopping. They definitely those opportunities for purchases. Duras well, but it takes a while and Google, as usually people are ready to buy. So which is very important because right now, of all the clients that I'm working on, a good percentage of traffic is actually coming through Google ads and has been really successful for us Now. Obviously it's a little tricky because ah, lot of the keywords out there are pretty expensive now, so it's important to have long tail keywords, so keywords that include, um, more than one that are very specific in order for you to get a better deal. And, uh, it's plenty, of course, is out there that teaches you inside of Google AdWords. But again, I guess what? I'm trying to stresses the importance of paid ads, and it's going to get you better results, um, than social medium. So let's go through the foundation of your marketing efforts so you can really stay focused when you're creating your digital marketing campaign and you can start seeing results. The first thing is to always into being traffic to your website. That's your number one goal. So I mean, bringing traffic to your website is an opportunity for people to start recognizing your brand to start knowing who your brand is. You need to also implement retargeting strategies on Google ads and also Facebook and instagram so that your ads will cost constantly be showing to people who have gone on your website. Then you need to set up an email funnel, so make sure that you have an email capture campaign. So in a very attractive offer, whether providing something free, whether it's a style book or video or perhaps a special discount, ah, you need to really have something that very a good incentive. Um, so get some from a freebie to get people to sign up, and then you need to create a series of anywhere between 3 to 5 e mails so customers start getting to know your brand. And don't try to sell in these emails making very making very informative and make sure that you get these individuals excited about being part of your tribe. 5. Focus on Building Lasting Relationships: now in orderto have good results. You need to make sure that you're focusing on building a lasting relationship with your climbs because you're going to be spending a lot of money acquiring this clients. I mean, anywhere between 10 to as much as $20. It really depends on industry. So once you've have acquired these email addresses, once you have acquired this potential customer, it's This is where it becomes crucial for you. Toe have good relationship with these individuals so they continue purchasing from you because otherwise you'll have an effect of a boat leaking where, since she always have to be spending money in order to bring new customers because your current customers are not purchasing from you. So you need to understand that 95% of online purchases actually happened through email marketing and now shot ball. Shabazz. Sorry, also taking over the space. A lot of brands are starting to implement shot bots, and I can talk a little bit more about the following in the later slides, But email, marketing and having a retention strategy is extremely important. So first thing is like we talked about having an email funnel in place guys, I have a few classes available that go through how to set up email and email marketing strategies. Could you to check those out there both on, um, turbofan scale share. So it's really gonna make all the difference. And people really, really dismiss emails because they're like, Oh, I don't read emails anyways that it either did, uh, yes, fine. Ah, lot of e mails we don't open. But seeing a brun over and over again and seeing a brand that's consistent, you are going to click on those emails once in a while, right? So you really need to stop. You really need to be consistent and really stop thinking about your own behavior and put yourself in the behavior of your customer and on top of it, I mean, it's all making sure that you provide information and content that they're excited about. So you need to continue the conversation by canoe converting visitors into Leeds. That's so like we talked about. The first thing is having people come to your website, right? Traffic. Dan, Once you've had that traffic, you need to figure out a way to get their email addresses by having a very appealing magnet leads a very appealing offer because email acquisition is what's gonna win or break, Make your business win or fell so very important to put the following in place. Email Acquisition is king, so you need to build excitement with your emails. Job Job Job Hook The famous book from Gary V. So you need Teoh. Ensure that you provide value. First. You need to have intern eating content, informational content, whatever applies to you specific niche. But make sure that they feel amazed about what in front type of information. You providing them right. And then once you build a relationship with them, you can sell to them after so a lot of brands will start selling from Day Juan and itself. Putting. It's like we talked about, right. You don't go to a bar and start asking them right away. To marry you. You need to build of the relationship with these individuals in order for them to feel comfortable that they need to trust you as a brand. So once he trust, yours or brandy will be more open minded to purchasing from you. So some of the tools that you should be using 1st 1 is Claudio obsolete love? It actually switched from Melton to Claudio just because it allowed. There's an abundant protector tool that's embedded within Claudio, which I really love and also enables you with extreme Lissek segmentation. So was like sanitation so important if somebody perhaps signed up for your photography services. And let's say you have different types of services within your website, well, you don't want to be selling website services to them. So it's important to have another standing of what works and what doesn't work. Um, and and obviously, like what their specific interest is like its own to leggings. Yes, you can try to sell them a T shirt, but it's important for you to keep on sending them different legging style that they could potentially, um, usar or buy from you. Um, L Trump is a good one as well if you're just getting started, but you might definitely want toe consider switching into club you at some point and then for Chuck bought. I've been using shot fuel for my clients, really loving it. It's a free service, and, um, it's pretty self explanatory. They have a lot of different tutorials that enable you to set the following. So was great was shot. Thoughts is that now you can broadcast to individual to have agreed to receive messages from you, and it's a lot more effective into customers actually seeing your messaging. And that's why a lot of companies are moving towards it because not only you can answer a lot of the questions that customers have through the shot, but But also you can start broadcasting whatever sells you have going on and what not end open rate is much better than e mails, so something to also think about. 6. Setting-up Winning Digital Marketing Campaigns: So let's talk about the step by step. You need to put in place in order to have a winning visual marketing campaign. The first thing is, do you market research really review trans and understand what type of opportunities there is in the market? Understand what's happening within your niche and looking, And it's almost like, really thinking about within all the products and all the services that you're providing What could appeal to the customer based on what's currently trending Now, you also need to tell a story what's compelling about your brand. Part of the answer of how to do that is by doing the five y exercise we talked about earlier, so you can really get into the mind of your customer, understand what appeals to them and then you can, through the assumption that you put together you can do market research by going on instagram fees, bug Twitter, etcetera and reviewing what the competition is doing and looking at how they're appealing to their customer and whether or not it validates with some of the assumption you have now . First thing you need to do once you've done your market research and you have ideas on opportunities is to set up a Facebook and Instagram engagement outs of PPE. Odd. So you contest this idea, so if you have ah, photography service and, for instance, you are selling to couples who were just engaged, you want to put together a campaign where perhaps you have a slight show of all the different images and you provide an offer. See whether or not people would be interested in this offer. Obviously need to target the right segment. A right group. Um, you really need to think about who would be interested in this, Which is why I recommend dot If you already have a mailing list, it's best to upload your mailing lists and do a lookalike audience so you can make sure that you're targeting the right customers. This might take couple tries as well. Keep that in mind, but it's really you can just essentially, when you're targeting an audience, just say, Oh, the United States. If you are again in the photography business, you need to perhaps look for individuals who are just getting engaged or looking at, um, perhaps women who are ah, who are liking a brides dot com magazine etcetera. Just be methodical and think about who these potential customers are. So anyways, you want to test your idea by sending up a simple ad seeing whether or not there's traction . Check the engagement, see if people are liking it. See, there's comments, and then you need to repeat this process until you get a winning campaign. So this is why it's so important. Because a lot of people get stuck doing social media over and over again, and they're not really straining things around doing a Facebook ads on instagram engagement . It's gonna make all the difference because you're gonna know help you are interested in. And instead of it being in your head within 5 $10 you will know what works and what doesn't work. And you need to repeat the following. Now say hello to Google. AdWords cool. AdWords are your best friends. So, yes, Could you, um, I can do a class about Google AdWords just to give you the basics. Um, again, I'm not a super expert either. I, um, been playing around for it for a few years and does a lot more sort of advanced techniques out there. But Google AdWords will make all the difference. Because essentially somebody searching for specific service and you pop up it's gonna help from credibility some point. And like we talked about any other chapter people who are grueling, something they're ready to purchase because they're looking for that service and they haven't intend to buy. So make sure that you add up the following and the following. Actually. Sorry I want to add. Should happen once you've tested your idea. So once you've tested your idea which has stepped Juan who talked about and you know that you have, like, a winning campaign, then you can go ahead and invest in Google AdWords. Okay, he would research extremely important. Also, uh, you know, you should have done your proper homework and look at Google trying to make sure that there's opportunities and that that specific keyword is in a upward trend, so people are continuing to search it. If something is going on a done where trying obviously, you need to look for another key word. Okay, so set up ads set up retargeting ads as well. Make sure that you have the falling in place. Now, once you know that one and two is working and that you're getting your starting to get a decent amount of traffic. Then you can also set up influencer marketing campaigns. So hope sorry, I misspelled Instagram. Sorry about that. So Instagram, YouTubers etcetera. I have couple courses on influencer marketing to help you set that up. Once a marketing is extremely, extremely powerful. I love YouTube lately. To be honest, I've been getting lots of results by hitting up YouTubers and again, it's a great way to get people engaged on, um and excited to perhaps purchase from you and know your brown because it's coming from 1/3 party is kind of low would of mouth, right. So it's really great to build engagement and get people to come on your website. So Deezer just three steps stick to those three. Keep it small. Um, you need to make sure that you don't overwhelm yourself. So start small and just continue to optimize and aaden new campaigns and you strategies as things continue to evolve. But stick to one thing and do it over and over again and start until you start getting results. Okay. And, uh, yes. I mean, obviously can continue where your social media. I'm not saying social media works, but social media for me is more about getting your brother out there. And, ah, so you know, for people to really know what your brun is about and also get an overall feel as what your overall brand mission is all about. So he is going to get you better results faster, and you just need to be very methodical about the following. So I have a digital marketing classes. Well, you guys can check out which goes through all the different KP eyes and how you can track your overall system success here. It's a little simplified, but the successor looking for is making sure that you're bringing in traffic. So make sure you're talking the following How much traffic career are you getting? Are your efforts actually helping bring you mark traffic? And that's whether you're doing paid ads or social media. Most importantly, is a traffic converting into cells or email captures. So if your traffic is not converting, then need to look at your of all website and you might have to change things around. Um, you need to make sure that when people come on your website. They understand what your specific services you're offering are. And why not So personally lately, I've been using Click Funnel just a little side note. Absolutely live Click Funnel because it's a good way toe do rapid prototype. So, for instance, if a client of mine is wanting to test out a new product instead of doing it specifically on their page, we just set up a click funnel. Um, there's a lot of different templates available in there that really high converting, and we just simply put live. I mean, so first thing. Like I said, we'll do a piat and then we'll convert it into a took heart for Instagram and Facebook and see the type of results we're getting. If we are seeing results, then will put in and we'll move into the other phase, which is doing Google ads. And then, if the Google other, so performing well, then also doing influence or marketing. Alright, guys, Well, that's it. I wanted to walk you through all the different steps and all the latest methodologies that are currently working. There's a lot of information out there which is not guiding you in the right way and this is stuff that has been tested I've tested, is also my client. This works and this will get you results. So obviously I I wanted to make this pretty high level, Klaus, to give you an idea of all the different opportunities if you have additional questions, could you to check out my Facebook group, the inner Circle e Commerce Academy, and I'll be more than happy to answer any of the questions that you might have. And I'll do a follow up course as well so we can dive deeper into all of these concept. Essentially, it's important for you to start really tracking what your results are. As always, Please leave me a review. It's very important for me when I put together these classes for you just to get feedback and make sure that the information I'm providing you is relevant. Thank you guys. Super excited to hear about all your projects. Are I N Take care. Bye.