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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Day 0- Introduction

    • 2. Day 1 (Small Changes)

    • 3. Day 2 (Being Confident)

    • 4. Day 3 (Positive Thoughts)

    • 5. Day 4 (Healing Relationships, Family)

    • 6. Day 5 (Healing Friendships)

    • 7. Day 6 (All Out Day)

    • 8. Day 7(Evaluation and Goal Setting)

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About This Class

The Get Back On Track course focuses on you getting back into your usual lifestyle. Due to the pandemic, the majority of us may have screwed our sleeping patterns, eating habits or even stopped exercising. We have to get back on track before we attain irreversible damage to our bodies and mind. Pursue this course for the next 7 days and you would have built your momentum back to go back to how life was before COVID in terms of your physical and mental health. Do view the videos one day beforehand so that you can get the tasks done the next day. I suggest you set aside 10 minutes every night for the next 7 days to get the challenges done. Hope this benefitted you and if you have any queries regarding this class you can email me at d[email protected]

Meet Your Teacher

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Durgaeswaran Sooriya Moorthy

Self-Improve Hub


Hello, I'm Durgaes and I specialize in Self-Improvement and Personal Development. Over the years I have watched countless videos, read plenty of books and attended various events relating to Self-Improvement. At the beginning of my self-improvement journey, it was all about learning and implementing them into my life. In the present moment of my self-improvement journey, I have reached the stage of guiding others in the self-improvement path and want to inspire as many people as possible to become the best version of themselves. 

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1. Day 0- Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to, to get back on track, costs may mean is who we are. And I'm doing these costs of VR or self improve hub. I had been learning and implementing social proof money into my life for the past five years on a day-to-day basis. So some way out that this course was, I often find myself stuck in Iraq. Especially are three exams where I give all my exams and a flood a exempts as finished. I can really get big on trig essay, loss label made it the S. I believe some of you who are true these two when you have very tough exempt and you give it your all and you neglect all other stuff that you were doing your life like positive habits and your ghoulish ships, your friends and family. And even for the working adults where recently where the we are going to bend their knee and you guys have to work even after normal working hours to ensure that you can make ends meet at your home for your family. So there's one of the reason, there's a reason why if we had the discourse, saw some of the topics we're going to discuss in the next seven days. And this cost would be about small habits, working up, being confident, mindful habits, building better friendships and relationships, and also go setting someone who rules that. I think he meant that for it to get the best experience of this course, if you next seven, this will be to give yourself seven to eight hours of sleep. D0. Results are what you're going to s, to really benefit from these costs. You need to be in the right main and f to be have a lot of energy in the morning, especially when you're getting DOD stuff that no alcohol or legalize drugs. As I believe some countries have legalized drugs by our new tool for the next cell in this theory, for anything this emulates or mind, and give it our best what is make seven days. I'll see you guys on DOF. 2. Day 1 (Small Changes): Everyone, welcome to to get back on track cost, My name is due guys, and this will be good. I'll be one of these cups. Small changes has made a big change in my life for these past few months. As in the past, especially when I first ran into self-improvement. I learned from all these gurus on how you should read as much as possible as there's a lot of knowledge in how you kill a thin years of knowledge and experience from someone else and putting their own life and they could really make a difference. However, when I only read a book for the main result of finishing it, I didn't find myself really learning and deeper blue book. I was just really need for the sake of reading, for the sake of getting the benefits without actually go into the process. And I tried to relate one chapter really solely decide or 400 page book. And there's about 20 chapters, aphasia and three days. But the learning that I hated myself for this Boston elites were very minimal. So I changed my, my approach to reading heavy. There hadn't been busway is still really one whole chapter. I will just dedicate 15 minutes of my time to read a book every day and use the 15 minutes to fully understand what's going on in the chapter in boo or that person's life, for example, biography, biography. So by doing that, I've learned more in this bus few months that had been in years. And they really helped me a lot, which really proved to me that small change can actually make a big change in your life. And even working on where in the past our cough for about 12 hours, trying to try to be as productive as possible. But you come to realize that 12 hours is really not necessary. If your goal, unless our goal is to become a bodybuilder or there's different ways just a normal person onto World Cup for the sake of the benefits and a few good Philly, I suggest you just work our 15 to 45 minutes and 30. And this way we will discuss about that in the Little League about this video. Yeah, so for the first part of this, of this, the one challenge, I need you to wake up 15 millimeters a year, but you have massive seven to eight hours sleep as well. So I wanted to go, for example, if you were to sleep at npm, I wanted to go to be about 945 lengthy and recover in about 15, 20 minutes earlier, usually recap. So some people need seven hours and 28 hours. So if you require five, you guys for 45. So all this is done to give you extra time to implement all the changes that he fused together on track. So yeah, because I believe I believe that seven to eight hours of sleep is optimal for us to function our best even be for studying or before working as for studying your knees, neuroscience, where your brain actually form new connections when you're sleeping. So if you are, if you're styling Suharto The D, and then he going to sleep and not having enough sleep is audio hardware is basically wasted. So to give your, to give the best bang for your buck in terms of study, you have to get the right amount of sleep and it's still just mugging all your studies, a one group and for working as well. If you want a promotion, if you want a beer ice, you have to give your best. Your bosses had to see your skills. So try to get your sleep in check so that you can give your best way where you go in your diet. Especially in the seventies where you're getting valence trick, you need to feel energized the holy. Next up, I need to work out for at least 10 minutes in the morning. Exercise is really good, especially in the morning. As it gets your blood pumping, it gets your body's fat that as you just rested for about eight hours, eight hours, our movements are restricted, not doing much. So exercising the money, actually mix your body up. If user hits that DOD, you'll feel a lack of Betty work on. And I believe anyone who works up frequently were poor would argue that the fact that you feel good every time you complete a workup. So I wanted to get that done. We'll go for at least 10 minutes. I want you to shower in the morning as well as if you didn't the past. There is a very bad heavy S at night, a lot of things go and our body ceiling is every bearing itself. There's a lot of dead cells coming on in the process. So salary is really good to clean up your set threat from the exercise and also to gain your body started and know you're starting with a clean and fresh and why would you not one day. So that's really good, happy. But for showering, unless you have about any skin diseases where it doesn't allow you to do that, then it's okay, you know, and also showering and then followed by a morning routine. If you're if you're curious to get down, get there, or you're grooming whatever, you get it done. And before you leave your house. Or for District for this time of period during the pandemic where classes are going on online, at least 10 minutes or five minutes before your lesson or before you leave the house. I want you to read a book. Any book allele for five minutes. If you don't have a book, you can Google for free e-books online. There's always a resource, there's always resources out there. Fourier can't find one. You can email me and I can send you a book idea of BR certain too far. And then after that, you can start their day. So when you study only a few fresh if, if you feel energized and if all of this doesn't make you happy, you for lead to Lubeck your sleep or diet. So I'll put up a summary where what if to get done for D1. So firstly, we'll be looking at 15 to 20 minutes earlier, working on for at least ten minutes. Ten minutes. Ten minutes, you can do any form of excites me walking, running a home, Bolivia were caught. Anything you can just Google it. Showering and your morning routine, reading any book for at least five minutes before starting or B, I hope these these beneficial for you. And if you do find this video informative enough, yes, remember this is for getting back on track. For future informative videos. I'll be posting Montesquieu shit for it a little more about thank you. And hobbies your best. 3. Day 2 (Being Confident): Hello everyone. Welcome back to day 2 of this course. Today, we'll be talking about all about being confident. So confidence is actually a very crucial role in self-improvement. As confidence is like the main pillar of self-improvement itself. Be you want to perform well in school or be performed well in your workplace, you have to portray confidence for others to believe in you. So for example, if you were to get a promotion, your boss has to first see your confidence in terms of your ability to do the work. Then only you will be able to have the confidence to promote you to a position where you have more responsibilities in a higher paycheck for school as well. When you want to get an a grade, you have to show in your work or how you present it confidently. And even if it's, if you have presentations, you have to be confident when you speak for the teacher or your whoever is marking you for your presentation to have the confidence to give you the EU one. So that's why confidence actually very important because if you do have confidence in you, we want to be looked, that you may be looked down upon and no one wants to be Yusuke when you have confidence finish sure that you know why I'm talking about, you know, what, you are above. Everything will fall in the right place. So how you can get configured? I believe you have this problem, but how to be configured and how to portray confidence to others. So firstly, if example of a presentation coming up, being confident is not about, it's not about feeling is actually a variation. So obviously if you don't really do your work well, if you look repair your slides, when you go to the real presentation, you will not have the confidence to perform well. And even for a job promotion, if you want to go to your, if you wanted to go to your boss and ask for promotion, you need to have that confidence before the show that you really deserve it. If you don't put it in the world, if you take a normal leaves, your boss obviously will be. You'll be afraid of shy to even ask your boss for a promotion because you yourself don't know you don't deserve it. So to truly be configured number 1 is always preparation in that aspect in terms of SBA, I mean, in terms of presentation of getting a promotion or whatever. So anything that we should guys preparation beforehand. But being naturally confident in terms of talking to people, social interactions and all these can only be done by Fred piece. You have to pull yourself out death. You have to get this confidence thing ruling by actually putting your serving staff positions for you. You'll get used to it. For example, if you're always staying at home, playing games or watching videos, netflix whatsoever, you obviously have the confidence and you can't do Lear whom? It's not easy. Again. So you really have to pull yourself out there and really show who you are in terms of personal and how you sound, and how you speak. And obviously there's low videos and how to be confident, but those videos won't work. If you don't, you really have to watch these videos, even for me, even for the cost they are taking right now. You have to watch any have to implement it. And they can only be done by actually going out and getting experience, try an area of practice. So that's all been less all about being configured. If he if there's an exam or if you want to ask someone for a higher position preparation. If you want to be naturally configured in terms of in terms of having social interactions, which is like a having social interactions job proud of. And in terms of speaking well, being open to ideas, you need practice. Practice is key. Go out there, talk to more people, get the normal people through your science. Tough position, in a tough position to really get used to this confidence feeding. So to challenge you guys at all, I don't want you guys to really tell that. Okay. You I can tell you to be configured by, don't give you anything to do. So I've put up some confidence challenges in the course resources. I've put in beginner, beginner confidence challenges. So if you really have 0 confidence decimal key, there is some challenges for you at the beginning range. If you have certain amount of confidence, but no, not enough for yourself with things that you believe that you can do more, improve your confidence more. I've put it in the advanced sector section in the, if I'm not wrong, the Excel sheet and for the intermediate, but that's if you're really, if you are really reconfigure individual is just tests or confidence. You can't do the intermediate ones. If you shy away from them, you need to work in your beginner and advanced challenges. So these challenges, I want you guys to do it today. That's the main reason you have come to day 2 of this course. Do it today, get at least one to two done. And these challenges I gave you guys is just what it came out in my mind. I can't be creative in our review because I don't really have confidence issues anymore. So majority of the bus RBA able to do without I'll be able to do it without much. Toughness is so the challenge yourself, be creative with it. You don't have to follow the challenges I give you. If you think something more challenging or as challenging as this for yourself, do it, go ahead and just be creative UV. So yes, that's all for today. I'll see you guys on reaching goodbye. 4. Day 3 (Positive Thoughts): Hello everyone. Welcome back to Duchy of this course. Today we'll be discussing all of our positive thoughts and mindfulness. So do you know when you come out of bed in the morning? And if you are seeing yourselves, statements such as absolute tie it to the he actually has a correlation to the activities you do throughout the whole day. For example, if you see your time in the morning, whatever activities you do be taking the bus or drive into a workplace, Qu and Y vary activities you do for a diarrhea, want to feel tired and sluggish to be a diary. So the main thing in this course, the midpoint this day, especially the tree, is the positive thoughts. They have positive thoughts, your affects, your mood. Board the OD. For example, if you were to see a diverse staff flight or this guy, if you drive, this guy cut my leg. And after he is Lynn, nothing happened already. Like you're still going to buy, then you let that let that spoil your mood for the whole entire day. You realize how small disk and effect you greatly. So what you can really do is, if anything, anymore pieces of anyone really does anything to ask ourselves these two equations, can you do anything body? If yes, getting done to solve this problem and to get our happiness back. And if you can, is no longer in your control, don't think about it. You can't do anything already. Mosfet discarded thought and just be happy, push their site. And lastly, if you can even have controlled it, for example, if this guy cuts, are leading the traffic and it really happen, you can't do anything about it. Just go and drive off. If you think about what you're gonna do, any, like if you're going to get off, get off your chi-square a vI, or just have this toiling away. In your mind, the WHO NTD is really going to read your work. So if you can't control it anymore, officially done, move on. Don't think about it. So what I did to have more positive thoughts is not curse any vulgarities. The efforts lengths I need to try to carry off, try to substitute it for more positive words. Instead of saying, it's effing amazing, just see is amazing. You don't really need these unnecessary vocabulary in your books. So when you do these people see you as a higher value and all you don't use this, this kind of our guarantees as you really can affect and how you present yourself, ad impressions you give to other people, and try to do anything negative to positive. So for example, as I believe most of you, you can really as well. We are dependent in going on right now and majority of the meetings or lectures are online right now. So the meetings and lectures can go for two hours, three hours, and it can be very tiring, especially during a home, sitting in the same place for the duration. So instead of saying I need to go to this lecture, I always see them myself. I get the good of this lecture. I get to learn. I get to get 35. And while I'm learning costs, I believe some of you material diploma, degree, and you're having online lessons as well. So you can think this opportunity. So it's, yes, it's tiring acids. You may feel sluggish, but it's actually a positive experience. If you look at a full spectrum. Just been anything negative to positive and you have more positive thoughts. And lastly, tried to challenge out to the soil to get to things that really try not to curse as much possible. But anything negative to positive end. I wanted to do it as much as possible from this part of your day to the nth. If your coffee's abuse, see yourself, at least he didn't spill my pens or if you this period spends a list there. So elicited spillover should just tried to change anything negative to positive. And trust me, you have a very amazingly today. So thank you for coming for the tree. I'll see you guys on default color for the leaf. 5. Day 4 (Healing Relationships, Family): Hello everyone. Welcome back to day 4 of the get back on track costs. Today, we'll be discussing all about healing relationships and you'll be family-focused. So what do I mean by hitting relationships? As you all know, times are tough right now. It's a pandemic. Some of us may be in very tight financial situations or may not be the right state of mind. Do the wireless going on in your business and they may be not writing very well. And all the say catch up to your mind. It's being bought one year, two years since this pandemic is ongoing. So and even before that, you may have your personal problems or family members, maybe their personal problems. So it's always good to reflect and try to get their sort that out. Because all know, all of us are always at the same level every time you have to understand, if you're feeling very sad today, someone else is really, really good. So when you guys, you guys can match energy level. So they could be fights, arguments within these type of people because you are not feeling good, fingering good. So yeah, there's data who you understand that. Yeah. So basically you will be different. We may meet me, these are the different levels of life, so where these fights, arguments, or may occur. So that's what we're gonna do today. We are going to heal at least one relationship to the past, which is your family. So before we start, I want to put this out there. Self-improvement is slow about only being better by a soma, feeling good and doing good, uh, same time and doing good. It's about putting things that were in the past in the bus, focusing on the present for the better future. So some tasks they are going to do today. Firstly, are mainly will be the color any family member where you may have fought week or broken relationship in the past due to whatever reasons, be verbally or physically, whatever you're going to try to then and yeah, I called them up or if you can meet them up and just try to attempt to fix it. You don't have to fix it completely by at least putting effort, you know, try That's all I'm asking. And when you try, if the response was negative, if they shut you off, if the if they do any name the negative two, you respect yourself. You don't have to be there anymore. Move on. You're a better person, a lease at least you've tried to fix what's what went wrong. Okay, they were eventually when they are in your level, your combat in reconcile their thoughts. Adopt you again by if it's positive. I want you to reinvest in their relationship, again, reinvestment by putting time in their relationship, putting money in the relationship between money and just growing relationship, the relationship with them again, because in life, whatever you spend time doing, you're going to get good at it. If you spend time exercising, your fitness is going to be better if you spent time loft I'm assigning, you are going to be very well educated. So don't apply the same concept early shift as well. And trust me, your machine will be way better with a family. So yeah. And I also believe some of you may have not followed if any families felt even worse at all. You could be the person who is, you're spraying neutral in whatever family arguments in vaccinated head. So for you guys, I know that, I know that this, you may think that it is the sphere 11 to you, but it's actually, this is also still above Cassino family relationships. And I believe that no matter how social VI in our family, that's at least that one person who can pay for D2 in a long time. It could be anyone any could be used for weeks or even months. So just call them and ask them by their well-being, catch up with them, find out what's interesting in their life and really invest in the relationship. In this one I'm trying to say, you know, build that relationship back up again for whatever reasons you didn't get out your kitchen. We might begin now, set aside time on this, you know, this, this family button in your life is very punctual. Estimate help you when you needed the most. So yeah, there's that. So that's why you have to do it today. Yeah. So all the best for the four. If you have any questions, you can email me or police on where in the first place and the CEO, That's all for today. Good luck and I'll see you on day five. 6. Day 5 (Healing Friendships): Hello everyone. Welcome back to the Phi of the get back on track costs. Yesterday, we discussed all of our healing broken relationships. Today, we are going to discuss all about healing broken friendships. As I believe, if you're old enough to stumble into self-improvement of personal development. Lesson is that 1% you may have broken friendship with in your years of existence. So that's what we're gonna do today. So what I want you guys to go through these, any friendships, just one, just one. Denote how easy it is to just find that 1% spontaneous social media these days. So just wanting to create Codename One person. These, these are chronic that thanks to social media, the only thing you need to connect with someone now is a social media account yourself and deal. So myself, it'll show me the a column and you guys can connect. So somehow find their social media being a few calls stop either. So shows just so they can find these one person and one person could be anyone which was in the back of your mind for these past few days who we really want to reconnect with and get to know them again, see what's going on in their life and so on my own, the noise yeah, the summarization we're on. So so the I've broken down the steps as it may seem too simple for you. So I'm willing to give you a better understanding of why you're going to do today. So step 1, I want you to find how you're going to contact them. But don't contact them. You get the contact number, get their soldiers, whatever it is, just heavy 80 disposal. After the step to recall why the friendship group was he do to practice stuff like small issues. You guys had some misunderstanding. If he was dead, bring it up. Make the other party, which is the Paseo, will agree, connect reef, understand what happened, and move on. After all, life is too short to k was such beings. At the end of the day, we're all in for a job. We're just going to sit down and think of all the happy memories and create that not all of these problems. So just look at your past memories. They create them and move on your BYU better friendships again, the memories because at the end of the day, at the grief, all we have our memories. You don't have the money. We don't have anything in dB doing whether they're healthier. Putting the brief memories we had, one person so focused on lead. However, I also understand that some friendships may be broken due to physical, sexual, or cyber, solid or SQL whatsoever, no serious stuff. Those lawful illegally, illegal stuff, you know, those crimes. So be up to them. Maybe they admit that what they did was wrong or at least understand your situation and understand their situation and so or why did he did? And if you believe they're deaf mature and they won't do such things to you again, move on. If there is no afterlife is a learning journey, they may be at the lowest part of their library. They didn't understand it. I agree. Why would they buy stuff that I don't view is very wrong. Bartholdi off we are all humans. A must forgive and move on. So yeah, do that. But if however you just do the same person who they were in the past, they may be the bully you and you go back to Lebanon still Boolean, respect yourself, you deserve better, move on. They were eventually mature and understand what they did was wrong, and you are the better person in this space anyways. So move on on that. And yeah, so all our new ways to do this, recall, get that friendship Bay, beauty as well, law, how you invest in early to shoot or family, you have to invest or as you shift your friends, invested time, money wherever you can, buy in, and you have a great friendship. That's all we have for today. Press on, we're at about two more this lesson. You should be feeling more on track than you were in D1. So yeah, you do bed Totally. We have two more this and you'll be filling the most on train your life over the next after the next two days of CO and A6. 7. Day 6 (All Out Day): Hello everyone. Welcome back to the get Bell and track costs. Today we are going to pursue day 6, which is all about going all out. So in this past five days, you may have done the different challenges that gives you the due by believed that since, since some of these challenges that I give you may be new to you or you may have not done it before. I believe that you may have not given your best as you are probably trying to make sense of the challenge, really finding the reason why you want YOU DD and so on. Ideally, you didn't know that much benefit beforehand, right? So now since you have already done the Chinese I give you in this pass by this, be like exercising really involved, healing your friendships, your relationships, your family, and so on. I believe that after doing these challenges, you'll probably have a better understanding of what these different areas they do to you. So for day 6, we are going to go all up or this five-day challenges I gave you. So what do I mean by all out? Whatever you learn from day one to day five, you're gonna do all of that to the one group. So do these all are pushing yourself since you really, you really somewhat have the momentum of the challenges you did in the past. You somehow know how to get it done. Today. I wanted to challenge yourself directly. There a point where you're probably exhausted at the end of the day as you have to push yourself all out to get the maximum benefit out of this challenge that this can't be on track costs. So for example, for D1, you, the small changes you woke up earlier, you work it out and you read a book. So tourist, our Lasix morning, our need to get them all done. So the morning of day six, you get that done. And in the afternoon, we on the afternoon pursuing the confidence, that's where I give you some challenges to complete and the confidence dense. So for example, if they do regarding the confidence, specify the beginning changes. I wanted to go on and move to advanced or intermediate challenges. Anything that challenges you in the afternoon. And you don't need a lot of time for these less CFR lunch break. You just need five minutes to get it done. And if you procrastinate, you need another five minutes for S0 and most end of 15 minutes to get this confidential is done. And if you're very confident you to be intermediate one, intermediate challenge that I gave you. You can give yourself your own challenge and think in trying to do anything that you think you can't do. For example, if you think you can buy someone a coffee, I wanted to do that in the early days of confidence for today's basics afternoon. And then on day 3, we discussed all of our heavy dots. So for heavy dots is going to be a whole the thing where from morning to night we're just going to try to as much as much hepatocytes possible. So what do I mean by that is as much as possible, any negative thoughts changing too happy thoughts, like I see on HE. If anything spills or new, we have built a ListView somewhere else. If someone cuts, you're leaving the room, be happy days to reach the destination safely, and so on. So abilities in the tree or been quite hot as Europe for myself, epitopes heavy happy thoughts all the time is quite hot. So I believe that since you only have one day of experience in this area of self-improvement. For today, I'm going to give your all up to this happy thoughts and trying to make your day as blissful, as happy as possible. And on default, we discussed all of our healing relationships for D4 and D5. Keep it rainy evening. You'll need about normally 30 minutes. So for default, we discussed about healing relationships. So on the four you call one call one family member. Today, I'm going to do the same thing again. You want to call another family member. You're going to find our soldiers and so on. If you need a recap or day, you can go back to this force, the force video, and they finally heal broken friendships. So after or D6 evening, after you have Miller one coffee or family members relationship, you will move on to healing broken friendships and at least one again. So you will have to complete one family out if one family member and a so one friendship that have broken up in the bus, get that diagonal the evening unless it for today. So basically the main idea is we are going to combine everything from V1 to D5 and Mickey 1D itself so that you really feel the momentum of getting into self-improvement. As for me, I only really can pursue self improvement after a lessee if I didn't pursue self-improvement for maybe a month due to school or some problems I had. I need this one to do this or maximum effort on my cellular movement so that I can actually have built a momentum again if I did a little bit by Adobe. Finally, very hard to build my momentum bed. So I believe this will be the same for you. So try these layout. Don't be aware, exhausted. Split these paths into different areas I really speedy for you, but if you don't like the way I speak and split it for yourself. So yeah, that's all you're gonna do today even for exercising, if in the past you did 50 push-ups or brussels, you can do a 100150. Now, if you ran to KM in the Pascal entry game today is all about pushing yourself. Today. I'll put up a summary somewhere in the screen or what you have to do to live. You can screenshot, kick your foot door V, and just remind yourself of all these challenges throughout the day. And yes, that see for these six please, the most challengingly. By the way, you push yourself and get the most benefits out of it. So give your best. Today is the last day already. Tomorrow is more of goal setting and irradiation. So bushy, push yourself today and I'll see you on day 7. Goodbye and good luck. 8. Day 7(Evaluation and Goal Setting): Hello everyone. Welcome back to get back on track course. Today we are D7. I really hope that you give your best on day 6 and you probably feel a bit diet of some mindful on what they have done for the past the D6. And yeah, so good job of completing six days or this challenge. Three is our last and final day. And you'd be focusing more on the long-term journey from way over going to go from now, since you have already built your self-improvement momentum, we'll be focusing on how are you going to make the self-improvement thing a lifestyle. It's there, I guess, or 70 or 60 costs. So I've created a worksheet as putting in the course resources and are probably name the worksheet, go setting plan, goal setting, goal setting worksheet. So today we're just going to evaluate what you did for the past seven days. Be the healing friendships, but all relationships, but working out. What else? Our confidence and so on. So you're going to evaluate what you did, how you evaluate, evaluate by how much effort you put into it, how much, how good you feel after doing it. Possible benefits of doing this in the long term and so on. Our give you a guided a guiding questions for you to really truly Valley wife really went through went through for you and the seven days. So yeah, evenly, what did not go as far as bad? Maybe you already did a little confidence challenge or a fielded for reconfigures challenge, you could pick up a bigger challenge, write it down, and ask yourself questions like why did it happen? Was because, for example, the confidence deaths or the exercising, but you maybe didn't do as much as you can because you will see all your sluggish diet and so on or the tensional. Why do you not do a certain Janice and I gave you and so on. So it's really, we're asking yourself some guiding questions. And I'll put these guiding questions on the worksheet itself so that after watching this video, you can go through x0 and truly evaluate if a has to have H2 H2 coding the document that I gave you. So yeah, you just remind me up on all this evolution stuff we did for the past seven days. I'll give you some guide. And after that, you're going to get set yourself goals they are going to pursue for the next 30, 60, or 90 days. Best is usually 90 days for me because It's a long-term spectrum and then you can break it down to the 360, 15, 30, 45, 60, and so on. So for the next 90 days, maybe you can write out what challenges you want to accomplish. Maybe of the abuser, self improvement momentum. Maybe you want to run three kilometers everyday in 10 minutes, 50 minutes. Or you want to contact anyone for ten days straight and he did as much local friendships you as much as you can in the next ten days. Or even a confidential maybe going to set aside ten minutes every day to work on your confidence to become a better individual does or how you present yourself. Yeah. So it's all about it's all been our long-term for this seven DVD or the short-term. So now from now sincerity bit of a dummy are going to proceed on to the longer-term. So yeah, like and also for this position and just when you are looking forward to moving on to pursue cerebral flow in your life, don't limit yourself to whatever areas I just gave you. For example, if you confidence Healy, small changes reading and so on, don't limit yourself to just that. If you can find any other way, which is, you can call this as a group when they go ahead. It could be something like helping the elderly, donating some money, anything if it helps you spiritually espouse self-improvement. So I'll leave that up to you. And yeah, so yeah, it's basically this area is all very, very thin. Gayo goes on track. The U1 to re-energize yourself, reset your mind before you pursue your goals again. Go ahead. It's all up to you. I believe that you are more in so in disarray improvement momentum already are now. So from now on, even in the worksheet, in the goal setting worksheet our set some goals for you, some optional goals. If you want to pursue, go, hit, or if you can find your own goals, you're going to go in there as well. And yeah, that's pretty much it. Our Puma email below. If you have any questions, you can email me personally. And that's pretty much it for this 70 costs. If you really, if you really feel that you, if you feel that there's an impact on your life, you can probably put down in the discussion of feedback areas and also tell me where I can improve. So Dave and I do such causes more of such horses in the future. Again, if you guys the my best effort as much as possible as this my first time, I'm still getting used to the execute shell staff grading worksheets for you doing, editing the videos is my first time. So please do give me your feedback already appreciated any rebecca colors for you. All the best in your site improvement journey. If you like to get more self-improvement content via social media, you can follow us as self improve flat or put it somewhere around here. And yeah, that's pretty much all the best in your life and how we pursue Soviet movement for the long-term.