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Get 300 Quality Social Bookmarks for Free

Prateek S., Cloud Computing and Big Data Consultant

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3 Videos (15m)
    • Why Social Bookmarking

    • Installing the Free Extension

    • Verify The Results


About This Class


A Social bookmark is saved on public websites by submitting and sharing content which you can also tag with relevant keywords. By promoting your business on a social bookmarking site, the inbound links are valued by search engines and enhance the popularity of your website or blog.

Google Loves Social Bookmarks and the deliver Quality Back Links to your Site.

In this course I reveal you how you can create 300 Social Bookmarks for Free and Verify the Backlinks created after couple of Days.





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Prateek S.

Cloud Computing and Big Data Consultant

I am a Video instructor at Skillshare. Cloud Computing certified Developer, Consultant and Trainer with more than 6 years of Industry Experience. I have served various Industry verticals having good experience in Splunk, Salesforce, Web Development, Graphic Designing and Object Oriented Programming as well. I have been working on various Adobe products such as Adobe Illustrator, In design , After Effects etc since my school days. I have implemented more than 20 end to end Salesforce p...

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