Get 1000s of Targeted Keywords in 2 Steps: Without Google Keyword Planner. | Kenny Moses Adetu | Skillshare

Get 1000s of Targeted Keywords in 2 Steps: Without Google Keyword Planner.

Kenny Moses Adetu, Maximizing skillshare Profit.

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4 Videos (18m)
    • Targeted Keywords Introduction

    • Keywords Step 1

    • Keywords Step 2



About This Class

The Get 100s of Targeted Keywords in 2 Steps: Without Google Keyword Planner shows how to get 100s or even 1000s of buyers' keywords without using Keyword Planner or any software. In 2 easy steps and with a seed keyword, you will learn how to get unlimited, targeted keywords from any seed keyword or niche. This will help in optimizing either You Tube videos or website.

Targeting right keywords is the first step in getting to page 1 of You Tube or Google. This tutorial will be part 1 of easily getting to page 1 of You Tube and or Google. In uncomplicated steps the student will see how easy it is to get targeted keywords.

Are inundated with using Keyword planner? Don't be because you might not need it anymore after this  course.

Maybe you believe getting expensive keyword research software is the solution to getting targeted keywords. No, there is no need. With this tutorial you will never buy any keyword research tool again, ever!

Join the class and see how easy how you can become a professional keyword researcher in a fun way.





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Kenny Moses Adetu

Maximizing skillshare Profit.

A short story, novella and script writer. An actor by profession, for Television, film and stage. Now a web-entrepreneur and content curator. Love the idea of endless possibilities of making recurring income online. Have been an expert graphic designer, using tools that people underrate to rake in earnings for many years. Have designed book covers, posters of various sizes, anything at all. Also am SEO expert, being fortunate to get in contact with some people who think out of box about anyth...

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