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German language for Beginners - Unit 6 - Hobbies and free time

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. What you'll learn in Unit 6

    • 2. 6.1. Wie ist das Wetter? (How's the weather?)

    • 3. 6.1. Wie ist das Wetter? - √úbung

    • 4. 6.2. Wettervorhersage (Weather forecast)

    • 5. 6.2. Wettervorhersage - √úbung

    • 6. 6.3. Urlaub machen (To go on holiday)

    • 7. 6.3. Urlaub machen - √úbung

    • 8. 6.4. Die Freizeit (Leisure time)

    • 9. 6.4. Die Freizeit - √úbung

    • 10. 6.5. Hast du einen Helm? (Do you have a helmet?)

    • 11. 6.5. Hast du einen Helm? - √úbung

    • 12. 6.6 Akkusativ (Accusative)

    • 13. 6.6 Accusative - √úbung

    • 14. 6.7 Akkusativ benutzen (Using the accusative)

    • 15. 6.7 Akkusativ benutzen - √úbung

    • 16. 6.8. Was ist deine Lieblingsmusik? (What is your favorite music?)

    • 17. 6.8. Was ist deine Lieblingsmusik? - √úbung

    • 18. 6.9. Wie findest du‚Ķ? (How do you like...)

    • 19. 6.9 Wie findest du‚Ķ? - √úbung

    • 20. 6.10. Adjektive (Adjectives)

    • 21. 6.10. Adjektive - √úbung

    • 22. 6.11. Zustimmen und widersprechen (Agreeing and disagreeing)

    • 23. 6.11. Zustimmen und widersprechen - √úbung

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About This Class

Join us on the adventure of learning a new language in this German course for complete beginners! I know that it can be hard sometimes and that you can't wait to finally start speaking. That's why I created this course - the lessons are short, straight to the point, useful and fun.

In Unit 6, we will learn all the stuff about holidays and free time, including chit-chatting about the weather or vacations, or talking about your opinions and preferences.

You will learn:

  • Popular hobbies and leisure activities
  • How to tell someone where you spent your holidays
  • How to agree or disagree with something, and¬†talk about your preferences¬†
  • To talk about the weather
  • To read and write adds
  • The Accusative case, when and how to use it
  • Answering yes/no questions
  • A lot¬†of irregular verbs

At the end of the course, you will be able to talk about your holidays and time off and how to tell your opinions and preferences about many different things. We will also expand your knowledge about German grammar with some interesting verbs and cases.

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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1. What you'll learn in Unit 6: in this unit, we will talk about your hobbies or some things you can do in your time off. Let's check out what you will know by the end of this unit, the names of some of the popular hobbies and leisure activities and how to tell someone where and how you spend your holidays. You will learn how to agree or disagree with something, how to talk about your preferences and to say that something is your favorite. How to talk about the weather, the ultimate small talk. You will also learn the acquisitive case, how to answer yes and no questions and a lot more irregular verbs. So let's go on holiday. Not yet. Let's just do some learning first. 2. 6.1. Wie ist das Wetter? (How's the weather?): way will start the first lesson off our new unit with the king of small talk. The weather. Germans mostly like to keep their private lives to themselves and their closest friends and family. So do better is the perfect subject. It's not too personal, and you always have something to say. So let's check out how to talk about the weather in German v ist Sveta means How is the weather? Let's check out some possible answers. S pregnant means it's raining and their Reagan means rain. It's sh night means it's snowing and they're shiny. ISS Snow de zona is the sun, and we can say Dizon, A shined sun is shining, the weather is sweet and we can also say assists on ish. It's sunny. If it's sunny, it's probably also vom warm or even heist hot. And if it's winter, it will probably be cut cold. This should be enough for now. Let's take a look at some sentences. V is the Sveta Hoy to Morgan assistant. Next good. It's League night owned assist cult Viesturs Veta M. Xoma. This is zero hice on Zon ish, obvious they're fooling in Italian. The Zona shined owned as pregnant Knee V is the Sveta Margon. Is she night? Abbas system. I hope that after this lesson you finally have the courage to start your first German small talk. Do you do with Don't come? Come, come. 3. 6.1. Wie ist das Wetter? - Übung: Let's try to make some sentences with the weather and a seasons. For example, M. Xoma is this heist designer shined on desk. Reagan internist. Try to make similar sentences for venta halfs and fooling. Feel free to use the words more than once if needed. Cut Van Highs Zanny's It's Night, the Zona Shine s pregnant. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 4. 6.2. Wettervorhersage (Weather forecast): Let's introduce a few more words about the weather so you can understand the weather forecast de Volta, which means the clouds. And while Kish cloudy, the event is the wind and vin dish is windy. We can have Dan able fog that size eyes, thus, give itta thunderstorm or even sometimes there Regan Woman Rainbow. If we talk about temperatures, we will use D temperature to, uh, temperature. That's grad degree. This suspense. It could, and we will also mention the cardinal Directions. Norden zero Weston under Austin And now let's try to listen to really life weather forecasts. Don't worry, you won't understand everything, but just try to listen to it and get how the weather will be unseemly for onion embalm and middle of Opa. Some stars on the association Transit on Fremont Slanted Crowd were leading actress in first and Clear, about course Battalion. Their course and hits him should also what was meant for more native offerings in these official crude, of course, Battalion, Vietnam. Good on you as a person 15 or a 16 Braddock among that class today and get discount loving show order off Markevych Hoaxes Law in Judah, sitting by an Councilman blitzing on Donna's on splats off, undersized Long begin to attack my sonic. That's what I'm floored to hear talk of, but I'm partial on under notes Expedia, a leading Sanoma artist of envoy from investing. When for an circuits off margarita I don't know. They've been very foot all streams addressed in which target right is Frenchie and a Costa on letting sin Boone off inch doctors X in the temple to my in transit, sex on sponsors, car taxes and under the name of temporal tow trucks cooler on the naughty order. Very, very Obama Living and T don't. 5. 6.2. Wettervorhersage - Übung: and now it's time to write your own weather forecast. Look at the picture and try to write a few sentences about the weather in Germany. - For more tips and tricks, visit 11% that X Y Z. 6. 6.3. Urlaub machen (To go on holiday): there will open means holiday. Let's find out there and why people like to spend their holidays. Let's ask a few people what they like to do when they have some time off. Vollmar, Kinsey, Gannett Well up in spanien including, is to start see a bomb on good mulish Well, boo hoo! Nine hotel owned positioning and dish that on Z Bo McKenzie Ggonna well up v again years, Nzama and smear on because Deqin Duggan garnish women sh Narcan on Falcon Bo McKenzie and my skin well up ish, father, you inventor in dish rights issue gay again a she fun on Schlitz, you'll often dot keep this Emma feel schnee on the eyes on your marks to gonna well up sk again A and cooling to mine and course Elton off. Slant the data is there shown dirt on escaped Feel a tva sk than Mitt Mine, Of course. Fighters Patsy in on London owned vast McKinsey amore lobe ish year off in Ventana House Italian. When this here of interest is the start, Xoma on zero highs, fewer wins is the sum assurance than in self social. Often here is some of the vocabulary that we used. They're well up. Holiday We Love Martin to go on holiday game Meatless comfortable Born to book, for example. Here, that's Hotel, the Hotel de Stat City busiest Egan to visit or here to sightsee. Thus tell a tent the smear See since May. Again to go to the seaside de Christa. Khost should women to swim. Sh Narcan to snorkel, Powelson to dive. Thus she fuckin skiing and she far Indian to go skiing. That's Schlitt Truell often ice skating. That's Lund. In this context, it's countryside offs Land be in to go to the countryside. Dina Tour Nature but CNN gin to go for a walk London Hiking ones do Moammar slogan. Hello I don't owe with. 7. 6.3. Urlaub machen - Übung: vormer Clean diesel ICT again it well up V is the Sveta. Take a look at the pictures and try to write a few sentences about them. - For more bite sized German license visit 11% that X Y Z. 8. 6.4. Die Freizeit (Leisure time): the holidays are not the only time when we get to relax and be what we like. We also have a lot off fried site, leisure time or time off that we can spend. However we like. Let's take a look at some things that you can do in your free time. Lizin to read far that fun to ride a bike for in the Chlef in Meet Friends, computer speed ish Phelan play computer games. Stenson. Too dense Foosball basketball handed Bash Keenan to play football, Baseball Handball his eyes in to travel. Costin to cook Milon to paint photography. ISS photography Jog is jogging or running music. Who won is to listen to music and music. Spielen or music? Mahan is to play or make music. Let's see what some of the people like to do in their free time. In mine. Off right side. Who is ganna musique? Yes, Peter, our Hannagan instrumental greedy, Tougher on disk. Livia on stanza in Chinatowns, Copa finished side Harbor Benesch Gana Clausen In the Natera is far, far hard gear jargon. Would a speeder foosball. I'm lips in for playing a Egemen of Quite site with mine and fine BSP and computer speed at Zaman. Would a basketball off them full hope? When Asian actor are by the house a comma these s can abuse Isha, Guatemala and my name studio. It's been a hobby. Foot took off on Mark again a photos off mine and kaizen. If you want to ask someone about their hobbies, you can ask buses into Dina hobbies or the polite version. Vice isn't your hobbies. You can also ask Vaz Masto and dine off right side or vast Mackenzie an era of hide site. Just watch out to not ask this question too soon. Germans don't like to talk about their private lives with strangers. Do you and t t o? 9. 6.4. Die Freizeit - Übung: try to answer the questions. Last March. Store. Undine off right site gets to Ghana. Jargon coughs. Diagana less must do and welcome ender Speed is to get a computer, Spieler buses and Dina hobbies. Speeds to an instrument must agana. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 10. 6.5. Hast du einen Helm? (Do you have a helmet?): Ah, lot of the times Good equipment is necessary for a hobby. Let's see how to talk about the necessary accessories. Leone on Zofia GNC Zaman jargon Here is Thea August. Please has to an n jogging and souk nine s Shabir kind and drugging and took his cow for island own has to tennis ruler Yeah, it's have annoyed tennis were Touma's on Delia DNC Zaman. Far had fun. Has doing good. Is Farhood Yeah, it's urban's ear. Good is far hard vest Your father had been far heart My father heart is taught on recourses Time for HUD when fire heard is Klein Clapham Via all kind and hell from its Been this Isha Annika owned Christian gains Examine in stream Bud vest Name stood some shrimp Admit its name A minor body Who is, um it who owned vast instrument its name ermine and bad and soak on mine 100 mit Annettor owned Melanie wants Zaman She'll often gain veggies. Arkan Clough When we had some Sheila via Loutchansky a owned, she sure must know whom hostel in Obama Yaka owned Metsa Yeah, it's have Alice was his pro. Let's take a look at some interesting phrases that we learned in these conversations has to is the phrase to use if we want to ask someone whether they have something like here has doing far God or hustling and jogging and souk local means to need and crouch, Andrea means Do we need, for example, vast power hungry Assume she'll often my snow means what else or what more you can also say vast crouch envy. You know what else do we need? A verb that we also used in the examples as myth Neiman to take or take along its name a minor bada wholesome it on US names to Mitt. As you probably noticed. Mitt Neiman is a separable verb. Its name a minor bada who's a mitt? The prefix mitt ends up at the end of the sentence, and it's also irregular, So we have to change the stem off the verb on us names Doumit. It changes the same way as the rubes, Essen and oppression that we already mentioned. If you still remember, let's take a look at a whole congregation is in the moment do names Mitt Air Z s limped mitt via name and mitt Yeah, named Mitt Ze name and Mitt. We will analyze thes sentences a little bit more in the next lesson, But let's first practice a little bit. Do you and T? 11. 6.5. Hast du einen Helm? - Übung: connect the person, location and object build sentences with have been Cowan and Mitt Nayman, for example. Z some shrimp. But I didn't hold Falcon. Zeke eight Social in but Z pro on a hoot in the second exercise. Try to build some questions, for example. Ha! Been here in a minute, sir. Hot China Metsa from a ribbon show off 11% punk x absalon set. 12. 6.6 Akkusativ (Accusative): and this lesson real. Try to analyze the sentences from the last lesson a little bit more in detail, lead cinema part and examined him. I hope that you still remember all of the things we learned about the indefinite article. I'm and China. But if you take a closer look at some of the sentences in the last lesson, you can notice that we also have another form of this article, for example, has to an and badder and souk or how Andrea and in Hell. Why are these articles different? Because there are in the so called kazoos case, and in this case, it's the acquisitive. Now don't get scared because of the strange name. We will explain everything. But the truth is that what we're going to start now as one of the most difficult parts off the German grammar? And it's known to be notoriously tricky, especially if your first language is English or another language, which doesn't know the so called cases. Then it's going to get a little bit more difficult, but you shouldn't worry. We will slowly explain everything and get you to the point where you totally understand the German cases so remember how we said that every noun in German has a gender and the articles are here to show that we used the Adidas, the definite articles and the indefinite articles in China and mine So like that wasn't enough, Each gender will have four different variations off them or the cases in German. We have four different cases. Nominative acquisitive dot active and again it eve. Well, the good news is that they're only four of them. Some Slavic languages creation, for example, which is my mother tongue has seven off them and Hungarian has even 16. So it's good news. The German has only four. The other good news is that you already know one off them. Yes, exactly. We already learned the nominative, all the articles and pronouns so far that you learned were in the nominative case. It's the basic case, and when you look up avert in the dictionary, it'll be in the nominative. So one down, three to go. In this lesson, we will learn the acquisitive case and when to use it. My include a hot line and helm. In this case, mind Buddha is the subject of the sentence. The subject is a person or thing that is doing gore being something. In this case, it is having a helmet. They're helm is the object of the sentence here and it is a male known. This is a direct object, meaning that the subject acts directly on it. And this type of object in German will always be in the acquisitive case. And what the acquisitive will do to the noun is that it will change its article in the case off my skill announce like their helm here, the article will have to end in E n. So the indefinite article line will have to change in tow Ironman. So as you can see, we have a line and helm here you're just adding an e n. Luckily, the same thing will happen. Veteran A noun comes with an indefinite article einen or with the definite article Dane or with a negative article, Kainan or with a possessive pronoun mining, they will all and an e n so mind Buddha had line and helm mine pooed a had Dane helm mine pooed a had kind and him and mine coda had mine in him. Even better news is that neutral, feminine and plural announce will not change at all. So for the indefinite article, it will be mine. Put a hat on. And him I'm far heart I Nobody who was a Hun truer for the definite article, it will be mine pooed a heart Dane helm thus far. Heart D body. Who's a de hon? Sure, Ford. A negative article. It will be mine. Buddha had kind and helm kind, far, hard kind about of Rosa kind of Mantua. And for de possessive pronoun it will be there had mining him dine Far Hut Zeina Bader, who was a either hand? Sure, So one more time direct objects will always be in the acquisitive case. The acquisitive will change the articles for masculine Niles. I'm into einen DEA into Dane kind into kind and mine into mining. So basically, the ending will change into e n feminine, neutral and plural allowance will not change their articles in the acquisitive Easy right. And you thought the German grammar was difficult. Let's take a look at a lot of examples to let it sink in. Minamata named and Bada and took on in ball. And Schlissel, owned by Natasha Mitt Minamata is the subject and nominative nothing changes Deborah and took double owned dash Listen are masculine ounce and objects in acquisitive so they changed into island. De Tasha is a feminine noun, so nothing changes. We will use the color blue two highlights the changed ending for the acquisitive. This will be convenient because we also used blue for masculine and it will be exactly those now's That's change. We are broken and shrunk owned Ein bett again. There shrank is a masculine on and it's an acquisitive object, so it has to change. I'm changed into island. Does bet is a neutral noun. So it doesn't change Zika often on an absolute island. Koken on China Banana minor l turn and name and mine in pooed a owned minor share estimate z bo kind of annoying Tish Z plot An unknown shrunk du hast manage. Lis is and handy on the even computer. We had some pretty complex German sentences here. Well, the good news is that you hopefully understand what is going on in D sentences and why certain things changed which you didn't know when you started this course, which is amazing, right? Do you do t some good 13. 6.6 Accusative - Übung: Let's try to put all of this into practice complete The sentence is with the correct form off the noun and the acquisitive. I will put the gender of denouncing the brackets so it's easier for you. Remember that Onley Maskell announced change in the acquisitive while the feminine, neutral and plural noun stayed the same. For example, it's cow for import. I didn't is off warned in an absolute you broken and in key za won't I? Never worse Z named Dean Vine onto this Veum it Schabir on Zune on China. Talkto if, say, a dining stool. Dining Tish owned Dine Bet we Abeche, Thailand, is open on staying cool Z bazooka even open E UMA on even uncle at least mine and human on my *** Sister Zico on nine and 10 fish on a long per owned einen shrunk anim design and Buddha Zainur sh Wester on Zion Quiz on Mitt In the second exercise will try to make it a little bit more difficult. I will give you some birds and you try to make sentences out of them. You have to watch out to conjugated verbs correctly separate the separable verbs. Watch out for the correct word order and change the articles and pronounce if necessary. So this is the real deal. Let's go. For example, Minus Mr Gowan. Any fish minus Mr Grout Einen Tish. We changed Falcon into power because is the third person singular and the ending esti? And we changed Ein into fine in because it's the acquisitive object and Tish is a masculine known. Now you go, mayor. You Bowman finished off 11% punk X absolute set. 14. 6.7 Akkusativ benutzen (Using the accusative): and this lesson, we will try to explain the mysterious, inquisitive, a little bit better. If you don't use the acquisitive correctly, you can get something really silly, like you told I or she saw he. So it's really important to know exactly when and how to use it. If you're still a little bit confused about what these mysterious cases are, let me explain it to you with the help off the English pronounce. If you are an English speaker, especially if you're a native English speaker, it will be perfectly normal to sometimes change the pronoun. For example, you will say she saw him instead off she saw he, which doesn't make any sense, or you will totally, naturally say he saw me instead of he saw I right exactly the same changes happening in German as well accepted. It's happening with older articles and all the pronounce and much more often than in the English language. I know that it can get confusing, but remember that it's pretty important to use the cases correctly because if you don't, you can get quite confusing sentence. For example, Damon fit at dinner wound. Damon is nominative. Nothing changed, but Dane, who is obviously an acquisitive object because it's changed into it. Dean, if we switch it up just a little bit, we get a totally different sentence. Denman footed Deer hunt, Which would mean that the dog is feeding the man. So it's a pretty big difference, you see, and also daily wound fit that demon frittered Damon Dean Hunt Frittered Dean Hunt, Dammann You see how the Vered order may change, but as long as we keep the acquisitive ending, the meaning stays the same. So when is it necessary to use the acquisitive? The acquisitive will answer the questions Wien or of us. Who or what Vein has to guess. Dunga Zine Fish Have a guest on Dinan Putra cuisine. You can also remember some off the verbs that we learned that you will use with the acquisitive. For example, Harbin Balcon Myth, Neiman Kalfin, basil. We also said that the direct object will always be in the acquisitive. It means that the subject acts directly on the object. It is doing something to or with the object each call for an end. Quote in I, the subject acts directly on the object. In this case, it's buying the cake or an incident who admit again, is the subject here and is acting directly on the object, the hat in ways off, taking it with him. Sometimes even you can test the sentence by removing the object. If the sentence sounds weird, the object is, Ah, direct one and will be and acquisitive is, however, but what ish harbor an in Porta sounds much better? No, unfortunately, it won't always be this easy, but let's just stop here for now and talk about the problems a little bit later. I hope that you don't find this too boring or unnecessary, but I've really wanted to explain to you the concept off the German cases because it's one off the most complicated parts of the German grammar and the ones that can cause you a lot of headaches if you don't get it right from the beginning. So if you get a good understanding off this now, it will be much easier for you later on. And it will also be much easier to understand more complex grammatical concepts. Do you with Don't get drunk. Come, come, come 15. 6.7 Akkusativ benutzen - Übung: find the acquisitive in the sentences. 16. 6.8. Was ist deine Lieblingsmusik? (What is your favorite music?): Let's talk about your favorites. The things that you absolutely love Liban means to love something or someone. In this lesson. We will talk about the things that you love to do, so we will use the word Lee Billings. It's not actually averted, though. It's part of the word a prefix, and we will attach. It's two different amounts to get compound loans. As soon as the prefix lib ling's gets attached to the noun, it instantly becomes our favorite thing. Why? Because Lee Billings means Favorite, for example, their lead billings film favorite movie. Thus leaving spoke favorite book The Lib Ling's Music Favorite Music, thus labeling stlede favorite song. That's Liebling Sessoms Favorite food that sleep brings Get plank favorites Drink de leavings Farber Favorite color. Off course. The article of this new bird will be determined by the second verb and the compound. And, like always, let's look at some example sentences. This time we will take examples from an interview with Elon Musk. That's why we use the formal Z form versus Dearly brings Bull. My livings bore his pair and held her door. Steagall axis versus delivering Sessoms H marked Ive consumes is shipped Krisha on krill Gary Sta versus Tear Lib Ling's alcohol Get rank This key wasn't your leavings PhilMor my name leavings Film er's and I own man on damn Asiana Do you do? Don't get drunk. 17. 6.8. Was ist deine Lieblingsmusik? - Übung: For this exercise, you will have to answer some questions about your favorites. For more tips and tricks, visit 11% that X Y Z. 18. 6.9. Wie findest du…? (How do you like...): Remember the phrase Viega fed DEA. How do you like? In this lesson, we will learn another way to say your opinion about something and to ask someone about there's the verb fin then means to find like for example, ish fender, Russell, nourished. I can't find my keys. But we can also use it in a phrase to ask and express your opinion, V. Finiteness to mine and jogging and soak it in Zaire shown. In these examples, we use the verb fin then to ask, how do you like it? Let's take a look at some more examples. On my GYN and E laugh Clyde site again at SOAS, hominine Calvin showin via IEA, Gish playing and Ingo V. Funded studies as Clyde does Clyde lists total, thus assesses the ZOPA on V offenders to these hooks, sock, dagger, felt mere Sharma, the Yucca here within this two z, d, z or Medan on Inger max to these attach detach chef and they are shown on these 100 truer these and Dr. Nest. Yeah. These are niche left to do. 19. 6.9 Wie findest du…? - Übung: answer the questions. V fenders to s. How do you like it? - For more bite sized German lessons, visit 11% that X Y Z. 20. 6.10. Adjektive (Adjectives): If we want to express our opinion about something, we will have to learn some more adjectives. Let's repeat some of the adjectives you already know and learn a few new ones. Good. She lest defenders to this book delight in this union Vatis A fender Is there good defenders to the investor Human Vina to if Fender Inseam leash left Bill ish tell you this handy ISS next Bill ish This is Zia Toyo Food Hess Lis V is the Sveta Heitor The Sveta is there shown Heitor, these owner shined this house is there. I'll tow owned Hess Lish Klein of course V Is this one summer SZ at line Nobody cushier is course health Dunckel a Morgan is this hell Indiana Is this Dunckel Young dived my name cause Monta is their id Z is try on our fish. It's been off young, The's wants you hopefully still remembered. Here are a few new ones complete. See it? I'm fucked Re fenders through Deutsche Chromatic z isn ish their complete seared his friend a Z i n fuck Sharia Liszt v fenders To the ALF Kaba the off Garba is next to Sharia easiest life, but we can also say D Tasha is zero Sharia. They're coffer is life in percent Spun and lung wireless refund A student film. Their parter. It's defended in film interest. Sent a of a Z ash opponent on Vega Fallon dia de Ford's At some gun de Fender is long relish. Gimme roadless cracked if refund. Atiyah does hotel simmer. SZ Aga mulish owned reef ended here than meat Wagon is decline on practice. Pointless net refund. NZ even know and Mitt, Abita Z's and Alyssa English under Net and look at this example Vega fed Theodoros Hotel Simmer Esca felt diminished is fender s to Klein on to Dunckel. So is a little bird that can come handy when describing things it means to too much or excessively. For example, they're joking and so kissed me a two course, Defour's and to Klein. Their film is to languish. Zegna and Antoin don't get drunk 21. 6.10. Adjektive - Übung: take a look at the pictures V fenders to s try to write answers using the phrases and adjectives that we learned For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 22. 6.11. Zustimmen und widersprechen (Agreeing and disagreeing): de Deutsches Crocker is life. Yeah. Order nine. In this lesson, we will learn how to agree or disagree with different statements. Anton owned Volf Gang Martin and Camping House. Fluke shall Envy Owns Yogesh create on Hi, Anton Morgan for Henry A home act were up. Stemmed thus yeah, this is Chris. Tish do has thing courses, status this Khristich, you know, Does this place this own has to our kind and Schlapp suck? Yeah Yana Tool ish. Oh, investing's toes Islandia rt Farid Omit Neiman. It's Loba is pregnant modernist than Colombia An intern And I was fluke. Metin Farid on Martin Thanks to be avenged bus hum Yana tool ish ish clover s were 01%. Let's first pick out all the phrases that you can use to ask someone about their opinion or to see if they disagree or agree with a certain statement. Steam does means Is that right? Or is that correct? Is the slave status this stage means correct? So this would also translate as Is that correct? It was thanks to Duncan means to think. And this phrase means What do you think thanks to via Solon, do you think we should. And the last one we had here was Yeah, yeah, means yes. But in this case, it's a way off asking. Is that? And yes, Is that right? And here are some off the ways to agree. That's shrimp. That's right. That's is Khristich. That's correct. No, Tilly's off course. Get no, Exactly. And now let's take a look at a similar conversation with a few small differences. High end on Martin Far can be a home afterward. Up steamed US nine. Thus timpanist we again on annoying were Do has 10 courses. Tell Mr Khristich. Nine. Does this next race dish mindset is Klein. One has to outline, and she laughs. Sakia nine. Light honest On the first things to zelena out the Farid a minute. Nayman one's in its global does astonish Lester E. D. About the sweat. A bit of shoe design. Clutch is getting Gunson tug pregnant. I think that you realize that Anton and Wolfgang didn't agree so much in this conversation . Let's take a look at some of the phrases they used to disagree that system to name. Thus is next Khristich boat mean that's not correct. Our that's not right. Nine. Light Anish. No, unfortunately not. It's slobber. This is initial STD. I think that's a bad idea. And the two short and cute phrases one's in so much they mean a nonsense or rubbish. And let's also take a look at the very special little vert Z Continent Schmidt, Doc z Continent do mocks Far had finalised darkish Lieberfarb got fun. Divert Dog is used to contradict a negative statement like here in the examples Z continent . She's not coming. Oh no, she is coming or you don't like riding a bike? No, I love riding a bike. It would be wrong to say that the simply means no or not. It's on, Lee used after a negative statement. One could say that it's translated as Oh, no, that's That's true. The opposite of that is true. It's one of the very useful but really hard to translate Verde's. And if you ask me, I think that a lot of languages really lack this word I don't owe with 23. 6.11. Zustimmen und widersprechen - Übung: agree or disagree with these sentences. Try to use the words and phrases that we learned in the last lesson. And here are the questions its title Montag comes to Mitt has to in fire Heart. The party is Ton do Heist Morning car. Khristich West clubs to pregnant this Morgan. Yeah, it's Nextel's Deutschland woulda for Mary Boone show off 11% on X Absalon set.