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German grammar - the past tenses #2 - the imperfect & pluperfect tense

teacher avatar Angelika Davey, Here to help people "learning German with a smile"

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Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Imperfect tense regular verbs

    • 3. The imperfect tense irregular verbs

    • 4. Imperfect tense for spoken German

    • 5. The Pluperfect

    • 6. New separable verbs in the past tenses

    • 7. New inseparable verbs in the past tenses

    • 8. Your project

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About This Class

Welcome to the second of my German past tense classes!

In this course we will look at the imperfect tense and the pluperfect tense.

Both require a sound knowledge of German. 

If you have only just started to learn German, then this class will not be for you, but save it for later. Then, as soon as you are ready to learn about the past tenses in German, you can watch the videos to help you along.

If you are an intermediate or advanced student, then this class is for you.

In this class you will learn how the imperfect tense is formed. You hardly need the imperfect tense for speaking in German (for that you'll need the perfect tense, which I have covered in my German grammar - the past tense #1 course), but you do need  it for reading books in German which have stories in the past tense.

You will also learn about the pluperfect tense, which again you do not cover in textbooks until after you have mastered the perfect and imperfect tense.

At the end of the class you will have a better understanding of German verbs in the imperfect tense which will make life a lot easier when you want to read a German children's book or even a novel.

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PS. I have also added 2 new videos about new German verbs in the past tenses.

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Angelika Davey

Here to help people "learning German with a smile"


Welcome to my Skillshare page!

I am Angelika of Angelika's German Tuition & Translation and I'm here to help you learn German, especially if you are teaching yourself. 

How can I help you?

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1. Introduction: 2. The Imperfect tense regular verbs: If you want to read a book or an article about something that happened in the past, you'll find it's written in the in perfect tense. So although you hardly use it for speaking, there are a few exceptions which we look at later on. Um, you do need it for reading. It's sometimes called the simple past Tens. Now, looking at the irregular verbs in a minute, you'll probably agree. I'd like to hear what you think when you see the irregular verbs, but let's have a look at the regular ones first. They're adding a T T S T t in or a T T to the stem. You see the E in brackets. You probably know what that means if we can pronounce it or if the stem ends in a t. We're adding an extra e. Otherwise it sounds like a present tense. So we look at some examples. Let's remember the present ends feeling regular verb ish religious beards, air off course. Also Z s a munch beard, fishmeal and fish beauty feeling and on the imperfecta tends, it's each Butor, you should be a test Ash Butor Obvious Bilton, Your spirited Szish beaten now the douche beautif you've butte it on dish butin. If it meant the former U you probably won't really see in the imperfecta ends if you think it's used in oration about a story that happened in the past. But the do ear and the Z off course is direct speech because you played Andi. If it's direct speech, you most likely will read the hostage field because somebody would have said that in the story. But it's still there and who knows? You may see it sometimes. Have a look at another one who won straight forward again. If you're on a Dewhurst, hurt the girl and Evert Zeron in the present ends and now the in perfect tens hurt her. Do her test Heurtaux via hurt and you hurted Z hurt so very regular, Very straightforward I'll buy two Remember we added the extra e in the present tense for Do are by test on our fight It when we do the same Now is our by Dr to our Vita test are blighted via our vital eaten You are invited it see are vital Our biter turn is actually quite difficult to read out like this. Luckily you don't see it like this in sentences. No, you return. I'll put it down in the present tense again. Mom, What's the imperfecta? Hence off. Mom pulls it. Have quick. Think when you're ready. Come back on. I'm about to give you the answers. Dumas artist. And not to the A matin You mattered Z ma ma. Another one Haagen. As a reminder, I'll give you the present ends again on Dhere. Is Thean perfect tense? If you haven't done it, pause it and then come back. But he is the answer A factor to fact ist It s hard to the fact in if acted, see flocked in well done If you've got them And there's your reminder again So the regular verbs in the in perfect tens You've got the endings to the stem on the endings are toe test 10 or Tet All the extra in front of it I can feel your anticipation but you can't wait Have a look of the irregular verbs. I'll see you in the next lecture 3. The imperfect tense irregular verbs: So let's have a look at the irregular verbs on. Then you can tell me where the you still agree that it should be called the simple past tense. Now the one thing that is simple is that they're very easy to congregate. But there's a big bunch, the stem changes, and that really needs to be learned because there isn't really her pattern. Let's have a look at one Xeon. The stem now changes to czar on. If you concede E, there is no ending in the first form and third form Singular. So it's just eggs are but also air Zs er, and then the ending looks very familiar to the present tense disaster the Zahn is Azis on. And that's exactly correct. The endings are like in the present ends, just, unfortunately, that the stem changes so Z and who's ah, name and changes to Nam. So each Nam do Nam's Enaam, the A nominee, Enaam Z. Namen, who often changes to beef here in if to weave stare if we re funny, relieved the reef in what happens to separable robes. Unho often so the often we already know changes to leave, and in this case, because we haven't got a Harbin or anything in front of it, it gets separated again. So it's a refund due east on a reef on etcetera. So if you wanted to say, or if you if you are saying in the present tense, I'll call you at six oclock tomorrow. And remember that would have been a waffle Marvin on sex. He did that in the past tense. If you wanted to tell somebody I called him at six o'clock last night, then I would have bean reef in guest in on Sex on, so also very similar again to the present tense. He just got to remember that the Waffen changes to reef gay and changes to King and common to come. But all the other endings again are correct, as in the present tense mixed verbs Bringing and Lenin. Now they have the endings again, like the regular ones, as we had in the last lecture. But the stem has changed, and you may recognize something. When we did the perfect tense lectures, we sent that booking and changed into a harbor. Grab a hot, so that's the behalf in there as well. So at least there's some recognition, hopefully. And Brendan, it's the same. In the perfect ends. It was been good. And now it's a Toronto to hunt ist hunter. So they get conjugated like the regular verbs. But the stem changes, but hopefully you'll recognize them. Okay, your turn. I've got a couple of verbs here for you. Can you workout or guess what? The in perfect, tense iss off those. And don't worry too much if you get them wrong. Because, as I said before, unless you want to write a German book. But by then, your German should be perfect. Anyway, you don't really need Thean Perfect tense in spoken German. You only need to know it when you read it. Andi, even if you guess them wrong this time because it's the first time. After a while, you should recognize them enough to guess what they mean. So post a video on Have a think. Okay, here are the answers. Sleep, Egan. Now in the perfect tense, it was bingo. Flu organ. Did you guess what the answer is? Fluke lease and perfect stents doesn't help the Kabah gullies and note its No. Alas, but shy. Even if you remember the perfect tense that may help you. Kabir Grocery Even on Dhere is Thean Perfect Tense ish Leap Father. Well, being a good five and no doesn't work for ISTEA in perfect tense And Behanan was a mixed verb behind And we have that in the perfect tens. Good bond. So the similarities are there at least a little bit. So just to recap, pick in the irregular verbs have no ending in the first in the third form. The other endings are just like they were in the present tense. But the stem changes on those you need to learn. I have given you a list again with incorrect with all the irregular verbs in the in perfect tens. It is not an all inclusive list, but it has a lot on there. And if you find any other ones, you can always add to them. Which leaves us now with one more lecture to go on, the in perfect tense. And those are the verbs that we do use in the spoken German 4. Imperfect tense for spoken German: those of you who have seen some of my other courses should know by now that there's always one lecture, some lectures somewhere in the course where you hear me say, Ah, well, you've learned all this now. But of course there are exceptions. Andi, that's what we're about to look at now. Although I said to you that in spoken German we used the perfect ends. There are a couple of verbs where actually the imperfecta ends makes more sense. The sentences sound a bit nicer. It makes him a bit easier, but you can use the perfect tense, but let me show you. That makes it easier to explain, and the 1st 2 examples will be Harding and Design. Harbin gets conjugated in the in perfect tens in a matter do hottest air Hatter via Hatton . He hunted Z Hatton on the one example off written down here for you. Perfect ends would have been a cab against hunger board. Stucker happed. Now there's nothing wrong with that turns. It's grammatically correct. You may hear people say something like this or something similar, but the heart bigger happed makes it sound a little bit clumsy. So far better is he had a guest on the boards, and Zain, designed to be It's already very irregular in the present Ends on does not much difference in the past. It's a volatile, vast ever Vivar and even Z Varman on an example. Here it's been in Jorge Blanco Visa again. There's nothing wrong with it. Doesn't even sound. Just comes. Here's the Harburg Ahap, but quite often we rather say, if you are in Deutschland. But with those two of herbs in really is your choice, whichever one you want to use in spoken German, you can use been give ism or Habiger happed or var is matter. Slightly different is when it comes to the motive. Herbs. First of all, if you remember from the present ends that congregates slightly different Andi they do the same in the imperfecta ends. You may want to actually write them down, so we've got to do after drew off just and off the view. Too often you do have to do often nice regular ending. Just need to remember it's do off instead, off duty. The Kernen is Conso come to do contest air Contrave, a content you contine si contine and missing is also without the on loud ish moster do mostest and most avian Bosnia. Most a team. Austin Ons Ahlen, he saw two. Does artist, as altered via certain resorted sees Orton Malan the same. It's wanted a while just ever to be aborted. Devoted, devoted, Mugen rushed in when you would like something or you like to do something. In the past, it would have been the mater Do not just a mater via modern in Martin, he emoted. Sorry Z Martin. No, I give you two example sentences where you can really see how clumsy they sound in the perfect tense. Not only that, we actually knew two different versions. If you just do a basic one, I wasn't allowed to do that a habit or I was allowed to do that. It's have a desk, a dwarfed. If you wanted to say I was allowed to go to the cinema, it haver ins Kino gain do often. That's a lot of herbs in there. We've got Harbin G and and do, if in far more concise, would be drafted us. Or if doffed ins Kino Gehen. We're back to two verbs than you have a desk a condor fabric of you should be in Kernan. Who? It's contact us. Contact. Lavish meaning. Doesn't that sound nicer and quicker and easier? I certainly think so. Dinking and listen. Those two lobes are also preferred in the in perfect tense. In the perfect tens, it would be shabby conduct. And again, there's nothing wrong but slightly nicer it. Dr Drew Doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor. There's actually Similares in English because we say, I thought we didn't We wouldn't say I have thought have a boost. I knew again there's nothing wrong with it, but slightly better. He wants to do justice. Ever lost Aviv, Austin of Austin Steve Austin makes the sentence is a big easier because you normally don't just saying I knew Normally thing I knew that whatever just makes it a bit shorter. And finally, a set phrase well worth remembering. We have the phrase escaped in the present ends, which means there is all there are, and that in the past tense. Is Asgard there? Waas There were. We don't saying. It's have given this hockey game, and that would mean more like if you're talking about dinner and certain foods were there they were available rather than there is. And again, it's nice and quick and short on. That's the in perfect tense. We've got a list on bond. There are some exercises for you as well to hopefully enjoy. 5. The Pluperfect: the final video off the past tenses The plu perfect. Andi, it's a nice short video, which is nice, isn't it? So I better stop talking, right? How do we form it? We need two things. We need the in perfect tens off sign or happened and we need the past participles off the verbs just like we did in the perfect tense. A quick reminder again off Thean Perfect Tense off Zain if you wanna do Vast as Yes Veron give artsy vallon and the in perfect tens of happen He had to do hottest as he s hotter via Hatton year Hotard See happen sample sentences WAGA flu If you remember this from the perfect tens it's been good flu So now it's Varga Flu Perfect ends It's been Oscar stunned in now we've caught each of our Oscar stand It's been anguish laughing in the perfect tens Prue perfect each of our anguish Last Cavendish Beard Perfect tense. He had to gush Beard. Prue Perfect. Have a good Tom. Couldn't perfect tense. He had to go talking blue Perfect Kabir Gischlar from perfect tense. It's hot English laughing, Perfect INTs. It's nice and easy, isn't it? So When do we use it? Why do we use it? Blue Perfect tens is a time before time. As an example, you may be telling a story about something that happened in the past and used a perfect or the in perfect tense for that. But in this story before, whatever you're talking about, something else had already happened, and that would be the pooper victims. You have the money pit saga guessing that's just Taylor form cleaner, too. So I'm telling you about the story, something that happened once when the phone rang. So that's the past tense, refused to in perfect tense here, but before the phone run that time before not eating my pizza. So that would have been replete perfect that any money cushy could put stutter having eyeglass vying the tone. So I'm telling you about two actions that happened in the past, but one happened before the other, so not give me money. Cruchaga puts Hatter, you Prue perfect ins. And then the thing that happened afterwards, which is still in the past tense because it already happened. So perfect tens having eyeglass vying guitar a little bit of an exception. If you remember We did use the perfect tens with the verbs Harbin and Zain, and you could use the perfect tens with modal verbs. But if you remember in the imperfecta tensile essence, we sent that we don't use them because they're too clumsy on the same applies to the proof perfect tense with those. Either we just stick to the in perfect tense. So it's each had tow bar, and that's it. That's the whole proof for victims. You need the in perfect tens off Harbin. Resign on the past participle, all things you've already learned in earlier lectures. Enjoy using it. 6. New separable verbs in the past tenses: Let's have a look at some new verbs in the past. Tense is the separable ones or some off them. I wouldn't be able to cover all of them, but anybody who's got my present ends course Andi future tense course will recognize those words. Club chosen the same ones on Wanted to show you how to use him in all the different tenses and to make it a bit more compact. I've put all the tenses together on one slight as an example. Here we've got I'm chicken, which is to check in on in the perfect tens. We would saying a harbor anger checked. Of course, with some other verbs you might need, it's been, but we haven't got any off those this time. Thean perfect tens would be checked Ein on the blue. Perfect tends. Remember, it's not a car, but scatter. This time it had to anger checked, and in this video, I've got all the verbs in that order. Does check in to check through. I checked through my homework. How would you say that in the perfect tens in the in perfect tens? Onda. How would he even say it in the blue perfect tense. I had checked through my homework ready for the answer. They have a minor house off garden dish project in the imperfections. Check to minor house off garden Jewish and in the pre perfect tense, he had to mind the house off garden doing checked else. Check in to check out. We checked out at 10 o'clock. How would you say that sentence in the three tenses Andan. The perfect tense. It's via Harbor 19 or Oscar checked imperfecta ends yet checked in on scene wiles and plea perfect tens. You have 19 or else reject. I'm Scammon to scan. I scanned the document. Onda, I need to say that in all three tenses were all three passed. Enters perfect tense. He have a dust document. Angus can't in perfect EMTs a scam to dust. A comment I and plu Perfect. Nice and easy again. He had to dust Document Angus Count Outsole Olsen. The company outsourced the contract. And in the perfect end, stiffy Emma had enough talk out. Gasol's in perfect tens def. Umer Outsourced. Er then ALF talk and plu Perfect D FEMA hatted in ALF. Talk out exhaust on the final one In this video elf pepper to pepper. I've pepped up my website. How would you say that in the perfect tens? Harbor Minor website off depict in the in perfect tense. He kept a minor website elf and plea perfect. It had to minor website else. Compact. Great way to pep something up, isn't it? That's the end of this video. 7. New inseparable verbs in the past tenses: Now we look at some inseparable of herbs or some that look a bit like inseparable verbs. But this is where the fun begins. Because when I prepared this video, I had to look on German websites like Duden, which is sort of the equivalent to the Oxford English Dictionary and other websites as well , because saw them is not really clear how you use them in the past tense. So some of the things are may tell you now if you were to watch his figure again in a year's time, things may have changed, but at the moment I couldn't tell you anything different but same system as in the last video. Um, we're looking at the three tenses three past tenses, perfect ends in perfect and the brute perfect. So fair Lincoln to link it, harbor whatever it is failing or if linked. I only had two felling. So how would you say I've linked my block to my website and we won't not in the perfect tense first, and that would be a harbor mining block mid minor website felling and in the in perfect tense that would be fair linked to mine and block Mitt minor website Andi. I didn't add the plu perfect, but that in this case, that would be a hatter. Mining block that minor website felling relaunching real on. Did you really want your block has to dine and block relaunched. So here we don't have the g e in front of it. It just wouldn't sound right is bad enough as it is, has to dining Blow girl relaunched But who knows? It might change. Relaunched a student and block now because this is a question. It's probably highly unlikely that you would ever hear this in the imperfecta ends, which is just a swell and had to student in block relaunched. But as I said, this is where the fun begins because reset in to reset. He's re setted His password in the perfect tens would be a had signed password. Go reset it And believe me, I checked several sides cites several times on got the same answers each time. So relaunches without the G on reset is with a G. Andi I do not know why it is so every set design password Wow, we don't really want to use not do away on their heart design password. Go reset it. Updating toe update. I've updated my website in the perfect ends. He have a minor website updated, but a update to turn minor website. So it's not. It's dated two minor website up despite the fact that we've got the g e in between the up and dated on the Catomine, a website updated upgrading. She's upgraded her smartphone in the perfect tense. See hottie A smartphone got upgraded. Oh, well, what do we have here, the upgraded to your smartphone or the greater to your smartphone up. So here we've got both both versions and that's what I set when I said earlier on this is where the fun begins. This is one problem with new verbs. They follow the rules, but because these really are English words who sort of being German ized, sometimes it just doesn't sound right. And although one rule is there, people ignore it and the other rule comes up. So the moment you could use either off these, um it's possible that one of them will take over and the other one gets ignored. This is new to me as much as it is to you. I really don't know on the last one. How would you say that? You've uploaded pictures to Facebook when we do the perfect tense. First, it's have a builder off Facebook. Upload it. Who, if you have a been in our Facebook update loaded, that would have been my choice. How would you say that in the in perfect and plu perfect tense in perfect tense, he uploaded to better off Facebook on blue Perfect ins. Hatter, Buta or Facebook? Up! Go Loaded! Last 10 we just didn't all the tents instantly. How would you say that? You thought bloated pictures to Facebook. If you don't want to use upload, there is a better way. Let's have a build off Facebook Hawk Gallardon because that actually means toe upload. And that's a separable verb present. Tends would be ish Lada. Build a off Facebook who and passed in Zehava build off Facebook Walk Gallardon. That sees there, isn't it? And that's the end of this video