German grammar - gender: is it der, die or das?

Angelika Davey, Here to help people "learning German with a smile"

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9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Learn how to work out whether a German noun is masculine, feminine or neuter.

    • 2. German nouns which are always masculine

    • 3. German nouns which are usually masculine

    • 4. German nouns which are always feminine

    • 5. German nouns which are usually feminine

    • 6. German nouns which are always neuter

    • 7. German nouns which are usually neuter

    • 8. What is the gender of Greman compound nouns?

    • 9. What happens to new German nouns?


Project Description


Learning new thing stick best when you write them down yourself, so your project is to make a little booklet for all the German gender categories.

If you like writing with pen and paper, get a notebook and divide it into the following sections:

  •  nouns that are always masculine
  •  nouns that are usually masculine
  •  nouns that are always feminine
  •  nouns that are usually feminine
  •  nouns that are always neuter
  •  nouns that are usually neuter

Make the book as pretty as you like ☺
If you don't like using pen and paper, then just use a word document or something like Evernote, whichever you prefer working with. 

You can start filling in the booklet with the words I have mentioned in the videos, then just add to the lists with words you have found yourself.

Happy German nouns hunting ☺

PS If this really isn't your idea of fun, then download and print my sheets with lists of masculine, feminine and neuter nouns. All the lists have spaces for you to add the English translation and more words that you have found.

Whichever method you use, I'd love to see a screenshot or photo of your booklet.

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