German grammar - future tense #3 - the future perfect & 'New Year's resolutions' | Angelika Davey | Skillshare

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German grammar - future tense #3 - the future perfect & 'New Year's resolutions'

teacher avatar Angelika Davey, Here to help people "learning German with a smile"

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction to Future tense #3

    • 2. Future II

    • 3. Your future

    • 4. New separable verbs in the future tense

    • 5. New separable verbs in the future perfect tense

    • 6. New inseparable verbs in the future tense

    • 7. New inseparable verbs in the future perfect tense

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About This Class

Welcome to my third German future tense class.

Talking about the future tense by using the present tense and time phrases or by using the 'real' future tense of 'werden' plus the infinitive (covered in future tense #1) is easy, but there is one part of the future tense which is a bit more complicated. Luckily it isn't used much.

So this class covers the future perfect - I will have done ....
And then I give you lots of ideas for making New Year's Resolutions, or new month resolutions, or school year, or .......

Although the New Year's resolutions are easy to follow, some of them have been covered in greater detail in part 2, so if you want some more practice, check it out.

Ready? Start watching and soon you will be able to say what you will soon do in German!

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PS. I have just added 4 more videos about new German verbs in the future tenses.

Meet Your Teacher

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Angelika Davey

Here to help people "learning German with a smile"


Welcome to my Skillshare page!

I am Angelika of Angelika's German Tuition & Translation and I'm here to help you learn German, especially if you are teaching yourself. 

How can I help you?

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1. Introduction to Future tense #3: Hello. I'm Angelica, and I have a question for you. Do you find German grammar overwhelming? If you do, it doesn't have to be. I've got for you serious off German grammar classes. They're all small bite size classes and was starting with the tenses more precise, the future tense. In this class, we look at the future perfect on some New Year's resolutions, which, of course, you can do any time off the year. It will just be a few videos under project, and then you know how to use the future tense. And that's it. Interested. Click the blue and roll button and get started. See you then. 2. Future II: Okay, now we do need to talk about one more future tense. And that's the future, too, or the future. Perfect. And you'll be please to know it's not used very often, but it does get used, so we need to know about it, right? I'll show you an example. The all important task off doing your homework. House off. Gamma. If you're sitting at your desk and you do your German homework, you would say, Maha minor house off Come and this present ends because you're doing it right now. If you knew your homework is due on Tuesday on your busy right now and can't be bothered or whatever, but you will do it on Monday. So you're talking about the future or Monday I'll do my homework. A Montag. Very each miner house off. Mom. No, you're very confident, you know that If you say you do your homework on Monday, then you will do your homework on Monday, which means by Tuesday when you need to hand it in, you will have done it. I'm Dean stock, very minor house off government. Come on home. I think he can probably now guess why it's called future perfect because it's made out off the future. Tense the form off there, plus the perfect ends past participle and Harbin or resign. So if you can't remember how to form the perfect tens, If you've got my course on the past tense, you may want to go and have a look at it again. If not, find it in some book or some online videos of anything, because if you don't know how to do the perfect tens, you will be a bit stuck with this one. Possible sentences. Oita Armed, Very dished in film museum harm You could see why it's not used very often, and it's probably not really needed. But imagine there is this film you really looking forward to, and you know you'll finally get to see it tonight. Which means by the end of tonight you will be like a lot of your friends. You will have seen the film so you've got the future tense. But they're the vander what are their dio? And then, in the past, participle off half seen the film Guzzi in Harbin that passed tens would have been a Harvard in film magazine, but of course, now the Verdian Future tens pushes the other verb to the end in the infinitive. In this case, it's Harbin, so vanished in FIM magazine happen. Second sentence is an example. Resign in senior on very deacon, Noisy land. Covey's design. Now, several times I said before that I will be going to New Zealand or I hope to go to New Zealand or whatever, Andi, In this sentence, I'm really confident. No matter what happens in 10 years time, I will have been and the last example very similar to the vin sentences. In the first idea is the pistol villa to house a beest comma. So therefore verb in second place very the up conversion home. By the time you get back home, I will have done the dishes on fast clumsy. Thus very enzian Seen Janda Mata have a thing. What do you think will you have done in 10 years time And it would be lovely if you would let me know 3. Your future: we're at the end of the course. That means you can now talk about your future. So you just go through everything we've learned again. Imagine it's New Year's Eve on. Do you want to do some New Year's resolutions or it's the end of summer holidays on. Do you want to start the new school year with some resolutions, or you just fancy a challenge? What other time off the year it is you? Half a resolution on your resolution is that you want to practice. Some German learns of German anything in German for a least five minutes every day. Now that could be five minutes every day of the year. It could be just the next month. It could be a 30 day challenge. Whatever you choose your resolution issue. Want to practice at least five minutes every day? How can you say this? You can use the present tense and the time phrase Morgan Lanhee talk Minnis ins friendly, noting deutsche cause you can change that. You could say next morning. Then he intact ministers for me, Newton George. Whichever way you want to do it. Okay, so that's present ends and time phrase. Future one or the rial Future tense each Verdier year intact. Medicine for every Newton Deutschland reared in September. Ministers Food me, Norton Deutschland in No, we missed out the intact it Vadym September Yin talk ministers for me, Norman Deutsche Dan Read the next This Yeah, whichever you want to say Motive up. It's mostly intact. Ministers. Filthy Newton Deutschland. Not about sentence, but doesn't sound very committing, does it? Musty, intact? I would like to Yeah, well, let's choose something better. It's really he didn't talk. Ministers food me noting Deutschland, and now that's better. I want to. If you didn't talk, it's mostly intact. Ministers for me, Newton Deutschland. Now that, of course, only works if you're sort of forcing yourself if it's a must or have to, because you say so. It won't work if you're doing it, because you teacher says so. Even if I tell you to do it, it won't work because you're just doing it because the teacher says it and you'll give up pretty quickly. But if you tell yourself if you mostly intact ministers movie Norton Deutschland and voice my boo, then it may just work. The verbs governing the infinitive now those sentences were a bit nicer. I like this one if for your make up more than Eun Tak Ministers Front three, noting Deutsche Salon, that's a nice and cheerful and looking forward to it. Sentence a coffer of Morgan Tuck ministers for V. Newton. Deutsche to them, I hope not sure what? I managed to do it, though, but it will be nice. It upsets Digger more years intact. Ministers food renewed and George to Lannin. I intend to Hopefully you do more than just intending it on. Actually do it. Planner Morgan Tuck Ministers 50 Norman, Deutsche Solana And not about since you could make a really good plan you condone, right? Get yourself a book or sums. I don't know something on the computer. Ever knowed a word? Document a spreadsheet? Make a plan where you can actually make a tick list. All right, down what you've learned. Challenge yourself. Sit down Planet for a bit. It's fresh. Mihir up morning intact Ministers, food free Newton toys to learn. And would you promise something like this? Do you think you could keep it? I sent. And so now, before more than getting talk ministers frontally Newton Deutsche to learn? Yeah, I have the intention. Not bad. But then you need to do it if Azul huh? Morgan intact. Ministers food me, Newton Deutsche to learn. If you're anything like me, you probably say I will do it and then it turns into I try. And then it may even be less. But it is doable, especially if you're only doing five minutes five minutes is nice and easy if it turns into more than five minutes. Even better bandage Matt cited. Birdie began a year intact. Minnis Infantry, Norton Deutschland. But everybody thought that now if I'd set finish Matt Scientific goody Ghanaian intact Minister, since I'm strong the deutsche then I could understand that people may saying, Oh, I wish I haven't got the time hole Our where do I fit line? Five minutes, Maybe a bit easier. And hopefully one day you will say in Einem er very hearing talk ministers Fumi Newton Deutschland. Hm Imagine that. That would mean you would have done 365 or maybe even 366 days off. Five minutes. German doesn't sound like a lot five minutes, but you would still pick up quite a few things. Food for thought there, isn't it? So what would you do? Know? Sorry. What? Whether you do less Vanzi tune V Few Deutsche Van Zeeland. I love to know. Do tell me. 4. New separable verbs in the future tense: Let's look at some more new verbs on this case. New separable verbs in the future tense. Andi, those of you who have got my present ends, cores and past tense cause will recognize those Merv's which, of course, in the future tense that makes it nice and easy. Just all the rules still apply. So if you using the what I call proper future tense a form off Madden plus never in the infinitive and you wanted to check in, then it would just be a very I'm checking grooviest. I'm checking as he s Orman Viet. I'm checking Viv Adenine chicken evaded on chickens. Even check. Straightforward. But of course, we can also use the present ends, plus the time phrase and which place it is a check I knew. Check Stein as yes'm unchecked. I envy checking nine It check kinds each tonight. So let's put these in some sentences. Does check in to check through. I'll check through my homework tomorrow. And that would be Checker Morgan Minor house off Garden, Dewey. So we can use the present ends because we have Morgan in there. How would you say I have to check through my homework? the most minor house off garden do is checking. I haven't done it yet, so it is a future tense idea. And if I'm telling you to check through your homework, you haven't done that yet either. Have. You know, I knew you wouldn't. So get on with it. Checking down the house off. Come do it or checked on a house off conduit house. Check in. We will check out at 10 o'clock two ways off. How to say this present ends with the time phrase or we can use a form off there. If you're checking on scene, what else? And if we definitely will be checking out at 10 o'clock, no doubt about it via vaginal teen or else check in. I'm scan in. Please scan the document tomorrow. This time you don't have to do today Bitter scan or scanner. Morgan. That's documented line. And if you needed to be polite because Canon Z Modern does document, I outsources. Can I outsource to contract next week? Can it? And after next over her outsourcing got motive up here. Come. So therefore we need the verb in the infinitive outsourced a contract. Please just get on with it better source or sources in our talk out? Well, that's a bit of a mouthful, isn't it? Orbiter sources, even ALF talk out on the final one in this video elf Pittman to pep up tomorrow. I'm pep ing up my website. Be meaning to do this for ages. How would I say this? Mom? Paige, Minor website elf. Will you be prepping up your block pep student and block off Oh v a student and block off tackle unless the end of this video 5. New separable verbs in the future perfect tense: just a quick video with the same verbs we've just had. But this time in the future, perfect tends. So we will have done something so I'm checking would be very angry checked harm member form off that the past participle, anger checked and hub. So based on that title, would you say I will have checked through my homework? Just stop pestering me. I will have done it and the sentence would be It's Vander Minor house off garden. Do she checked home? I was chicken. Well, you will have checked out at 10 o'clock. Don't worry. And that would be the abandoned old seen what else could checked him? I will have scanned the document that would be each there did a Stockelman, Angus Cantab and outsourcing. The company will have out sort the contract. And that, of course, would be Do you feel more victims off track? Oscar sourced happen, and finally I'll step in to pep up. I will have pepped up my website eventually, and that would be it's very minor website else. Good pep, Tom. Maybe up those were the separable verbs 6. New inseparable verbs in the future tense: no back to the future. I mean, the normal future tense with some inseparable verbs. Again, the same ones I've chosen for the present tense and past tense Course on for Lincoln was the 1st 1 which, of course, you could use with the form of Madden on. Therefore verify Lincoln Oh used the present tense with the time phrase. It's felling do feelings as he s month for limb to VFA Lincoln you felling on C for Lincoln . I'm linking my block to my website tomorrow. How would you say that? Use the present tense and the time phrase first. And that would be if a link a Morgan mine and block amid minor website. And if we really wanted to emphasize that it, I will do it. Don't worry, it's very modern. Mine and block Mitt Minor website fell Lincoln Are you re launching your block next week? Present ends and time phrase that would be real ounce to next of Oho dining block. Oh, with a full move, Adan v ist to next of Auckland Island block relationship. He's resetting his password next month. Again, we got the time phrase so we can use the present tense a Reset it. Nice Muna designed password. All we can use the future tens with Madden. And that would be have yet nice Muna time Passport resetting. I'm updating my website on Friday. Present tense and time. Freis is update on flight AC minor website on with a form off their done And the infinitive is there on Freitag minor website update at the weekend. She's upgrading her smartphone again. Present tense in time phrase. I'm Voronin the upgraded See a smartphone Or we could use verden. I'm Voronin Vitti. A smartphone upgrade on the last one. How would you say that? You're uploading pictures to Facebook tomorrow. Present tense in time price Upload a Morgan builder off Facebook. All that he had a Morgan builder, our Facebook upload. 7. New inseparable verbs in the future perfect tense: andan Other quick video with the same verbs in the future. Perfect. Tense. I think you get the drift now. So for Lincoln was to link. And now we want to say that I will have linked my block to my website and that would be very money and block Mitt Minor website felling. Tom, will you have relaunched your block? Obvious to dining block relaunched Harbin. He will have re setted his password. V it. Sign password. Reset it, Tom. Those of you who have got the past tense course we'll know that I've mentioned about the resetting Andi the relaunching and one of them has got the G and the other one hasn't. That's what happens when new words not necessary, just verbs. And generally, when new verbs are being German ized, they usually some ruled that follow them that sometimes day decide to override them. Andi, I did quite a bit of research to find out what the right past tense form is. And for resetting is good. Reset it. But for relaunching is just relaunched. Guerry launched really doesn't sound right on The reason why it sometimes causes problem is because it isn't affect a German word. It is an English word and it gets pronounced more like an English word. And then sometimes the G doesn't or doesn't make sense. What I've got in the videos here is what is the rule at the moment? I cannot guarantee that it will stay like this. That is a way off. Wait and see. Updating. I will have updated my website, then in mine, A website up today to term and upgraded. She will have upgraded her smartphone, Steve. Yet your smartphone got upgraded home, all most likely also upgraded home on. How would you say that you would have uploaded pictures to Facebook if they had a builder off Facebook? Get uploaded. Harbor who? It's very build our Facebook up go loaded home. So this is another one. We're both versions. Oh, available because they both sound right and they're both makes sense whether eventually one of those will be made redundant on the other one will take over. I cannot tell you so. Of course you could say something else. You could say it's ready. Build off Facebook Hawk Aladdin home and again that's a lot easier. And that's the end of this video