German for Beginners. Part 1: German Pronunciation and Spelling

Kamil Pakula

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4 Videos (27m)
    • Get the Ball Rolling

    • Keep the Ball Rolling

    • S wie Sabine – German Consonants

    • A wie Axel – German Vowels and Diphthongs


About This Class

This is the first part of a series of German for Beginners classes. We will get familiar with German spelling and pronunciation. This class is for those of you who have no knowledge of German and are thinking of starting to learn it. This class is the first part of a series of classes that are supposed to make the German language your second nature or at least to teach you how to use it correctly.






I studied linguistics and computer science. I have an MA degree in linguistics and I'm also an IT engineer. Since 1999 I've been working as a teacher. I teach languages (English, German, French and Spanish) and also academic and technical subjects like math, science, programming, 3D modeling. I teach 6-year-olds, high-school and university students and adults. I work at a public school and deliver live and online courses. I love this job.

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