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German Language for Beginners/Part 2 - Unit 7 - Feste und feiern (Parties and celebrating)

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. What you'll learn in Unit 7

    • 2. 7.01 - Wir gratulieren dir! (We congratulate you!)

    • 3. 7.02 - Das Datum (Date)

    • 4. 7.03 - Termin vereinbaren (Making an appointment)

    • 5. 7.04 - Wann bist du geboren? (When are you born?)

    • 6. 7.05 - Konjunktion denn (Conjunction 'denn')

    • 7. 7.06 - Einladung schreiben (Writing an invitation)

    • 8. 7.07 - Ich komme (nicht) (I (won't) come)

    • 9. 7.08 - Futur (Future tense)

    • 10. 7.09 - zu/zum/zur (To)

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About This Class

Welcome to the second part of the German course for beginners - Unit 7! :D

Congratulations on deciding to continue learning the German language :)


If you are a complete beginner, I encourage you to check out the first 13 Units. If you already know some things and want to continue learning and expand your knowledge - then come along with us. Before learning anything new, we will repeat everything we learned before, so you can be sure to have a good foundations you can build your knowledge on.


In this course, you will also get a lot of practice materials, so don't forget to download them under 'Projects & Resources' and complete the exercises after the lessons.


In Unit 6 of the second part, we will talk about parties and celebrations! :)

What you will learn:

  • How to say dates in German
  • Vocabulary and grammar used for making an appointment
  • How to say when you were born and when is your birthday
  • How to congratulate someone
  • How to write an invitation (and answer to one)
  • The future tense and talking about future events

At the end of the course you will be able to write great invitations for different events and to answer to one, saying if you will or will not come to an event. You will be able to say when your birthday is or when you were born, and how to congratulate someone for their birthday, or another important event. You will also learn the German future tense and how to talk about events that will take place in the future.

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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The common urban legend says, that people only use around 10% of their brains. The ten percent myth most likely arose from a misund... See full profile

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1. What you'll learn in Unit 7: Welcome to the last unit of our course. I saved the best for last because in this unit we are going to talk about holidays and celebrations. Let's check out older things you will learn in this unit. What you learn in unit seven. You will learn how to say dates in German. How to arrange a meeting with someone. How do you save when your birthday is? You will learn how to organize a party, congratulate someone, write an invitation, and how to answer to one, whether you will or won't come. We will also learn the future tense and the conjunction den to help you make her sentences a little longer and more complex. So let's jump right in and, well, let's celebrate. 2. 7.01 - Wir gratulieren dir! (We congratulate you!): Thus, it's Yaakov. And guess what? He just passed his German A1 exam at the good Institute and got his A1 German diploma. Via had to leave India. And he wanted to celebrate it with his friends. Let's see how that went. Yaakov had enough I'm high-tech Alexander County to D it has some.'s it was soon Lincoln. I need a pump here. Tele and Glaser. Let's double her. Allen's island coin dissolved van and Woolsey commons are in a hut in an island. Owen peer, email gets shaped. Z Cavendish, Amazon stock being clients, fancy center west own clients in war, impact, decimator, Watson glove, zygote, SY, Sonesh, vom and S had niche segment. As far longer fields, fancy Florida. Jakob's familiar and best of coins. It had Sugata, I'm Pogge Shanker by common. I noise vertebral On slide Deutsch Labouchere, Zeynep goin didn't hurt him and sureness noise have recovered. Wu Illinois, Alberta ascribing can have an impact, be speed them up and I'll it hadn't finished pass owned v of engine Jacobi Philae followed me, xylem Deutschland and in that so-called would come after Yaakov. Did you understand what happened? Let's check out the meanings of the sentences together. Jacobi had enough and high-tech and Asanga, Cao Cao Jacobi bought everything he needs on Friday. The little word knock can mean still or even, but here we will translate it as already. He bought it already on Friday. Notice that this whole story takes place in the past, and in most of the sentences we will use the perfect tense to express the past. It has to come as soon. It was soon. Lincoln and I negate papaya tele on Glaser. Something to eat, something to drink, and some paper plates and glasses. Let's draw haha haha Allen's. I didn't coin bizarre act one on woozy Kamen's Olin. Less weak. He told all of his friends when and where to come. In Medina and inland. When pair email gets shocked, he send them invitations via email. Zika, transition zones that the clients filesystem September on guides and what impact? They met on Saturday, the 23rd of September at one o'clock at the park. Here we use the predicted don't form of the verb. When Amazon stock the infants one system September on bytes and this is one of the ways to tell a date and time. But don't worry, we will talk about this in detail in the next lesson. Thus wetter but some glucose, Zagat, SOA zone H-bomb on sadness segment. Luckily, the weather was very good. It was sunny, warm, and it didn't rain. As well as an owner fields once it's lighter, Jakob's familiar on the best of grinder. There were approximately 20 people. Jacob's family and friends. It had Sagar off I'm packets shrink a bit common. He even got a few presence. A hot air noise vertebral on psuedo attributions that common. She got a new dictionary and two German books. Zeynep coined in Hatti men shrewdness, noise helped kickoff. Who? Illinois Berta of Schreiber, Yukon. His girlfriend got him a nice new notebook where he can write down all the new birds Ziebarth and impact the speed them up and they were at the park until late in the evening. I let heightens their fears pass. Everyone had a lot of fun. You've mentioned Jacobi Xia Philae foiled meds item Deutschland and in debt. So comfort. We wish Jacob a lot of luck with his German learning in the future. Good gamma2 Jacobi, well-done Jacob. And here are some words and phrases from this text. These are, these are often think and things. Gao Han to knead. It was something I needed some DR. taylor detailer, plate and plates. Thus glass dig Liza, bless and glasses. Let's devote her last week. De la Donkey invitation, chicken to send pair email shaken, sent via email. This clever to meet one another. Sunblock, luckily, hunger via approximately Zynga, even. Thus gushing bigger Shanker, present and presence. But common to get or to receive. I'll try to write down B speed up and until late in the evening. Fast carbon to have fun version, to wish. Their air fall. Success. Feel air falling invention to wish someone a lot of success is essentially a feel FOR Alec. I wish you a lot of success in that Sukarno in the future would come out well done. I hope that you also have reasons to celebrate your success. Just like Jakob. 3. 7.02 - Das Datum (Date): Thus datum, the date. No, I'm not talking about the romantic date. I'm talking about today, meaning the day, month, and year. And in this lesson, we'll learn how to say it in German. Let's listen to some dates in German. If you still remember the ordinal numbers and months in German, this shouldn't be too complicated. So if you want to say the first of January, you will say the article there. Because remember that all the months are masculine and German. After that we say the ordinal number with the ending, THE four numbers until 20 and then the ending state for numbers after 20. And after that, the man. So the first of January would be DEA, AS did NWA. Let's check out some more. That's why defeat the Atlanta mats. They're theatre uphill. Barefoot demo, the Asics, the uni Desi butter usually there after August. The anointed September. They had seen to October, November 12th to December. They are quite Center. Y'know. They are fits into their firms center mats. They're resistant to upgrade. Their zip Center my there acts into unit. They are no incentive, usually. Debts once Easter, August. They are islands. Zhuangzi says September. They had science transistor, October. Their clients one system, November. They are Funes fancy study, December. They are film from Zhuangzi say y'know, there's excellent sciences. There's even unsound system ends. They are often S1, S2, up till they are known. And sun system might the advices the uni earned their island crisis. They usually, and if you're saying that something is happening on a specific day, we will have to change that a little bit. So for example, on the first of January will be as Sen Yan Wang. So we will use and we will add an additional n to the number. So we'll have AS thin, y'know, sliding FEV1, Clinton mats. I'm often up then. I'm no incent and my son system union, zebra non-science Easton usually crisis than August. I don't cry system, September. Not so difficult, right? And if you want to say that something is happening from to a specific day, We will do it like this from theatre and October besides some noise into November. So we will use Pfam. And so although the some part can sometimes also be skipped, and we'll also see the n at the ending of the number here from act in December on sons Easton Yoshua for ALS and fee based on islands one system mets. From knowing sentence based on client system unit. Let's check out some sentences. H comma unserved in August. Based ETag is whiter. How-to is that transistors September. Melange of blebs to here is pliable funding client-side system based on crisis November. The Chautauqua, is there no incentive? They are knowing center is quite OK. The hot side is some ferritin unit. Air had them after the October board stuck. One has to give Woodstock. Asia have estimates cuboid stuck. 4. 7.03 - Termin vereinbaren (Making an appointment): Now that you learned how to tell the dates and Derman, let's learn how to make an appointment. Let's take a look at a few conversation and see how these people are making appointments. Hello, guten tag is word again IN Taemin by Dr. cows Sophia, I'm Barton. The Julesz passed in and ammonoids Hinton. There no incentive. Does this pipeline stage nine. There are nine. Center is honest. Ok. I'm done. A stock conditionally diminished. The AHA island Tell me a Montagues thin clients, one system. Montauk, their clients Francis, the past mere. Kinsey own turf war, common yarn, swift, crema is Montauk. Because Montagues sulfadiazine shuts when McEnroe lobe is glob asia performed film sentence based on from Frantz Fanon, 16 August cry flies Clinton mere for visor. It Muslim clients one system to work to arbeit AABA form from Sinton with sometimes one system, Hobbesian outdoor low. Zopa is bull horns whiter, and sureness hotel. Hello, Monica Comstock, Dean, K6 and October five, HQ bought stock. Comes to sew party. It must magazine Amish ribbon. I'm quite agnostic to mine and he, and, and gain on dumb island crisis in October, federalization. Unclear system, finish crime. Yeah, it come again, a super busy. I'm stuck. Hi Tony. We have moons shown lung and niche cuisine. Most is to finalize this violin's identified cleft. Yeah, is there gonna be pass the Montauk. Is Montauk thereafter? Then can initialize stage Muslim ads and instead benefit Dr. Zupan. And often these are quiet zinnias Dan. In the examples you saw a few different ways how to make appointments. Let's see some of the expressions we used. They are Taemin appointment or it can also be deadline. Yeah, I mean bargain to agree or agree on something IN into mean for I'm bargain to make an appointment to fit or to suit. We use this for clothes if you remember, but we will also use it for dates and appointments. We can ask passed in and I'm quite OK. Does Friday Suzhou or testdir uncertain? Does the wealth Suzhou? Or it could also be high-tech past neonates. Friday doesn't suit me. Or 12, warpath clima, 12 o'clock fits perfect. It shall be from food sentence with FEM fonts one system, our worst cry. I'm free. Between the 15th and the 25th of August, Amazon stacked in crisis in October, phyla issue bought suck. I'm celebrating my birthday on October 30th. Most Malthusian, I have to check. Ve passed the DEA or Montauk. How does Monday suit you? And instead beneath cry, I'm free or available on Tuesday. So I think that now you're ready to arrange your first meeting, appointment or date in German. 5. 7.04 - Wann bist du geboren? (When are you born?): Another thing we can use dates for is to talk about when you were born, when did the famous person die or when it's your friend's birthday? Do you know this guy? It's Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the famous German writer. Let's find out a few things about his life. One is good, take a Borgen. Good afternoon sun 69 August zips and wounded known unfair. In Frankfurt am mine. Gabor gun is Gabor and word a Gabor run are both correct past forms of the verb Gabor and to be born. And both will be used in these situations. We can also ask, Van is good Turkish to Robin. Robin means to die, and East gusto robin is the past form of the verb, has died. Good is stem science. Scientists in Matt's asked sin one that's phi_1, crisis, environment or storm. Let's take another famous historic figure. Somebody spill. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the accompanist. When is Mozart Gabor gun. Mozart is time Zealand's filesystem, y'know, zips in hundreds Exxon firms, silica, Balkan, owned by an established urban air is some firms often that's m by zips and one that I know know NC, gusto and fun1, BS1, leap day, Johannes Gutenberg, they are offended. This medallion books, books. Gutenberg leapt upon fields and hone that best fits in one dot actin XY stage. And we will also use the dates to ask a very important question. Van has to get bought stock. One has to avoid stuck. Asia harbor, I'm estimates keyboard stuck issue at its violent crisis. Vonn had AIG Woodstock, EIA Hutton actin sound systems at ten bugaboo Woodstock. 6. 7.05 - Konjunktion denn (Conjunction 'denn'): When speaking, we don't want to sound like robots, of course. And the trick to do that is to make longer, better connected sentences. This is especially true in German, where we have much longer sentences than in many other languages. And to achieve this learning, the conjunctions that are used to combine more sentences, N21 is very important. In this lesson, we will start with our first conjunction, and it's luckily an easy one. The conjunction then, then when used as a conjunction, means because or since. Let me show you a few examples. Via organisation and fest humans hung cause Fatah, then a hardcover Woodstock. Nema additivity MNIST from fest Denison. I know you percussion xi1. Later container niche common then z is Kunqu. Then is used to connect two totally independent sentences. When using conjunctions in German, we will have to watch out to use the correct word order, like always in German. But in this case, it's easy. We have two independent sentences that makes sense on their own. Via organization. I invest Funes run courts, fighter, air, hot cuboid stuck. Each of these sentences can be a stand-alone one. And to combine them, the only thing we need to do is to remove the dots and to add the word. Then in between 02, add a comma. Don't forget the comma and the conjunction then tells us that the first sentence happened because of the second sentence. Mia is then a shove it. So field taught, I guess D pi of T. Then Oliver. We again ins bed, then v is, as you can see, it's not so difficult to make a German sentence just a little bit longer. 7. 7.06 - Einladung schreiben (Writing an invitation): Must-do IN a party then was to lighter than in these electron land. And via V, Do I know I ladder? Let's imagine that you are inviting people over the phone and writing messages. Maybe you will want to write a greeting first if you haven't talked to the person in awhile. Hi Nina. Hello Nina. Or if it's much more formal, Lieber Nina, or even more formal Lieber falcons, or even more and more formal Zia while coins. But this is already very formal and much more email material. Then you will probably want to write what it is about and when and where they should come right at where the crisis is declining. Party him coffee, Huxley, VFS dominance on afterwards. You will probably also want to write that you hope there'll be there and check if they can come. How far did side as the DEA cans to common. And in the end, we'll have a nice greeting. Bys Huffington Post, Doc Lieber, closer, Mona. And let's also check another invitation. This will be a wedding invitations, so it will be a little bit more formal and probably come in a written version in paper form. The title would probably be something like I lead on to a hot side beehive button. And then it could continue like Judaism, Buzz Aldrin tag is idea guns, heads each angle Add-in. And then we want to know when and where the party will take place. Thus host sites, fest, fenders and swerved and walk Uzbek shot. And we will probably have a nice closure to the invitation. We have ordinance coin decent, Sunderland tag, medoid, FEB going into Canaan and an expecting confirmation. Bitter Gibbons, ebay, some estimates beside obstacles. And now that we saw a few different examples, let's see some important phrases and sentences for writing the perfect invitation. First we have a greeting, Lieber or Lieber. Or maybe just hi or hello, or Zerg. If it's very formal. Then telling the guests a little bit more about the occasion. Harberger Boyd stuck via highlighting a fiver mining avoids via phi n on the hot side or whatever you're celebrating. Van rho d phi a party oxide fended on. Here comes the date. Here comes the our stat. Notice the separable verb, start fending. Funded stat has dual or haven't. Ssid side comes do or can and z common, bitter, good Gibbons either shied. And we will have a closure. Is primus, is Verdun if coin, each Hartford Lukas Common. This byte or this half unleash belt, Lieber feeler or hashish. 8. 7.07 - Ich komme (nicht) (I (won't) come): In the last lesson, we learned how to write an invitation. And this one we'll learn how to answer to one, whether it is that you're coming or not. If you are really happy to go to the office party, your cousins birthday party, or your friends big celebration. Here are a few ways you can express that. You can always first say, feel and dunk beauty IN Liaodong. Thank you for the invitation. It's common Xia Ghana, I'm glad to come. Is speared him if coin, I would be happy or please. The toList comma h. Of course some coming. But what if you can't or don't want to go? Here are a few ways to say that. An important word here is Lidar, meaning of fortunately or sadly, lighter condition, nist common. Unfortunately, I can't come or LIDAR habitually kinda tied. Unfortunately, I don't have time. Another way to say it is 2D me alight. I'm sorry. Twitch Me lied about his good nist issues. Our button. I'm sorry, but it won't go. I have to work. Towards me. Light is most Verizon. I'm sorry, I have to go away on a trip. Here we can use the conjunction. Then we learned to explain why you can't or don't want to come. Lisa Cavendish, common densities, Kunqu. Remember that with, then we combine two independent sentences by putting the conjunction in between them. The word order will stay the same and we always use a comma to Hamas can light a niche. So Party common then m was federalism. Timo alchemists. It must've gotten urban arbeit and then a heyday noise, quiet but common. A scan out niche, common. It must push laughing in Danish was up steam. When Anna and I asked him Cancun house then jihadi a bind gap, Qualcomm, nicole count, outlet, density, MOSFET equivalent learning on the door, H comma L coalesced, then a shabby kinda lost you, okay. At least someone as being honest. 9. 7.08 - Futur (Future tense): In this lesson, we will talk about the future. Let's listen to a few sentences. Listen closely and tried to see when they're taking place. Is via the Knicks. The swale can undergo Woodstock phi_1, A7 yet Mish bulge, bazooka, Han, Zhi, vet and Morgan and a party Mohan. You see when these things are taking place. If you listen closely, you may notice that all this didn't take place and is not taking place right now. This will take place yes. In the future. And this is exactly what we are going to talk about in this lesson. Welcome to the future. Let's take a second closer look at our sentences. Each read and makes the swan and the cuboid stuck phi_n, a avidly bulge bassoon, Z Vaden model, and a party Mohan. First, try to see how many verbs are there in each sentence. If you counted correctly, you found two verbs and each sentence. The first verb is the verb VAD. And just in different forms, the verb means to become. But here we want translated literally, it's just the building block for the future tense and it will get adjusted to the subject. Of course, let's check out its conjugation. Hva, either dubious. Asi, es via, via, via a1, a0 of added CVN. Watch out because it's an irregular verb and we'll have a stem change, HVA, ADA, but do this. Let's do difficult, right? H we added due west as ESV via, via A1, A0 avoided ZB. And now back to our sentences. Now that you're familiar with our first verb, Vaden, let's check out this second one. This one will be different in every sentence and carry the actual meaning of the future tense. And watch closely, can you see what form it's in? Phi and bizarre. Mohan. Es is the infinitive form, the unchangeable neutral form. And besides that, it will always come at the end of the sentence. Does this maybe remind you of something? It's similar like with them modal verbs, the verb Verdun gets conjugated, and the other goes in the infinitive form at the back of the sentence. So here's the formula. We hadn't conjugated plus another verb in the infinitive. Let's check out a few examples to see what will happen to the party on Saturday. Is we add an extra S-warfarin undergoes Woodstock phi_1 is we added a coarser party Mohan. I love my coined the Vaden common HBR, the best paid in enough phi_1 veers to outcome. 10. 7.09 - zu/zum/zur (To): A sheila did some good Woodstock. I initialized the dishes. So a hawk site IN Islam, Yiddish. So either party ion, so some sewer. When to use which one? Let's find out. Yemen then I saw it was, would be the full form of the verb, but all the little details it needs to fully function in a sentence. The little preposition, sewer will work as to invite someone to something. But you know that in German, never that easy. The little bird suitable sometimes have to change depending on the things you are invited to or the article that comes in front of that. Let's see. So we have Sue sewer and some Sue will be used when we have a full article or pronoun coming after it. The article will show us the case and everything, so no attachments are needed on. So for example, Islam Sue I know potty, I see the article here. I know it's already tells us that it's theta of feminine, so we don't have to attach anything to CSU. Initialized a dish to mine them cuboid stuck IN sudan oxide ion. Sm is the short form of SSR plus theme. Dean being the masculine and neutral form in data. Remember, so soon is used for data masculine and neutral is some fest islam today some good boys tagline, ended. Sewer. Sewer is the short form of x2 plus data, the feminine form in data. So SEWA is used for feminine data. Hlr, Diddy, syrupy TIN oxide ion. Here a few sentences. Halocline de Toledo, which Alex saga bought stocks party IN half a year. Calmed, ARE buttons. Some Zama fest angular hadn't gained via less clubs to validate some tensile enlighten Z happiness. So I, Natalia and Patty angle add-in via game Bush dimmed.