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German Language for Beginners - Unit 7 - Learning & working

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. What you'll learn in Unit 7

    • 2. 7.1 Was bist du von Beruf? (What's your job?)

    • 3. 7.1 Was bist du von Beruf? (What's your job?) - Übung

    • 4. 7.2 Was können die Leute machen? (What can the people do?)

    • 5. 7.2 Was können die Leute machen? (What can the people do?) - Übung

    • 6. 7.3 Modalverben (Modal verbs)

    • 7. 7.3 Modalverben (Modal verbs) - Übung

    • 8. 7.4 Darf ich? Muss er? Sollen wir? (May I? Does he have to? Should we?)

    • 9. 7.4 Darf ich? Muss er? Sollen wir? (May I? Does he have to? Should we?) - Übung

    • 10. 7.5 Möchten, wollen (Wish, want)

    • 11. 7.5 Möchten, wollen (Wish, want) - Übung

    • 12. 7.6 Wie kann ich Deutsch lernen? (How can I learn German?) - Übung

    • 13. 7.6 Wie kann ich Deutsch lernen? (How can I learn German?)

    • 14. 7.7 Perfekt - Was hast du heute gemacht? (Perfekt - What did you do today?) - Übung

    • 15. 7.7 Perfekt - Was hast du heute gemacht? (Perfekt - What did you do today?)

    • 16. 7.8 Perfekt im Satz (Perfect in the sentence)

    • 17. 7.8 Perfekt im Satz (Perfect in the sentence) - Übung

    • 18. 7.9 UnregelmĂ€ĂŸige Verben im Perfekt (Irregular verbs in the perfect)

    • 19. 7.9 UnregelmĂ€ĂŸige Verben im Perfekt (Irregular verbs in the perfect) - Übung

    • 20. 7.10. Perfekt mit ‘sein’ (Prefect with 'sein')

    • 21. 7.10. Perfekt mit ‘sein’ (Prefect with 'sein') - Übung

    • 22. 7.11. Jahre (Years) - Übung

    • 23. 7.11. Jahre (Years)

    • 24. 7.12 E-mail schreiben (Writing an e-mail)

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About This Class

Join us on the adventure of learning a new language in this German course for complete beginners! I know that it can be hard sometimes and that you can't wait to finally start speaking. That's why I created this course - the lessons are short, straight to the point, useful and fun.

In Unit 7, we will learn how to talk about your job and your skills and what you're good or bad at. Besides that, we will complete your education about the most important parts of German grammar.

You will learn:

  • How to talk about what you do for a living and ask someone about it
  • Talk about the things that you can and can't do
  • How to say years in German
  • Writing professional e-mails
  • Modal verbs
  • Past tense

At the end of the course you will be able to talk about jour job and what you do and name your skills and ambitions! 

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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The common urban legend says, that people only use around 10% of their brains. The ten percent myth most likely arose from a misund... See full profile

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1. What you'll learn in Unit 7: Welcome to the final unit of this course. You made it in this unit. We will talk a little bit about working and learning different jobs and abilities. Here are some of the things that you will learn. You will learn how to talk about what you do for a living and asked someone the same to talk about the things that you can or can't do. How to say a year in German and how to write the perfect email. You will also learn the mortal words, everything about the past. German pence. That's perfect. I hope that you're ready for the last chapter off our journey. 2. 7.1 Was bist du von Beruf? (What's your job?): and this unit. We will talk a little bit more about the Hoffa jobs. Vast distal fund. Behles means What is your job or what are you doing for a living? And the polite version would be. Vaz is in the Z fund bulls, and here are some possible answers. Dear Lira, they're engineer. They're fair coy for they're Kellner Dare asked. There can from Flicka. They're tear odds de at san ads. Dare Manica dare poke Amira their polices. Dear Electrica, Dear God, Chefs Hman, They're unveiled. They're journalists. Dare freezer! Dear call And the German language has also a female form off every job. You can see that most of them just add the ending e end to make the female form. Let's listen to some people talking about their jobs. It's been ad Stan Fund. Boof is Alberta. I'm counting house. My nama is hands on. It's been out. Omaha Annika. A stripper. Clearer outwards. HR. Better If you're on a course of firma, it's being a chef. Zeman issue Alberta and Einem, China's startup. I spoke Amira, my Nomis, Nina on ish, Been Cushion Shabba and agonists less. The law on dish cosy Agana. It's been tear gassed fun behoove Officially, Bateer. It's been factoid for fun, fun, but who phoned are better and I'm bloomin Laden. It's been a bit slow, zoned off our bite. Zohar I don't owe with. 3. 7.1 Was bist du von Beruf? (What's your job?) - Übung: and water off the cargo Maciste air would a Z phone booth. 4. 7.2 Was können die Leute machen? (What can the people do?): besides your job there probably also a lot of other things that you're really good at and also probably a few that's your bed at. In this lesson, we will learn how to say the things that you can or can't do. Air Con Tansen means he condense and Air Cannon ish Tansen means he can't dance. Air con Farhad Farman means he knows how to ride the bike or he's able to ride the bike. Various air Communist for had fun means he's not able to do so. Air con Good Koken means he cooks really well and Air Cannon ish good Kaufman means he doesn't know how to cook very well. The verb that we used in these examples as Kernan can or be able to to find out what someone is good or bad at, you can ask, can still escape, but fun can a good coffin gas cans do good Martin Kanzi guitar speed and the answers can be Z a good good Next, the good garnished can. Still she left. It scans Eguchi Lawful can still foods bar spielen. It can good food, Spanish Phelan can stoop full communion. It's kind of Nesta would call Come in can still Mile and Iskan garnished Milon. Do you do 5. 7.2 Was können die Leute machen? (What can the people do?) - Übung: unthought off thief garden Vast scans to Goodman Vast can Still next Zo Gootman can still swim in Can still skateboard fun can still she loaf can still handsome can still get outta Spielen can stoke often comes to sing in 6. 7.3 Modalverben (Modal verbs): the verb Kernan that we used in the last lesson is a strange but very useful verb. It belongs to a group of herbs called mortal verbs. In this lesson, we will learn a little bit more about this type of herbs. Moral verbs are extremely useful ribs. Once you learn how to use them correctly, it's so easy to make many different sentences with them. That's why they're one of my favorite verbs, and I think that it's really important to note him. There are six of them. Coonan missing dear ful Volen Zelen Mr. But let's just focus on the verb Kernan for now, take a look at some sentences with the verb cannon and try to notice what weird thing happened here is she can good coffin do can snitched the good Hansen. Yeah, I can skateboard fun via Can an earnest so good zing in Yeah, can't zero good foods bar spielen z Kalinin ist out of Farman. If you look closely, you can notice that the verb Kernan does not congregate like the rest of the verbs that we learned by removing the infinitive ending e n and adding the present tense endings. E s t T n T n. It's not even changing its them like the irregular verbs. So what's happening? The mortal words will have a special way off. Conjugating. The first and third person singular will have no endings. Looks ish, can yeah come. Besides that, if a mullah verb has an loud meaning, the two little dots like our Republican in here, it will lose the dots and a singular form and change its them. So Kernan do cans. But that's not all the weird things about the model verbs, mortal words like company, meaning they don't like to be alone in the sentence. That's why they will always have another verve of them. Corina can vanished handsome Touma's Kanzi, a good corn, Isha Khan garnished singing. You see Henson Kalkan, zinging another verb is in every sentence, but at the same time as much as the mortal verbs love company, they don't quite know how to behave, so they throw the other verb at the end of the sentence in the infinitive form, meaning it will end an E n. So what does all of this mean? For example, a stanza. Tango is a normal German sentence, but if we add a mortal work to the equation we get it can. Good tangled Hansen. The mortal verb gets conjugated like the mortal words do, but the other word gets pushed at the back off the sentence, and it stays in the infinitive form. It ends an e n. Duke has met First Bell and Jungle Ian Canst Jungle Ian Mind, Buddha Cannon and Hunched and Martin Gun Muhsen Vehicle Unfinished Foods Bar Spielen Kernan Spielen See all the sentences Have another word besides Kernan, and all of them are at the end of the sentence in the infinitive form. That means that you don't have to congregate them, which can make your life sometimes really easier. Do you do with don't? 7. 7.3 Modalverben (Modal verbs) - Übung: Let's try to make some sentences with the verb cannon. Remember that there no endings in the first and third person singular. Also remember that there is a stem change in the singular form and obviously no, I'm loud. Also, remember to put the other verb at the end of the sentence in the infinitive form via canvas. Martin, take a look at the table and make sentences. 8. 7.4 Darf ich? Muss er? Sollen wir? (May I? Does he have to? Should we?): Besides Cannon, there are also other model burbs. Let's get to know Tim Maria Kanzi, a good singing Dugan's good coffin, Air Canada Next, the Wood Skateboard, Fun Vehicle and Ganic Tennis speed in notice. Degradation they're good would next good garnished Notice. Also the verb in the infinitive at the end of the sentence zinging Cauchon Farhaan spielen Notice also the strange conjugation off the model verb cannon. No endings in the first and third person. Singular and Noam Loud and stem change in the singular form. Keep all of this in mind because the same rules will apply to the other moral verbs that we're about to learn. The other two mortal words that were about to introduce our Musson have to and different to be allowed or permitted. And here are their congregations Morse do most a a a Azy isthmus v a missile e m most z meson ish stuff dude offs A SZ s stuff v a der ful e a deft z different notice that just like Kernan, they don't have endings in the first and third person singular, and they have a stem change in singular forms, missin changes into mousse and definite changes into Duff. Easy, right? Let's take a look at some examples. H was high. Did some ads Main Porter. More starch Lannin VMS in one's oven haunt photon on Vulcan lender Mystere own space issued off out of fun Vietor Finished languish. Lawful sport definition is stuff off the Albert Nish telephone ian. And since we are warmed up already, let's introduce one more zala. If Zelen means should or to be supposed to, and it will often come in a form off advice. For example, es el mash lawful. Does this next a fear are beytin Z easily Lang Zama, Father via Zeland in Huntin East. So feel foot on Zelen will also lose the ending in the first and third person Singular a chisel. Azle. But it will be different than the other model verbs that we learned so far because it will have no stem change in singular. Here is the congregation Izel Do Zeile's a SZ s Zone via Solon years Old Z's alone. Cool. You got it. Let's practice. Do you t 9. 7.4 Darf ich? Muss er? Sollen wir? (May I? Does he have to? Should we?) - Übung: build sentences with the words Pick their right motile verbs for the sentences. What shot to congregates them correctly. 10. 7.5 Möchten, wollen (Wish, want): motion and volunteer harder last year off the model verbs. So let's get to know them. In this lesson, Mushin and volunteer both mean to want something. But of course there must be a difference between them. S ville can be translated as I want. Various musta can be translated as I would like. As you can see, the verb Mushin is a little bit polite, er and that's why we will prefer it. And some occasions, for example, at restaurant, you will say ish muster. And in Corcoran, I would like a cake instead off a villain. And Koken, I want a cake. So if you are in doubt whether to use a shrill and we're h muster, remember that with mission, you're always on the safer side. Let's take a look at the congregations off these verbs. Volen issue will do whilst as E s ville via Volen via vault Z, Volen Volunteer will have a pretty standard model verb conjugation no ending in the first and third person singular and stem change in singular forms. You see, the old changes into I and here is mission. It's moster. Do much justice. A SZ s Mr Via Muster e a mush that z Mr the Verb mission is always the strangest one off the modal verbs. Unlike the other model verbs, it will not lose its own loud and the singular forms, and it will also not have a stem change. Besides that, it will have the ending E in the first and third person singular instead off no ending like the others. Let's try a few examples. Minor talk that will add Stine Veteran Israel Does bull highlighted So end Elise in you traveled quickly sign ich muss Does he Canon landen mind Buddha Mr. I notice outlook often via Mostyn spaghetti Essam I don't owe with. 11. 7.5 Möchten, wollen (Wish, want) - Übung: pick the correct motel room for the sentences. 12. 7.6 Wie kann ich Deutsch lernen? (How can I learn German?) - Übung: ish mustard H Lannin Vast Zal ish Martin. In this lesson, we will check out a few tips and tricks how to learn German. Besides that, you will also learn some new vocabulary and repeat the mortal verbs. Vice can still Martin Vendor Deutschland unveils Do those feel Lezin Does this twisted Deutsche Boucha comics would outside shrift flies comes to hear It was interests in this friend in and here get this fair I, in fact in a wastin after marriage do can stop Deutscher film a Z in Zofia Bessa Student vocab Ola about her first thing on house Crocker here is the analyst met Dajun Filmon did Judea and showing cans Uh, the most stock their fields Depression Fender I languish place partner, There are Deutschland orders from good Dodge placed vendor Viz Cancel Notre Musique who oven escaped fish eat in a musique undo const house Valin Busty am Besten Gutfeld Uh, I'm best in Istres. I needed side endorsements too for bringing dot comes to zero national dish craft Fallinon I hope these tricks can help you in your German learning adventure. Let's check out some of the new vocabulary that we learned Good Bessa am Besten means good . Better. The best fair based son means to make better or to improve. If you look closely, you can see that the Arab Bessa better is hidden here. Fish, Eden House, feeling stepping and feel eyes. That's what kabbalah Thus who have fish? Scene. D L. Ashqar for Daglish Crease partner. Unfortunately, there are no secret shortcuts to learning a new language. Just a lot of dedication, motivation, hard work and a lot of exercising t young. 13. 7.6 Wie kann ich Deutsch lernen? (How can I learn German?): and water L. Steve Carden can storyline for her. Deutscher takes their own bushel fashion Vacio Deutschen filmer has toga zine can stow Heiniger Deutscher Musica musters toe I need get side and Deutschland fair playing in Ken's to Yemen and there are some good Dutch pressed. 14. 7.7 Perfekt - Was hast du heute gemacht? (Perfekt - What did you do today?) - Übung: us has to highlight a gamma. A simple but meaningful question. What did you do today? And with this question, we are opening a whole new chapter in our German learning the past tense. We will take a look at some sentences and try to figure out what happened to the verbs in the past tense. The US has to guest Angloma, What did you do yesterday? We will take this sentence to examine the path. Thick pay effect is one off the German past forms and the 1st 1 that we will learn. As you can see from the example above, we will not translated with English perfect pence but instead with a simple past. First of all, noticed that the tens is made out off two parts to different verbs. The first part is the auxiliary verb have been Remember, it's conjugation ish. Harbor new host A Z s hot via Harbin. You helped Z Harbin. The second part is the verb and something called party tips by. So what is this party tip? Try. All you have to do is first remove the infinitive ending e n. After that, you attach G at the beginning off the verb and the ending Today at the end of the verb, for example, Martin Gamma Kalfin, get cough Zuko Gazeau, if man get infinite, you get it. If you have a verb like, for example, if none here that ends in d t m or N After you remove the infinitive ending, you will add an additional e, so it's easier to pronounce. So instead of just adding t, you will add yet girth knit. Gary, did it get our bided on? Douala? That's all there is here. It shouldn't be very difficult, especially if you already know that congregation off the verb have been. If you're still not quite sure how to do it, quickly repeat the congregation and let's check out some examples. Is harbor height along a in blue Holger arbitrage? No. Does the auxiliary verb happens? And the party try off the other verb Do Has field Dodge Galland visit some hot longer Get our via Harpenden politest at risk of cracked. Yeah, perhaps? No, I'm part og well up gamer z haven't Oita eating the board stock. You're fired. I don't owe with 15. 7.7 Perfekt - Was hast du heute gemacht? (Perfekt - What did you do today?): very says it's isn't fun. Relishes in Khristich via a vast schema. Lays it in text on Andhra Reuter off If Carden, Alexis Heitor, Speed to our bed Common, it had longer good washed on Zain, etc. *** puts then a heart. There's a nationalistic zouk that's what longer get our it get hot clear A in pforzheim good wound in cars Wagga elevated lets the ball her heart. China. Neue won't commit it yet. Musson ish. Miles along a pendant Zilliqa had guessed under guns and tag Logical, and he had such a nice course. Boca coughed. Julia hadn't broken and Ugg boots like the fire you have coined. Aha! Mia Zehava Bush paid in the knock. Get tons The Boston had I know I've warning Cost Z. Hadfield accosted. ABBA had shown long and a few good spot. Answer the questions 16. 7.8 Perfekt im Satz (Perfect in the sentence): I always tell my students the perfect sentences like a perfect sandwich. Let's see what that means. So we learned that the Path IQ has two parts the auxiliary verb and the party tips fight. And of course, they will have to follow some rules to fit into the sentence. The auxiliary verb will take. The second place in the sentence, just like the verb usually does is harbor, and it will have to congregate correctly to fit. The subject of the sentence is harbor Do house Yazzie Oda s hot. We're havin you helped Z Harbin and the other part the party tips. So I will go all the way at the back off the sentence via Harbin on and that's gamut. So why do we say it's a sandwich? Let's see, So the subject or the time indicator come in the first place. It's the play toward an Afghan or whatever you like to use to put your send that John before it travels into your mouth. After that, comes the first piece of bread, the lower bun or, in our case, the auxiliary verb. After that, we put old the condiments, the meat cheese salad and whatever you like to squeeze in your sandwich, and at the very end comes the last piece of bread here, the positive verb. Consider the two verbs to be the bun or bread of the sandwich. They hold together the whole sentence so we can mix what comes into the sandwich or what exactly we put underneath it and what types of bread views. But we never change the order in which we put it together. We can't put the celadon top off the bun or the second piece of bread before the 1st 1 just like we can't makes up the birds order and the German sentence. I mean, even if you mix it up, you would get something immutable or barely understandable. But that's not the way it's done, and it's not so hard to remember. The right order is harbor this perfect Hyland and T some 17. 7.8 Perfekt im Satz (Perfect in the sentence) - Übung: Mark Setzer Midan Verte Pass off devoid climb for a girl off 18. 7.9 UnregelmĂ€ĂŸige Verben im Perfekt (Irregular verbs in the perfect): as you already know. Unfortunately, not all of herbs will be regular, so let's see how to form the past tense off some of the irregular verbs you already learned that the regular verbs will form the past tense with the help off the auxiliary verb Haman and the parties, it's I We will make the party try by removing the infinitive, ending e n and adding gay in front, off the stem off the verb. And today at the end, off the verb Marcin gilma Calkin get coughed cotton give flocked Voronin give won't irregular verbs will do this same thing. Except that instead of the ending t, they will use the ending e n Father get farther in Z and Gezi in Lezin Gail is in common. Get common. Some of my students used to mix up the ending sometimes, so I always help them. Remember it by explaining that regular verbs will use the shorter ending tape. Varis. Irregular verbs will use the longer, more complicated ending. E n. Well, it's on Lee one letter difference, but it can help you remember it. Besides that, some irregular verbs will also have a stem change in the party try for example, Denk in Get out, Lincoln, Get home. Can Essen Gessen Health and Gay Holson Scribe, get sleeping. The best thing is to learn the party. It's the form together than learning the verb. Just like you learned the article together with the known. This will make a life so much easier later. And here are some example sentences with some of the verbs that have a stem change in the past tense via having guest on good guess. Um on on a lecturer on vine, Get Duncan is habit it side dunk a funding onto Kinnaman Minor for London. Have me a field. A whole phone in minor fiamma haven't via in Madaj Crisp Often you haven't on some config a coffin. They're chef hottie Ayanna e mail gave scream. And here are ALS. These works one more time with their perfect form. Lincoln had to get home fender and had to go fund in health and had to go Holson. Nieman had to Kinnaman question had this problem. Classle had to get coffin describe had extreme and the strange forum off the verb Essen, which doesn't actually have a stem change but gets an additional letter G, which is good to remember. Essen Gessen, Do you t 19. 7.9 UnregelmĂ€ĂŸige Verben im Perfekt (Irregular verbs in the perfect) - Übung: Basia Zind erased Egan Perfect Farman fund these and vab in I think spindle health and Nayman expression Cleft scribe s and drinkin had get honkin Sinden had to give funding health and had to behold often name and hot Guillemin expression had his coffin cliff in had to get often Tribe had the scream Essam had big Essam mas etc in perfect pass off mining available have been on and stand back son on line again Nation It's harbour guest on in a bit sag Agusan via ha Been so zaman And be a good chunk Do husk Mina handed Kinnaman mine If Amelia had me and a whole ful z Harvin you have familia gah zeen year happed Mid fine Deutsche cash Parken H Harbor I'm in placentas book Elise in via Harbin Once in Kino get often do hoste aina Essam Esca Scream z had out to get Furman 20. 7.10. Perfekt mit ‘sein’ (Prefect with 'sein'): I hope you didn't think that it's going to be this easy. Let's make it just a little bit more interesting to make it just a little bit more complicated for you. Not old verbs in the German language will use the auxiliary verb have been to form the past tense. Some of them, a small group, will use the auxiliary verb design to be I'm sorry to inform you, but this is again one of those things that you just have to learn by heart. Like I mentioned before, the best thing is to learn it's together with the verb. But there are some vague rules that you can follow in general. Most off the verbs that indicates some kind off movement, meaning going from Point A to point B will use the auxiliary verb design to form the past tense. Let's check out some examples. Let's this year, Benesch now hear agonized. It's been so speed, so follies on the common air is enough. Their party in the house, a garden V isn't stunned in lung invite Cavanda. You see these verbs tell us that something moved from point A to point B to China, to the lecture or straight home. But it's not something you can 100% rely, too, because, for example, the verb Bligh been means to stay, but also forms the perfect design. It's been to housing a Beaven. Like I said, take these rules with a grain of salt and always make sure to check and learn the correct conjugation. Here is a quick overview off some of the verbs we learned that will build the past. The design. Coleman. It's the good common G n ist Gungan Father is to go far. Reprisal is guys you see here that not all of them have to be irregular verbs. Greisen, for example, is a regular verb that Forbes the past with the auxiliary verb Zain. Let's take a look at the few more example sentences. The McKenna is endless. Get common. It's been some san. It's the gunman De poulet system isn't some title. Get Farman Digga shifts Well, is not keen on Christ. The conference Wester Ismet Impact sent in Google. Even luckily, Onley are minority off. The verbs will use the auxiliary were design so it shouldn't be too difficult to remember a few that you will use there some verbs and German that can build the past tense with both auxiliary verbs Harbin and Zain. In this case, the two different forms will also have different meanings. For example, if you say it's been a challenge, a farm on it means that you went to Berlin. Not necessarily that you drove there. It could have been by bus as well. But if you say is harbored in busca Farhaan, it definitely means that you drove the bus. Another such verb is sh women to swim. You can say ish harbor M shrimp, but Turkish woman, which means that you went for a swim at the pool. But if you say ish Bennett's who are in Zerga schlomann use from all the way to the island . In this case, you moved from point A to point B by swimming, and the past will be formed with sign. Do you do 21. 7.10. Perfekt mit ‘sein’ (Prefect with 'sein') - Übung: Sylvain Sha Copa de Za cabin buildings e does perfect mid Harbin, or design. 22. 7.11. Jahre (Years) - Übung: we can't talk about the past without mentioning one important thing. Yabba years. So you know the German numbers, right? Well, if you do, this shouldn't be too difficult for you. Well, a year is a year, but the interesting thing will be how to read them in German. The years in German will be read as two sets off numbers with Devard Who not 100 between them. For example, Nines and Honda Fiance Stich. You see first we say the first set off numbers. In this case, it's 19. After that, we say Honda and then the second set off numbers. Fear on zest. It don't forget to turn the number around when reading it, meaning to first say the smaller number and then the bigger one. You still remember that, right? Let's take a look at some examples. Off years in a sentence ish Ben Annoyance and Honda after Dark Air had Zeit 19 home that film for Annoyances by D's Affair Marga are baited Tesla s 1900 cryin Fiat's excuse Turban is acting hundreds Ipsen, Amiri Kaga, Common Zeev owned in Berlin Zeit nines and 100 zieba nontoxic. It's harbour dot for nines and horn that I'm annoyances, Best nines and Honda Tonight Annoyances are back it via Harbin on slight housing elf some estan mile get coffin. And yes, the two thousands. We will read it as 5000 and then the last two digits, for example, 5000 f So I 1000 lines slight thousands a 15 slight. How isn't sci fi, etc. I don't owe with. 23. 7.11. Jahre (Years): least the loud for knowing San Honda. That's why owns eclipses our Sin Honda Dry owned fee, etc. Nines in Honda Act under annoyances zipped in Honda. Spy Zest in Honda, Zax on finfish So I 1009 Nines and Hornet Noises Here Good to Valcea. Her stool, Schreiber s Elf Nines and Honda Zieba Nonce Vance's are saying Honda Z been on finfish noise and Honda nine on 96 Zips in 100 Fear on stances, Zest in hundreds on spy 5000 lines 24. 7.12 E-mail schreiben (Writing an e-mail): Let's first pause everything for a second. You just reached your last lesson. You made it. I'm super proud of you, and I hope that you will continue your German learning adventure even after we're finished with this course. But let's not waste your time and quickly finish this one last lesson in this one. I wanted to show you how to read, write and understand a German email. Let's do this. So first things first we need on on Reda greeting. It's always a very important that friends, whether you're writing to a friend or family member or to a boss or job application in the first case, you can start your email that Libya Thomas or even high Monica. Since this is considered very informal in case off a business email, you will probably want to use something like Z Aga outta ham, ula or Z Aga out of costume. This is the standard polite greeting. Just watch out not to mix up hair and Frau. Remember these. If you don't know the name off the person you're writing to and don't even know if it's one or more people, you can write Z Aga at a domino on heaven. In any case, you can't go wrong with Zog a Atta or ze a gotta and formal occasions. And now to the male body, The meat damn mails texts Hank Tuna to elation. A phone up vast, those are convinced Pass off the race together. What time for? Get off on Cuba, Kufa, Imadi rest, tribal vendio and island chef Would our colleague and scraps fair vendor the her Fleischer Z form fires do on finder on familia scribes I can still see Dutson. He isn't. I need give Caza d do finalized and I Naga shifts email Ben Watson canst feeling dunk Fear you're nourished or feeling dunk Feur either Email Feeling dung for your ear interests on thus document befriended Dish in a nhung Benzino Carden hum Surgeons Inish Mr. Contact Ian issue for image off you and what I'm looking forward to your reply And at the end we have ah schluss formal or fair up shidong. Four formal emails. The best thing is to use mid find Lish Inclusion yours faithfully or yours Sincerely. If writing a little bit less formal email, you can also use feeler, Colusa Libre closer or even Alice Ghouta and here are some important words and phrases fun from on to. You can also use their abs ender sender and their M finger recipient. Big Cliff is to this subject and they're on Hung is the attachment and the three most important verbs here our tribe to write, for example, in a emails time notion to delete and Zenden to sent so much lows Harbor Tishina, Gansz, Bazan the Eubank few dish Schreiber Aina e mail and Mace issue vered again ofhis um v high School. Oh, here comes still one vote once too we add bestowal thus, best of fun behoove order Gays don't know So Shula Scribe Mia How Gulbuddin a familia has to get Rester v high Cincy metv A move on stool owned Amum ized An interest yet Mission v Langa lands do Sean Dodge homelands Deutsche on V has to be a c est Dodge Galland Here is minor email at Kresser is Hoffer Aina email fundy it super common is and water burst in