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German Language for Beginners - Unit 5 - My day

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. What you'll learn in Unit 5

    • 2. 5.1 Timos Tag (Timo's day)

    • 3. 5.1 Timos Tag - Übung

    • 4. 5.2 Uhrzeiten (Times of the day)

    • 5. 5.2 Uhrzeiten - Übung

    • 6. 5.3 Was macht er um….? (What is he doing at...?)

    • 7. 5.3 Was macht er um….? - Übung

    • 8. 5.4. Wortreihenfolge (Word order)

    • 9. 5.4. Wortreihenfolge - Übung

    • 10. 5.5. Es ist fünf vor halb zehn (It's 9:25)

    • 11. 5.5. Es ist fünf vor halb zehn - Übung

    • 12. 5.6 Wochentage (Days of the week)

    • 13. 5.6 Wochentage - Übung

    • 14. 5.7 Trennbare verben (Separable verbs)

    • 15. 5.7 Trennbare verben - Übung

    • 16. 5.8 Gerne und nicht gerne (Gladly and not gladly)

    • 17. 5.8 Gerne und nicht gerne - Übung

    • 18. 5.9 Monate und Jahreszeiten (Months and seasons)

    • 19. 5.9 Monate und Jahreszeiten - Übung

    • 20. 5.10 Die Einladung (The invitation)

    • 21. 5.10 Die Einladung - Übung

    • 22. 5.11 Unregelmäßige Verben (Irregular verbs)

    • 23. 5.11 Unregelmäßige Verben - Übung

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About This Class

Join us on the adventure of learning a new language in this German course for complete beginners! I know that it can be hard sometimes and that you can't wait to finally start speaking. That's why I created this course - the lessons are short, straight to the point, useful and fun.

In Unit 5, we will learn everything about days, time and seasons! Besides that, you learn some new exciting stuff about the German grammar

You will learn:

  • How to tell the time
  • How to talk about your activities throughout the day
  • Names of the days of the week, months and seasons
  • Say that you like or don’t like doing something
  • Separable verbs
  • Irregular verbs
  • The correct word order in a sentence
  • Prepositions (am, um, von...bis)

At the end of the course, you will be able to tell the time, say when are you doing something and whether you like it or not. Besides that, you'll get to know some of the more trickier german verbs, like the irregular and separable verbs.

So if you are ready - let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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1. What you'll learn in Unit 5: Let me just tell you that you're progressing through the course very well. We are already in unit five and this unit will talk a little bit about the things that you can do and your day or your week. Let's take a quick look at some of the things that we will learn in this unit. You will know how to tell the time. Talk about your activities. Throw today named the days of the weeks. Different months and seasons say that you like or don't like doing something. You will also learn the separable verbs, some of the irregular verbs, the correct word order in the sentence and some propositions like, um whom? Fun basis? No time to waste. Let's start. 2. 5.1 Timos Tag (Timo's day): this unit will begin with a short story about Teamer. Well, it's not exactly a story more like all the different things that Timo does on a regular, boring day. But it will help us to learn a lot of new vocabulary that you can use in everyday conversation and to describe what you do on a regular boring day. So try to relax and listen to the text first, and you can also read along if you want to. Don't panic if you don't understand everything. It would be weird if you would understand everything, because there will be a lot of birds that we still haven't learned. But just try to listen to the written and the melody of the language, and may be you will hear something that you already know. After that, we will go through the different vocabulary together and explain all the sentences. So let's go T Most tug s is team or state off air puts 60 Tina once seeds issue on, um Hal Benign fair There, madam. Boost. So our bed? Yeah, baited this from war, then Anna house. Accompany crime, Teddy wounding off here. Get on colorful. Want cocked. This meta Gessen. I'm Arvind Common. Zeina. Find it so bizarre. Z z and fan clean cumbia on speeding computers. Peter Zehava feel ish bus onto If you get t Moshe laughin, would you not steam o? Let's take a look at some words and phrases that you will need to know in order to understand Team was day de meaning The clock and the phrase s s stocked well means it's eight o'clock off Stan to get up the most it off team gets up. Yes, yes, This verb is a little bit inverted in this sentence. But you will explain that a little bit later on. Don't worry about it. Until then, dead son Toot did sina feet existed Sinop Woodson to brush one state and Szish on CNN. Two gets dressed. It puts distance Xena and seeds ish on. He brushes his teeth and get stressed. Hub nine means half past eight. We will talk about the time of the day and how to say it. Also a little bit later. Mitt them bus by bus, father to drive D r bite work or job Um harbor nine. Fear to momentum boost to our bite At half past eight he takes the bus to work or literally , he drives by bus to work our button. The verb a Biden means to work and d are bite means work or job this food for until five o'clock. Our bite it this film for war. He works until five o'clock. Then when or once common to come or to arrive. So now house a common means to arrive home. I'll Fryman to clean up banana. How's it going? Negative. On and off once or when he comes home, he cleans up the apartment. Watch out not to confuse the word, then with the V. What fun van also means when, but you will use it on Lee in a question. For example, like this van and a house. A comment Crime. Terry Vona Golf means when over. Once he comes home, he cleans the apartment, whereas Van content a house. It would mean When is he coming home? I'm call from game to go shopping. You already learned this one right coffin to cook. That's Mitt, I guess. Lunch there may attack means noon, and thus Essen means meal, so it's literally noon meal or meal at noon, and it will be thus Mittag s. And because it's thus, Essen and the compound now will always have the article off the last Now endeavoured which is thus s in here. Remember that rule air get and Cofer on Kach thus metabolism. He goes shopping and cooks or makes lunch. Dear husband. Evening I'm are banned in the evening They're busy the visit. So bazaar comin two visits or pay a visit. Ammar bin Commons Undefined ID Sir Basil in the Yuning His friends come to visit fans Ian to watch TV Lincoln To drink Spielen To play the spiel means the game. So that's computer spew. You probably guessed it means computer game on D computer Spieler ISP Louro Computer games Remember that all the plural amounts have the article The right Z's in fan clinking beer on Spielen computer Spieler. They watch TV, drink beer and play computer games. Bus hub in This is a fun one. Their sparse means fun. So spots Harbin is to have fun. Z hum fields bus. They have a lot of fun. Sh Laffan to sleep and sh laughing gin to go to sleep on self. What gets t. Marshall often adds 12 o'clock team of goes to sleep good on our team. Oh, good night's team. Now let's take a look at our text one more time and see whether you understand it a little bit better. T Most tug s is team or state off air puts six Latina once seeds issue on, um Hal. Benign fair there, madam. Boost. So our bed? Yeah. Baited this from one then Anna house. Accompany crime. Teddy wounding off here. Get on colorful. Want cocked this meta Gessen. I'm Arvind Common. Zeina. Find it so bizarre. Z z and fan clean from bia on speeding computers. Peter Zehava feel ish bus onto If you get t Moshe laughin, would you not steam o I don't owe with 3. 5.1 Timos Tag - Übung: Let's repeat a vocabulary one more time. What does it mean? Outstanding? Szish did. Sana puts, um, mitt them bus. The are bite my ankle from gain this myth against some common so basil common fanzine. Be a Clinton bus hum sh laughing gin. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 4. 5.2 Uhrzeiten (Times of the day): I ve beat ist us. What time is it? Let's learn how to tell the time in German as ist means it ISS and that's how you're going to start a sentence if you want to tell the time. So, for example, you want to say that it's 10 o'clock. You will say S s Sanwa or shorter s is seen if it's not yet 10 but for example, 9 30 you can say assist in oil were crisis. You know the numbers right in English. You could also say it's half past night and we will also have a way to say the same in German. But the logic will be a little bit different. We will say that it's half before pen, so we will say assist had seen literally. It's half Penn. So how Habit Seen is not half past 10 but have passed night. So watch out not to miss an important meeting or date. Let's take a look at the clock and see how to say some other times as well. Assist Fear you're this is tied physics. It's zieba. NWA assist held benign assist Elf War assist helps move and watch this assist. Help lines assist ein Uh, if it's one o'clock, ice gets shortened. And to I just like when combining the number one with other numbers. Remember line owned transit. Let's just quickly jump back to our question from the beginning of this lesson. V speed ist s. Which would mean what time is it? Since speed means late, the literal translation of this question would be How late is it? The other way you can ask This is V feel What is this? Which also means what's the time. But the literal translation would be. How much time is it? So let's take a look at the few more examples V speed is this assist after work? We feel What is this assist High benign. Which bit is this? That's just how to have we feel. What is this assists Why? Ah, time passes so quickly. When you're learning German, Do you do t 5. 5.2 Uhrzeiten - Übung: Viv Bait Is this right down the time in German and then resume the video to see the correct answers. - For more tips and tricks, visit 11% that X Y Z. 6. 5.3 Was macht er um….? (What is he doing at...?): in the first lesson off this unit. We read a little bit about Timo and what he does during his day. Remember, Team A. Let's quickly repeat some of the things he does. And when bass marked chemo, I'm afterwards stay there off but smart. Therefore, there are bite for the orbit. Puts disease. Did Xena wants seats? Ishaan, Let's must their own home hell Benign. Um Khaled. Nine. Feta to our garbage. That's mark their phone in oil, this fifth team or abetted for nine. Best friend. I was mocked. Tim. Enough. There are bide knock. There are bite Clift, as I defined. Must must their arms were for or momentum last. Get Ash Larsson. As you probably noticed, this was a short timeline off T most day, and we used a few different ways to tell at which time he does something. Let's see how we did it. Verse marked team Oh, I'm after well marked Worst it off. So the proposition whom is used to say that something is happening at a certain time Omar is at eight oclock. Thus must their fun, annoying Miss Finch team, or are vetted for nine Miss Fifth fun means from and this unto Fun and Biss are used to describe a certain time span. Let's must therefore, there are bite for the are bite puts desisted seen it won't see to shun. I was mocked Tim Monarch. There are but knocked, thereby cliff position it fine. Four means before and now means after. So these two will be used to describe that there's something is happening before or after something else. So one more time whom at afterward, fun basis from Until fun Ark This nine were four before enough after for the A bite or knock, there are bite. I hope that now that you learned these vertes, you can manage your time in German a little bit better. I don't owe with. 7. 5.3 Was macht er um….? - Übung: first read the story and after that answer the questions resumed. A video to see the correct answers. Matina stayed on hards even off Visit Citi Unknown puts assisted Sener home Help our gets it So our bite ZR voted for knocked Mistrial were Matina iss Leven Bonsai What gets in a house? Benzene Hausa Come 20 Devoting golf owned cocked The Smith Agusan I'm a bit of a city fan Would at least I'm bored LF were gets ish Laffan Lunch date Matina off. Must must see four There are bite fun. Von Wissmann abated. Martina van, get Matina. Hausa has Marty knock. There are bite. Must must see. I'm are binned one get Matina shall often lunch date Matina off Matina stadium. Help's even else must Marcy four There are bite for the Arab citizens Unknown Puts the state Sener fun. Von Wissmann abated. Martina Z abetted Phone after this. Try van, Get Matina Hausa Matina, Get him! Slight winner Hauser! Smarty, knock! There are bite Knock. There are bite going to devote a golf on Kach. Thus metabolism must must see. I'm are binned. I'm are bent Zt Fan Would at least and boom one Get Matina shall often Matina Getem elf wash laughing For more bite sized German lessons, visit 11% that X Y Z 8. 5.4. Wortreihenfolge (Word order): in this lesson, we will expand our knowledge about the verge order in the German sentence. Remember how we said that the verb always takes the second place in the German sentence. For example, Timo Gate Act. Where to our fight Gait is the verb and it is in the second place in the sentence. Easy. But look at this. Oh, masterwork gets team or to our bite. Did we just abandon the rule? We know? Or is this a strange exception in the German language? Neither. If you still remember, I never told you that the verb is the second Virdon the sentence, but that it takes the second place. This means that in the first place there can be one word like for example, team Oh, or a group of words like home after work. These three words altogether are indicating the time. If we would separate them, they couldn't tell us anything by themselves. So you Moctar Wawa is a time info Ah, group of words that goes together and takes the first place in the sentence. If you look at it that way, you can see that the verb is in the second place. That, um Let's take a look at some more examples. Home had cry. Cost Martinez metabolism for our best. I are baited. Martino. You didn't park fun for busy moms, but see NZ to Zaman. Here you can see that the time info can be 23 or even more words. So just remember to always put your verb in the second place. Don't don't don't toe. 9. 5.4. Wortreihenfolge - Übung: This should be an easy one. Try to change the sentence so that the time indicator goes in the first place. Remember to puts the verb in the second place. And also remember that the subject of the sentence comes directly after the verb. Let's go. For example. Martin, get to my first laugh in. Oh, Mel four Gate Martin Schlafly. Okay. Now you. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 10. 5.5. Es ist fünf vor halb zehn (It's 9:25): let's get a little bit more precise with saying the time in German. The easiest way to say the right time would be, for example, as sustain Waffen from fetish s is seen. What's once it or assist in was eating. If you learned all the numbers, this should be quite easy for you. This will verb most of the times, and you will be understood, but it's a little bit formal. So let's also learn the more informal way to say the time to use it when talking to, for example, your friends and family. Two important words that you will need are four and knock. You already know what they mean, right? Four means before and now means after. Let's see how to use them when telling the time we should be. It is this assist food, fourth scene. So it's five meaning minutes before 10. Which bit is this? As this food not seen, it's five after 10. Okay, let's make it a little bit more complicated. Look at this time, the spiritist this as this for four helped seem so here. We say it's five meaning minutes before half 10 which translated would mean 9 30 or half past nine, remember? So as this food for help saying would be it's 9 25 fish bait justice. This is food. Know how I've seen. So this would be it's five past 9 30 or it's 9 35 We also have another important word, which is Fiocchi, and it means quarter. Let's see how to use that we feel were is this. This is foetal fours. Even it's 1/4 to 7. Which bit business esus foetal Knox's. Even. It's 1/4 past seven, so this would be 7 15 If you want to be even more informal, you can say it's a squirt. Snacks, even quotes literally means short. So the time would be It's a little bit after seven. This may seem a little bit confusing to you, but don't worry. You will get a hang on it after you practice. Trust me, I don't owe 11. 5.5. Es ist fünf vor halb zehn - Übung: tell me which bit is this? I will show you sometimes and you try to write down how to say the time in German. If you think that there is more than one way to say this time, right on both ways, pause the video, write down the answers and then resume. It's to see the solutions. This is the right one. Is this fuel wood, kleiss ish or assist hide from as his ex wife in front fetish were as this fetal fors, even ASUs Taco 15 Or this is Fear Assist. Nine. Waffen War Assist Full Flock nine. Assistant Waffen from finfish or Assist Filth for Elf Assist I know a crisis or Is this helps? So I for the second exercise, I will tell you what time it is. Listen closely and tried to ride on the time assist hype scene as this fear it'll for food . Is this fertile enough elf as this firm nuts worth? This is from for clay. Is this fetal for art as this fear it'll not seen assist hives even assist hype scene as this fear it'll for food. Is this fertile enough elf as this firm nuts worth? This is from for clay is this fetal for art as this fear it'll not seen assist hives, even for Mary Boone, show off 11% punk x absalon set. 12. 5.6 Wochentage (Days of the week): some other words that you will need to find your place and time and space are the days of the week. Let's learn them. Not much explaining me that here I hope in German we have seven days of the week just like everywhere else. And here are their names Moon Tuck Dean stuck Mitra Donna Stack Hi Tuck Zam stuck Zonta And here are some questions that you can ask Berisha targets Heitor, this is zump stuck Berisha tog Daghestan guest on bar Freitag Bishop targets Morgan Margon is Zan Pack So we have a few important words here. First day a tuck meaning day and then we have a guest on Heitor Morgan Guess son Yesterday Heitor today, Morgan to Morrow You can also ask Van comes to ask them well up to look. It's coming on the mitral house them all up to hook, um means on like on Monday. So don't forget to put it in your sentence before today. And if you still remember our lesson about the word order in the sentence, you will know that you can also say a metre comma ish Alstom wallop took or just simply answer a memento one fear. Stolen Belene. His father knocked Bellion Am Dean Stock Arm nine were, um, Dean Stockholm. Annoying. Were far East Berlin. Or simply, um, Dean Stockholm. Annoying. You can also ask this one of it is to for Montag this Freitag for our best try war. Remember? Fun and basis. I think that everything should be clear here. Let's go straight to practicing. I don't owe 13. 5.6 Wochentage - Übung: I will tell you which day it iss and you try to answer Which day was yesterday? Vegeta Tog Eston On which day is tomorrow? Bhatia Takis Morgan Mayor You Bowman finished off 11% punk X absolute set. 14. 5.7 Trennbare verben (Separable verbs): in this unit so far. We already mentioned a lot of verbs that belonged to an interesting group, the separable verbs. But what gets separated from what? Let's find out. Let's for example, take the verb, Alfred stand to get up. Remember it from the first lesson in this unit ish steer Act were off. Do you see what happened If steer home asked what elf off Stan is a separable Verbs. These verbs come bid a prefix and in this case, it's off. In the present tense, the prefix gets cut off and drone at the end off the sentence a steer on act were off. Do stays, um asked well off ze state from aqua off. As you can see, the base off the verb the part that remains after we cut off the prefix and throw with at the back off the sentence gets conjugated normally like we congregate other verbs in the present tense by cutting off the n ending and adding the present tense endings E, S, t T and T. And the prefix, on the other hand, stays the same, no matter which person you were talking about. So let's take a look at few more examples of these words. ALF Lyman to clean up issue Lima Mine Sima off and wholesome to call Do host Dina Course Monta on. Yeah, yeah! Unsee in to get dressed yet Seat Szish Un. Yeah. Yeah. Fans Ian. Too much TV Via Z and Gana Finn. Yeah, Yeah, I'm coffin to shop. Z coughed. Fila's are on line. Yeah, yeah, I'll smarten to open and sue Martin to close ish marker this fence that off a small detour . So yeah. Also keep in mind that the two parts of the verb can sometimes be really far apart from each other. Like, for example, issue Lima mind Simmer Year Lavaka I'm some stock knocked in essence to zam Admit mine Importa off. That's why you have to be patient files listening to or reading a German sentence. Ah, small vered or a few letters at the very end of the sentence can totally change the meaning of the verb. Do you t 15. 5.7 Trennbare verben - Übung: try to build sentences with the words What shots? To separate the verb correctly. For example, Minamata Gana I'm Coffin. We will separate the verb. I'm coffin so it would look like this. Minamata coughed Gana. Watch out to congregate the base off the verb and leave the prefix as it is at the end of the sentence. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 16. 5.8 Gerne und nicht gerne (Gladly and not gladly): bus must. Agana, Vaz Marston. Remember the little bird Gana? We used it in the sentences Plus ist Diagana or bus is to diminish Gana when we talked about the things that you like or don't like to eat. Well, since it's such a useful and versatile vert, we will learn how to make some other sentences with it as well. We will learn the questions. Vice marks Tigana, Which means what do you like to do? And vice marks diminished Gana What you don't like to do? Let's take a look at some examples Band Vast Mark Still gonna hp Lagana guitarra onto my music I mean a bus marks tarnished Ghana is colonised Ghana. We can also ask this Susanna Z's Dugan a fan? Yeah, Zia Gana fen cuffs again. Nine. Yeah, it's cough again. A nine. Remember that when we are making a question, we will put the verb in the first place. If we have a separable work like in the examples above, we will put the base of the verb in the first place and the prefix again goes at the end. She's Tigana Flu ALF nine ish pianist Gan of Cool you off, Dennis Master Gennaco nine ish mark Finished. As you can see here, if you want to give a negative answer, you will put the negation next in front. Off. Gana, Don't don't Oh, and t. 17. 5.8 Gerne und nicht gerne - Übung: bus Must Agana try to answer the questions? What charge? To congregate and separate the verbs correctly. - For more tips and tricks, visit 11% that X Y Z. 18. 5.9 Monate und Jahreszeiten (Months and seasons): Let's learn the German months and the Four Seasons, then names of the months and German shouldn't be a big problem for you if you're an English speaker, because they're really similar. But this can also sometimes be a problem because it's easy to mix them up. The difference between the German and English months is sometimes just them One letter or the pronunciations. So be careful. Here are the 12 German months, but they're not German months. But the 12 months in German Yeah, NWA feeble mats Poplin My uni Uly August, September, October, November, December You see how similar they are to the English ones? Here are a few example sentences with the months in Janjua gain via Emma She fun muli woulda August happen via alone Mind aboard Stuck ist in the December for in September Basin of Embargo on VN via Ravana Immune E s India Gana ad be even and the Four Seasons and German are Xoma, which is obviously summer Vincente which is obviously winter haps which is autumn or fall and fooling which is spring. Let's also take a look at some example sentences M Xoma fun via on smear inventor is the skulled in haps, Tabish keyboard stuck and fooling. Is this better soon? The easy thing here is that all the months and all the seasons will have the article dare. There's Osama Devin pad there, you need their September. And as you could see from the examples, if you want to say that something is happening in a certain season or in a certain month, you will say him Like, for example, M is Oma or M. Uly, do you do with Don't? 19. 5.9 Monate und Jahreszeiten - Übung: say the name of the German month out loud. Yes, you have to do it out loud. If you didn't say it correctly repeated one more time after me. Let's go December Julie Mats Yeah! Wow! Oak TOBA People are my a pill. Zip, timber Uni November How gross. In the second exercise, we will try to answer some questions. Don't forget to put him in front of the month or the season. Or use fun and Biss. If you want to say that it's a longer time span, one has to all open. One has to give words stuck. Vonn is the Saddam one is the skull one of Ignat Iss one begin to destino. Yeah, Van has to kind of site. For more bite sized German lessons. Visit 11% that X Y Z 20. 5.10 Die Einladung (The invitation): the I Laden means invitation. Dominic wants to invite Ben. You mean to his party? Let's see how he's going to do that. Hello, Benjamin. Bigots Zopa owned Dia. How good Dunker. A sheltered if cardinal optimism. Stocks I trust. Yeah, Benham Some stock flavor Home Valium sums the goose stock Harbor owned on a party. Mother comes to to a party. Yazid Ghana. Only if it was a little common. The party begins home. I'm in san Sexual Zai Pointless. Okay, okay. Come online and transition Well via Senec Lissa Minor places Monheim US class. It's worth. Call this an stuck best some stock choose like always. Let's first translate some of the key phrases and verts together Volen to want sodden to s So the phrase each voice a dish frog means I wanted to ask you decide time side Harbin to have time fry Zain be free or available Dagger board Stuff means birthday in a party muffin to trow a party beginning to start or to begin Pink place Punk show Xiping clich means be punctual Tall, Great, awesome! Fantastic. This is, um, stuck until Saturday or see you saturday. Okay. Now that we get everything set. Let's listen to the dialogue one more time. This time you will have the translations underneath the sentences. Hello, Benjamin. Bigots Zopa owned Dia. How good! Dunker H vaulted if Cardinal Optimism Stacked side has Yeah Benham some stock flavor Home Valium sums The goose stock Harbor owned on a party. Martha, come Studio party. Yazid Ghana. Only if it was a little common. The party begins home. I'm in san Sexual Zai Pointless. Okay, okay. Come online and transition Well via Senec Lissa Minor places Monheim US class. It's worth. Call this an stuck best some stock. Choose with Don't come. Come, come. 21. 5.10 Die Einladung - Übung: Let's try to write a similar dialogue, but with some changed information. This time the people talking will be Jens and close. The party will begin at seven o'clock and the address will be Albert Stresa from front. So pause the video. Try to ride the dialogue with this new information. After that, resumed the video to see a possible solution. And here is how your dialogue could look like. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 22. 5.11 Unregelmäßige Verben (Irregular verbs): Let's talk about the crazy verbs and by crazy I mean the irregular ones. I know that we already mentioned some of them before, but let's put them all in one place and explain them once and for all. For this lesson, I decided to use the illustrations I made for my course about the present tense. So when we talk about the irregular verbs in the present pence, we will have three major groups. I like to compare them with the punks. They're all similar, but they all have a unique style and a few characteristics that we can distinguish them by . The first group are the Mohawks. In this group off verbs that letter a gets a Mohawk war Hok isn't shit on top off its hat and turns into arm it on loud The a with the little dots. Why, it's punk, baby, you can do what they're you want. Look at the whole congregation off the verb trodden to wear. For example, a Mohawk ish Kaga do creeks A as E s plate via cards e a cracked Z cattle. You see, he starts completely normally and then gets a little bit crazy. And the second and third person singular and then goes back to normal again in the PLO. This will be a rule with more or less older, irregular verbs. So remember, normal not normal, not normal. Normal, normal, normal. Some other verbs besides Kragen who are irregular and change like this in the present tense are Russian to wash. Father to drive Fallon to four sh Laffan to sleep You can easily remember them with a simple story about Mattias with a Mohawk. The assist Mattias A clicked on an ad hoc Isn't Schmidt Everest 60 Harbor Lafayette Zen skateboard air fed from skate but air Gatineau Hausa Want she left. Um, and you already know how to congregate five irregular verbs with the help of Matias with a Mohawk God bashing Farther Fallon sh laughing is Kaga Do breaks Russia. They are fished ish Father Z fit ish Laffer s lift. The second group are the steeple boots. They stumped the letter e with heavy boots, leaving just a ny Let's take a look at the verb. Clayton to stump is creator Do prettiest. A SZ s split via Creighton. You created Z Clayton. See the second and third person Singular E changed into I and in the case with this special verb, it even gets a second T double. Letters will always show that the world is pronounced a little bit faster. So a straighter do crist some other verbs that also change their e into I are Essen to eat expression to talk. We already mentions thes two verbs. Remember given to give health in to help. Let's take a look at Eve IQ. Ive pick is a nice yes placement sign of coined in a gift. My tst hunt front head of steam. So it s a do is it's a question Yes, Placed s gay Ba z gift is hell for s who left the third group are the ones with piercings and tattoos here. The e gets an additional I in front of it. Think of it as a nice piercing or a tattoo being at it. One of such ribs is the verb Lezin to read If you laser do least a SZ s least realism idealist z listen, see the change and thes two forms again. It's the second and third person singular e changes into i e the stung e A will always be pronounced like a long, slow e least. There are not a lot of these words, especially for the beginner stage. So the only other one that we will mention is Zeon to see. We have our family here and she loves piercings and tattoos. But more than that, she loves to read Zili, Sangu ones eat and build. So here are all off our three groups off irregular verbs in the present tense one more time are three punks. Mattias is the guy with the Mohawk. The R gets a normal out. They are clicked Airfare, air felt a vest ash leaf. Eric is the guy with the boots that stumps the letter e into I a quit their ist a gift Ash Christ airhead And Emily the girl with a piercing the e turns into i e or e a in German the least on zzz Do you do 23. 5.11 Unregelmäßige Verben - Übung: make sentences with verbs. Mayor You Bowman finished off 11% punk X absolute set.