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German Language for Beginners - Unit 3 - Eating and drinking

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Intro - Chapter 3

    • 2. 3.1 Einkaufen (Shopping)

    • 3. 3.1 Einkaufen - Übung

    • 4. 3.2 Obst und Gemüse (Fruit and vegetables)

    • 5. 3.2 Obst und Gemüse - Übung

    • 6. 3.3 Ein / eine (Indefinite pronoun)

    • 7. 3.3 Ein / eine - Übung

    • 8. 3.4 Nahrungsmittel (Food)

    • 9. 3.4 Nahrungsmittel - Übung

    • 10. 3.5 Kein / keine (Negative pronoun)

    • 11. 3.5 Kein / keine - Übung

    • 12. 3.6 Ein, mein, kein (Pronouns and articles)

    • 13. 3.6 Ein, mein, kein - Übung

    • 14. 3.7 Plural (Plural)

    • 15. 3.7 Plural - Übung

    • 16. 3.8 Getränke (Drinks)

    • 17. 3.8 Getränke - Übung

    • 18. 3.9 Das verb 'haben' (The verb 'to have')

    • 19. 3.9 Das verb 'haben' - Übung

    • 20. 3.10 Ja / nein Fragen (Yes / no questions)

    • 21. 3.10 Ja / nein Fragen - Übung

    • 22. 3.11 Zahlen von 21 bis 100 (Numbers from 21 to 100)

    • 23. 3.11 Zahlen von 21 bis 100 - Übung

    • 24. 3.12 Der Preis (The price)

    • 25. 3.12 Der Preis - Übung

    • 26. 3.13 Was trinkst / isst du gerne? (What do you like to eat / drink?)

    • 27. 3.13 Was trinks / isst du gerne - Übung

    • 28. 3.14 Das verb 'essen' (The verb 'to eat')

    • 29. 3.14 Das verb 'essen' - Übung

    • 30. 3.15 Im Restaurant (At the restaurant)

    • 31. 3.15 Im Restaurant

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About This Class

Join us on the adventure of learning a new language in this German course for complete beginners! I know that it can be hard sometimes and that you can't wait to finally start speaking.That's why I created this course - the lessons are short, straight to the point, useful and fun.

In Unit 3, we will learn everything about eating, drinking and shopping! Besides that, you will find out more about the german grammar.

You will learn:

  • Food, vegetables, dairy and other food products in German
  • Names of some stuff to drink
  • How to go shopping or order food at a restaurant
  • How to talk about the price of products
  • How to make yes/no questions
  • Numbers from 21 to 100
  • The indefinite articles (ein/eine)
  • The negative articles (kein/keine)
  • Plural nouns
  • Conjugation of the verb ‘’essen’’

At the end of the course you will be able to talk about food - how to get it, make it ,pay for it and order it!

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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1. Intro - Chapter 3: and Unit three ruble. Talk about food. How to call it, Get it? Make it, order it and pay for it. So this is what you will know. By the end of the unit, you will learn fruit, vegetables, die ivory and other food products in German names of some stuff to drink, how to go shopping or order food at a restaurant. How to talk about the prices and products and make yes and no questions. You will also learn the numbers from 21 to 100. The indefinite articles Ayn and China, the negative articles kind and kind of the floor amounts and the conjugation off the verb. Essen, let's start. 2. 3.1 Einkaufen (Shopping): In the first lesson of this unit, we will get to hang around with our neighbor Florida. That's the sons of enough bubbling lava. Let's see where she is on what she's doing right now. Lola is them. Super mkt. Zig it in Kalfin Z brow cart, often to Martin on in court. LAWA cost How on and stuff on My Banana That's Alice Costed arcs in oil hood. Viisage. Could you understand this little pegs? What is it about? Bear is Laura and what is she doing? Let's first learn some new words. They're Zoo Pamuk supermarket. You can also go shopping here. They're laden store. Thus geisha, which also means store and can also mean business. Laura is EMS. Obama. Laura is at the store. I'm call from gain to go shopping G N to go, and I'm Carlson to shock Z get I'm coffin. She's going shopping, and now some off the food de Kock offer potato D card coffin potatoes D amato tomato de to Martin tomatoes that's board bread and the verb Rowan to needs Lau have how cut, often to Martin won't. I'm court Kalfin to buy the banana banana de banana in bananas one. There's off juice lage cows outside banana Want Hainan's US cost, um, to costs Alice. Everything or all. That's Alice costed 19 or your from fish. Altogether, it costs 19 euros and 50 cents and t don't get drunk. 3. 3.1 Einkaufen - Übung: thus, Couch Philip. Listen closely to the text that I'm going to read to you. Try to write down all the different food that you can hear you will hear to text two times . Don't be afraid to pause and resume as needed. Philip Gate and then supermarche Air coughed Fear Banana, Zakes or engine owned Ein bier. AM Was coffee on China Militia Cove. That's who clocked out on and hundreds after owned I'm good one more time. Philip Gate and then super marked air coughed. Feel 106 banana won't I'm BIA damn was all coffee on an image coffin That's to craft. There are kind and runs off. Won't on board. Did you understand some of the things that Philip needs? Let's go and look at them together. The Olinger orange and the Ohio engine oranges and Philip needs four of them. De banana and de banana, the Miss, which is obviously milk. Thus beer, beer, their coffee, coffee. There are over engines off orange juice. The word is made from the words the or ganja honed their soft, and that support How many of them did you get? For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z 4. 3.2 Obst und Gemüse (Fruit and vegetables): Obst on game yousa. Thus Obst means fruit, and that's Kamu. Za means vegetables, and they're very good isn't healthy. So let's learn some of the fruit. That midget they will in German dear absolute dbn a de banana, The Granja, the ad bir d kalba de cat awful. The two martyr there would a D paprika, the Gorkha de Cerebral. Let's go through the list one more time. They're absolutely de bana de banana. The 100 de ad beer de Kalb. Er the cut off for deep to martyr. Dear Jodie Paprika, dig Wacha Deeds. Riebel. Right now you can start eating healthy. Not all fruits and vegetables will have the article D, but in this case, almost all of them have the article D which can help you remember it much easier. I don't owe with don't good 5. 3.2 Obst und Gemüse - Übung: try to repeat the words after me. What do they mean? De to martyr? De Kalb er de ad beer dear upset There would a D paprika de ganja Dietz, Weeble de Vanna de Gorka. 6. 3.3 Ein / eine (Indefinite pronoun): Do you still remember? The question that we learn via is thus who is that? Well, we also have The question of us is to dust. What is that which we can use for, for example, fruits and vegetables. So let's take a look at some examples. Thus is the dust. Thus is I never been a Thus is thus, thus is an cupful. Thus is the dust. Thus is China to Marta. As you can see from these examples, we don't have the article dia de or dust in front of the noun. We also don't have the possessive pronoun mine or minor. Instead of that, we have fine or China. Remember how we said that there the and thus are the definite pronounce Well, im and China will be the indefinite pronounce. You can compare this to the articles the and A in English. The hors D will be day at d and us, while a or N will be fine and aina we will use the A and E and us when we have a specific object that we're talking about, one that we can almost point our finger at, or something that was already mentioned in this sentence before. In any case, you're definitely sure exactly which object I'm talking about. Eine and China will be used for any object off. It's kind. It's not important to know exactly which one. Let me give you an example. If I say it's Merced A in a banana essence, I want to eat a banana. It's not exactly important exactly which banana I want to eat. I just feel like eating the fruit. But if I say ish Mr De Banana s, um, you know exactly which fruit I'm talking about, this one de Banana Schmidt tall for English speakers, this'll shouldn't be too difficult because, like I already mentioned, they have the same thing in their own language. The our D and A or N. If you find yourself having trouble with this in German, just try to replace the article with any or some or this or debt. If any or some fits better. It's definitely the indefinite article iIn order China. If this or that fits much better, the article is definite. There d ord us. Oh yes, and one more very important thing when to use sign on one to use Aina well, if you listen carefully in the last unit and learned mine and minor, You will see that the principle is the same. It will again depend on the gender of a noun for male and neutral mounts. We will use I'm And for female mountains we will use China. No plural announce you're noticed. That's correct, Ayn and I know it will only be used for singular. Now's it does sound similar. Like science, which means one. So it does make sense. For example, H must a banana in Essen. No article, but this one is already eaten, but okay with 7. 3.3 Ein / eine - Übung: Are you ready for the first really difficult exercise. You have to decide which one you would use Dia de thus fine or China. I will put the gender of a noun behind it. So it will be a little bit easier for you. Good luck. - For more bite sized German lessons, visit 11% that X Y Z. 8. 3.4 Nahrungsmittel (Food): Let's talk about food a little bit more. Each. Have a Houna. I am hungry. Or literally, I have the hunger. Yes, Germans will really say it like that. Let's take a look at some narrowing smitten food products. That's boat one that we already mentioned bread, thus bridge in little bread or little baked bread product. In Germany and Austria, you will have a widespread culture off delicious baked goods, so don't miss out on them. If you find yourself there feeling like having something sweet, they're cook in the cake and some other products. The Miss Milk There you got yogurt. Dare Kiiza? She's thus I avert, consisting off one single def dunk. Remember the EI? Yes, I mean egg their guys, rice and some meat products. Thus flesh meat, their fish, fish and divorced sausage. When talking about voiced, I hope that you're aware that the voiced plays a big role in the German cuisine and culture . I think it's enough to say that the Germans have more than 15,000 different kinds of sausage. So what do you feel like eating today? I don't owe with 9. 3.4 Nahrungsmittel - Übung: - for more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z 10. 3.5 Kein / keine (Negative pronoun): so far. We mentioned a lot of food products fruit, vegetables, diary and other irritable products. But what if you are at a dinner or restaurant and you don't want to eat something or even better, imagine that you're coming to visit your grandmother. If she's anything like my grandmother, she will probably try and offer you any possible food that she has in the house. So how do you say no to that? Well, exactly that we will discuss in this lesson. Let's take a look at thes few examples, Mr Strange to coolness in nine dunker is Mr Kinch the cool own must a slime question Mukhisa nine Don case Mr Can question on kind and keys it What one of Mr Stein of us nine ish Mr Kind of was doma has been vegetarian. Do you know just the pattern Island Koken Kind and Corcoran. I'm blue chin kind fortune. So in German V usually won't say no. I don't want a piece of cake. Instead of that, we will put the negative directly in front of the noun. So we will get nine ish, Mr Kind and Coconut Essence, which would literally mean no, I want no piece of cake. Or, for example, is this gonna be Anna nine? Thus is kind of being a That's just an upfront vistas and up full nine. Thus is kind absolute racist. I need to matter. I hope that you get the pattern by now. What do you think? When should we use kind and the one kinda? Well, if you paid attention in the previous lessons, you probably can already guess it kind will be used in front, off masculine and neutral mounts like, for example, this is kind Kuhlman or this is kind Gestion and kinda will be used in front of female and floral mountains. This is kinda Bianna on doesn't kind of album. So let's do a quick recap kind and kinda will be the negative form off the indefinite article line and Aina kind will be used for masculine and neutral mounts. Various kinda will be used for female employer alone's Do you t 11. 3.5 Kein / keine - Übung: e. I will ask you a few questions and you try to answer them. For example, is this an Kiiza nine? This is kind Kieser that system import. Or, for example, it's the sign. A bana. Yeah, bestest I Navona. And now you listen to the questions. Pause the video, answer the question and then resume the video to see the answers. It's the Sino Ganja. Nine. Does this guy know? 100? That's a sign. A add B. It's the Seneca Toffan. Nine. Does this kind of cut off desist and it's available? Is the sign of Gorkha. Yeah, that's just I know Gorka. Is this an ki za nine? Does this kind Ki za does this thing? You'll go. It is this I nine does this kind. I does the same fish. Is this an divorced nine Does this kind of worst? Thus is on its riebel for Mary Boone show off 11% punk x absalon set 12. 3.6 Ein, mein, kein (Pronouns and articles): since our list of German articles and pronounce is getting bigger with each and every lesson, I decided to make a table for you to keep it all nice and organized and easier for you to follow along. So let's take a quick peek at what we learned so far. On the left side of the table, you will find the names of different articles and pronounce, and on the top off the table you will see whether it's used for female male neutral or plural amounts. So the definite article, the one that corresponds to the English, the hors D and it's used when you know exactly which object it's about is DEA D. Thus and D for plural. The indefinite article, the one that correlates with the English A and N is I'm for masculine and mutual, and I know for female loans, Flora will have no indefinite article. Mine and the minor are the possessive pronouns. Meaning of my mine is used for mail and mutual loans and minor for female and plural, and the last thing is something we just learned the negative form off. Indefinite article I kind is used for neutral and masculine ounce and kind of for female employer alone's. So, do you see the pattern here? Most of the time? Female and plural articles and pronounce will have the ending E, while male and neutral pronounce will look the same. So does this all make any sense to you? It's important to understand and get this part now because later this table will get bigger , a lot bigger. Dress me, do you and T? 13. 3.6 Ein, mein, kein - Übung: Let's try and put all the possible things from the table here and translate what it means. For example, that is absolute. I'll put the articles in the brackets, so it's a little bit easier for you. So the possible solutions would be that's is there. Absolute. This is the apple here. We know exactly which I pull I'm talking about. Thus is Lineup Foot. This is a apple. Any apple that's this mine up. So this is my apple. This is kind up that sustain it to Martin. This isn't an apple. This is a tomato. And now you write down all the possible solutions and Stranzl ations for the sentences and then come back to see the correct answers. - Mayor You Bowman finished off 11% punk x absolute set. 14. 3.7 Plural (Plural): Sometimes you want more than just one piece of cake or one glass of juice. That's why we have the plural. So let's learn how to make it in German. The plural and German can take the ending C e and E n our e r as or none at all. So how do you know when to use which ending? Remember how When we learned about the German articles, I told you a few off the rules when to use which one. But I told you to basically just learn the article right away with the vert. Well, the same way it will be. With the plural, you can learn some general rules, but the only way to know for sure is to learn the plural right way when you learn the now. So when you look at the vered in the dictionary, it will always be listed with the correct article and the first ending that you will see next to the noun is the plural ending. You basically just have to attach it to the noun, for example, like this on what is this second ending? Trust me, you don't want to know yet, so let's build some plural ounce de banana deeper. Lehman, Somebody spill this proud psyche. Low banana, Their fish. The Fisher ish cow for feeler Fisher. They're cool. The question this Mr Cli Coogan, there are absolute the absolute Wait, wait, wait. What just happened here? I know that I told you that you just have to attach the plural ending to the noun. But look at the word here. It also got the two little dots above the A The on load. Well, some very rare and special mounds will also have a slight stamps change for example, like here with the on load. And you will find that written in the dictionary like this. I don't know why I keep talking about dictionaries who use Israel dictionaries anymore. So let me show you some of the words we learned so far in the previous lessons and their plural versions with and t 15. 3.7 Plural - Übung: - for more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z 16. 3.8 Getränke (Drinks): Let's get something to drink to go with that fabulous meal you're having get Crenca our drinks and has to do us Toda best adore Stich are the ways to ask, Are you thirsty or literally? Do you have the thirst for? Has to do a Slover? Yeah, it's been zero Stich. Let's see what she wants to drink, thus much just thinking. What do you want to drink? There's oft juice, dust bia, obviously, the beer there T t that's Vasa water. Thus mineral vasa, mineral water de mis milk. They're vine wine. So let's try it one more time. Lage has to do us. Yeah, it's been Ziad Waspish. What's much? This took Lincoln onions off bitter, and let's also try it in the polite or formal versions Have ice happens due West? Yeah, it's been zeroed. Waspish West Mission. Zeke Lincoln. I'm in vine Bitter. Mm sh make good. Let's take a look at some fun fact about the German drinking habits in Germany. You are allowed to drink before you are allowed to drive the legal drinking age. Provine and beer in Germany is 16 and 18 for hard liquors, the same age that you're allowed to get your driver's license while clinking glasses, you must look the other person in the ice. If failed to do so, it can be considered rude or even as the sign off bad luck. Brewing beer is a big part of German culture. More than 1003 100 breweries across the country make more than 5000 brands amongst most in the world. More and more Germans tend to prefer to get their beers from small and local breweries. So if you never try the German beer, you're missing out. Trust me, course and T. 17. 3.8 Getränke - Übung: try to make similar conversations like the ones we did in the examples. Let me show you how Monica Vasa Monica has to dust. Yeah, it's been zeer dosage. What's mistress to thinking? And once a bitter try to make similar conversations with the next examples, Nicola has to dust. Yeah, it's been zero Stich Les mis Just thinking I'd be a bitter with Rekha has to dust. Yeah, it's been zero Stich. Let's misses the link in. I'm intimidated. Have ice Haven't due West? Yeah, it's been zero Estes. Let's mission. Zeke Lincoln Island Vine Bitter For more tips and tricks, visit 11% that X Y Z. 18. 3.9 Das verb 'haben' (The verb 'to have'): We already talked about one of the most important verbs that you can use the verb design to be. And we also mentioned it's highly irregular. Conjugation issue Been new best as uses isn't years I Z isn't well. Today. You're going to mention another eggs, Ilary and highly usable verb they were of having to have on. Not only that, it's highly usable in everyday speech. It's also part of many different tenses and moats, so it's really important to know it's conjugation. Luckily, it won't be as irregular as the conjugation of the verb Zain. Let's take a listen. Harbor New house. Is he as hot? We're Harbin, your hut Z hum. If you don't look closely, this verb may fully to think that it's actually regular, but it's not. If you remember our lesson about building the present tense, you will know that it's made by removing the infinitive ending E M. And adding the present tense endings. E STT ntn. But look here in the second and third person singular, the verb lost little to be in its stem, so we won't say who helps or, as he has help, never say that. But instead of that we say Do Hus and a Z as hat. So that's it? Well, yes, I know that you get used to much more complicated rooms, but don't worry. More irregular verbs are coming soon. So one more kind of whole conjugation of the verb habit in the present tense ish harbor New house, The S E s, huh? Via hum. Yeah. Huh? Z hub. And let's take a look at a few example Sentences with the verb has to hunger this shot by and quarter minus rest. I had a nice out of having been off minutes. Have to China. Cut, sir Z Haman causes house happens. He do us all clear. Let's practice. 19. 3.9 Das verb 'haben' - Übung: complete a sentence with the correct form off the verb hum complete ascendance with the correct form off the verb habit or resign for more bite sized German lessons. Visit 11% that X Y Z. 20. 3.10 Ja / nein Fragen (Yes / no questions): way already learned how to build questions with the V Verte, their vast SVU room one. Let's also learn how to make some different kinds of questions like, for example, the ones that you can answer with a simple yes or no. Let's see how to build these questions. Having Vietnam is how meerkat often is this any banana? It is actually quite simple. You just have to put the verb in the first place in the sentence and that's it. And the possible answers to these questions are, Yeah, yes or nine. No, and that's it. Yes, German doesn't always have to be very complicated and difficult. Okay, okay, let's make it just a little bit more complicated. Besides answering with the simple Yeah, yes or nine. No. You can also answer with a little complicated word, dog. Why complicated? Let me explain that will be used to contradict or deny and negative sentence or question what? Let me show you within examples, Mr. Kind of coffee mail Dark is your look coffee? This is kind of a Monta doc that sustaining tomato. Nine. This is kind of tomato, Doc. $9. So basically, doc can be translated as no to the contrary or yes, it is like that. As you can see, English is one of the many languages that likes a good equivalent for this word. Do you? 21. 3.10 Ja / nein Fragen - Übung: let's practice a little bit together form questions from these sentences. Thus ist eine Indiana Z have been tight. Does this Mina Tanta Ziploc semen? I am astonished. Took cocaine. Coffin z had an issue, Esther. So all you have to do is put the verb in the first place. Is this an Indiana? Have a seat Side is this Mina Tanta Klaus is even more Mr Orange Takuan call from had See I nish Mista for Mary Boone Show off 11% punk x absalon set 22. 3.11 Zahlen von 21 bis 100 (Numbers from 21 to 100): Do you still remember how to count from 0 to 20? Let's quickly repeated together. No ice tri ply fear for Zach's even Act 19 Elf 12 Frights and Fears and 50 Insistence. It's in acts and nine since one. C. Well, now it's time to get to the bigger numbers. Today you're going to learn how to count from 21 to 100 I hope that you're ready for some challenges because things were going to get a little bit upside down. So the number four was FIA. 14 was fits in on 24 will be fear on transition. You see what happened here? We first say the ones, the smaller numbers and after death, we say the bigger ones. The tense fear on sunset. Well, the most challenging part, if you're an English speaker, will be to say the other way around first, the smaller number than the bigger number. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of the European languages, including English, will say the other way around, so sometimes it can get a little bit confusing. Well, the numbers from 1 to 9 you already know, but you also need to learn the bigger numbers to be able to combine them. So let's learn them most of the time to make the tense. You will add the ending fish at the end of the smaller numbers. Let's see what it looks like. Sylvia already learned 20. This transition 40 will be FIA Pluses fetish the same way 50 will be for bliss. Stich First 60 is zesty, 70 is zips ish, 80 is actus and 90 is 96 I deliberately skipped the number 30. It will be one of the exceptions. Instead of adding fish, we will add six to form the number 30. So it will be vice ish. So one more time All the numbers together sciences, Khristich fee, etc. Perfect. See zesty zips noises want I'll Honda Toyota Honda. So let's see what some other numbers will look like. Remember we first say the ones then we say wound and and then we say the tense. Also watch out that it will all be written together no matter how long the number is. Yes, Germans like the roots Nice and long Fluff on transition Z been on the crisis nine on fee Insys spy on firm fish fear on zesty cry on Zips is ZX and Arctic I'm annoyances. Watch out here One is usually lines, but in combination with other numbers, it will lose the S and be just fine. So I'm owned Annoyance ish I don't owe with. 23. 3.11 Zahlen von 21 bis 100 - Übung: Let's count a little bit together, I will show you a number and you try and say the number in German. After that I will tell you the correct German name for the number, and you try to repeat it. If you need. Pause the video while you're thinking about the number. Okay, let's count. Stances Cry on France's Geiss is fear on crisis. Viets is I don't Fee etc. First Zebulon Phone zest it spy on zest Fish zips ish nine on Z Pizza Fish firm on art ish annoyances Act on nine session Honda Toyota Hyundai Great job Mayor You Bowman finished off 11% punk x absolute set. 24. 3.12 Der Preis (The price): Let's talk about money and prices when talking German. We will talk in euros, the official currency in Germany and other German speaking countries. So euro or oil in German Remember the pronunciation lesson. The possible ways to ask about the price. Are we feel costed us or bus costing us on? The answer can be dust coasted or that smart and another vert that you will need is their price. The price? Let's say, for example, that something costs 17 euros and 30 cents. Some of the possible ways you can say the prices zipped in oil on places sent or zits. An oil crisis. Let's take a look at some examples how to say the price of something West Coast in the banana and kilo costed in oil transition, we fear questioned the over engine, the Ohio engine constants by oil crisis Popolo. We feel cost to this essence that's musk's, even in classy or your whole nine and stances. Maybe this would be a good place to repeat all the numbers. If you still feel uncertain about them, do you do 25. 3.12 Der Preis - Übung: Alaska The price of some of the things Try to find it and tell me their price. We feel costed This flash we feel cost. It's their fish. We feel quested There's off. If requested their coffee. West Coast its damage. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 26. 3.13 Was trinkst / isst du gerne? (What do you like to eat / drink?): What do you like to drink? What do you like to eat? Let's find out the verge Gana means gladly, fondly or with pleasure on. We will use it in the sentence to say I like to eat or I like to drink. Let's take a look at some examples. Best things to Gana if you think again is up Vasa owned beer thus sprinklings again. I just think again. I mean Ravosa owned vine thus ist do Ghana. It s again a comm user on flesh less snc Ghana. It s again hopes he's a on fish. Mm. Makes prima. Let's turn it around a little bit and asks and different questions as well. Ist organica Mousa. Yeah, It s again a good Mousa things Tigana Vine nine is playing combined in Mr Gana. I don't owe 27. 3.13 Was trinks / isst du gerne - Übung: now is the right time to ask a few questions. Don't be shy to check the dictionary. If you want to say something that we still haven't learned, let's Istante clings to gonna try to answer the questions. Thus is to do Ghana. Thus things to Ghana West sustained labeling Sessoms masses. They leave things get playing is together. Oops, thanks to get a beer. It's to gun of us things to get him in the valve. ESA For more tips and tricks, visit 11% that X Y Z. 28. 3.14 Das verb 'essen' (The verb 'to eat'): if you paid attention in the last lesson, you may have noticed the strange thing about the verb Essen. The way it changes in different persons, let me remind you, it s a gang hopes thus ist do Ghana. It s a Ghana game. Yousa there is a gang of cash. Do you know there's something Something we already had with some other different verbs? Exactly. The verb Essen is a regular verb, and its changes its them. In this case, the e changes into I in the second and third person. Singular. Exactly like the verbal question that we already learned. So here is the full conjugation of the verb essence. It's Esser. New is the Z s is via esa s Ze s in. Be careful because the second and third person singular if this verb look really, really similar to another word, do you know which one exactly the verb to be. The only difference is that essence has two letters s while Zain has one letter s Let's take a look at some example sentences with this work, it s a flash. Here is kind flesh via Essen Gannon host. The whole Z is a metal Hauser s and B. A height of spaghetti, nine issues and a super on do Esca Musa, Do you do t? 29. 3.14 Das verb 'essen' - Übung: complete. The sentence is with the correct form off the verb essence. Remember that the verb is irregular in the second and third person. Singular. Good luck for more bite sized German lessons. Visit 11% that X Y Z. 30. 3.15 Im Restaurant (At the restaurant): By now, you already learned the names off a lot of different foods, and you learn, have to buy it and get at home. But sometimes you really don't feel like eating at home, and you just want to go out and have a nice meal. In today's lesson, we will learn how to order food at the restaurant or rather, casual food stand. So you're prepared for all situations. We will again have a short conversation very well learned a lot of the necessary vocabulary and phrases. Well, actually, this conversation will be a little bit longer than the previous ones, but it won't be too difficult, and you will learn a lot. And in the end, it is one of the most important things to know. You have to eat so and this little story. Our friends Michelle and Laura are going to a restaurant together. It's their first date. Let's see how they will order food and how they will pay for it. First, just relax. Listen to the text later will discuss the necessary vocabulary and phrases, and then you will listen to the text again. So their defense restaurant and the waiter comes to serve them. Yeah, da office Western Plankton Zain. It's Mr Anglers Find bitter on few Zima. Steph, assign few mission. I'm beer from fuss Come to realize volunteers this minimum it inch prison. Better shown. Dig a clinker. Zindzi Polite Sebastian. Oh, yeah, It's Mr the Platte first, Mid sauerkraut. Good. Good owned fuse Eva stuff. Assign filmacion a tow Martin Super Jaeger schnitzel on an zealot owned as knocks visor. So I stick Schwartz by the cash Started bitter. They're good. Come to realize the dinner was great, the atmosphere perfect and the waiter polite but it's time to go home. But before they leave, they still have to pay. Let's see how they will do that. Hello, Kellner Couldn't be a better direction. Become natural is better shown. Var Alison or no? Yeah, Alice for good On this s and nausea crystal ish here bitter. The rational sans emit car towed A bargain is Taliban bar GERD or K. Does my film fantastic or your whole act? Incent zips a better shirt stems doctors turn on comes a vida outfitters in. I hope that you understood at least a little bit. Let's take a look at some of the most important vertes M phrases from this conversation. They're kelana. Waiter, dig Esther guests. It was something for something to drink. It was some essence. Something to eat. I'm glass vice mine A glass of white wine. That's beer from fuss Tapped beer. That's menu the menu despise. Er would add us s in the meal. Dig a clinker. Drinks Boesch Talon T order, but right. Ready? It's Mr I want. And don't forget to say bitter at the end. Dana Dean Ash Dessert. Come glasses. It will be right there. D rationally the bill or the check, but common to get or to receive in Ordnung. Ah, phrase that basically means OK or all right. You can use it to ask Vallis an ornament. Was everything okay? You can also say Alison Ordnung, Everything okay? Coastal ish. Tasty. Thus bargain. Cash de Carta. Order the credit card. Credit cart de asthma. That is meaning the price would mean you can keep the change and the strength. Get the tip. Now let's listen to the text one more time. No, The office. Western Plains Design. Yeah. Mr. Eyeglass Vice Mine. Better on Fizzy was deaf. Assign few. Meesh, I'm be a from fuss. Come on, guys. Oh, and here's this monumental spices. But to sure in the Crenca Zindzi polite to Pakistan Yeah, it's mustard, the bratwurst. Mid sauerkraut. Good. Good on fees, Eva stuff assign for me. Chyna to Martin. Super Jaeger Schnitzel owned and ends a lot owned as Nash Baeza Stick Schwartzwalder cash type A bitter. They're good. Come to realize, can I couldn't be a bit of these. I shouldn't become naturally petition Vallis. An ordinary. Yeah. Alice were good owned us. Essen was zero crystal ish. Better sure. In the national sans makato, the baggage is Taliban. Bag it. Okey that Smart phones Estes Oy owned act incident Zipped fish petition That concern on comes a video a few dozen with don't get drunk. 31. 3.15 Im Restaurant: Here are a few questions about the text that we listen to in the last lesson. Don't worry if you don't know the exact answer to the question. More important, this that you understand the question and that you know how to form the answer. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z.