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German Language for Beginners / Part 2 - Unit 6 - Mode und Klamotten (Fashion & clothes)

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Intro - What you'll learn in Unit 6

    • 2. 6.01 - Klamotten (Clothes)

    • 3. 6.02 - Adjektive (Adjectives)

    • 4. 6.03 - Wie gefällt dir...? (How do you like...?)

    • 5. 6.04 - Mich, mir, dich, dir... (me, you...)

    • 6. 6.05 - Demonstrativpronomen (der, die, das) (Demonstrative pronouns 1)

    • 7. 6.06 - Demonstrativpronomen (dieser, diese, dieses) (Demonstrative pronouns 2)

    • 8. 6.07 - Komparation der adjektive (Comparison of adjectives)

    • 9. 6.08 - Unregelmäßige adjektive (Irregular adjectives)

    • 10. 6.09 - Wem gehört es? (Whom does it belong to?)

    • 11. 6.10 - Im Kaufhaus (At the shopping mall)

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About This Class

Welcome to the second part of the German course for beginners - Unit 6! :D

Congratulations on deciding to continue learning the German language :)


If you are a complete beginner, I encourage you to check out the first 13 Units. If you already know some things and want to continue learning and expand your knowledge - then come along with us. Before learning anything new, we will repeat everything we learned before, so you can be sure to have a good foundations you can build your knowledge on.


In this course, you will also get a lot of practice materials, so don't forget to download them under 'Projects & Resources' and complete the exercises after the lessons.


In Unit 6 of the second part, we will talk about clothes and fashion! :)

What you will learn:

  • How to name different clothes and accessorizes
  • Vocabulary used for shopping at an shopping mall
  • How to use different adjectives
  • Say that something belongs to someone
  • Adjective comparison and irregular adjectives
  • Say that you like or dislike something
  • Different demonstrative pronouns
  • Personal pronouns in the accusative case

At the end of the course you will be able to name different clothes and accessorize and get what you need at the shopping mall. You will learn different adjectives and their comparison, even if they are irregular. Besides that, you will learn the personal pronouns in the accusative and some different demonstrative pronouns.

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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The common urban legend says, that people only use around 10% of their brains. The ten percent myth most likely arose from a misund... See full profile

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1. Intro - What you'll learn in Unit 6: In unit six, we'll talk about clothes and fashion. Here are some things you will know by the end of this unit. You will learn the names of some of the clothes and assess arise. How to say that you like or dislike something, and how to ask someone about their opinion, how to say who it belongs to. And we'll see what it is like to go shopping at the mall and get some help. We'll also learn the cooperation of the adjectives, some of the demonstrative pronouns and the personal pronouns, and the accusative and dative case. 2. 6.01 - Klamotten (Clothes): First, let's learn the names of some of the clothes in German. There are a few ways to say clouds and German. The clamor ten, decried OK. And decrying sticker all mean close. And we also have the garden Oba wardrobe. Does hemmed shirt, the blue's a blouse. They are pullover sweater. Thus T-Shirt. Well, T-Shirt. D, aka jacket, damn mantle. Code. D. Whose pants? They are? Huck skirt, dusk glide dress. D sure. Shrews. D2, unsure or dij, poor short sneakers or trainers or sport shoes. And to look really good, you will also need a few accessorize, D Barilla glasses. These zone and perilla combination of d zona and deep rela sunglasses. They are hood, head, DMM itself, cap. Their smoke. Jewelry. De Hua, watch. Not so much in SSRIs is more like a necessity, but let's mention it here as well. Deta Usha bag and their hooks, OK, backpack. We will of course also learned some other things along the way, but I think this is enough for getting started. Let's repeat the new vocabulary One more time. Declare Merton, decline. Decline on stalker. D guck, the robot, does hemmed. Db loser. They are pullover. Thus T-Shirt, D, Yucca, damn mantle. De who's their hock? Does Clyde Di Shuo Hua De To ensure the sport Sure. The Villa de zone and credit there who would deem itself. They are smoke, D D sharp, hooks. Ok. All dressed up and ready to go. 3. 6.02 - Adjektive (Adjectives): When talking about clothes, you will probably want to describe them in some way. And to do that, you will meet some adjectives. And this lesson we will repeat some of the adjectives you already know, but also learn a few new ones you can use to describe your clouds. Churn, meaning pretty or beautiful. Has leash, ugly. Talia, expensive. Bullish, cheap. Guns dish. Also cheap, meaning more like economical, good, price. Noise. New. Alt, old. Cause, big. Klein, small. Quotes, short. Lung, long, Dick, thick. Dune. Then these ones you already know, right? And now let's learn a few new ones. Sramana, Selim, Inc. Tight, bright, wide, Medan, modern or fashionable. Ultimate, old-fashioned, girl strived, striped, elegant, elegant. So we have Smile, slim, Inc. Tight, byte, wide. Medan, modern or fashionable, ultimate, old-fashioned, gashed lived, striped and elegant. Elegant. And now let's describe some clothes. Z clicked and then Galvin jogging and Sukh. So jogging and Sukh is a jogging suit or track suit. And notice here we use the accusative case. She is wearing what? Direct object and it's in the accusative case. Island. E, carpets and poorly is our Gulp onto quotes. That's who clicked the visor spits Shua, Zi clicked Ireland, England, vice and top on Dionysia Lambda Chi Turkish drive to HOSA. Dads who had CJ poets who were on, I know HOTAIR, x1 and cleaner on two-quarter Tasha, AIR creatine Angus vices untimed. The island Blau and, and Sukh. Ar, hot iron curtain on device or sugar in their hand high-tech area. In a brief Ta Shuo Zhi clicked, I know quotes a war zone. And in decon pulley on the core set COUNTIFS differ. Z hat alpine climbers, elegant S, band, AR creaked IN uptown and lead IACR owned and Blau is hemmed. Air had either Madonna onBind who weren't attorneys on and rela 4. 6.03 - Wie gefällt dir...? (How do you like...?): In this lesson, we will learn how to ask someone about their opinion, about clothes or anything else. We have a few phrases that we can use. We all mentioned both the informal and formal version. Give fallen means to like. So we can have VG effects. Dia means how do you like or Viega felt for the polite version. Big effects, DR. mine, eunoia hawk, AIG unfilled. Mia zia, good. Zoo, Madame. Vg of fallen, Dia De Shu De Shuo fall and me and nist isn't our Sue Ang vg effect in and does hemmed escapades me and nist as Altamont. Another wave would be with the verb Finland. Finland means to find, but also to have an opinion about something. Vif understood and known Gretel. Wow, does it Dr. Klaus? Vif tendency, Milan, unstuck. If vendor in Xj are shown. We can also use the verb, which means to stand, but can also mean to fit or to look a certain way on someone. Let me best explained with a few examples. Which date me a diesel blues, DHA, DHEA Zagat, Benson who was arrested me best. Db lower hoses, they DSA. And the last verb we're going to mention is the verb past son to fit. Passing in. And these are Shua. Nine is, isn't to anchor these past me and z is two Klein happens if realized ins and recall USA. So here are all the useful phrases. One more time. Good fallen. Vg effects were felt in Finland. Refund is due, or VIF Linden Zi, Dan, the state MEA or VHDL, dia poisson past 11 or past deer. Tongue and pumping. And pumping and pumping. 5. 6.04 - Mich, mir, dich, dir... (me, you...): Give felt as dia, past him, get hurt. As long as you already know the personal pronouns and German AGE DO AS via Yahtzee and a formal Z form. But unfortunately, these personal pronouns will also have to change with the cases. So in this lesson, we'll learn how to decline the personal pronouns in German. In unit three of this course, we learned their reflexive pronouns. And if you still remember them, Lucky you, because the personal pronouns and the accusative will look very much alike, the Reflexive Pronouns. Let's check out the declination. Is mesh. Do this. Ar E in z, z, s, s via, owns the oil z, z, and z, z. We already mentioned sentences with the reflexive pronouns like for example, can mimic. But we will also have sentences like this. Does Clyde, East fewer mesh. Mesh looks the same in both sentences. But in the first one, it's a reflexive pronoun. And then the second one, it's the personal pronoun and the accusative case is turned into, which sounds a little confusing. Don't worry, let's go through a few more examples. In all these sentences, the program will be the personal pronoun in the accusative. The hose is to climb few even. Does some best. And Fuzi, EIA had disgust magazine. Continue owns Morgan afterwards Hefner, vSAN noise. Each have a z Gaston anger often. But we won't stop here since we learned the dative case recently, we will also try to learn the personal pronouns in the data. Is mia, do D, a, e, m, z is EIM via ones t0, x0, and x0. So first the easy stuff. First second person plural will look exactly the same as the accusative. The masculine and neutral pronoun. We'll get the ending em, just like the date of article. Remember, deem and feminine we'll get the ending are just like the article data. And what's left, you just have to learn. So here is the whole table is mesh. Mia. Thus is few mesh. Give a smear. Do this, deal. Zia, this comment Sudhir. In him, the Cavatina is fill in. Each gave him xie, xie issue for Z, n h Moses, ESR GE and S S E M does kinda Islam, kindergarten age Moses up Holand and email address. So as Sunbeam via owns, owns the clamor tens and niche fear owns RBA, sublime and by owns. These are shores and fuel oil. Is oil. Z, z, E in is Keynesian. These are smoke passcodes to even z, z, curve, Anansi butter, Andy's a casa common reconnect, even Harrington. 6. 6.05 - Demonstrativpronomen (der, die, das) (Demonstrative pronouns 1): In this lesson, we will learn the German demonstrative kanamycin. Don't worry, it sounds much worse than it is. Demonstrative woman or demonstrative pronouns are used to point out, so to say, the exact person or thing you're talking about. Meaning, to make it explicitly clear what you are talking about in the exact situation. They will often replace a previously used noun or phrase. And they place additional emphasis on the person or thing that's being mentioned. Give felt in and they're mantle, Belcher, they're here. Zs two dB loser. They share d dot. We finesse to this, Clyde vanishes, does he? And even near Shamil dishwashers and X4 Sean Bell, Shu Shuo De Zhao Fen str. So you can see a few things here. First of all is the question that Xia basis Valley share meaning which or which one. Very sharp is used for masculine see the r vanishes is used for neutral. See the S. And well, she is used for feminine and plural. See the 0s here. But let's go back to our examples. Here. We also have some demonstrative pronouns, and you might even have skipped them because this group looks just like the definite article Dia de does. Look. They are here. This one, this one right here. We mentioned that we are talking about a coat. So in the following sentence, we can use just the pronoun data. They are here, this one right here. D dot. I'm talking about a blouse. I mentioned it in the sentence before. Now I just used the pronoun, this blouse right over there, d dot ds here, and even near, the neutral demonstrative pronoun is here used instead of dust, Clyde, D, M, Shao, Fen, sta. And we also have plural instead of Di Shuo, again, we say d, d, m, shelf and stop the 1s and the shop window. This was ridiculously easy. You basically just exchanged a noun with the right definite article. They D, Or does. 7. 6.06 - Demonstrativpronomen (dieser, diese, dieses) (Demonstrative pronouns 2): There are also other demonstrative pronouns, and they will be a little bit more complicated, but just a little bit. Let's check out another one and the next few examples. Give felt e1 and dema until fairly sharp. These are here. As you can see, this pronoun is just a longer version of the last one. Instead of dia, we have DSA. The ending is the same. See the r. So these up, these, and DCIS means exactly this one here. So I would say that this is a little bit closer than they are. For example, if we say they are Blau, it will be the blue one. But if we say d sub lowercase, it would be the blue one right here. Both versions have more or less the same meaning, but with this one here, it's definitely sure it's a demonstrative pronoun because it's not the same as the Articles. Z's to D Blues venture. Dz dot this same thing, same ending and meaning just a little longer form d. And these are the funders to this. Clyde vanishes. This is here and even DEA. And see the S and neutral DCIS. Shao mile dishwashers and X4 Sharon, vanish issuer, DSA, IM shelf and stir. D7 also be used for plural. And now let's check out some more examples and see how you can use this guten tag, h mesh the island Reagan sham Calvin, vanish and Reagan sham emotionally z. Then Blau and d's. And here, nine, DES and down. Bishop, Hello, Lagerfeld, the meogda fed, they are dicker, Rotterdam. Well shall, they aren't even there. Who is a? These are the 99. These are here. We are. There is churn VIF understood in mantle, the enclosed and Conan. Yeah, these, and they're here ranked the infinite ESA outmoded. Wait, wait, wait, what just happened here? Why don't we have data and these, but Dean and D isn't instead. Well, bad news is that the pronouns will get declines just like the articles. So you will have to change them in the correct case when necessary. Here they are. Mantle is in the accusative case. Remember the accusative, right? The direct object, the one in which only the masculine changes from there into dean. If yes, then take a look at it here, there. And these are changed into dean and decent and accusative C, that the ending is always the same on both. I also made a little table so you can see all the changes happening in the two cases we learned so far, accusative and data. So we have denominator there, D does ND. We have the accusative case, dean, D Does B. And the date of case deem, they deem Dean. And now let's look at the same thing with the season. So in the accusative we will have the reason these DCIS and DZ and in the data will have the Zim diesel, diesel, diesel. You see how the endings are staying the same all the time. Let's also take a look at the question we learned Valley shot, because it will also change with the cases. So we will have validation, share, vanishes, val ship in the accusative and in the dative case will have very, very sharp Valley, some vulture. And now let's check out some more examples with both types of the demonstrative pronouns and all the cases we learned so far. Nominative, accusative onto dative has to the Northern Rock cuisine version then the rotten advice and striving nine which have a diminished cuisine, a Sida India. These are here. Oh wow, this is each Toll House, dash T, dS x2. Good. It's where the diesel blues a coffin. Webshop loser device, semitone Schwartz and punctuation. These are here. Ya De Di AM, shelf and stop. Dc Talks the Ayatollah hours. D is canned speech about the unconcerned Zaha Toya, coffee, Dundalk. 8. 6.07 - Komparation der adjektive (Comparison of adjectives): We already learned a lot of very useful adjectives. Remember, Sean has Salish, quotes, lung, Toya, bullish, guns, stage, alt, noise, cause Klein, Dick, dune, smile, ANC, Clyde, Medan, outmoded, Gish craft, elegant. And in this unit we're going to learn that something is bigger or smaller than something else, or that something is the most expensive one or the cheapest one. Exactly. We are going to learn the cooperation of adjectives. Let's check out some examples. And I think you will be able to see by yourself what happens to the adjectives. Watch closely. These a pauper is Klein. These Kleiner. These are inclined stun. Or this example. There are computer is bullish. Thus handy is silica. Does BU is umbilicus. Then let's analyze. Do you may be already see what we need to do to compare adjectives. Positive is the first stage. The adjective is just as you know it, no changes here. The second stage is the comparative. Look what happens. The adjectives get the ending ER. Am. Klein is small, Kalina is smaller. Bill is, is a cheap, basilica is cheaper. And the last one, the superlattice. Here we need and the ending Sten. So Klein turned into AMQP lines, then the smallest. And Bill ish turned into a helix then the cheapest. Quite easy, right? Let's see some examples. These are Jose is Zia Klein or and these are here. D is not Kleiner. Defended these as Clyde Xj are shown, our bodies is here not shown up. These Cao Cao system billings as this field, as the unclean. When should lose offenders to I'm sure instance. These, they're shown a buddy here is mere assurance. These Husker shaft is a more dense than I let on cleanse and feel altimeter shop. Does hemmed is Zeynep guide. This hand is not greater than slice a hemmed Islam brightest. And here you can see that in the super ladder, instead of adding just stand, we use the ending S. Then this will happen with adjectives that end in D, T, S, or Z, because with the additional ie, it's much easier to pronounce. I hope you had fun learning the adjectives. Let's practice a little bit. 9. 6.08 - Unregelmäßige adjektive (Irregular adjectives): In the last lesson, we learned how to compare adjectives. Remember, for the comparative, we will add a, a at the end of the adjective. And for the superlattice, we added in front of it and ending Sten. But like always in German, we will have a few exceptions. Look at this, for example, cause Cusa unquote Austin, or even this good Baeza and Beston. Let's learn how to change some of the irregular adjectives. When talking about irregular adjective comparison, we will have three major groups. The first one is the easiest one. The adjective will just get an allowed. The two little dots here is an example. Cause glue. So I'm Kirsten. I l into l Tustin. Young yoga. I'm young stun. Quotes cursor. I'm Kurt system, Lange, Lehner, I'm Langston, vom, Verma, and Rammstein. This will often happen with short adjectives that have only one syllable and, uh, while in the middle. The second group of adjectives with an irregular comparison will lose the letter E and the process. Let's check it out. Toya, toy, euro toy, Justin, dong, dong, I'm donkey wilson. It will be adjectives that end in L or L. And we, luckily, we don't have a lot of them. And we have the third group. These are the wildcards. These adjectives will often completely changed their stem and what they look like. Let's see. Good Baeza and best and feel. Mayor Easton, Gan, Lieber, Um, leaps than for these adjectives, it's best to just learn it by heart than remember it as it is. And here are some of the irregular adjectives. In example sentences. Des is Clyde, here is closer, thus dot. And one more very important thing, when we are comparing two adjectives, we will use the word as meaning then to compare two things. He is younger than her. Eia is tuna, I'll say Z. This is better than that. Thus is bursa as does. So don't forget to put the little word eyes between the two things you are comparing these abuser past me or I'm best than infinities as hemmed AND bess than their rock is Qurta as this collide, they are chyle is their lung, they are mantle is linger as their Shad does Clyde Islam lengths than they are linker MAN IS feel boon to us. They are Rashomon. But there are reached among Eskimo Diana. There is somewhere dance than him houses as feel Verma I strauss S his Kleiner about October transplant. 10. 6.09 - Wem gehört es? (Whom does it belong to?): Vail get hurt, does go hurt as the, thus give her at me. In this lesson, we will learn a very useful verb, beholden to belong to. Let see how to use it correctly. I hope you still remember the personal pronouns in the database because we will need them for this lesson. Mia, the EME, ICA owns oil. Even in the verb, get has to belong to. We'll ask for the date of case. So let's see how to use the personal pronouns in the day div, but this verb to say whom does it belong to? So that Mia belongs to me. Go hat d belongs to you. Go her at EIM belongs to him or her at e belongs to her. Gerhard owns, belongs to us. You heard oil belongs to you, like you and plural, get heard in, belongs to them, and get heard in n belongs to you. The formal version. For example. These are mantle, give her Mia. Go-ahead. D blues daddy. Thus water, Clyde, divert EAR. On schedule. Run these a 100. Sure. Sure. Declamatory gives you oven in and get heard in. And these are Hood. Of course, you don't have to use personal pronouns with this work. It can also be something else. These are mantle, we've heard the man VM gathered these blues. Does Clyde give heard them? Can't just don't forget to put the person. It belongs to, the date of case. So we can say the same thing in a few different ways. Vmm Gebhard, they are ordering their ordering. Gave her Tamir the urine belongs to me or does is mine or hang. It's my hearing. The personal pronoun in the data and the possessive pronoun can both be used here to make sentences with similar meanings. Vm gigahertz, these are nonpolar. These on and relative heard. Thus is x1 and pre-lab VM give me 1D sugar. The sugar who owns thus ons of Assur vega Her-2 does hemmed, thus him to give her in and thus is EA hemmed here? Just be careful not to mix up all the different enough in E. E, a, and E are versions. They all sound similar, but me in a completely different thing. 11. 6.10 - Im Kaufhaus (At the shopping mall): For the last lesson of our unit, we'll see what it looks like to go shopping at a coffee house shopping mall, will repeat some of the things we learned in this unit, but also tried to learn a few new ones. Let's take a look at a few possible conversations at the shopping mall. Lucas mesh, the desk vice a t-shirt, Calvin stdin Zerg, wood on the CRO surpassed. Ai is synonym causing cough house. By air can lighter decussate fending. Vasa lead N-bits Harlan fertilised Kenya, Uganda, and Dragan. Dot-com tie in a fair coin. And surely Guernsey cadenza methylate health and it offended the cosine on this word again at this t-shirt, Calvin. And problem. The kasa is lazy here in S and stuck. Showing z here links on the ACA is conditions in Finland UNC. Nina gets to a party and walk and under when metastasis IN denoise Clyde colorful, Zinedine, Zidane, shrewdness, Clyde hours excavate and mesh the South Korean and surely Guernsey kinesthesis Clyde, our Colombian Naturalists, the enclave Jacobean and z dot. Nina could be at a desk. Clyde ABA essayist, Su Shuang on our Sue quotes, zipCode and reclusive. And surely Guernsey Haben CDC's Clyde realized out when they're closer, M, S is near to Cline. Lessons, image mulch, showin, Yahoo have Miss outline m machines. Yes, uncool Bian Ya bitter. Nina could be at a desk, collide, knock Ironman, closer M pasty a perfect. Zika off the desk. Clyde on Friday, Shaun of the party S with care towel on glucose visage and Illinois and mantle Carlson. You get some coffee house. Chanel had, yeah, and ensuring environment mantissa funding about air is ground. Lucas mush that enshrouds mantle. Rayleigh basis was Island Colombian past. And surely Kanzi hadn't CDs and mantle fertilised often swats ish, Muslim lag enough showin, buttons, EBITA island moment later, hadn't read in mountain niche enshrouds. But we haven't been in donkey Blau. Flies Giffords there even showing z, Lucas finish then don't care. Blau and mountain niche slashed. Air statin zag would on desktop feel Madonna as the owner. Yeah, I'll try that system. Blau and 1 third to coffee.