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German Language for Beginners / Part 2 - Unit 5 - Dienstleistungen (Services)

Sandra German, Professional German teacher

German Language for Beginners / Part 2 - Unit 5 - Dienstleistungen (Services)

Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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12 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro - What you'll learn in Unit 5

    • 2. 5.01 - Dienstleistungen (Services)

    • 3. 5.02 - Berufe und Hobbys (Jobs and hobbies)

    • 4. 5.03 - Vor & nach (Before and after)

    • 5. 5.04 - Ab - bis (From - to)

    • 6. 5.05 - Reisegruppe (Travel group)

    • 7. 5.06 - Wie lange...? (How long...?)

    • 8. 5.07 - Es ist kaputt (It's broken)

    • 9. 5.08 - Könnte, würde (Could, would)

    • 10. 5.09 - In einer Woche (In a week)

    • 11. 5.10 - Präpositionen mit Dativ (Prepositions with dative)

    • 12. 5.11 - Die Buchung (Reservation)

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About This Class

Welcome to the second part of the German course for beginners - Unit 5! :D

Congratulations on deciding to continue learning the German language :)


If you are a complete beginner, I encourage you to check out the first 11 Units. If you already know some things and want to continue learning and expand your knowledge - then come along with us. Before learning anything new, we will repeat everything we learned before, so you can be sure to have a good foundations you can build your knowledge on.


In this course, you will also get a lot of practice materials, so don't forget to download them under 'Projects & Resources' and complete the exercises after the lessons.


In Unit 5 of the second part, we will talk about different services! :)

What you will learn:

  • How to name different services, jobs and hobbies
  • How to say that something happens before, after or since something else
  • Explain that something is broken
  • Ask and say how long something will last
  • Book or arrange a stay or meeting
  • Some prepositions with the dative
  • Modal verbs in the Konjunktiv II

At the end of the course you will be able to book or arrange different services, explain if you have a problem or something is broken and find out how long it will take to get it done. Besides that, you will learn how to be extra polite by using the modal verbs in Konjunktiv II and some more prepositions that go with the dative case.

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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The common urban legend says, that people only use around 10% of their brains. The ten percent myth most likely arose from a misund... See full profile

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1. Intro - What you'll learn in Unit 5: In this unit we will talk about Dean slice domain, meaning services. Let's learn how to name the different services you might need and how to communicate to get what you want. You will learn how to talk about different services and how to arrange to get something fixed. For example, your broken phone or car. And how to find out and say how long it will take. You will learn how to say that something happened before or after something else. How to discuss a timetable for travel group and how to rent a car or book a table at a restaurant. You will also learn how to use some verbs and conjunctive XVI, and how to correctly use all the different prepositions with the date of case. 2. 5.01 - Dienstleistungen (Services): Let's learn some of the services you might need and how to communicate, right? And get what you want. First, let's check out some services that might be useful to you. Does skip ahead to a service, repair service. If something gets broken, kaput, like dine handy, diet cola, Or maybe then fog that. Data out to me, Hanukkah car mechanic. The car mechanic will fix your car, dine out. Oh, if it gets broken. This infamous Zune central would add ascribes it sent home. The Information Center or the Travel Center is a great place to get help with your trip, the riser, and where to go. D, Utica order, DIA, artist. The pharmacy or the doctor is a place you go to if you get sick, crank, or you need some medicine. The medical momentum. There cannot him. Crystal Hall. The waiter at the restaurant is the person that can help you with your get rank, drink and we'll bring you your Essen, the meal. And deepest, the post office is a place to go to send your letters D prefer, or to receive your package, that's packet. And these are just some of the places that you will probably need sometimes. Lets check our two conversations at two different repair services. I asked my outer is coupled, it must cling and some out Omaha Monica, about war carnage island, Wooten owned niche suits and auto mechanic offender, a showman limb internet. Now, after that is dynamic, so white vec four near each vessel her in mind. And so often. How long? Each have a cube Lima MIT minus our auto SL Manchu malnourished and clinging. Kinsey's fertilised Morgan and format OK. Two owns cranium. Vfs opens Hussein who does Koblin leaked? Yeah. We feel one common Z ohm Alpha four by VSD enough normal. Heinz. How e n set a. Okay, frontline service Martin down. Hello, my handy function yet niche Mayor de camera is to tell Schwartz owned up. I negated Tuscan food sunnier, nist, lessons, image magazine. Hm, yeah. A CFO does Koblin leaked Kinsey's Report rerun? Yeah. Latish. We lung problems if you develop a tour, BUS Moglen, the calendars handy Moglen, own firm for approval and we feel betas on the fair Costner. Diaz, that style isn't longer fair first fish oil on the catwalk hostage crisis as reserves oil points because AMD, okay, he has this handy Schaller has done more than up in symptom. 3. 5.02 - Berufe und Hobbys (Jobs and hobbies): Let's see if you still remember some of the jobs and hobbies we mentioned. In this lesson, we will listen to a few people talking about their job and what they do in their free time. Thus is Tomas Thomas's polygamy reform. But wolf. Yeah, by titin fishy known apps on to invigorate POISSON.DIST software. In Xi'an applied site fair to organise skateboard on fair clink, Seidman, sign-in pointing, and Veda in INR HIPAA Anbar to order input Gaussian internet tour. Does this cloud goin, zs chef and I know cos and pharma owned lighted, deem median uptight along. When finished by their orbit is at least c Ghana on speeds does Clavier. This is Nina Z is kinda get Northern phone booth. Z leaped econ job on the arbiter, zag animate Kingdon. Not their arbeit kids again, abandon and Favart fog and that's here is Nico is delighted by nullclines startup firmer. I'm Walkin under inch pandas, MIT music. We're one laser, fog, fog and pattern auditor's tennis feeling. This is CNES. Yens is forever via man owned Esarhaddon and Zaha and clinging onto fairly Schoenberg 2v. And as an aside, I'm lips the Medina familiar spirit videos pillar or the gate. Again. 4. 5.03 - Vor & nach (Before and after): If you listened to the people in the last lesson, you probably noticed that we talked about different time periods. The people are doing something before work, during work and after work. And we used some prepositions to say that we used for meaning before and not meaning after. I hope you already know these prepositions. But the interesting thing with them will be that there will always go with the data case. So for example, we have d byte, which is a feminine noun. But we will say for data byte and knock their arbeit. The dative case. Or if we take data, will allow a masculine noun for deem or lope and knock the more Lope. De tu again. Does a son isn't neutral noun. So we will have four deem Essen and not deem Essen, defect in a plural noun. So for Dean virion and not been fiercely. And again, let's check out some examples for the byte address as center. For them, although masonry on-off button for their hawk site h2 amongst nafta M, S and Guinean via in, IN NBA, nasa, there are vitamin Assyrian, OK, Zao Obama, often not in a violent Muslim Vienna, how's again, we also have some prepositions that tell us that something is happening during something else. Here it won't be so easy because we will have different prepositions for different things. But let's just check out some most frequent ones. In meaning in or at or during. It will be used, for example, here in the infinity and in him or him wallowing in their Schuller. And we have, by which can also mean during venues like this, by their arbeit at work, by them film, during the movie, or maybe even buys on unknown Tang at sunset. And we also have this one, V, IV and V, and is quite often used, but it's not our first choice right now because it's used with another case that we still haven't learned. The rent goes with the genitive case, but we'll talk about this case when the time comes. For now, just remember that the hunt also means during B and D infinity and b hunt. Yeah, but here it still looks just like the data, right? But watch this vivant, this essence, the event this film IS here, it gets a little bit complicated. But don't worry, like I said, we'll talk about this case when the time comes. So we learned for not in bye. And we also mentioned virulent. 5. 5.04 - Ab - bis (From - to): So in the last lesson, we learned how to say that something is happening before or after or during something else. In this lesson, we will expand this knowledge a little bit and learn how to say that something is going on from to a specific point in time. We already learned the prepositions, fun And this before. Remember fun, meaning from and bis, meaning until. For example, fund Montauk, biz, attack, or phone firm best afterward. But there are also some other prepositions that can be used for the same thing. One of them is the preposition up. Let's check it out. Also means from or as of Z could endless bucket up morgan up hole and you can pick up the package as of tomorrow or starting tomorrow. If gear of Morgan niche mates who are arbeit as of tomorrow, I'm not going to work anymore. So I'm going today and tomorrow I stop. Does noaa Gazette put a pointer in craft? The new law becomes effective as of today. Adenoids and wounded annoyances is the fermata is Epstein dish. As of 1990, the company is completely independent. Notice that Ag is another preposition that will go with the data case. So for example, they are monad, deem Nixon lunate. Does ya up demon Nick's then yeah. Devo her dear Nixon Rafa. On the detail. Update 10Ks than tagging. And here are a few cute little phrases and expressions which we'll use this prepositions that you might find useful apps Ofwat as of right now, when thanks to Madonna and ave done apps Ofwat. Yet, as of now, yets Kinsey by own self-made, could eat, cut its Harlan. And something that's also often you used up on Sue, meaning sometimes every now and then, gives Lewin's fitness studio. So in terms of pumpkins. 6. 5.05 - Reisegruppe (Travel group): And now that we learned some much needed words, let's check out how it row group will spend their day and the busy city of Berlin. The advisor lighter exceeds their cries. A copper. We have had and I didn't outlook nuff Berlin Martin for their file tube equivalency, bitter CE, documentary on deskilled metabolome and feeling restaurants and cafes in Berlin. We hadn't credit cotton niche activity. It the upside is on firm for a modern ZF who bit designs apparently sham cleft bonked on after welcome, and we're in Berlin on AS gained via ins hotel omens. And so Maldon. Z colon dots desk apec abstention, who wish to occur in order for them to push, took knock Schnell him swim batch women gain. Nafta includes took five and we are in central. Zebra common n in stat plan owned cannon align a dish that positioning and poor damage on Scrum Kaiser lighter. I __init__ That one fat margin. We have had an unlit visiting and xenon Swedish chitin bristlecone via Bill Callahan and our slope knock slots shall Lautenberg Martin. Then I also have near elitism and mitigate Essen in Ireland, but Canton Berliner has two wrong oven kinesins data ODA in the 2p again. By the mitigates invariant CD cotton feuding among the common nafta emitter guessing Hume's if high on quantization hotel Oswald who does urban off dish type positioning and now steam teratomas. Wu Shang We have fought, does also govern leash and not leaving their stats to kinesin. Applies a is few of glue I'm wagging a plant. I hope that the group will have a lot of fun. Let's check out their schedule for the day. The copper fared on firm for on Wagner up on the unconfident baleen is pure water plant. Phone after best. What happens IV, whose token hotel odors equinox women gain when z1 and nafta influence took Mackenzie, I know starts when fired positioning and dish touch on variable cannot touchless charlatan Bob as often. That's mitigates. Phone swipe is try plant, not the mitigate son hadn't Zizek's work, wouldn't couldn't Muslim Mercy Warren. Well, then striata would at the o Pugin order, fertilized IN berlin o'clock, pursue her. 7. 5.06 - Wie lange...? (How long...?): When planning something, it's very important to know how long it will last. And this lesson, we will learn some other useful births when talking about duration and time and German. Let's first take a look at a few examples. And shooting. And z v lambda dot d haunt fot. The juan fought doubts. Circuit's five-step London funder noise. Agafia l's. Hello, my camera is coupled to meaning a province FUD hyperbola tour. Feudal repertoire cow which minDistance try toggle. Bs1 is foolish to cryo-TEM hotel. Coast-to-coast. One. Hello mine out to is by in an Indian style is the hypervisor to have varieties of unconscious up Holon is here at Leiden or violet R1. So here are some words and phrases we used. V Langer. How long v Lange, I doubt the repertoire. How long does the repair work last? Or meaning how much time will you need to repair it? Tao1 to last is doubt. It's why toggle. It lasts two days or it takes today's fun, bys something we mentioned many times before, from until funding stack-based on unstuck from Tuesday, Thursday. Cloud 15x plus acquisitive. Cao Hong means to take need or require. And it can be used for many things like here to express a time needed for something is proud. When I enter Shonda, I need one more hour. I inviolate tao1 order Pao Han to take some time. As we have not enough eyelid down, it will take some more time. Fetish, finished. Is this fetish? Is it finished? Mindistance, at least establish minDistance ins Shonda. It will last for at least one more hour. See AKA approximately or around its provid circuit seen, renewed, end up fewer. I need approximately ten minutes for that. Unga fair. Also approximately AR content, hunger, fear, INR Shonda. He'll come in approximately one hour. Bys one until when BS1 candy rise up because actually I hadn't until when can the trip be cancelled? Up? Yvonne, sense when up Von Carmen Decadron, colorful. Since one can you buy the tickets? 8. 5.07 - Es ist kaputt (It's broken): Finally got your new phone but it's broken. But yourself a brand new TV, but it just doesn't work. In today's lesson, we will learn how to say that something is broken, couplet, or just isn't working full tyranny at nist. Let's check out to conversations that people are calling the shops to see if they can get something that's broken, repaired. Hello computer, repertoire service we condition and helpline, guten tag HIV and probably mine. Computer is coupled. Bus can often tune yet niche male, AIR vanished, myostatin, crippled Yangzi, River modeller. Ya via aubergine with Alan Martin and 1-10, ZOPA, Kalish high tunnel, common Jacobians and best science issue often. Good. Then come at NINR, Shonda, vistas EBUS one-day or computer happen yet met assist me uttering end. That's why I said nist can now our binomial divisor problem we had circa IN best site AGA feudal her b21. Okay, Duncan, vis peta, choose guten tag, optic Newman must connect Fuzi tune, guten tag, have clearly some telephone. Asia I'm Problem. My Nikola is kaput, desk, glass, coffin. Kinsey realized hydrophobia common. Then couldn't be Eocene was humor from Conan. Yeah, it's kinda nine Pashtun and buy in enzyme. Beloved ID repertoire. This Moglen, Zika, Negro player, Silva Poland. Visine z v field as custom Quinta funds I wondered, builds, diamonds, oil hole, fear and down bys beta of beta Herman. Here are some words you might need. Coupled. Defect. Foods you're near to nist ammonia vapors, even De Guan De marker. Thus Moodle, cling and thus problem. We came in and held fun. Bus connect, Fuzi, tune, Vin, niche tartan. Thus a full tyranny at nist S near clinging and Asia harbour problem. Alfreda Hogan. 9. 5.08 - Könnte, würde (Could, would): Who wouldn't want her flourish. In today's lesson, we'll learn how to be extra polite when asking for something. Let's take a look at a few sentences and compare them. Riparian Z, mine handy. Anansi, better mine handy riparian contents EBIT to mine handy that Patreon. In the first sentence we use the imperative form we learned before, the mode used for commands and requests. Remember how it was built? It can sound a little too direct and even root sometimes. So we tried to make it more polite. That's why in the second sentence we use the modal verb Kernan, and we also added bitter tweets, but it can get even polite or contents EBIT and mine handy riparian. Could you please repair my phone? The forum of the modal verb Kernan we used here is used for extra polite requests, and it's in that slide. Don't worry so much about its name. Let's find out how to use it so you can be extra polite as well. The forms that we will use here are mostly contingency. Could you and Verdun Z food you for the extra formal and polite forms of it. A polite z or contests to Kudu and Verdi's to would you? So we have contingency or current histone. Meaning could you and Verdun z or vertice though, would you? Besides this, it's important to remember that like with the modal verb, but there will also be another verb in the sentence, which will be in the infinitive form ending in e n at the end of the sentence. Let's check it out. Content z better mine out or riparian contingency better does fence that Sumatran. Condensed to me a bit ahead fun. Contest to better Island momentum. Martin. Content and Verdun carry a similar meaning and are often interchangeable. Verdun CMEA, bitter, the rational given Verdun z better IN technical shaken. Vertice Do Better Desk less. Taha and Wolfman. Vertice debited as packet up Holon. See the conjunctive psi form of the modal verbs and see the other verb at the end and the infinite of form. And also see the word better in every sentence. That's how is they extrapolate? 10. 5.09 - In einer Woche (In a week): In an amino motor in inner Shonda. In order in item ya, let's learn even more ways to talk about time duration in German. This is another useful preposition that will go with the dative case. It will tell us that something will happen in a certain amount of time or that something happened before a certain amount of time. Let me explain with examples. A, a come to in a minute. He's coming in a minute. Z come to NINR Shonda. She's coming within an hour via common in item tag. We are coming in a day. E account in Navaho. You're coming in a week. Z common in item a walnut, they're coming in a month. Each comma in item ya, I'm coming in a year. In all these sentences, we use the preposition in to show that something will happen in a certain amount of time. And also notice that the noun after that was always in the date of case I in amino to turned into in enemy neuter IN a Shonda, in, INR Shonda. Tug in intimate talk. I Navaho. In IE Navaho. I in a more, not more, not in EMEA. 11. 5.10 - Präpositionen mit Dativ (Prepositions with dative): Since we learned a lot of prepositions lately, I thought it would be a good idea to lay them all out together, see what they mean and how to use them so you don't mix them up. Remember that these prepositions can, of course be used in different ways with different meanings and different sentences and with different cases, but used as temporal prepositions like we mentioned them, there will be used like this. As off the moon talk arbitrary h by I1 unknown Fermat, upside thousand F do often via des Altiplano com, niche Melbourne, Knutson, Zeit. Since a, a won't enjoy Chandra's idea, archaea, Zhuang Zi abetted here x8 fear Mona eaten. Four before. It is for them flourish to run and gun. Issue was Zan Evers for them examine the film of water for after oven. Fnet. In meaning n or within, inside Balkan common minor Elton, super Xu. Thus cuboid David asks in item Yaphet a sign AR content IN palming Newton. After nuff INR quotes and powers a mockery of item number, the average fitness studio fun base from until that swim. But for an upgrade basis at ten bugger Fnet. We apply been here bus moon tag by during Vietnam, Corrada buy the medicine. We're owned by enough. Wonder Sean House. Fear for ARVs had fewer I negate site vaccine. Moglen foreign via few Island, Mona and smear. Vivant means during undoes Canson all upscale segment. And one other very important thing to remember, we use for days in four months and seasons and own for time. Thus package contact Montauk, order. She harbor in August, keyboard stuck him. Zama had this feel gay, regret. Desert song began to omit spy who owned ended on fear. 12. 5.11 - Die Buchung (Reservation): And for the last lesson in this unit, we will learn how to book or arrange something. Need new haircut, translation. Place at your favorite restaurant or somebody to repair your car. Don't worry, I got you covered. Here are some words that you might need Bu Han to book lion, to borrow meat and to rent reservior, to reserve or two book. And who often to call bashed Ellen to order and uphold, learn to pick up. Let us take some examples. Here. Yeah, mesh the few high-tech Robben Island, Tish fear, fear persona and embed and Restaurant Golden enter reservation era of John Wooten tag we can human health than guten tag each word again, an intense fear of inclusive VM. Good. Via haven't knocked side tissue of chi 30B Phillip eh, zone and feel feel lighter. Mckinsey nib and damn fence the order naming their crashes. It's an nibbled infants the wood to overfill or burdens again, a common we are common room asked. Okay. E and f Now I'm a bitter jag. Yacht, Omid onload AR. Okay, shabby, fuzzy and then touch fewer and fewer workers, Soviet feed and dung. Ok, and let's check this second example. Fao Clive Hammerstein out of Eaton. Guten tag is yet again and our two by e1 and meeting biosphere and outer wall and z via hadn't Ghana and our two does courses on feel good, Peckham hat, okay, of refill a target. How Xunzi does our tool? I've seen target fat and z made him out to outcomes, Iceland, ya via Vietnam, Japan, and Portugal. The horizon then gives us enough I net Sousa TCGA Bureau phone fifths in oil. Well in Z ofs north island Sousa session Fraga, Yeah, better, efficient madman wished invited us out to files on Conan. Al-qaeda's out too is fuzzy, reservior it the colonists Morgan up saying, we're up, Holon, Farah lung, best Morgan.