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German Language for Beginners / Part 2 - Unit 4 - In der Stadt (In the city)

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Intro - What you'll learn in Unit 4

    • 2. 4.01 - In der Stadt (In the city)

    • 3. 4.02 - Verkehrsmittel (Means of transportation)

    • 4. 4.03 - Präpositionen (Prepositions)

    • 5. 4.04 - An+dem=am (On)

    • 6. 4.05 - Der Fahrplan (Timetable)

    • 7. 4.06 - Am Bahnhof (At the train station)

    • 8. 4.07 - Ordinalzahlen (Ordinal numbers)

    • 9. 4.08 - Termin und Datum (Appointment & date)

    • 10. 4.09 - Urlaubswünsche (Holiday wishes)

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About This Class

Welcome to the second part of the German course for beginners - Unit 4! :D

Congratulations on deciding to continue learning the German language :)


If you are a complete beginner, I encourage you to check out the first 10 Units. If you already know some things and want to continue learning and expand your knowledge - then come along with us. Before learning anything new, we will repeat everything we learned before, so you can be sure to have a good foundations you can build your knowledge on.


In this course, you will also get a lot of practice materials, so don't forget to download them under 'Projects & Resources' and complete the exercises after the lessons.


In Unit 4 of the second part, we will talk about navigating a city! :)

What you will learn:

  • How to ask for directions and where something is
  • Different means of transportation
  • How to understand a train or bus schedule
  • Find your way around a train station or bus stop
  • Talking about dates and how to set up an appointment
  • Prepositions that go with the dative and accusative
  • Ordinal numbers

At the end of the course you will be able to talk about timetables, schedules, set up an meeting or find out where and when does the next bus or train leave. Besides that, you will learn the ordinal numbers and the changeable prepositions.

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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The common urban legend says, that people only use around 10% of their brains. The ten percent myth most likely arose from a misund... See full profile

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1. Intro - What you'll learn in Unit 4: Welcome to the fourth unit of our course. You are making great progress. In this unit, we will learn how to find your way around a German city. You will find out how to talk about terms and dates, how to read a time table and talk about different means of transportation and how to express your holiday vicious. We'll learn some important prepositions and how to use them. But the date of case and the ordinal numbers. 2. 4.01 - In der Stadt (In the city): In the first lesson will try to repeat some things you will definitely know to navigate a city, directions and means of transportation. Let's start with some vocabulary you might need. Here are a few things you already know. Getid hours, straight ahead, links left and right. The stressor is the Street of course. And then we have the ASD stressor, the first three D stressor, second Street, D class. The third street. Lets also take out a few conversations. And surely Gan Zhi Wu is there, helped band who've gained Z here gave ADA, ours aren't Dan deeds, writers, crosslinks. The band hoof is under Lincoln's item. Kinsey, Mia, badhealth than a sukha depots. The Post this glide here on dX Z current sofas, skin. And surely Gu vicinity Buddha helped plate's is Leyden HDH been crammed here, took me light and truly gone. Grip this here I engage shaft. Yana toilets became Z here links up on done circa wounded meta girder ours does e z desk a shaft of their write-ins. Ita. Now that we are sure that you know all the basics, let's quickly jump to the next lessons where you will learn many more things about navigating a new city. 3. 4.02 - Verkehrsmittel (Means of transportation): They are boosts the plasma DB2 been. Do you still remember those? Here are some of the possible ways to move around. They are boasts the span these trials and been dead Sukh thus far, that suface, thus flux. Ok. Now that you know all the means of transportation, let's also see how to say that you're buying a ticket for them. The kid is D. Takata. Remember? Each cow for IFR Carter Fudan bus? Each cow for IFR carter. S been each cow for IFR Carter, few does plucked psych. It called for far carton feudal to go. If you watch these examples carefully, you can notice that they all use the accusative case. Dean boosts ds bond does fluctuate. D2, the only their masculine changed from there into Dane. But check out what happens when you want to say that you're driving with it is farther MIT Nimbus. If MIT looked psych v of metadata as been via foreign mitten to Logan. See how much it changed. Do you know which case we use here? Exactly the dative case. We have deemed bows, deem flux, psych, dare, span, and then Sue gun. One thing you can remember here is that the preposition MIT will always go with the data case. So we will say H cow for IFR carta, fewer Dean Bose. But each father, MTD diem was. In the next lesson we will talk about some other prepositions that will also ask for either the accusative or data case. 4. 4.03 - Präpositionen (Prepositions): In this lesson, we will learn some other very useful prepositions that we can use to save where something is. And we will also learn how to use them with the date of case. Here are the propositions we are going to talk about. And auf Hinter in NY been BBA on top for one session. All of these prepositions are local ones, meaning they will tell us the location of something. Let's take a look at what they mean and how to use them. In meaning, well, in double is in their hand. Out, meaning on double is auf dim Tish. Ni been next to dabble is ni vendettas. Hinter behind, thereby is hindered embed. Bouba above. Thereby is VBA wound. On top or below. The bubble is own antonym Tish. For in front of the bubble is for them hunt. Suspicion between their bile is sufficient in 1D and Mia. And we have an meaning on, but on a vertical surface like the wall or blackboard, there, Spiegel is undetermined. And also let's see how to use these prepositions to describe a picture. In the CEMA is thank Klein is median. In the living room is a little girl. In is the preposition and we'll use the dative case after it. So does want CEMA turns into beam, wants Emma in, deem wound CEMA. Thus me transits the outdoor couch. The girl is sitting on the couch. In this example after preposition owls, we will also use the date of case. D couch turns into their couch in the datum case, hinder the median is then Kisan. Behind the girl is a caution. Kenta asks for the data here, does meet turns into deformation. And bool list in their hand. A book is in the hand. And it turns the hunt into their hand in their hunt. Thus boo, boo state for the median. The book is standing in front of the girl. Four turns, thus median, again in two dimension. D couches, funding citation. The couches between the two desks, sufficient turns the Vita Russia into dean citation. Remember that in the dative case, plural nouns will also get changed a little bit. They're getting the ending and Titian. Often Titian since phylum pun on the tables are two lamps. Owl turns deeds by Tisha into Dane citation. And here again we see the added EN under noun, VBA add-in citations in the regard element Lu Hsun. Above the desks are shelves with books. You bought turns the tide Tisha into deemed citation. Again, the end ending. Dfa gal isn't underfund. The shelves are on the wall and turns D18 into day Avant and avant. Hank dine build on the wall is a picture. Again, we have an avant. Does bid is the effect you by their couch. The picture is directly above the couch. The couch turns into the couch. In the Methodist CMS's than Kleiner couch Tish. In the middle of the room is a small coffee table. The emitter turns into diameter. And what happens to dust CEMA here? Oh, don't ask. You don't want to know yet. It's the genitive. Another case that you don't want to know about until you're ready. Esd, swish and incisor zone. He's standing between the two armchairs. Deeds vice ESL, turn into d psi z lesson. And here again, you can see how plural nouns in the date of Get an additional n ending. Their couch, dish, state, afford their couch. The coffee table is in front of the couch. The couch turned into their couch. On tied-in couch. Tish is advice setup is below the coffee table is a white carpet. Their couch dish turns into deem couch dish. The prepositions we learned will help us to save where something is better than B in a city or in a room. Luckily, in all these examples they were used but the dative case, but it will get a little bit more complicated. That's why first, let's practice. 5. 4.04 - An+dem=am (On): You learned the prepositions rate, you know, the dative case. Perfect. Now let's take a look at a few more pictures and try to describe them. Of course, we will also try to learn a few new things along the way. Deloitte isn't emboss. It asks for the date of case here. They are both turns into deem bus. But what happened here? We don't have any deem. We have him. Prepositions and articles will sometimes get contracted, like in this case here. So in plus diem, which is data masculine, will turn into him. Here is another example. D kinda feelin him kinda zimmer. The kids are playing in the children's room. The same thing happens to neutral nouns in deem, turns into him, him kinda trauma. We also have this as its amaranth. He's sitting on the edge. They aren't turned into deem grant because its data and the event get contracted into an event. Shorter is better write Zs, it's an unvoiced, they're sitting next to the fire. Does foia turns into deem foil in the database and plus deem turns into four. So remember, in PLOS beam, which is data masculine or datum neutral, can be contracted into him, and unplug deem can be contracted into another preposition that will get contracted with a masculine and neutral case. And the data is the preposition by, meaning at or by. Z is biomedicine adds she's at the dentist data and that's, that turns into the sonatas in the dative case and gets contracted with the preposition by Bim, San ads or z's, the'd, Ben Fen sta. She's standing next to the window. Thus fence that turns into deem fence data in the date of case and bi plus Dim is buying, buying fence down. Another such preposition is Sue, meaning two or add, and su plus DM turns into song. But here we also have su plus there and they are being feminine data. This will turn into sewer. Let's check it out. Agm. So Schuller, i'm going to school. D Schuller turns into their Schuller and the date of case and su plus dia turns into sewer. Sewer Schuller, or to a post. He goes to the post office. The pause turns into their pockets than the datum and the preposition saw gets contracted with IT into sewer, sewer post. Because we mentioned a lot of different things here. Let's quickly repeat all the prepositions we learned in this lesson and how to use them together with articles. So the preposition in, together with the masculine and neutral and dated, the M, form him. Preposition and gets contracted into when used with the masculine or neutral data article deme. By means or by ending, turns into Bim in combination with data masculine or neutral. And Sue, meaning two or add turns into some, when combined with data masculine or neutral, or into soya, combined with data feminine. 6. 4.05 - Der Fahrplan (Timetable): In this lesson, we will talk about timetables, arrivals, tickets, and departures. Here are some words you'll need. And common to arrive. When contests flux, Oregon does fluke so you could come to own highly xyx on. Do you noticed what happened to the verb? It gets separated into parts with the prefix and traveling all the way at the back of the sentence. Why? Because its a separable verb. Remember those right? Up 52 departure, each guys, the Moglen mitten boosts up. Same thing here. It's a separable verb, detaching its prefix up and putting it at the end of the sentence, up fleet began to take off. This one is only four planes or helicopters or birds. Anything that flies, thus fluke, take flicked whiter on after we're up. And again, separable verb. We also have done noun versions of these words. De, up, fat, departure. See we added the article and capitalize the first letter. There, up fluke, takeoff, departure by plane, and the uncarved arrival. And why is it D and D up fight, but they are fluke. Remember that German compound nouns take the article of the second noun. So it's default. That's why D AB fat, but it's their fluke. So they're absolute. We have some more words. They're Anschluss connection. Z Haben island, Anschluss on scene, woman, Nimbus, home-style, begun to change, trains, buses or whatever. Warmest man Olmstead Eigen mandamus in Humboldt, login via SSH tiger in Hamburg on C, also separable. Perfectly sine to be on time. Is they are boost pointless. Yeah, they're Bose's height, apparently. Fierce Peyton haven't to be delayed. Had their 2k fish beaten. Yeah, had seen me Newton fish Bei Dong. And we will also need some words like costs then to cost. And far Carter ticket must cost. It's the far Carter. How much does the ticket costs? A band wolf station. They are helped by hoof, main station and dish that soon stop. We finished at c1 and from bandwidth Miss near fog. And let's check out a few short conversations about departing, arriving, changing planes and similar. And surely gum van come to debt Suge on dead Sukh had lied affair speed on a container, Halberstam dish, beaten. We feel cause the de facto antenna, whom the far Carter costed Newman zips, oil hole, are busy, misnamed super-rich Amish Titan. They haven't undone Anschluss in Minster. When flicked does fluctuate up, does fluctuate flicked on firms or up. The fluke Noma is as execs try we oft fed their bus. They are boosts variety. That's why Shonda and and base your stats. You won't miss Neil Armstrong. You're missing, helped band Wolfenstein. Now you definitely know everything you need to navigate a city, country, and beyond. 7. 4.06 - Am Bahnhof (At the train station): In this lesson, we'll go to the train station. We need to get some infos, buy the ticket, and board the train. Let's see how to do that. Via isn't OFDM helped band who've in Kern and violin and knock Stuttgart foreign guten tag. When fear didn't excited Sukh NACA stood up. Their nicks that Sukh fed on fertile for AFTA. A buzzy missing in Frankfurt on styling. The Anschluss voted off see outdone, ZAB and glass. On hatch dead Sukh fish beaten. It must punctuation shortcut uncommon. So at side had, did took kind of fish bitumen on Zoltan point, seeing war and stood guard, uncommon. Defied though it's slashed London on TF-IDF, ten min wooden owned wifi requested the far Carter. The far Carter constitutes excellence. Fransisco should then turn on rent Na heightened Rock Island, Susie, robot funds, funds could send. If your mind get PEC talon z can an island coffee would rise it harsher question, whose MIT naming of Beijing glides fit there took up off glazes, X, field and dunk. Then I nicotinic shortcut, own MAC gong and bitter. I in fact ODA going on to hook on to nanos, I enough CagA, vicinity fertilized opposite stood cut, Anschluss knock band gift. Thus driving X0 and Beslan Bonhoeffer in Stuttgart. Wednesday dot uncommon, feeling down. Shrna FOBT. V hasn't stood cut anger, common owned volunteer, central gain via Neiman De Ou been aunt S been above all, common default cut and Calvin. And show lagoon Uist here D Next that will bunch that Xun Zi as glaciers that foreigner. And the ion gun is that we owned wall is there far cut and ultimate. Is that Winton direct and bunch type kept us here fertilised island, get out tomorrow. Yeah, the Hinton leaving them in this fear and dunk. This uncivilized v field Di Falco to few DB2 been costed Z, costed swine, oil crisis, Z Proudhon Clang, good fit in for cotton out too much, feel and dunk. Let's see what we learned in these dialogues. You can use the prepositions we learned in the last lesson to point out where something is. For example, daft foreigner means over there. If we just say Foreigner, it means in front of, but we add the magical little word, meaning here or there. We get the phrase over there or there right in front of you. Doubt for an app that we all were there. Da Hinton over there in the back door, open, up there, that wound and down there. We also repeated How to use modal verbs. Remember, the modal verb takes the second place in the sentence and gets conjugated. It will mostly be accompanied by another verb that ends up in the back of the sentence. And the infinitive Z, missile launch Dagen, H must pinkish uncommon. Z Conan island co-founded Neiman, Nirvana and sent home gain. We also repeated some of the separable verbs, the silly verbs that detached they're prefix and throw it at the end of the sentence in the present tense. Dare to come to permanently on a Ash typed in Frankfurt on debts who fed on fertile for aft up A&M Island. Cough from it. We also repeated how to read the numbers and the time. There are two ways. No incident warfare infant Fitts's. We say the first number, instead of the two dots, we say Hua, which means clock or time. And then the second number. And if you accidentally forgot in numbers BY first reads the smaller number, say owned, and then the bigger number, firms and Fiats. The other way is to say, fertile for Act. Fatal means quarter and it'll mean 15 minutes and four means before. So we're seeing 15 minutes before eight. And we also repeated How to say prices. So I oil crisis. We say oil hole in the middle instead of the dot. And don't forget how it's pronounced. It's oil, hope, because E and you form the sound oil. If you're still confused by any of these things, try to repeat some of the lessons where we learned about it or ask a question in the comments. 8. 4.07 - Ordinalzahlen (Ordinal numbers): First Street to the left or second streets to the right. In order to count the streets correctly, you will need to learn the ordinary numbers. So here there are the German ordinal numbers from one to ten. The first Dia de does a Aster ds. Then we will use the asset for masculine. Feminine, thus as the four neutral and D AS them for plural. Yes, it's getting complicated already. As you can see, we will have a different form for each gender and one for plural. And that's not all because the ordinal numbers will also get declined in different cases. Yeah, that's pretty complicated, but it's also not so difficult once you get to know them. For now, I will just mention them in the nominator. Good news is that only number one is a little bit special. So we have ions, but they are all the other numbers from now on we'll just add the ending TA or ten for plural with some minimal changes. The second Dia de, does its writer D, slight And the third day Adidas, greater deed threaten. Dry, changed a little, try critter, but just a little fort. There. D does fear to defeat certain. Fifth. There. D does from FTIR, defund often. Sixth, Dia de, does zx, dx, then seventh. The di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di di, di, di, di does LFTR df1 and 12th there, the dust after deserved and and so on. Thus cried center. D, feared Sinton. They affirmed center. The center, thus zip Centre de accent, and they are no incentive. And deeds 1 sixth. From 20 on, we will add the endings, stay or stand for plural. So we will have their islands transistor de firms on crisis. Thus aft unfair F6, D, nor non-farm system. There is violence S sister, DVR on zipped sister does try and access the d's excellent transistor. Does Honda They survived Hoon, That's the D to Ryan Hoon. That's the thus fear hundreds the DEA firm phone, that's the d z on transistor. Thus Xin Han, but no winter. As you can see, if we have a smaller number, we will use the ending that a smaller number usually uses. Their Zyban hone that step plus de annoying to is does Zyban 190. So only the very end of a number shows us that it's an ordinal number. As always in German, you need to listen carefully until the very end. Thus, Zyban haunted fear onto zip taster. Thereafter funded on do know insists that the 900 swine enclaves system, remember that plural gets an additional n on ordinal numbers. But this is already probably much more than you will need to count. When Britain is numbers, ordinal numbers and German will be written with a dot as to its vital click the theatre, and so on. Let's see a few sentences with the ordinal numbers. It is that seem to apply when one of the most common usages will be four dates, of course, don't worry, we'll talk more about that in the next lesson. Is that's AS target common. Remember that ordinal numbers will get declined and German, meaning that they will have to get a different ending depending on the noun that follows. So don't get confused if you see some weird endings here that you're not sure where they came from. We learned the data and the accusative case so far, but we learned the endings for articles and pronouns and ordinal numbers. So we'll take the adjective endings. Sounds too complicated. Well, because it actually is. So don't sweat too much about it yet. Z is the mater underclass of Doidge is Zionists vita French Carter. Via warned him from Sinton stock. Replace their yester. Here it's in capital letters because it comes as part of a name. Minor talk targeting these extra classes. And while talking about the ordinal numbers, there is one more little word I'd like to mention. It's less the meaning, the last one. They D Thus, let's there and the less than. Let's check out a few examples. Air is delegates. Does somebody lets the unthought via evolves and let's just, yeah, I'm male. It's sharper does let's take capital Gleeson on does, is this lets the biosphere. 9. 4.08 - Termin und Datum (Appointment & date): In the last lesson, we learned the ordinal numbers in German, and we will use that a lot in this lesson. We will learn a little bit more about the dates, days, and appointments. First of all, let's see if you still remember the days in German. Montauk, Dean stuck Mittal, donor stack, high-tech, XM stuck, Zantac. Good. And what about the months? Y'know, Phillip Guam, Matt's uphill. My uni you really August, September, October, November, December. Great. And now let's learn how to make some dates. The tenth of August will be data center August. And if you want to say on the tenth of August, we will say I'm Sinton August. If you still remember for days and days, we will use the preposition. You can see that the ending and the number changed. It's the declensions we talked about, remember? So if you say on this or a dad today, we'll add the ending ten on the number. So they had seen or seen ten. They slide the favor and survive ten fib one there AS stir up. Well, I'm AS ten up when their clients 5'6 October. Prions on 16 October. Let's see what it looks like in a few sentences. High-tech, is there Fiats into November. Morgan is their crisis. They Wang, guess their estimates. Or like this, mind cuboid stuck is, I'm filth on Sun's system. My my encoder hadn't sun system you leaderboard stuck minus Shrestha Hutton Zionists intended Sandberg abort stuck. Their ads. Got me an intermediate, Fudan. Often August. The host site is done science, science systems September. That screen infinitum, island crisis in uni shot. I think that this is a great place to learn how to say when you have your birthday. The question might be, van has to give woodstock OR van is dying of Woodstock. And the answer could be, have begun boards, Doug, I'm AS ten minutes or mind cuboid stack is I'm AS ten minutes on to do. One has toga boat stuck. 10. 4.09 - Urlaubswünsche (Holiday wishes): For the last lesson of this unit, we will have a relaxing topic, holidays, or better to say, where would you like to spend your holidays? In this lesson, we will repeat a lot of the things we learned in this unit and also repeat the two modal verbs, mush them on the wall. And first, let's repeat what's the difference between volun and Michelin? They're actually quite similar in their meaning. Volun means to want something. And while it's not impolite, it's often considered the less polite one of the two. Mesh then also means to one toward, to wish something or to have a desire for something. And although similar in meaning, this one sounds much more polite. And here are their conjugations. Remember that they are both modal verbs and that's why they have an irregular conjugation. H will do wills, ASI S when, via Golan year volt z1. And for Mishnah as much to do much a Azi as mushed it via mush them, EMS, xie, xie mush them. Let's see some examples. Here on CloudWatch, Volvo NCDs are Ci didn't all upset bringing via millennium August, Andy, Christopher, and warmers does do and then we're localizing it much Tenex Pacinian rise. And that's why shown in my mind one h mesh the de Sousa share Christopher Zuochen, HI, bigger hurdles is DOD CIA sureness. Ishmael met mine of Emiliano Hami recognized not alle cause inch tab is all can be avoided in the cause and the whole Hosea in New York scene, DBA content quicker in San Fransisco owned Diba who impinge class in LA. Mckinsey DNS and basilican. Ya via Bolton not lets the CIA of the insulin cries and A-B-A hadn't nickel oxide, BCCI again via zika dot tin, Bohemian merge those two horizon will waste today and all of the booking. Interesting.