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German Language for Beginners / Part 2 - Unit 3 - Körper und Gesundheit (Body and health)

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. What you'll learn in Unit 3

    • 2. Don't forget to download practice sheets

    • 3. 3.01 - Körperteile (Body parts)

    • 4. 3.02 - Schmerzen (Pain)

    • 5. 3.03 - Possessivpronomen (Possessive pronouns)

    • 6. 3.04 - Es tut weh (It hurts)

    • 7. 3.05 - Was soll ich machen? (What should I do?)

    • 8. 3.06 - Termin beim Arzt (Appointment at the doctor's)

    • 9. 3.07 - Ich fühle mich nicht wohl (I'm not feeling well)

    • 10. 3.08 - Reflexivpronomen (Reflexive pronouns)

    • 11. 3.09 - Der Arzt sagt, ich soll... (The doctor says I should...)

    • 12. 3.10 - Redewendungen mit Körperteilen (Expressions with body parts)

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About This Class

Welcome to the second part of the German course for beginners - Unit 3! :D

Congratulations on deciding to continue learning the German language :)


If you are a complete beginner, I encourage you to check out the first 9 Units. If you already know some things and want to continue learning and expand your knowledge - then come along with us. Before learning anything new, we will repeat everything we learned before, so you can be sure to have a good foundations you can build your knowledge on.


In this course, you will also get a lot of practice materials, so don't forget to download them under 'Projects & Resources' and complete the exercises after the lessons.

In Unit 3 of the second part, we will talk about your body and your health! :)

What you will learn:

  • The name of all the different body parts
  • How to say that something hurts or that you are in pain
  • How to make an appointment at the doctor's office, change it or cancel it
  • To use the possessive pronouns
  • The reflexive pronouns
  • And some fun phrases and sayings with different body parts!

At the end of the course you will be able to talk about your body, your health, explain to the doctor what is wrong and understand their prescription and advice. Besides that, you will repeat the possessive pronouns and learn the reflexive pronouns.

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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1. What you'll learn in Unit 3: welcome to the third unit off for of course, I hope that you had fun so far and that you learned a lot. Here are some of the things that you're about to learn in this unit. You learned the most important body parts. How to say that you're in pain or that's something hurts. We'll also find out how to arrange a meeting at the doctors, how to explain what's wrong and how to get and give advice about what to do. We'll also learn the reflects of pronounce. Repeat some of the separable verbs and possessive pronouns, and you learn some fun expressions with the different body parts. 2. Don't forget to download practice sheets: it. Oh, with don't What? 3. 3.01 - Körperteile (Body parts): in this unit. We're going to talk about their bodies a lot. So the best way to start is to learn. Aled. The different body parts in German fun cups. Bestfoods. Let's start with day a cuff. The head day out cuff thus gives Dished the face thus gives dished their money the most. Their moment. Deena's No nos Deena's Thus aga the I thus alga thus or the year thus or thus, huh? The hair thus, huh? And we have deer. Careful the body. India. Careful, dear. Um or D um arm and arms dear. Um, de, um the Hunt D Henderson. Hand and hens the Hunt D. Henderson. Dear finger the finger, finger and fingers, dear finger d finger dust, Bine de bine leg and legs. Their force Defu. So foot and feet dear bow stomach. There are certain back and there has they. And now that you know some of the most important body parts, let's try to make a few sentences with the new learned vocabulary. I'm image hut in and cops about Spy Armagh. So I hander So I beina on its wife, Yusor mention having its by Calgon about wine and wound onto China nozze off them. Cox is That's her on to try one. And in the next few lessons we learn all the different things you can say now that you know all the body parts in German. 4. 3.02 - Schmerzen (Pain): If you have a body, chances are that it will cause you some problems. Sometimes headache to take swords, roads or back pain. And this. Listen, we will learn how to talk about the different pains and German, although I hope that you will never need it. We learned that D h Mattson means pain or ache. We will combine this word with different body parts to get the name of different pains. So we have dish Manson and, for example, dear costs. So to get the word headache we combined these two all the different eggs. Sh Mattsson will have the article deep. Remember that in compound announce the noun will carry the article off The second word. Since the sh Mattson will be the second word, they will always have the article De. So we have d cuffs, Mattson headache. And if you're too, it hurts. We combine de sh Mattson and debt son too, De son. Sh Mattson dare bow is Bali your stomach? So we get d Bausch Manson their hides de hide smithson and see No where the two s come from . Here one is from huts and the other from sh Manson. There is back S o d. Hooking sh Manson does bine de bine Schmid's and so on. You get the idea right? You can do this with more or less anybody parts to get the word that you need. Let's take out some sentences, clich? Hot goiter, stock, quickness, Mattson. Then click room toting guns and Morgan be. Yeah, it's highlighted. Some odds going in. Zain adds exact as a Szish boot house. One. Yoga Martin owned first. Nerdish Schmidt's Metal Nayman Sonia heads. It's lunch. Madison, it's on to be Zem was to enter. Nuts is act. Put Cincy ditzy in a year and talked. Simon Essence Finished fuse juices carton. Gomulka had cops Mattson owned Bausch Madsen. You cops on D about Tom Xavi, our mind cops to be our main bows to else be Cuomo lk Neiman's each mats. Metal is all in all fields laughin on diversity. Ganzi, hoity finished Arbeitman with Don't get drunk. Come, come, come 5. 3.03 - Possessivpronomen (Possessive pronouns): his head hurts, her bag hurts and our eyes hurt. You can see that we will often use possessive pronouns together with body parts. And this last Sunday we will repeat the German process of opponents and see how we can use them when talking about our help. So here are the personal pronouns First, you know, tease ish, do as he s severe e z and the formal Z. And here are the process of pronounce. Let's just quickly repeat why we have two forms here. The form without the E at the ending will be used for masculine and neutral ounce. So, for example, mine cuts or mine, huh? And minor will be used for feminine and plural mountains. For example, minor hund and minor organ mine and minor meaning mine Dine and Dina. Meaning yours Zain and Zeina, meaning hiss or it's year and you meaning herbs, enza and Gonzaga meaning hours soya and soya, meaning yours and yeah and era meaning there's and yeah and era meaning yours for the formal form. All clear. Then here are a few quick examples mind cops to be dine, mooned to tweet Zain Um, to me, you the Calgon tune We Ones of a Hinder to NBI or You're buying that tune V E za wagon tune V Year Looking toward three I don't owe with. 6. 3.04 - Es tut weh (It hurts): does it hurt? Are you in pain? In today's lesson, we will learn how to say that something hurts again hoping that you will never need it. We have two expressions that we will use to say that something hurts. The first is s to V. Something hurts And the other one is from Manson Harbin to feel pain in a certain body. Part V tune is a silly verb. It's a separable verbs. It means that it gets separated into two parts right here. This means that the tune part two gets conjugated Normally, tune is usually a normal full were meaning to do or to put. Here is its full conjugation. If you're do toast a Zs to we a tool here to Zito. Besides that, we have the V a part that comes unchanged at the end of the sentence. So we get this ish toe RV do toast way as easy as to be via tune. Be year to three ZZ Tune way. We will mostly use the third person singular. Something hurts s to it to be. Or sometimes if it's plural, we'll use the third person plural tune V, for example, mind bine to tree Mina beina tune Be so we'll have sentences like this Mine cops to be mine about to be mind bind to be or if it's plural minor Calgon Tune Way Minor Buying a Tune way . Mina Finger Tune Way War for other People Zain, American told you a year or 2 to 3 owns over buying a tune Be oil arm Attuned way. Let's check out a few quick dialogues buses, then Madonna Hunt Pussy it. The hunt to two v Abba is this nation's Muslim Vasto by must. Nine. Other is gay Hoyt. Enough, there are bright. What's this loss? Mine coughed. Ze'evi comes to Arbeitman nine ish Oberstar Cash Manson Get on a Hoser Buses, Motown one Zanaco compute hashtag ish Madsen, Isleta Matzke And it was getting dish Matt's name. And so here are some of the most important phrases you should remember V Tune this silly separable verbs that you will use to say that something hurts dish madsen pain or a Schmitz and Harbin literally to have pain. We can translate it as to be in pain or to suffer pain, and you can even stock cash. Manson, Harbin to be in strong pain flim bad, severe or serious? Some odd skin to go to the doctors, It Muskegon dish Manson name and to take something against the pain, do you t? 7. 3.05 - Was soll ich machen? (What should I do?): in the last lesson, we talked about the unfortunate event. When you are in pain in this lesson, we will take a look at some solutions and see what you can do about it. When giving advice to someone about what to do, we will often use one of thes two forms. The 1st 1 is dare in perfecting. Remember how to build it. For example, if you want to say to someone to go to the doctors, get some must. If I'm telling you or G and Z, it's a must. If I'm telling someone speaking formally or if it's floral gate some Matz's. The second thing is the mortal rib Zelen. Remember that one? So it could be do results, Some ad skin. You should go to the doctors. Z's oland, some art skin and years old to mod skin. Okay, let's take a look at the few more advice is and things you can do when you're feeling a little bit under the weather. The shabiha. It's Manson Klink, Fear of us. So war. Do those fear us a drink playing Costin's off Zola Houston's off Lincoln ish Harbor look much Mattson name Visit a blatant does have Z's Oland is a tablet. Neiman does here, black in bed. Do those embed Bligh Bond is I wish launched. Finished off. Do those toy sign on diminished often. Isha, body clip of a common schlub feel Do those fish laughin drink fealty Do those filthy drinking? I hope that you got some good advice, but even more that you know how to give it by, so I need it with 8. 3.06 - Termin beim Arzt (Appointment at the doctor's): Unfortunately, it won't always be enough. So how's OBL, Ivan feel? Sh Laffan tablet a Nayman ond feel tape Lincoln. Sometimes you will also have to some odd skin. Let's learn how to arrange an appointment at your doctor's office and German and let's see what she made. Ask you there. Hannah Soft, Fine doctor on Hannah is calling the doctor's office. Flexes Doctor, FIFA. Guten tag wouldn't tag Hannah Paoli Here is fuel emission ish Ward Crawfish by Dr FIFA. An Intamin order Cornish. I'm for four by common Z calls on nine and 10. Mean punish pair telephoned Intamin Find bottom. Yeah, foolish must routine and way. It's Harbour Heights, Madsen, Houston on Shin. Often having zero fever. Yeah, I ambition. Then Kinsey Hoyt. An asthma attack comin home. 15 Were vibrancy shown by owns. Nine. It's one organist so long in Berlin. Zamir bitten off. I'm a legal Nermin Panna Paoli down Could amber sweet Inomata dunker Al's off. Read a heaven. Let's also see how to change. A previously made appointment. Cracks is doctor Hell, be guten tag wouldn't tag monogamous. Marcos's offer is Shabba Morgan, an inter mean by Dr Hellish about its candidate, Anish common can ish Bitter on an and Linda mean but common Z Mr Dinh TEM mean fresh even. Yeah, better modern Cornish Allied honest common Muzi and passed in. And Donna stuck? Yeah. I'm gonna start published side on the field work you have. Um I didn't find Tammy in on 15. War. Yeah, from person were past mia. Done based on a stock. Shouldn't Agnos Danko feed is een and we can also completely cancel the appointment. Let's see how to do that. Hello. Wouldn't talk habits The Praxis phone Dr. Bouthaina become Yeah, we can. Taking in heaven h Harbor Morgan and enter mean for I'm but about Mina Hunt to witnessed. Maybe it's mustard Intamin Upside kind Problem is AGA Doctor Crenna beside Don Keough Feed a zine. Let's check out some birds. You will need to either arrange change or cancel your appointment Fairlane Barton to arrange fear. Eine Barton en done to change. En done. Abbas Argon to cancel ABS Argon Bob Hanzee shown by owns. Have you already been here? Vardhan position by owns. It can line Anish common. Unfortunately, I can't come. Isha Khan lied. Unfinished common Dane Tammy in Fairfield even reschedule then tell mean fair she even person to suit or fit person in an frying Tammy in Harbin to have a free date on free appointment I n and cryin Tammy in have been Bish ideas argon to let somebody know Boesch I'd Zaban do you do? 9. 3.07 - Ich fühle mich nicht wohl (I'm not feeling well): besides feeling pain, there are also some other problems you might have in your sick. You might have fever of broken bone or maybe the flu. Let's learn how to say those things in German as well. Here is some vocabulary that can be used for when describing your condition. Fi Baha Bin to have fever Yeah, had Who was fever? He has high fever de clipper. Ha Been to have the flu minus Shrestha had deed Clipper. My sister has the flu Szish pellets. And to get hurt each harbor Michelle, it's I got hurt here. We can also see the reflexive pronoun Mission action. What is that? You'll find out more about it in the next lesson. Szish Helton To get a cold ear Had such occurred, he caught a cold whose turn to cough I'm Nixon Morgan become airline in schlemiel hosting The next morning he got a bad cough. No reason to sleaze. It's more sneeze and quell Kind Papi attention to I'm going to sneeze. I need a tissue. Yeah, Gesundheit. Gabe Carson, this is the past form off the word progression which means to break is Shaaban mine and, um get coffin. I broke my arm. Clank Sign. Well, this is an easy one. To be sick. Michelle is Concord. Get high to next. So Schuler Michelle is second is not going to school today. Szish Next wall Phoolan To not feel so good. It's Fula, Miss Hoity finished wall. I don't feel well today Like I promised. We will explain those ish part in the next lesson. Let's hear a few people complaining about their current condition. It's harbour tea clipper, but common. Shabba who was fever cops? Mattson owned Moskos Manson Air Foods is finished. Wall is Concord who stood on niece. It must fight a blatant Cotard Neiman minus. Wester had such pallets. Z had your bind a par con esto Ze'evi z mus m cranking house Blyden do you t? 10. 3.08 - Reflexivpronomen (Reflexive pronouns): like a promised In the last lesson, we're going to learn a little bit more about the reflects of opponents. Mish dish NZ reflects of pronounce will be used with the so called reflexive verbs. With these words, the subject of the sentence and the object of the sentence will be the same person or thing . For example, if you say ish came a me a d have a I'm calming my here I am the subject of the sentence. I'm doing the action. I'm calming. But I am also the object of the sentence. I am being calm. So this is an example off a reflexive verb. Let's check out some more. For example, Szish Helton to catch a cold each harbor mish accounted Do has dish accredited air Otzi had Szish accounted So you can see there reflects of pro knows is mish do this and a Z s Zishe Szish pellets and and noticed that Zishe is the neutral form here Ish harbor mission fell It's do has fish, fellas, Air Hudson fell. It's oppositionist rule. Foolin is for Eula Mae Shin Ishwar Do first addition Ishwar Air food decision Ishwar So the big question is how do I know which words will ask for a reflexive pronoun? This is again one of those things that it's best to just learn by heart when learning the work. Just remember that it will need a little bit extra tuber. Besides, the ones we already mentioned here is a list with a few more words that will always go with the reflexive pronoun Szish chemin to come. This is the one we already mentioned in the intro Szish Lincoln to put makeup on Szish Air Gun to be angry Szish by island to hurry Szish and true llegan to apologize Szish One to be happy. And Szish fell even to fall in love with Don't get drunk. Come, come, come. 11. 3.09 - Der Arzt sagt, ich soll... (The doctor says I should...): So you are not feeling very well and you went to the doctor, You come home and do you want to explain to someone what the doctor said? In this lesson, we learn how she do that. Usually you won t want to explain what someone said. We will use indirect speech, but watch out because this is not in direct speech. This is more like fake in direct speech, but it is much easier than the real deal, and you will learn it in a second hair. Lexus there, can't it? Dear Arts Duck, Neiman's Edie's a tablet. Klink, Lindsay Feel Basanti Blevins Ian Bet her. Alex just had to ask their arts. Had Kazakh desert tablet Neiman on fear Vasa owned Take Lincoln a solemn bed. Blame. See, it's not that hard. You basically just say they are odds Zog or whoever says it, then a comma. And then the rest goes like the normal sentence subject were rest. Here are a few more examples. Z meson tablet Neiman. There are Sucked Z, mostly tablet Nayman diesel and finished sore spades to our bite. Common Mind Chefs Act is our next source speed to our bite. Common ZR button to lungs. Um, minor chef in mind abated to Long's, um, it's weird. A clunk East anger issue had a conch. It's common Hoyt on next to a party, adding to air controI diminished or party. As you can see, we used some verbs that help us to explain that somebody else says it. The one we used most often is, of course, Zaken to say their arts exact Issel embed kliman. But there are also some more like, for example, mining and Denk, in which both mean to think or to mean h Denker h Bleiberg highlighted to Hauser, Your mind is Kunqu. 12. 3.10 - Redewendungen mit Körperteilen (Expressions with body parts): to have your nose full to turn into a year to find hair in your soup. What I think it's time for you to learn a new long German vert de lead of Enderlin. Don't worry, it's not as difficult as it sounds. The rate of ending is expression or figure of speech, and there are a lot of them, including different body parts. So I thought that this would be a nice place to mention them and to learn what else you can do with your new learned vocabulary. Think of it literally fingers away, meaning to stay away. Or don't touch Finger Vic from minor Chocolat, Yuman and often Armand Damon, literally to take someone on the hand, meaning to fool someone or to deceive him to pull someone's leg does Is Nishiura, Mr Mission often arm Nayman Want a Fear albums Christian to talk under four eyes to talk privately. It's mostly Atlas Vistica. Sargon currently owned a few albums. Question Mitt. Them cops do is demand with the head through the wall, act impulsively without thinking to be hardheaded as the Lincoln Done 100. Next Glide Schmidt, him cops does demand how to backups NEC overhead head over heels. Peter Hudson's Helps uber cops in Maria Fell leapt Deena's ou buckle. Henin shaken to stick your nose and do everything, having to know everything about everything. There is no nog, and was Alice reason on You babble Xanana as a benign stricken and another one video knows Deena's a full Harbin, literally meaning to have your nose full. Do you have enough? It's Shabbat dinner as a full for long and variable in Israel, endless than fanzine in year. There's a perfect in half ended to find a hair in every soup to find something bad and everything to be pessimistic. This quest war is to Klein on this essence. McNish the most of in years, a pair in half Indian Ludin ha been courts a beina. Lies have short legs. Lies always get found out. There is no use to lying. People will always find out the truth. A lie has short legs so it can to run away very far and gets caught. Get it? Zag me Diva height device. The Saloum quotes a beina harm Fun cups best fools from head to toe fully and completely. The Kingdom of Art and Schmidt Sage from cups. This fools human DM felt Einstein from Hanson. A stone falls from someone's heart. It is a weight off one's shoulders, a relief. I searched the steel right harbor Femia Einstein from Hanson guns or resign to be all ears , meaning to listen carefully or eagerly to anticipate Kinder's and immigrants or venison for Gilley's in a distressed indeed, off debts only harm to have something on the tip off, one stung to almost have the right answer. Almost remember. Is she Avedon arm and minus Adan professors off that song about Can Mission ish Cano Air Brennan. So I hope that now, the next time you hear someone saying they're crashed their head through a wall or that they have something on their tongue, you will know what they were talking about. Do you and T