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German Language for Beginners / Part 2 - Unit 1 - Der Lebenslauf (Resume)

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. What you'll learn in Unit 1

    • 2. 1.01 Treffen und kennenlernen - Wiederholung (Meeting and greeting - Repetition)

    • 3. Don't forget to download practice sheets Skillshare

    • 4. 1.02 Berufe und Ausbildung (Jobs and education)

    • 5. 1.03 Die Bewerbung (Job application)

    • 6. 1.04 Bewerbungsfragen (Interview questions)

    • 7. 1.05 Das Perfekt (Present perfect)

    • 8. 1.06 Hatte (Had)

    • 9. 1.07 War (Was)

    • 10. 1.08 Alte Fotos (Old photos)

    • 11. 1.09 Akkusativ (Accusative)

    • 12. 1.10 F√ľr einen Monat (For a month)

    • 13. 1.11 Dativ (Dative)

    • 14. 1.12 Seit und vor (Since and ago)

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About This Class

Welcome to the second part of the German course for beginners! Congratulations on deciding to continue learning the German language :)

If you are a complete beginner, I encourage you to check out the first 7 Units. If you already know some things and want to continue learning and expand your knowledge - then come along with us. Before learning anything new, we will repeat everything we learned before, so you can be sure to have a good foundations you can build your knowledge on.

We have another 7 exciting units with different topics, vocabulary and grammar lessons. 

In this course, you will also get a lot of practice materials, so don't forget to download them under 'Projects & Resources' and complete the exercises after the lessons.

In Unit 1 of the second part, we will learn how to do a job interview in German and talk about the past! :)

What you will learn:

  • How to write a professional CV in German
  • How to do a job interview and answer some of the most common questions
  • Use the verbs 'haben' & 'sein' in the past
  • Repeat the¬†Perfekt¬†tense
  • Repeat the accusative case
  • Learn the dative case

At the end of the course you will be able to do a simple job interview and write your CV in German. Besides that, you will be more confident in using the German past tense and cases.

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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The common urban legend says, that people only use around 10% of their brains. The ten percent myth most likely arose from a misund... See full profile

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1. What you'll learn in Unit 1: Welcome to the first unit of Discourse and this unit. We will talk about your life, your job experience and your CV. Let's check out what you learn in this unit. We'll repeat some of the things you hopefully already know, like how to meet someone, were introduced yourself and say some basic things about yourself. How to write a job application and answer some of the questions you might get at a job interview will also repeat the past tense. Does Perfect and the Accuser the case. We will also introduce a new case. We'll learn how to correctly use the verb Harbin and Zain in the past and how to use many different temporal propositions like, for example, zayt for fear and similar. So if you're ready, let's jump right in into a new chapter off your German learning adventure. 2. 1.01 Treffen und kennenlernen - Wiederholung (Meeting and greeting - Repetition): in our first lesson will just quickly repeat some of the things you hopefully already know . How do you introduce yourself and meet someone? You? Let's ask Ben under Nina a few questions about them. Ben is our friend. So will talk informally to him. Nina is our neighbor and we don't know her so well. So we'll use the formal Z form. But her The high school. It's high sub in the high Cincy is high. So Nina, we can also ask v is dynamic or v istea Anoma. My nominee has been mine. Amit Iss Nina We are visto. It's been zips in your heart v ICT Zindzi ich bin fear on crazy here when mistook a born, it's been, say, thousands Swagger Born Buns and Ziggo Borden. It's been 1900 from fund actor Jacob Organ, Wolverine Store. It's Rhona indictment in Hamburg. Von Nz ish Wona Indust writes in Ben. Well, here comes to ish comatose Klieman. We have common Z ish comma or spell in has to get Mr Yeah Harbour Island Buddha on Danish Wester have been Z gosh Risteau 9 December Kinda gosh Wister. It's been a nine second pistol for higher footage nine is Binnish for higher flooded Zinzi for higher edit. Yeah, he's been for highlighted. My neman heis Nicholas has to kingdom nine each other kind of kingda, it's been are too young have been Zeke India. Yeah, it's habits like India, Iran and zone on Dyna Tox Tha bases Carson's crystal H pressure. Dutch English on the ambition concerts ish basis Craft questions. E is Christian Deutsche on Italian ish. It's Lanark Spanish Bus Pistol fund behoove issue. Not so Schuler Buses and Z fun. But Wolf, it's been asked detecting from move blesses and Dina hobbies. Minor hobbies and fuck it fun computer speeders. Phelan on foods Bashkirian I wasn't eager. Hobbies Mine hobbyist Marlon Istan Cell C Agana with don't get drunk. 3. Don't forget to download practice sheets Skillshare: it. Oh, with don't What? 4. 1.02 Berufe und Ausbildung (Jobs and education): and this lesson, we will listen to a few dialogues off people talking about their education, the housebuilding, their jobs, their behoove and their careers. D carry it, listen closely and tried to see how much you can already understand. I bet it's a lot. Costilla Zinzi Phone Boof It's been later than fun. Boof issue Entrevista deutsche on English issue a better off as a Bizet seven issue because it's a text their own. Boucha, Alstom, English and Starcher. Camilla versus Tear Boof Ish Harbor einen job eyes, Tear odds. Ishara Betemit, Continent Era on Zog. A Feuz issue. Lieberman and Job about Munch. Melisse the Sock zero Schweer. Hello Algarve US Bills to fund behoove It stood even off. It's marker I know I was building as polka mi driven. It's habit. All kinds. OMA job as fair coif organ. I hope you understood at least some things that people were saying. Let's first tried to translate some of the verse and phrases from the dialogues. We mentioned a few different jobs here de llegan de Bizet. Seven. Dear Tia Artzt Depot come even de Falco. If oven remember, the jobs and the feminine form will take the ending e N. We also mentioned two ways to ask about someone's job. Verse pissed off on boof and vices. Dine woulda yah Boof E. A. Is the formal form here, Of course, we also mentioned a few different ways to say What's your job? It's been leaders and fun. Boof or each Harbour Island job, eyes or ish are better eyes and here are some more birds We mentioned here on television to teach Cuba's Edson to translate oust them. Anguish in INS Deutscher Cuba's Edson to translate from English into German, of course, is can also go the other way around. Thank sick d t other animals z argon to take care of something or someone. But it could also mean to very ish Lieberman and job. I love my job. Munge Mull Sometimes Oh also stood even to study meaning like going to college. Watch out and don't confuse it with the German word for studying Lannin de out Spare Deng education Dare Xoma job summer job. And now that you know all the important words and phrases, let's listen to the text one more time. Are you ready? Frost Eva? Thus is NZ fund move. It's been lever than fun. Book off is interested. Dodge on English are better. How was that seven issue? Because it's a text there on Boucha host in English and in Starcher. Pamela was just you behoove Ishiba in and drop str Arts is a bottom. It can continue even on Zogg Fuse e issue Lieberman and drop a bomb Manage Melissa Soak Zia Schweer Hello Algarve US pistol phone behoove It stood even off a smarter minor. Always been allies poor come you given h Oubre off Nzama job eyes fair Coy Folkman Vaz Beest A fun boof. VOA bettez too. Try to answer these questions about yourself. I don'T and t Teoh. 5. 1.03 Die Bewerbung (Job application): in today's lesson, we're going to learn how to write a job application or Deeb available in German. Let's first learn all the vocabulary you might need and check out a few examples. And after that, learn how to write your own job application in German Zerga at a dominant heaven spv a blemish Omeish Stella as photo craft in your family H Comma is Canada owned Habit Funds, 5012th Best Side Thousands, Ipsen Photography on film and to Hunter Should Yet Is Adam. Let's Turn Yeah, a Better is by admin Photo Shabba out fr commit hot sides Photo. Coffee ish crashes A good English owned Lana after right? Isha, Alberta Ganymede Ankle unmentioned Swiss, German If your mayor in formats, you won't understand a scene and ganso for fuel mitt Condition Cruisin Andy Shiner Off course. This is just the very simplified job application, but it can help you to learn some phrases you might need if you want to write your own job application in German, so let's check them out. Zerga Air two. Dominant Heaven means there, ladies and gentlemen, or literally very honored. Ladies and gentlemen, it's a standard greeting form when we are address ing someone formally, but we're not sure whether they're male or female or even not. Whether there is more people or Onley One person. Damn, it means ladies and heron means gentlemen ISP reverb amiss. I'm applying myself. Omondi Stella Els, four. To place off. It's have a studio it I studied something. Zeit Dem Let's Dona Arbiter issue. Since last year, I have been working, so this is a good place to write your current job position. And since when you've been doing it, D f I hung means experience, so f haven't met at was Harbin means to have experience with something ish pressure. The easiest way to say all the languages that you speak are by two Ghanim it and run mentioned. So zaman I love to work together with other people, fear mere informants, human station and gannets, a fair food as standard thing to add at the end of an email, it would literally mean for more information. I am at your disposal. Okay, Now that you know all the vocabulary, let's check the email one more time, shall we? Zenga at a dominant heaven spv a blemish Omeish Stella as photo craft in your family. H Comma is Canada Owned Habit Funds 5012th Best Side Thousands, Ipsen Photography on film and to Hunter should Yet Zaidan, Let's Turn Yeah, a Better is by admin photo. Isha about fr commit hot sides Photo. Coffee ish crashes A good English owned Lana after right? Isha, Alberta Ganymede Ankle unmentioned Swiss, German. If your mayor in formats, you won't understand a scene and ganso for fuel. Mitt Condition Cruisin Andy Shiner And now let's try to write a different baby. A bunk. We'll just change the person and job position. ZG Air two Dominant happen. It's prevail, but, um, de Stella as pork Amira and you have former If comma Austin, who was owned Habit funds. 5000 Elf Best five Thousands extent in for Matic in Boston. Studio Zeit Spy Arkan Arbit Age by their former optic media. Ice fast Informatica Establish Woman Practical by Anna Deutsch. Informa Grammar ish pressure. English concerns is on time basis. Sandridge. It's been flicks evil on Motive. E it Film Aaron Formats Union Station and gannets offer feudal Mitt Coalition close in Ray Hill. See that it's not so difficult. Little off course like I already mentioned. This is just a very simplified version off a job application, but you can use it as a skeleton and expend as needed, Teoh. 6. 1.04 Bewerbungsfragen (Interview questions): Let's take dashed Ellen Baba, job applicant from our last lesson and asked them a few additional questions. Still, in V A and E i NPA Frog. Let's ask Andy a few questions. We will use the formal Z form because it's a formal situation. Hello, Andy. Vote happens if we argue our bite it a Shahab of Queer Eye's hot sites for to Craft Our Bite It Villalonga Abbott Transition by admin Photo Fish are by the dot Zeit anemia vases. Carson questions E ish Pressure English on the embassy in Dodge Vardhan Voluntary. Here are beytin es ist Ein Azia course of firmer on fish can hear feel annoys Arkan. Learn Dunk A and E West Clubs to Become Ended and Job. Muzi and Velshi If God ray in job interview becomes Hello Ray. Few of Asia Stella Motions is ish bourbon. It's Mr Mission. De Stella is poor commute from heaven Bus happens. Each study it H Harbor informatics did. Yet Villalonga happens. Used to get issue before Viagra studio. Warren McKenzie. It's fish are better by their former up text media is that one are by 10 c. Note is it's very often, but Holmes, NZ they're perfect. A candy dodge. It's been more TVs on flexible. I think that you're almost ready for your first job interview in German. I don't owe. 7. 1.05 Das Perfekt (Present perfect): and this. Listen, we will travel to do past a little bit. If you finish the last course with me, you probably already know everything about the German perfect. And this will be a great repetition. And if not, don't worry, because in this lesson you will learn everything you need to know about the German past tense. How to build the perfect dust. Perfect is made of two parts. The first part is the auxiliary verb habit or resign, and the second part is something called participants by. Let me explain what each of dad means. The auxiliary verbs conjugated in the present tense depending on the person it's referring to, so it will be, is have a good do has to get cough and Z is good common if you don't remember the present tense off the German auxiliary verbs have been one Zain quickly repeated ish Harbor du Hast Izzy s hut, Ria Harbin. You helped Z Harbin and Zain ish been do beest as e esse est via Zind years. ICT seasoned. So how to know when to use ha been and when to use design? Most verbs values have been as their auxiliary verb in the perfect. So if you are in doubt and not so sure go, it happen. There are much bigger chances that you'll be right. A smaller amount of verbs uses Zain as the helping verb for building the perfect. It'll mostly be verbs that shows some kind off movement, something that is going some point A to point B, for example, common ish been ago. Common gear Do best garden or Father years. Enter Ghafar. Also, verbs that indicate a change of state will also use design. For example, Off Martin do Best Afghan or stab on air is that 700 nines is a good start, and the second part, the second part is the party zips by for regular works. It's formed by adding gay A in front of the verb and a suffix t at the end of the world, for example, get coked. We have the verb corker removed the infinitive ending. Add gay in front of it and t at the end or game us get a bite. It irregular Verbs will also add gay at the beginning, but e n at the end, for example, the irregular verb Xeon. We have removed a E n add ghee in front of the verb and end at the end because it's a every glover Gizzi in Get often, give Father and some irregular verbs will also change their stem. For example, drinking get Duncan or Flegal GIF Logan. Besides that, some verbs will act just plain silly. For example, words beginning with B or fair will not get the prefix game big. Common hot, big common fair call from Hunt Fico and also verbs that end in even will not get the prefix game. Telephone Iran Hard to California Inseparable words will squeeze the game between the two parts that get separated offs tion. Is Afghanistan done mitt common ist Metka common so when to use the perfect dust Perfect will be used when talking about things that happened in the past and is the preferred form in spoken German. We can translate the perfect tense using the English simple, past tense ish harbor. Long a dog cohabited. I worked there for a long time airhead mish angle over. He called me Z's and next a common. They didn't come how to build sentences with the perfect. The word order in a perfect sentence is actually quite important. The auxiliary verb ha Been or resign will always take this second place in the sentence ish harbor mine of formula is Dina. One mine off, coined in isn't after the verb comes. Everything else you want to put in descendants. Who, Where, what and at what time? It's Harbour I, an incline and honed minor familia is lets the Seattle Zaman and then Rouleau Dina 11 of coined Zen foots by Wilson. And then, at the very, very end of the sentence, we put the party zips right ish harbor an incline and who aren't common minor familia is lets the CIA to examine and and Willow give Father Dean Aspen minor point and isn't for its live often won't get soon. Okay, I hope this wasn't too overwhelming. Let's take some herbs, put them in sentences and see what they look like in the perfect Ah, beytin tuber via Harbin. He its value. Forget about it. We worked here for two years, Zan to see it's how about my Nicole Eagan lung and esque a scene I didn't see my colleagues for a long time begin to go. It's been hiding next, so our vodka Garden. I didn't go to work today Common to come or arrive denying computers and high Tigger common . The new computer's arrived today. Listen to read has stood us. Alice Gillies. Um, did you read all of it? And, like always, the best way to learn is, of course, to practice. So let's do that. Do you and T Teoh? 8. 1.06 Hatte (Had): in today's lesson, we will talk about some verbs you already know, but in a form you still don't know, let's see what's happening. E. I hope you will still remember the verb have been in the present tense ish harbor Do has PSE s hot We a horrible year helped Z Z have been great And now let's take a look at a few sentences. Try to find a verb. Ha! Been If you look closely, you will see that something is a little bit off issue hotter Einen haunt Assist Kleinbard I had a dog when I was little. Minamata, Hatter Island Guten drop about yet this CR by Selves. My mother had a good job, but now she's unemployed. You hadn't for your in my feel guilt. We always had a lot of money before Let's the vodka had to tear China's it song. Last week you had a meeting. Do you know it? Is it what tense rd sentences in And what does the verb hub and look like? If you paid close attention, you could probably notice that all these sentences are in the past and that the verb Harbin looks different than we're used to seeing it. What you see here is another past tense and German this 2nd 1 that we will learn the first honest, the perfect. Remember, this one is called pretty rhythm. Sounds fancy, right end of days. Where is the perfect tens? Was made out of two parts. The pretty return will be made off on Lee. One part, it's the verb with the corresponding endings. You will learn more about the endings and how exactly to build it later on. Well, in German, these two tenses are completely interchangeable. This means that unlike in English, these two different past tenses can be used in place off each other however you want. Still, there are some general rules when we'll use which one. The perfect is the tense you will hear mostly in spoken German. Using the pretty return will mostly sound a little bit too pasha and luxurious. The pretty return will be mostly used for very formal and written German for contracts, Romans and articles. So, since pretty victim is not so common, I generally won't bother you would it until level B one end up. But there are some verbs that really prefer the pretty rhythm and some of them are the auxiliary. Verbs have a non Zain, all the mortal words and a few different art of herbs like Hyson Visit or Denkinger. But for most off the verbs we learned so far, you will use the perfect for the past form. So here is a verb Harbin. And we just found out that he prefers to be in the pretty return tents in the past. Let's see what it looks like. Issue hot Do hardest A Z s hot via Hutton here. How did ZZ Hatton not so difficult? Right, Let's go to it one more time is hotter. Do Hodges e l z is hot via fronton. Yeah, I took a Z z Hutton Notice that we will get a double t here and lose the beat completely. Andrew used the ending's a s a n ed, and let's check out some examples with the past form off the verb hob. And we just learned Isis Klein were hard to issue. China cuts z ha Jeb lower Calgon via Hadn't Emma fears past Zaman minus rest? I had to sign an haunt. Air had to shreds Affleck their hunt IndyCar, tsa, Hatton and more flu. Don't Hutton area feel a problem? I hope that this lesson helped you and that you are a little bit more confident now to use the verb. Ha. Been in the past form. Do you do? 9. 1.07 War (Was): in the last lesson, we learned how to use the verb ha been in the past tense and in this listen, we will learn the same for the verb design to be so. If you want to talk about your past experiences or what happened yesterday, you will definitely need to use this verb in the past since so let's learn it. Let's again just quickly check redder. You know the verb design in the present tense. It's been dubious. A SZ as is he is end he aside z zint You know this already, right? So let's check it out in the pretty rhythm, the past form and don't freak out. It will look kind of weird but you already know that zayn is a beard verb Ishiba duf us A Z s Via Vardhan Abad ZZ Marvin It wasn't so bad, right? If you forget the fact that it doesn't look anything like their abs Ayn in the present form . But then again, it's the same in English is and Waas versus is end va and probably in a lot of other languages as well. This world will be quite irregular if you remember the German modal verbs you can maybe noticed that they endings for the move Herbs are the same as the endings for the pretty rhythm of Zain No ending t know Ending and T end Ishiba do bust SZ s for V over Yeah, but z z let's check out the little story with a lot of examples off this verb in the past form Isis Kleiner hadn't finished feel get minamoto of our conscious that owned my father of a boy Obama on my mood oven off and baby owned Via had nine Altes Haus mind Buddha on h Haden nine say moment Feeling speeders often when the guard nova decline about Evers there should in God Nevada ones I want Zain um Obama's When Zika Knappen Barton last few einhaus had this to say I was declined us Vardan garden course. But your glue Klis I hope that you are not overly confused by this silly but very useful for like always there are a lot of exercise is waiting for you and t 10. 1.08 Alte Fotos (Old photos): old photos always bring back a lot of memories. And this lesson, we will take a look at a few old photos and listen to the stories behind him. This will, of course, be a great way to repeat the past tense and German build lines. Hello, My name is Mariano. Off Season four Tova is your yard issue orders? Meeting guns. Christ, He ever gone off my ***? Twista minus five Buddha Mitt Onslaught on Zika course motor Zieba here since my and our God V A bargain and one's Graeme Garden. I live on Gonzaga Place. Value my food. Aga boots that counter bid survive That sounds a yes, this auto. We're hardness mere Swanson, Domus Va is no gun sin Oy, We're hadn't analogous out 00 Lead your happiness. Wine payouts and fuck off bids die he of our cumbia in Willow. That's what you didn't do in Frank Rice. That's what a bottle owned SZ A bomb via Haden Crisis crowd. We have engaged and target about it. Bid fear does for my new class in the controller, we've Arkham best of coin. Don't hadn't. Emma feels bus Is your position long in this cuisine? bid fifth. That's why mine s that job. It's have a by Coca Cola abated, Ishara. But what I score shifts for you going get abated. It's ready. Asked of cow Indies and job destined Mine fighter owned mine. Zoom my father over here. Few on zesty. He aka out on My Zune Worked, writes in Erhard, the investigators whose bunch peel I had a McGhan of foods burgers. Let's check some of the vocabulary Arianna used to tell us about the photos and her life. Does photo a photo? Guns? Racists. It's right. Most de dish wisdom. Remember siblings, brothers and sisters? Mitt owns with us. Sean, Remember this one? It means already. Watch out. It's not pretty pretty, is Xun very similar but completely different? Glick Lis. Happy, vile. Because you will learn more about this. Very useful conjunction later. Dare get bored. Stuck Birthday one za Is this out? Our first card Mayor as one c. P. R. More than 20 years, Domus. Then we were at the time gun snow Oy totaling you leap happened to be fund off. You can be fund of something like here. The car is habit us out of there. Leap or a person, It's habit. This sleep I like you fear coffin to sell AM Will abs sine to be on holidays? A Reagan rule. Some there were anywhere That's Veta. The weather crises cut 30 degrees. You didn't tug every day Baden to swim, de con Shula primary or elementary school de class. Er, the class best of kind of best friends shown longer for a long time. Literally long already. Mine asked the job my first job. Dig a shift proven managing director or CEO? Arrogant list, actually. Or in fact, so there's its first Peter later, the as the the 1st 1 If it was a man, it would be their asked them. That's foods Burchfield football match. I hope you like the pictures and the stories. I'm sure some of this vocabulary will help you to express yourself easier when talking about the past. Do you and T 11. 1.09 Akkusativ (Accusative): If you followed my last course, you may remember one especially difficult and painful lesson. It's the lesson about the German cases, and so far we learned to off them nominative owned acquisitive. Do you still remember it, or would you rather forget all about it? Well, the German cases are by many learners, consider to be one of the most difficult parts of the German grammar, but I think that it's actually quite learn herbal. Yes, there are many rules and exceptions, but once you've er and all of them, it's actually quite easy. So in this lesson, I wanted to remind you of all the things we learned about the German cases so far. So the German cases basically explained to us what all the different parts off the sentences are and what is their rule. I'll try to explain to you with a few example sentences from my course about the German cases where my dog Yaga, help me explain the concept. The case is tell us the grammatical function off overt, meaning the rule, this word place in a sentence. Each case will tell us the specific function off a word or group of words in a sentence and the relation it has to other words around it. So we can think of cases as Facebook for inverts the same way we can find out a lot about people by looking at their Facebook profiles. We can also find out a lot about Verdes by looking at the case there in, we can find out their gender, their role. Are they friends with someone? Is it a strong relationship? Or they just sometimes hang out. When a bird changes from one case to another, it's called the Klensch in, and the verb for this is to decline. No, it doesn't mean decline like and turned out decline like and changing over it from one case to another. Birds that can be declined in the German language are now owns their articles, pronouns and adjectives. All of this sounds a little bit confusing. Let me show you an example. The Airman Foot at Dean Hunt. Now, most of you probably know that wound is a masculine noun, so it's usually Deya. But here we can see, then in front of wound. Why? Well, the man is feeding the dog, which means that the dog is the object off the sentence here. The man is feeding him and we will have to use a different article to show that in English , the states, the always But in German Deya changed into Dean. Because of that, we can do this. Then hunt fit at Dammann. We changed the word order. But we still know that the man is feeding the dog and not the other way around, because the article Dane is showing us that this is the object off the sentence. And the airman is this subject off the sentence. The dog is still the object. It's affected by the action off the men, meaning it's being fed. And Damon is still the subject, the one who is doing the action. That's why the word order in German is a little bit more flexible than in English, because the cases tell us exactly who is doing what and what is its relationship to the adverts. These two sentences air different but mean the exactly same thing Dane hold fitted DeMann Damon fitted, then honed Happy puppy in English. If we would do the same switch, it would mean something completely different. We can't do that because we don't have the cases there. Poor English speakers. So far, we mentioned two off. The case is the norm. Unity and a quiz it they are nominating the nominative case. So let's start with our first case of the four. The nominative. Why is he the 1st 1? It's the easiest one to learn, and probably the most often one. It's the basic basic case. If you take a noun or pronoun out of the dictionary, it will always be in the nominative case. We can say that it's the words the fold state, they're nominative will be this subject off the sentence, meaning the person animal or thing that is doing or being something. The nominative noun is carrying out the action, and the verb is conjugated according to it. So the protagonist, so to say of descendants, is always in the nominative. Let me show you a few examples. Is it clear, then a nominative? I am explaining the nominative. I am the subject of descendants carrying out the action, and therefore, in the nominative case, the verb air clear even to explain is conjugated according to the subject in this case ish , That's Megyn land D chromatic the girl is doing something learning. That's why the girl that's Megyn is the subject off the sentence and in the nominative or DeBruce fe Aetna Berlin, the buses driving to Berlin. The bus is doing the action here and this and the nominative dare una rent Newhouser. The boy is doing something running and again. That's why he's the subject of the sentence. And in the nominative, they're acquisitive. The accuse it'd case and now, to the interesting part, when to use the accuser tive the accused native is the object off the sentence, the direct object. To be more specific, it means that it's directly affected by the action. Off the subject. I remembered a puppy from our first example Damon for Tajuddin Hunt. Damon is this subject off descendants, and now you know that it's the nominative and their hunt is the accuser to the accuse, it of object or the dog is directly affected by the action off the subject. It's being fed. Let's take a look at more examples. Ish s er ein an up food is I is the subject of the sentence, and I'm directly acting upon the apple. That's why the direct object And that's why in the accuse ity a Fiat auto. Yeah, he is the subject and he's acting directly upon the object. The car, meaning he is driving it. That's why the US auto is in the accuse ity vehicle for initial colada. We are the subject, and initial colada is the direct were accuse. It'd object. You get it right kind of. Let's put our nominative articles here and compare them to the acquisitive articles. Let's take a look. What changed. If you look closely, you will see that it's not much. The accuser tive is not Ah so to say, strong case. And as you can see, he will change on Lee de Mescal, inform their into danger. The are just gets prolonged to the ground into an end. Dane Ironman The feminine neutral and plural forms stay the same. If you still feel very confused about the German cases, try maybe going a few steps back and repeat some of the lessons about the cases. Or maybe you could even check out my full course just about the German cases where you will learn everything you ever wanted to know. But I hope that it's more or less clear by now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I don't owe with 12. 1.10 F√ľr einen Monat (For a month): Felix's looked on an exam. A job. Felix is looking for a summer job. A few of the Langham Fewer Island More, not fewer. Crime monitor would off your line of work. Let's learn how to use that correctly. Few means four, and you probably already know that. Dusky shank. ISF. You mean the present is for him? Or is this few? Meesh Is that for me? But it can also be used to express adoration off time. Few einen tug for a day, and if you're very careful and watch closely here, you can notice that we use the accuse. It'd case enon fear I never also for a week if you're in and mourn it for a month. Feuds. I missed my monitor for 2 to 3 months. Fewer Kenya for a year. Fear in pie Aava for a few years. Let's check out the few example sentences. Hello, It's been wholly owned. Common house. Pani in ish to the UK via chuffed. It's Mr Exam. A few Try monitor Einen Zahn My job Indictment Fender. It's been 14 moon. It'll knock Deutschland Common owned. Blabber here, not fewer. I'm per monitor. So if you is a nice proposition that you can use to talk about a span of time and watch out It will be used with the accused Active case. So we have fuel line and tug fear. I never also fewer Ayn and more nut or few I'll yeah. 13. 1.11 Dativ (Dative): I think that you're finally ready to learn one more case in German data dot So in this listen, we learned when and how to use the data case. East Sider Deem hunt Deng cakes. Isha is the subject because I am doing the action showing the cookie. It's the nominative. The direct object is the cookie. I am doing the action to it, showing it. It's the accuser tive object and my dog is the indirect object. I'm not doing anything directly to him. I'm not showing him, but he is in some way part of the actual because he's looking at a cookie that I'm showing just looking. So the indirect object is part of the action but not being directly affected by what diverged us. And this is the data. You can also tell by the different ending. It's not dare haunted like and nominative. It's also not Dane Hoond, like it would be in the accuse ity. It's Dame honed. Let's check out the complete date of declination and what's changes. So here are the articles in the nominative there I'm dust ein de China and the end kind. Since we don't have the indefinite article in plural and here they are in the accuse ity day in China. And this is what's changed and thus Ein the China and d kinda just like in the No me, not you. And here is our data. Take a good look and try to see what changed and how. Let's see the masculine article turned into Dame and Einem. And not only that, the neutral articles heads the same change as well. See, we imagine that in the accuse it'd the are from DEA, just got prolonged to the ground into n like in Dean here we can imagine that it got a new addition, another leg, and it's turned into an m dame and einem. But that's still not all. Look at the feminine articles. The feminine article changed so much that now it looks just like the masculine Deya. Why does it look like the masculine article? I don't know. The date of just got out of control, But don't let it confuse you. Even the pleura once are changing into Dane and kinda but not only the article this time, for the first time, it's also the noun. Yes, the date of case is so strong. That plural announce will get on additional end at the end if they're not already ending with an end. For example, D. Kendra will turn into Dane kin, done in date of plural. So in dated, it's Dame Einem, Dame Einem dare Aina and Dean Kind plus an end at the end off the known let's check some examples is gay Ba Damon de Schlissel. Damon is dated here. It's a masculine on. So it's turned into Dame Zizkov. Did they have How I know Tartar? How is our date of here? It's a feminine noun, so it's changed into their Don't confuse it with my skull in airfare. To me, Tomato that's outer is neutral here and the date of its turns into dame the lira gifted in Xiulan house off carbon, then shoot on is date of plural. So D turned into Dane and look at the end at the end off Shula. I must admit that this is a somehow simplified version off the date of case because there are many more different rules and usage cases, but I didn't want to scary right away. I know that in the beginning it can be very hard to remember all the different endings and when to use each article or when to use what case. So I think that when starting, it's best to remember different verbs or propositions or phrases that will always go with the same case. Just like you learned the article together with another. You do that right? So that's why I prepared a little pdf for you with some of the most used phrases and expressions that will always go with a specific case, and you can use it as a cheat sheet for getting started, do you t. 14. 1.12 Seit und vor (Since and ago): If you want to say that something happened before something else, or that you have been doing something since a certain point in the past, you will need thes two handy little birds and German Zeit, meaning sense and four meaning before. Besides that, there are a great example of the day to case and real life, so let's learn it. Let's take a look at two examples sentences. HR Better ice. Clear of insights 5000 Elf. I've been working as a teacher since 2011. It's Harbor for RTR commenced to do number ended. I finished my studies 80 years ago. See the two little words We mentioned Zite and Four Zeit, meaning since something is happening or going on since a certain point in the past. Zeit. It's White House itself. Arbiter ish en Deutschland. I've been working in Germany since 2011. Exactly. It's the combination are by slows. I'm unemployed since last week. Zeit Airplane with Walter earlier of Yaden. Since he was little, he wanted to become a teacher and the 2nd 14 before or ago. Something happened before a certain event in the past or a certain time ago. 4 to 5000 elf about h R by tools Before 2011 I was unemployed. It's been afterward shun for fear. Walking a common I came to Germany four weeks ago. Airhead mish for my name. Yeah, he visited me a year ago. Let's answer a few questions. Villalonga Arbiters to shown here. How long have you been working here? And the answer could be a better here. Zeit it so I Yeah. I've been working here for two years or literally since two years ago. Zeit wanna bet is due here. Since when have you been working here? Zeit Einem Yah since a year ago. Or if we ask Van pistol after I chunga Common. When did you arrive to Germany? Forts live walking two weeks ago. And here is a little extra. When as v Long a pistol shown here. How long have you been here? You can also answer Sean Sayyaf already Two years. Xun aside, It's five often since two weeks ago Already The word Sean means already and watch out not to mix it up with Xun, which means pretty or beautiful. It has an armload, the two little dots above the old So shuhn already and shrewd, Beautiful. In this lesson, we learned some very useful words when talking about time. We learned Zeit, meaning sense and four meaning before, and we also mentions their hand a little word shown meaning already Do you do?