German Grammar Explained - Subjunctive Mood - Part 1: Introduction to The Subjunctive Mood

Kamil Pakula, Python developer, linguist

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5 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Hi

    • 2. ‘would be’ - Konjunktiv II of the verb ‘to be’

    • 3. ‘would have’ - Konjunktiv II of the verb ‘to have’

    • 4. ‘could, might, should’ - Konjunktiv II of modal verbs

    • 5. Konjunktiv II of regular and irregular verbs


About This Class

Let’s start by revising the three moods in German: the indicative, the imperative and the subjunctive mood. Then, let’s dive straight into the subjunctive mood and have a look what it’s all about.

In this class we’ll also learn how to make the regular and irregular forms of Konjunktiv II and how to use them. We’ll start by some common verbs like ‘to be,’ ‘to have’ and modal verbs.