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German Cardinal Numbers | Frau Hannah

teacher avatar Frau Hannah, German Language Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Cardinal Numbers Intro

    • 2. Cardinal Number 0-10

    • 3. Cardinal Numbers 11-19

    • 4. Cardinal Numbers 20-99

    • 5. Cardinal Numbers 100+

    • 6. Cardinal Numbers 1000+

    • 7. Cardinal Numbers 10000+/ 1000000+

    • 8. Cardinal Numbers Exercise 1

    • 9. Cardinal Numbers Exercise 2

    • 10. Cardinal Numbers Exercise 3

    • 11. Cardinal Numbers Project & Outro

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About This Class


Hallo Studenten!

I am Frau Hannah, your German language instructor! 

In this class, we will cover the German Cardinal Numbers from 0-1,000,000+. Cardinal numbers are numbers that are used to indicate quantity. They are used for prices, ages, telephone numbers, telling time, and more. We will practice these numbers together through 4 practice exercises completed during class. These exercises are designed to test your listening and reading skills. After class, there is a project that is designed for individual practice. It builds on the information learned in class and test writing and reading skills. The only material needed for this course is you!

This class is perfect for beginner learners of all ages, and would also be a good refresher of foundational concepts for intermediate and advanced learners.

I look forward to communicating and connecting with you all!

Continue learning with me! ↓Links below↓



**!!Disclaimer!! My Patreon page is specifically designed to teach adult learners the NSFW side of the German language. Students will learn curse words, vulgar terms, slang words, and more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Frau Hannah

German Language Instructor


Hallo, Studenten! I'm Frau Hannah, your German language instructor!

I am a bilingual English-German university student finishing up an Honours Bachelors degree in German as well as a minor in Second Language Teaching. Afterwards, I'll be pursuing a Masters degree in German where I'll be abroad in Germany and I'd like to complete a Korean Language diploma in graduate studies as well.

I've always had a passion for languages and linguistics. I used to work as a Research Assistant in a Psych-Linguistics Lab where our goal was to create a clearer understanding of bilingualism and it's benefits not just cognitively but also within a community. I have also worked as a German Teaching Assistant where I taught hour long classes, twice a week to beginner level university students. I... See full profile

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