Geometric Patterns 101: Triangular Patterns | Krittika Mittal | Skillshare

Geometric Patterns 101: Triangular Patterns

Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

Geometric Patterns 101: Triangular Patterns

Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Setting Up Your Workspace

    • 4. Adding Color

    • 5. Making a Seamless Pattern

    • 6. Editing with Photoshop

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About This Class

You got to admit it, geometric patterns are everywhere these days. Hop into my series of Geometric Patterns 101 and learn the basic techniques and tricks behind creating these geometric patterns! 

In today's class, we will learn to create these super detailed geometric triangular patterns. Although they look really complicated, once you get the hang of them, they're super easy to make! You will learn how to create this pattern in Illustrator and also learn a bit more about creating seamless patterns, shapes, color palettes, adding texture etc.


Meet Your Teacher

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Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Hey everyone! I'm a graphic designer based out of New Delhi, India. I started my education in architecture & realized mid-way that making art made me more happy than making buildings. I started learning Illustrator and Photoshop in my free time (thanks to Skillshare) and moved into the line full time post graduation.

 I currently work as a graphic designer and social media manager with a start-up. I love all things colorful and pattern-isc (the INDIAN ROOTS). I realized that my journey has only been possible because of the wonderful teachers I had and motivates me to give back my teaching.

PS. I would love for you to join me on Instagram. I often share tit-bits about upcoming classes, current art projects, my do... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hi guys like him to my class. I am critica on I'm a graphic designer and architect from India. So into metric patents 101 This is going to be a serial slices and in each class, we're gonna pick up a particle type of pattern and learn how to make it. So we would family be using Adobe for the shop in illustrator to loan on this on as it is in this class. Also, these are the two primary Softwares that we will be using. You can't deny geometrical patterns are everywhere these days. So a lot of media graphic designing companies are using them in the brochures Pam Plates, Web designing blocks, etcetera on. I personally feel it's a very useful thing to know. I myself tend to use them a lot, especially in she presentation or this bag grounds for a particular artwork. By enrolling permits us, you will get to learn how to make this patterns. Moreover, you will get to learn some inside Texan trips of illustrator and 40 show, which are bound to help you. So in this particle sauce, you're gonna learn how to being this triangular batons like the one in the background. They can be of contrasting colors or supplementary colors, like in this one all they can be a combination of the same color palette like this is made entirely out of shades of blue. And I was mentioning site. So this is another one which is made with contrasting colors. As I was mentioning, This can be used to create away in testing background as a use for this artwork that I created some time back. So by enrolling for this class, you will learn how to create this pattern, how to work with swatches on making seamless pageants. On further you will learn how to add more texture, etcetera in for the shop. So I hope you do enroll for the class. Thank you. 2. Class Project: Okay, everyone, your class project is fairly simple. All you need to do with you need to follow the instructions given in the class on make your own pattern, which will probably look something like this. You can experiment with whatever colors you want. You can use a similar use, or you can use contrasting colors. Supplement recovers Jews A color palette. As you warned on, Just go along with it on. If you want to make your class project a little more interesting, perhaps you can know some product moke up like this. So natural just had a little more extra to your last project on yet. That's about it. You will need Adobe Illustrator on Adobe for the shop in order to complete this class. Okay, so now let's who wanted the next video. But I will teach you how to make this Staten 3. Setting Up Your Workspace: Alright, guys, let's begin. So the first thing you need to do is tow open a new file on a select file you on cystitis roughly 9 60 by 5 60 pixels, which is this find. All you need to do at this point is to make sure that you haven't horizontal orientation on roughly on this size. Like your minimum dimensions should be 700 by 400 or something. Why am thing This is that you need to work with a decent paid size so that your pattern the do make is big enough so that you can repeat it seamlessly. And it is not so office. So nine to see by 5 60 works fine for me on a simply best. Okay, so here's my paper saves. Now the first thing I need to do in this is to make a triangle which is decide that I will be using throughout. So how do I do this? I go over here on you would usually have the rectangle toe turned on like this on you. Simples Like the polygons to on. Just look on the screen. The moment you do that, it asks you what? What is the tedious that you want, which is basically the circle. And Richard Triangle is made on the number of fights. So since we making a triangle, let's go with three on 50. A picture seems way big. So harbor 25. Yes. So 25 seems all right now. I will have my smart guides stoned on so I can quickly align my trying you in place. So I go tobe you on. I have my smart guides stone down in my guides. I need to have law guides turned off. All right, so there you go. Now I simply select this. Try anger. And then I shifted toe the edge of the, uh, sheet like this. So this is how my screen looks at this point. Now, what I need to do with, I need to duplicate this triangle throughout my art board, so I simply select this on. Okay, So how do you start duplicating it without going through the control cliff? See on control Christie or command C Command Christie stepped on. You need to do is simply stand dragging the triangle on once you have a drag little press on oil fellowship. What? What? This does this that it basically copies your triangle. The shift in shows that it's moving in 90 degrees on the old and show that it's been copied . So once you've done this now, instead of having to repeat the step again and again, all you need to do with by having this triangle selected press control or command is D. What this does is that you basically repeats the previous step, which was copping it using oil per ship. So that's another reason why you shouldn't use command. Christie, a commander ASEAN commanders d over here because that is your increasing your steps on, then the command, please D, which is the repeat. The last step Command won't work, so I quickly start copping all of them along my art board. There you go. So one off my life is done now. Now the problem with this is that I also need to make triangles along this point for it to be a seamless starting, because so it's not about being seamless. It's just that right now there's only this one triangle, and there appears to be trying to live a hill. But it's the same the space that you can't fit. So I'm going to quickly select this. And now I'm gonna do control the sea and control place F controlled Lissi is to copy and controlled Lis. Efforts to paste in place are again command procedure in command plus f so controlled the sea control this F on this is God basted again. I'm going to go toe object, transform on rotate. Now all you need to do is rotated by 90 degree on distressed review so you can see how it Oh, I'm sorry. 1 80 degrees. Let's review, and you can see that it gets pasted on the top for press. OK, now I'm gonna using the arrow keys. Just place this in position. There you go. It is now placed in position. Now I have one seamless roll off my pattern again. I'm going to select this now on. I'm gonna move this using the a rookie on all bishop. So once again, start moving it on Once it. Once you see this, blue lines are appearing on the screen. Resolve the shift when show this happened seamlessly. Now I'll quickly plays this in position. Now you go. Oh, yeah. So that didn't happen on for that what you do just goto edit. Undo. So your selection get selected. I don't simply put this in place. So there you go. My pattern is made now. Now, how do I copied through of the hole? PH I select this again. I move it down using all per shift. And this is done on a simply place control or command. Please. D I now I have my baton throughout my beach. It was that easy. Not Ah. Now, before we go head, just trim off all the unnecessary triangles that you see on the screen on don't require. So never be this This, um these. So here you go. My final sheet is ready. Just saved. This probably saved this as one off your base finds. If you're planning on making more than one pattern on in the next video, let's see how we can get her hands on a color palette on. How would we start applying it to make up acting? So Alright, guys, let's move on to the next. But 4. Adding Color: Hi guy selects. Begin with the next step, which is about adding colors to a destination. So I usually like using predetermine color palettes, which are very easily available on the Internet. You can simply go to Google images and type in color palettes and you'll get a lot of options or you can also go to Pinterest. I usually like going to Pinterest because it, you know, you can add it told world to it, like whether you want a rusty kind of color palette or you want the bright color palette or something. So right now I have a color palette image status saved in my laptop and I'm gonna use that . So here is my color palette. I'm gonna quickly pin this to last, traitor, and I'm gonna make my color palette over here. So for this, just quickly make a rectangle on. Then using the olden shift trick simply copied. Yeah, and then once again, to make three more copies off it, use command close D or control Busy Do treat. Here you go. So I have my five return you selected now in order to put my color polish Nist I am simply clinically on the eye off. I'm innocently fill in colors in this using the eyedropper tool the shocked for this is I just pressed I and you will see that your mouths change too. I drop and simply click on the color that you want the shortcut for direct selection to live a. So to make your work easier, simply click a take on the rectangle chicken I and you have your color. So over here I have my color palette set, and I'm just gonna quickly delete this image from over here. I'm gonna fill in my part in using these five colors. So let's begin. This is a little time consuming. So you know, if you want to get your coffee ready and everything, just do it on your select stuff. Now, in order to make this pact and fun what you have to do with this, like the big district behind this is that the randomly start selecting triangles and start filling in colors in this. So why example? Let me show you. So press the shift key when you start, because the shifty in shows that you can select a lot of trying within one goal and design we start selecting triangles, you can see that the strangler selected The three vortices are now in blue, so just keep randomly. Oh, I'm so sorry. So you have to be lose. Careful about that. That you don't end up accidentally moving your triangles. It is a big pain. So maybe do actually less enthusiastically. Yes, I have a certain number of triangle selected. I'm gonna simply press on I which is eyedropper toe, and then just fill in the color on. There you go. Now, in order to ensure that these triangles don't get selected again, simply go to object on dress lock selection. So this way it makes sure that the strangles do not get selected again. I'm gonna quickly defeat this with all the other colors on. Just get back to you. So guys after round one, this is what my art bowed currently looks like on as you will see, there still love and this spaces that are to be filled. So I cannot once again I was quickly show you how this is done. So in case you have any confusion and I will get clear so once again, the shift and start selecting triangles enemy that aren't wanted. Locking your triangles and you feelin call in the first place is that you can't let them. Now they're only law, which makes the work more easier. The Children end up selling any trying that you already fitted with the color agate. So once I am normally start clicking on this green and yeah, I'm just stressed. I and fill in all color on goto object lock selection that you so once again, shift randomly, select your triangles. Don't worry about some spaces that you can see. There's like too much of one color bringing a look after that And we're going to clean that up later. Right now, just feeling the triangles. That's all you need to do. So again, Object locks, election. And yeah, So now, once again, I'll just quickly get back to you after I'm done feeling all these spaces 5. Making a Seamless Pattern: OK, guys. Now we move on to the toad step so that you would see I have been up all the trying goods with all the colors. But then at some point, I have them. So teen or patches happening like taste for this, which I don't want The first animal do is I'm gonna quickly delete all these. I don't need them. I'm going to quickly select all of them. I would object on local what I do this all of these are annulled. And then I can quickly start filling in all of these with inordinate color. So I'm still clean this up. Ah, you shot good e n. I don't make your work easier and quicker. Simply press a mats, direct selection, toe selected try anger that you want to re color on. Then simply select. I drop to two the color that you want again. This is all extremely random. Honestly, one reported the pattern like you know, you want some trying. It's facing in no particular direction or something. That's something that's entirely different. So, yeah, squared up to you on once again, I'll just couldn't get back to you once I'm done just quickly changing the colored in all the nice I'm going to see this don't like, I'm gonna stress on this. Don't Don't spend a lot of time trying to fix each and every tangle in this composition. Trust me, it won't be worth it once you reach a seamless, vital, even realize it's not even nine. Prominent unless an analysis something that's clearing out really badly don't spend a lot of time, you know, trying to fix it. It's not what it. So once you have your final selection done, we're not gonna crop this so we can make us in this pattern out of this. I'm gonna paper rectangle tool on I'm gonna use since my smart guy The tone down from the top of the waters off triangle. So probably around this point. Ah, wine cropping. You should make sure that the triangles that you're cropping are off the same direction Society down. This is the triangle that I'm cropping. I'm cropping from this point so I won't crop. At this point. I will crop along this line because otherwise why are you making a seamless pattern? It won't happen. So here you go. I have the selected on This is my rectangle. Now I'm going to quickly select my whole art board, and I'm gonna goto part finder and click on cross the moment I do this, what it does that it basically crops. The area which was below the rectangle on the rest of it remains as it is now. If I try making and seamless Patton, what happens? No, quickly start moving this just on the shift site. Just a minute and given realizes seamless pattern is not happening because these two ends are not of the same color. So the next thing that you have to do is to make sure that this triangle on the trying to raising this pattern starts is of the same color. Because, you see, since these are of the same color, this happens to be seamless on the Mexican undo on the longer this leg on these triangles on fill in color. Now, if you try selecting one off these, you will realize that the whole selection, like the whole desolation, get selected. So the way you get around this is to use a which is direct selection toe over here, and then you start feeling in color so Uh, okay, just a minute. And I'm gonna critical in it with this color. So let me quickly do this on. I'll just get back to you How you go, guys, this is done. Now, let me quickly copy paste on. See if this is coming out to be seamless. Yeah. Now you see, this comes across is perfectly seamless. I'm gonna civilian Lee beat this in the border to make sure this happens. Yes, no issues. So helps my baton. Stunned. Now, what I'm gonna quickly do is I'm gonna select this. I'm gonna go to my swatches stool, and I'm just gonna drag this. And now this becomes a swatch. Now I'm completely this. Make a rectangle and just go to swatches and fill it in with this pattern on my you will see, this pattern has repeated seeing less sleep. So there you go. A pattern is ready. And now you could use this stupid in any size of the she that you want on this will repeat seamlessly. So now in the next class, I'm going to critique, show you how we can add a few texas to work to make it even more interesting. 6. Editing with Photoshop: Okay, guy. So blast us of the class family comprises off making this into a J pick on adding a few textures to it. Maybe seeing how the look on experimenting with this Although I usually like using my final pass elections without any tech shepherd A lot of people who like it. So yeah, let's quickly learn how we can add a picture to our desolation. Now, this thing would be carried out in photo shop and not in illustrator so birth we need to make in JP, which weaken using for the shop to simply go to file site I goto file on export and I treated JP from over here called Desolation Baseline, which is okay, RTV motives. Right? Or you can use them by K on it. Call t 72 pp. I would do so once that is saved. I go for the shop and I goto file open and I simply open the image This make sure that the file that opens has the same size as the one Everton illustrator. Now I'm gonna quickly duplicate this layer though short good food itis control this j welcome Uncles J and I'm gonna add a new layer in which I add my texture. So for this is simply goto file place embedded, and I have a few textures over here on. I will probably use the sun. So this has a lot of noise, which I quite like on. I'm probably going to scale it up a little. So while skilling up always use shift key because this makes sure that the additional proportion off the image doesn't change. So now, off using control pills. J I'm just quickly lubricating this on making this seamless. So I'm gonna quickly. Okay, So the short good for selecting a lot of layers at once is that you click on the top layer on the bottom layer for city from the top layer and then pressing a mile pressing shift take on the bottom layer on the less in between will get selected on their own. I'm gonna quickly merged biggest by clicking right click and much now. Yeah, so that makes for my seamless texture on I'm gonna much this This is my seamless sexual and I'm going to reduce the opacity toe around 14%. And there you go. I have a light take show which is happening on the doctor, for which I quite like so usually around 10 to 20% capacities just fine, because otherwise it gets too much. So there you go. I did a texture to it. Okay, So in case I want to add another detection on the top of fit, I'm going to simply go to fight place embedded on going to place my second lecture. Okay. No one thing about using color textures is wanted reduced capacity. You will see that it is slightly affecting the color off the patch in over here, which is something I don't want. So in this case, I'm gonna quickly de saturate this image and make it into a black and white image. Before I do that, I'll quickly let's drive it, go to image adjustments on I'll just Ah, this Actually. Now you go this way. It is not effect the picture up, so it does not affect the color of the texture which is Bill, but using a texture like this which is not uniform. It just adds another dimension to your picture. Yes. May you go. So this is my final text show. With its less on, I can obviously always play around. The colors of this also probably increase or decrease brightness to make it look a little more lively or a little more dull. That's entirely up to you. So this is the basics off making a simple trying glow geometrical pattern on I hope you like because if you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me and let me know. And I will try and clear your doubts immediately. So if you did like but last, I hope you keep subscribing to all the future classes. Dio Thank you so much. Goodbye.