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Geometric Patterns 101: Low Poly Patterns

teacher avatar Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Some Basics Of Low Poly

    • 3. Making your Grid

    • 4. Aligning your Triangles

    • 5. Adding Colors

    • 6. End Note

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About This Class

You got to admit it, geometric patterns are everywhere these days. Hop into my series of Geometric Patterns 101 and learn the basic techniques and tricks behind creating these geometric patterns! 

In today's class, we will learn to create these pretty looking low poly patterns. Although they look really complicated, once you get the hang of them, they're super easy to make! You will learn how to create this pattern in Illustrator, adding color etc. 


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Hey everyone! I'm a graphic designer based out of New Delhi, India. I started my education in architecture & realized mid-way that making art made me more happy than making buildings. I started learning Illustrator and Photoshop in my free time (thanks to Skillshare) and moved into the line full time post graduation.

 I currently work as a graphic designer and social media manager with a start-up. I love all things colorful and pattern-isc (the INDIAN ROOTS). I realized that my journey has only been possible because of the wonderful teachers I had and motivates me to give back my teaching.

PS. I would love for you to join me on Instagram. I often share tit-bits about upcoming classes, current art projects, my do... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the tour class of geometrical patterns. Wanna one I'm critica on? I'm a graphic designer from India. In today's class, we're all going to learn how to create low, poorly backgrounds. So geometrical patterns 11 is primarily Siris of classes in which in every class you will learn how to create a particular type off Patton. So within each class, you alone all the radiations that are possible in these patterns the color schemes, pallets, etcetera that you should I didn t use for over you alone all the tips and tricks that are required to make the pattern easier and faster. So this is the first last in the series on displaying the second on locally is settled. So in almost all of classes, we will primarily use for the shopping illustrator to make our patents on again. In this class, you will be using Illustrator. So if any of you have already subscribed to my older classes, you will know that I already had a class on locally Arctic while back which is family using for the shop. However, this class basically uses illustrator to create low poorly backgrounds. So the system every follow in Illustrator on 40 shop is very different Where follow Polly backgrounds I really prefer using illustrator. So in the next video I will teach you the radius Advantages Disadvantages off Illustrator on why I before using illustrator for you making low Polly backgrounds instead of for the shop into this class you alone how to create locally background such as thes thes backgrounds make for excellent banners are blocked backgrounds, wallpapers it's at all The one thing you should keep in mind is that unlike the previous patterns that we know, these are not seamless. As you would see, the triangles on board the corners do not overlap in any situation on it is extremely, extremely tough to make a seamless pattern out of Falopa Lee. But in that you see so you should keep in mind that while making this we will have our Lupu a bully to be the size of the exact banner or ah, you know each of the exact size exact Jay picked Texas that you need to use. So in the next video, we will have a rough brief on Ah, the software that are being used. Why, on what you will be doing for your class project. So see you in the next video. Thank you 2. Some Basics Of Low Poly: Hi guys. So the weather we here in Delhi is super beautiful on and three Me. I'm simply excited now and yeah, so let's get on with the class. So initially, I'll begin with explaining you what? You have to look for your class project. So, like this locally, Background said, you can see you simply have to create one for your class project on. Then, if you want to add to it, you can do a project more cook like this in all my classes, I advise students to do project more cups because one to do a present. Oh, are productive mark off site. You can see how the productive looks on it really adds to your portfolio. So yet now I'm just going to quickly explain why we working with illustrate over here and not with for the shop. So there are a few reasons for this. So the thing is that while creating this locally backgrounds, your own need to be very accurate. So because a lot of she's did you see in the background get ah, dialed out and uses choose one color are different, so that's why it's actually much easier to work with illustrator for making locally backgrounds. The second thing is that there's an ally in tool in ah, Illustrator, which makes aligning your triangles a lot more easier in for the shop. It is a lot more work, but when you doing complex animal shapes, this is baby reason, my neighbor for 40 shop. And that is because it has the filter tool so the average filter do. But in case of illustrator, you really don't need that. So that's why, for creating simple, simply art form, you should work with the last traitor but precluding anything that's my league complex like ah, face portrayed. Or, you know, like I said, animal forms or you have a landscape, anything it is advisable to work with for the shop. Okay, Sanaa, I'm adequately explained to you what type of an image do you need to start walking with this on what kind of results you'll get out of these images. So base exhibit to type of globally backgrounds at a very common So when is this? Which is I blew Grady, and image in which you get a result which is like this image you concealed radiant happening in your triangles, the second option is this. Where you have a very rich background reaches two contrasting colors such as the beach on the result you get is this so? Okay, someone thing like I was pointing out. As you see, the starfish over hill isn't away. Bright yellow color. Maybe you don't wonder to come out in your background like I didn't in case off for the shop. What we do is that we make a triangle on which is the average filter tool which basically picks a color out of that triangle in Illustrator, you can get away with that and instead you can choose a color that you warned. On this way, I have completely removed the starfish. It is not even so for now. One thing you need to do is simply Google. Find out whatever image you want. Say so. Do you want a video image? Do you want one which has lord of Greedy in shades happening? Or do you want something Which is this like a scenic seen on? Do you want to create a low poorly out of this? I want to select an image. It should be often high resolution like a reasonable size We're going to quickly open this in the last traitor on, then start walking on soc on the next we dio. 3. Making your Grid: Alright, guys, let's begin. So the first thing we're gonna do is open a new file. Once again, we're gonna have a profile, settles web on 1960 by 5 60 pixels on keep the orientation as horizontal for now. So this is my art board on. I'm gonna quickly insult my image in this. So right now I have to immediate that I find lace instead of working with the Grady int. I thought I will work with the contrasting image to show you a little better or triangulation is all about. So this was one image on this was the second. But I personally like the other one because of the blue contrast that is so this one. So I'm going to quickly dragged the stool a straighter and then start with my triangulation . So simply gonna open this in the last traitor on normally have never dries it toe that. But since this is locally background, it's completely okay to change the size of your image without using shift. So I have my image place and I'm gonna quickly love this less that this image does not move . And then I will start with my triangulation. Elin newly for someone to show you what triangulation is all about. So this is my image on this is my very basic triangulation green without having my trying goods alive. So as you can see, So the white portion becomes one triangular part. This becomes one triangle apart. This is one triangle apart, etcetera. So basically, you're dividing your try your image into triangles on you're gonna feel color in this. So, in this image, as you would see, this would re cities off triangle this doubt blue. This would be another cities of triangle. All this would be another cities of trying. So what do you have to keep in mind, Issue Alando or trying that combines this whole area because you have two very different colors that are happening in this. You will not draw a triangle that goes like this. So you get the basics of on, and while I'm drawing it, you can get a better idea. So this is basically used. The paint tool, the short good for this is P, and I'm going to start by drawing a triangle. Now, this is the first triangle on in case you don't want toe. Okay, so to make it work easier. You don't really need to close your triangle. Your only to go over here and finish it. Just drawing three points is enough. And there's this quickly pressed be or escape toe end. This once you press be again on the new click on Not the point. You can start drawing another triangle. Okay, so no for you trying the settings. The thing is, you have no filter known on your stroke is black. Since this is a color in which struck might be a little difficult to see, So maybe you can change it to some sort of green, you know, some prominent green. Okay. Yep. So they go. So I'm gonna quickly start by drawing all my triangles. So I have one triangle of hill. Now, you don't need to start drawing your second triangle from over here just and in this time drawing it roughly. This is my second boy on they Okay, so once again, let's quickly start drawing on trains. Nothing with low police. You need to realize that you're gonna have one middle point and you can have a lot of triangles that are kind off. Ah, they'd eating from this point. So, for example, I draw a triangle over here on. I have another one over here, and I decided to make a triangle which goes like this. The problem is, the moment aligned them. There's this space that's gonna be left. I am. You gonna have to clean it up with drawing another triangle which matches this point. So you need to realize that the waters off you're trying should ideally matched should another word days and should not be in front of line because this will create a problem. So yeah, so this is kind of like the basic off it. And once again, I'm gonna quickly show you the reference image. So as you can see over here, you do not have any lines on the top off, like in the front of words, since it's all worthless. Is it vortices radiating from point? So this is what my basic good looks like for now on, I'm gonna quickly finish my great for the immediate guys showed you on. Once I do that, I will just show you how it looks. How I did my triangulation want to see a live example of how it is, it will become a lot more clear, clearer on be easier for you to understand how triangulation goes. So before I go, let me just quickly show you again how the basic triangles are drawn. So yeah, I'm going to start again by, for example, taking this love ie via so one triangle. Then I drove my second triangle like this once again. Just simply breast be stand drawing When you reach of her point you really even need to finish Just rest be again. So over here I am taking this light area and I'm currently just triangulating this part. So there you go on. Once I finish with this, I will quickly get back to you okay and last point. So the science of triangles depends on you but trying on to have a way variable like very different sizes of triangles Unless it's like a background bird Ideally you should have a roughly like roughly Asai said for your triangles If we working with this size of triangles the zone work aren't you need to make it swallow it. This is the first Locally I will suggest walking with slightly bigger triangles because my millions too much for you to get in the first go. So I'm gonna probably delete them on. Makes likely bigger triangles take somewhere in the middle of these two so that you get a better idea of how this is. So I'll just quickly get back to other guys. So my basic Kurdestan on this is what it looks like. So right now, I did all my trying gives in four different colors just to show you the four different kind of areas that are in this diagram that need to be treated differently. So it's a very good idea on a principle to kind of divide your in majors are So you imagine to drop zones which, you know you're gonna color differences like Okay, so let me show you. So this blue part, as you would see, is where all the fire is. So I have color this light blue like this This is my fire is going to be Now he's trying like, really degree. This is where all my dark parties all my black comes. So yeah, and then you have this to diaper sky. Someone explain. Blue on one is blue on a mix of yellow So here I'm gonna keep putting some slight yellowish shade in the triangles. So now you can see. So this is one dry anger on that you can take. This is darker. Green is the other kind of style. This is blue on. This is I agree. This is a big time consuming. But once you get through it, trust me, it gets better on the results. Obviously make up for it. So now let's have the next video where I'll quickly teach you how to align them on. Then how to fill in colors, so yeah. 4. Aligning your Triangles: Okay, guys. So your basics are done. Your triangular grid is made. Now we get to this next part which is basically about aligning your trains. So what is this? Align the strangles on why we're doing this. So you have your triangles made like back. But you cannot fill in color in any of these girls. They're incomplete on moral. You have gaps between your triangles. So how you gonna do this? Is that you basically take the last two. So the shortcut for that is que on? Simply So. For example, you have this side of triangles which are over here, and you have a sort of centerpoint that's happening. So you have to align the strangles now. So I'm gonna select all these vortices now. Once they're selected, you can see from the bed that these vortices are selected. I'm simply going to goto align our the align panel on. I'm gonna do horizontal align in center on vertical align in center. So the moment I do that, as you can see, all this triangle scored aligned over here So similarly Now I'm gonna align this part once again a select all the world. This is horizontal line Vertical line on that. You and I see how destroy anger, how old this triangles are getting aligned. So the reason I told you that you should avoid having a line in front of of Otis is because of this reason. So right now, when you're trying to align all of these, since they're all witnesses, they align easily. If this is the line, that wouldn't have been possible. So that is it. You simply have your last little selector, select all the water says and you do Elaine. Horizontal and vertical. Now, in case of all the corner trying instead you see over here. So if you try aligning, for example all these sites. So if you try aligning all of these as horizontal and vertical, they will not align on this line because the water girl alignment with slightly towards the top. So how do you make sure that it aligned at the corner is sweet? So you just go back on as you can see, and I in the sting, you will have four options which is aligning towards a vertical or horizontal line. So I'm just going to simply select this particular line talk this alliance all the triangles towards the door, and then I'm gonna horizontally aligned them on. There you go. All of these are aligned. Similarly, we will be covering aligning all the triangles on all these corners and then aligning them in the middle. So your final product will probably look something like this. So as you can see, all the triangles are aligned on free. So this way it becomes a lot more easier for you to fill in color in them because all of them there are no gaps between them. Now, One thing you need to make show is that after you done making these. So this was an example where I had lying in front of to work. This is now. How do I check is the screw this complete? So I'm going to simply select all the triangles on I'm just gonna give them off. So for example, I gave them a yellow Phil on the moment this happened. Now I can see where there are problems in my image. So I have a triangle missing over here. Over here, Over here. I'm hit. I'm over here like a sets. There's a triangle that's happening in front of watches. So what do I do? So either you can delete these two on make them again? All another way to do this is I simply leave this triangle on. I'm gonna select all of these on this waters. I don't know. I'm gonna align them once I do that. The bat, the gap finishes. So once again, this was probably not aligned over here. So I'm gonna place like this on press Align. Horizontal Worked a girl that you over here, I can draw another triangle. So let me show you how that is done by my quickly Zuman. Make another try. Anger. Just draw these two points breast. Be not rescue on going to quickly select them on a line from all three sides. Um, now you go. This is done so similarly. You should fill in all the gaps in your image such as this one. This one, This one etcetera although in corners is very good chance that you have some gaps and in order bearable and it's fine. The best way to deal with that is it is simply trim your image later on. So, once you food done with all of these once again, I simply select Nofal on. I have my basic good ready on in the next video. I'll show you how to fill in colors in this. If you have any doubts about this video, feel free to just add a comment in the discussion section on. I will clear them for you. 5. Adding Colors: So we now in a final stage which is basically about filling in colors and not trying not ST this stage is actually really, really easy and really fun. So once again, that start. So I'm gonna have a direct selection selected over here. The direct selection toe the shot. Good for this is a Now, once you have a e selected what? It does it and it selects one triangle in one. Cool. I'm miss, like one triangle each. And then I'm gonna press I. So I used a shortcut. Poor I drop her a note. I do that and I take on this the triangle fills up with that color on its own. So, like this, I'm gonna fit. Select all my triangles on Done. I'm going to start filling in color. Now, the thing is, I am for the shop. When you do this, you usually selector triangle and you apply the average fintor. So when the average filter does is that, for example, it takes the average of all the colors that is good in this triangle, but in for sure. But in the last 80 against the Linda, stronger with any of the shed that I am the strangles. I can feel it in with this light. Or I could fill it in with this yellow. So yeah, completely dependent on me on what color Want to fill. So, like this, you're gonna just quickly fill in triangle colors and all your channels, Not in case you have two triangles and you're not able to select one of them, which is a problem you will face eventually. So what you do is there, for example, I have these two triangles and I'm not able to select one of them. So I'm gonna take the last two, select both of them, then fill in color are leave me like this, and then I'm gonna slug this one again, and then I'm gonna fill in Pelham. So this is the basics off filling in colors in your low Polly and I was just quickly show you the results off my finished image on it. ISS this. So this is the final result I got after filling in all my colors. At any point, I'm gonna go back to this in case I want to check that. You know, I show if you have filled in the color in the trying doesn't know simply don't know this layer like you're meaning Muselier. And then you can see and you will be able to pinpoint What are the gaps in your image so over hell. So as I close this, I can easily see that it is these small triangles that in the corner that have not been feeling well otherwise finished has to this tiny minds times. Did you see This is something toe do with Ah, it's a basic illustrate. A problem? Only now I'm gonna quickly select all these triangles. Actually, yeah, on. I'm gonna make sure that I do not have any stroke. Do not do this with the field burgers. All these triangles have different fails. And then I'm just gonna quickly crop this image. So once again, I'm just gonna take the rectangle tour droid, for example over here. Then I'm going to select my whole image like everything that's in the Slayer. Goto, part finder, unpleasant crop. Once I do this, I'm once again going to go to my less on. There you go. So this is my basic player, and I'm just gonna complete base this and then I will stretch it. As for my requirements. So there you go. This is my final hopefully image. Now, this is Fort Milo, Polly, Background looks like, as you can see, so you can create backgrounds like these, which have something like bright colors and our wife Oh, you know, I know not meant for backgrounds on this. It's something specific that you're going at on. You have greedy INTs, but then I can I just quickly show you kind off like what I did with this image. So as it is, I did not think it had any. Like, it didn't have a lot of negative space that I could use to write something. So I simply took this to for the shop on. I decided to duplicate this image on Flip it on. This is what I got. So this is just half of enemies, and I think this makes for a very interesting area. Like, you know, you have these lights over here, and you have, you know, like this the reuse of the light. And you can write your text over here. Ah, something like this, which I don't know. Why. Reminds me of for dragon snouts like you know, do dragons on on in this Make for an interesting a space for you direct. So like this once you make your Hopefully it is it is nice if you choose to experiment with it. 6. End Note: Okay, I So this is the basic soft Hopefully batons. You might want to create a basic ingredients patterning this on. You could do so depending on what type of grading to choose. Or you could create a pattern which looks like this with this kind off. A lot more eye catching. But this is something that would be like the primary banner or something off a post. While this would make for a very nice back now which you don't need to like. Like it has to be in the bag though. So I hope you enjoy the class on See you in the next class. Thank you.