Geometric Design On The IPAD - Mandalas in Procreate

Jane Snedden Peever, Illustrator and Digital Artist

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13 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Geometric Design Trailer

    • 2. Supplies & Brush Import

    • 3. Setting Up The Canvas

    • 4. The First Framework

    • 5. Adjusting The Framework

    • 6. Start With Shapes

    • 7. Transform & Rotate

    • 8. Layers of Detail

    • 9. A Second Framework

    • 10. Starting from the Center

    • 11. Working With Layers

    • 12. The Outer Ring

    • 13. Getting Creative

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Project Description

The project for this class will be a mandala.  We will use the techniques in this class to work through two different mandalas. You can post your progress on these designs as you go, or you are welcome to post your own design.  

You will need:

  1. Ipad. I use an ipad pro, but any ipad with ios10 will work.
  2. Procreate App. This is available in the itunes app store here. It is a paid app, however it is not costly and is about the price of an art pen.  Well worth it for the tools it contains.
  3. The attached image of my Grid.  I have provided this for you and you will find it to the right of this description.  It is a circular grid divided into 8 sections. Each section is 45 degrees.
  4. I have provided a link so you can import an assortment of brushes that I use in my demonstrations. These are brushes I have made to use in Procreate and you can download them from the link below.    I will walk you through how to import them in the first lesson.
  5. Optional is the Apple Pencil. Only works with the Ipad Pro and is wonderful for detailed work.  However if you are working on an older iPad you can use an inexpensive stylus or your finger will work as well and is always right by your side!  I used my finger for years and still do, as sometimes it works better when you want to get the feel for what you are doing.  It is also a joy to use when painting your work.  Keep in mind The Apple Pencil allows for much more control and detail, so if you are using your finger or a different stylus your results will vary.  
  6. Practice and patience.  As with all art, you improve with practice and time.  So have fun and keep on drawing and Enjoy The Process!

You can access the brushes from this link
JSPCREATE brushes for procreate

Finally if you have any questions about the app itself or want to learn more Procreate has a great support community you can access here and they have alot of nice free brushes from members to download in the forum.

They also have a free user manual you can download from their site as well. I saved mine into my ibooks so I can refer back to it whenever I want. Procreate is always adding great new things and is a fun and exciting place to be on the IPAD.

Have fun with this class and share your progress as you go.  I am looking forward to seeing how your designs evolve.


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