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Geolocalización con HTML5 y Google Maps en Apps móviles

EDWARD DANIEL VIDAL GARCIA, Mobile and web developer

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9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Bienvenida

    • 2. Instalación de Phonegap, node js y phonegap developer

    • 3. Creando aplicación con Phonegap

    • 4. Agregando el mapa a la Aplicación

    • 5. Ocultar y mostrar controles del mapa

    • 6. Agregar marcadores al mapa

    • 7. Cambiar los marcadores por iconos personalizados

    • 8. ZoomMarker

    • 9. AnimacionMarker


About This Class

En este curso Descubrirá cómo hacer una aplicación móvil con Google Maps y phonegap

Apto para principiantes. ¿Quieres aprender cómo desarrollar una aplicación móvil y agregar mapas de Google maps APIs ?

Google Maps es un servidor de aplicaciones de mapas en la web que pertenece a Alphabet Inc. Este servicio propicia imágenes de mapas desplazables, así como fotografías por satélite del mundo, e incluso, la ruta entre diferentes ubicaciones o imágenes a pie de calle con Google Street View.

Google Maps  es uno de los APIs más usados en el mundo, tuvo un cambio en que ya empezó a cobrar por sus servicios.

Pero no te preocupes por la facturación ya que en las aplicaciones móviles es gratuita.

¿Por qué debería tomar este curso?

  1. Podrás crear una aplicación móvil

  2. Soporta  sistemas cliente, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

  3. Tengo muchas preguntas.

  4. Haz preguntas en el video. Y ten respuestas en el menor tiempo posible

  5. Actualizando contenido continuamente.

Lo que aprenderás

  • Crear aplicación con phonegap

  • Agregar mapa a la aplicación

  • Ocultar y mostrar controles del mapa

  • Agregar marcadores al mapa

  • Personalizar marcadores

  • Geolocalización

  • Búsqueda de lugares en el mapa

  • Navegar en el mapa con el gps del celular

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Agregando el mapa a la Aplicación: that is the most impressive. We still pretty madam are gonna go tomorrow. It's your local wears it is skate more connected pre meadow until now. But I mean Andel Kamarck and you does the we are but let the rest of your hunger insular loco as a rescue way out here Happily cartoon. You're Korean. There are connected, more connected. The mirando could look at was under was accorded restroom poquito. But you could be done very little now. Okay, it was up on the law. What is the light? At least? Pakistan. But most burlap on Friday Momento signature money. They this me not a monumental. And this It's the cord on a loyal rare It's this creep. See, let's say 1/4 though I've made is that your pockets and marriage activities in the meat, you know. But what of them was your movement and then temporarily seasonal backed Ali's and the least I just tomorrow, in what month? At the end, up in a regular guy Maelstrom up. It's probably the most I was like, OK, I love visit and bookmark appeal. It's Italian was enough, but I still in the Spencer lip organist, a deep is the letter almost every month. Not almost allow comment as you. Yeah, City. We're gonna get a social studios. Well, like I said is in the alma mater getting on Jim Parson toe to toe. Yeah, that's it. They're Meriel boy. It's a kit and a landmark in either asleep in England. Important. Oh, one of them was Ito. You know, Messina. Mom was, uh mom was, uh, with the little Estes creep gets the script it because I connect a cone. Tapia Cooper The Google months even was a take a look for I can see at least our car Look. Assassin Luis connecting with the light vehicle would e a panel called back problems when several gin anymore. Luckily, some ala where they'll appear cool. They appear like you look them. Look, every Moses, I don't know, really large. 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But I stood in Cluj oil a process primitively impressionable. Lt's arsenal k d me more personal Mostar as he come Westernised take us. Did you have Mai Mai? Thailand Become one is a really strong not be. Could you fill it with this? It's pure can alert the reason, particularly buffoons. You're not exporting July's active own eyes that I mean any court do a solo proposito the most, like almost All right, there's your kilo apart on parole in Parliament Rockets K. Yeah, Okay, there possibly be. I see it's called more commercially Adam up another moment lease. But you know things are not okay. See me. See? Come with Sacha. Okay, so look, proposito days araj, But, um I don't want them because they told him. Frequent the most rickety There was a l a p k Day. They go months. Okay, are most of these are transformed units. But instead, cancel this Premadasa implosion or Rommel's Afrika we've put in West Amapa. So our core motor implanted in Italy. Magnus the moment. Yes, he is. He if I see one of my stopping that I'm up igloo Someone's we condo in Maidan Little Miss, you must better care. It doesn't a Oh, come on package or know where you had a poquito you almost had come on. Least the journey Most co moderator reprinted amapa demonstrably cause you and more 5. Ocultar y mostrar controles del mapa: It's a capital Obama's, our military almost almost control. Kaine hasn't because more listeners on tendencies are yes. You keep thinking me my front, so close and will appear in the cool or take your in Italy, Zardari said. Tilapia goobers Again for restructuring You don't look like a priest Remaining globe marked the Google maps It's on. Let's it Children involved with class. Yes, I'm cooperated. You usually the most little families dealing Laclos, Interior, Quantas, Grande A. Because in the morning and then there are effect or anemone cargo. But he's saying most around those more points in the city as well. She's in my perfectly credible in that, I think. 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It's but you keep coming, But I don't need that. It's not Bob a condom front in this group there s this is a commit money on the portal occurred because of the program As long as I got a bad your doctor Listen, go solo. Yeah, have been most kids in my parties. Elmar, take country. Let's think lookers risking a marketer s they people control My father stayed. It took a lot of the you interact Alexander where? Economy So that animal stories. Quantrill's guerrillas operating in a map. Let's play most or cold there almost for the efecto operation in through partisan Labonte equally since obscene, it can come with their your bookie 6. Agregar marcadores al mapa: I was gonna get in this little bitty madam. What called my mom? All right. Does that single me from jerky camera view, then through 11 June Indian map. What? I came here, but I don't know their LaMarca. Both the laser on infringing the Google case. People must pronto Mark he loves. But I'm a dress filler. Personally a prostitute. Beijing City I When was that again with that? Was that Elmar Parliament opposite Is the market area something, Jr? Yeah, corn is already That one was stopping Markle Mazar e were there. Well, that's been a game. Could you call? Is in, In in Lola Just, um you for almost. But I must get going for keeping make for him was better. Sloping little Marco, We're gonna go. Are you the simulator for my little girl? More calories? You? Never. When we crazily practical 7. Cambiar los marcadores por iconos personalizados: It's a copy to know what was happening there. Coma McGregor equals personally cells is easily coconuts. Grow a global Okay, this time, Mark are a key part of efecto Perejil. Oppo. Come there for a Nikon know personally sell like our time minus Jack. Reggae only mind equal personally because now in the lead. But I dragged regard We come Look what I say is we find See your kid Open it equal Pay equal loco And anarchy is you cannot go time this away My commode story arc you is He thought it us that with that year Me Here I got a bit that you, me here. Remarkably, the market point of being here. We're one of their you We'll split our case and police in the market. Yes. See if I see is aggregor Mark out is put in the exhaust. Your poor credit procurement car. You can look really cool. No get remark Orchestra part of a double. I could jump where it's my car could run it again Years So, lemon, the Rigondeaux certainly near record a possible lead to three Cornelia Parcel. No, I don't think I know me. Mekorot personalities out 8. ZoomMarker: What was I continue were really Gondo A living directly. I use my coyotes. You're in public. It's a cousin of baboons or not, but as a car anymore, go Oquendo Central. Yes. At least soon kwon volume was click Do you really click? And it's, um went Oh no, no person And no is another. So you know, don't you? Gregory says. Don't want Boehner speaker. Come over in tuna At least a dizzy in the girl over. Really Marker Case and Marco are today click going room does admit those on Mitos contests and crowds pour over maps and look at him. The Archym, your thing. Go put him. Give me my mom columns from the then Then we're You could win the lake leak. We're going to nails, But your cue goodly somebody's in Rome. Opera escape can be anything through. When the layman's click on Marco, it wasn't me. Come over in China. Mom was one of them was actually terms. Yes. So jealous. Gwendolyn was Greek and Mark are in June. They there is. Mom was, uh there isn't any thumb. Kendallo are ugly. And Marco, are you any damage? Will Soon AKI's I'm a moron pocket the most presidents. Um, when this energy in the prayers. Who says minimal banana? Okay, canteen is effectively write. That is What is that? One more time. And yes, he went with their some others mark out again. Does of those fun. Charlie's love engine will click on Marco 11 June. They sink their *** parakeet commutes in true amapa when the lane once click. 9. AnimacionMarker: It's a couple to look my moussaka. I gotta let any Matthew on others more calories. You lost your restaurant dro So that my mom, uh um you don't ever come upon Mr is about already. So Okay, there's a lot of control list and continue a Gregory says those It's what goes through what I come. But I probably through the animation, martyrdom Arnone much in the ghoul localities. Chaos really is Mark When and where could I don't know whom Soon Someone genetic Rocky Lamanno llamas aircraft in pro anymore The South ovary bones Look ahead. Fiscal Colonel Mark O R E Still, Marco Edison would not be an elegant animation. Ta sunny much Your noise was I cannot having gone honey Marchione synonymous in CS and left in the most Keep Westerners propia in the market a key. Thank you. Okay. Key. Mark, I see a car, please. I just put in a poem. Was barely any Marcinkus a mop or a remarkable card? But on what? After the premiere. Ah e No fault. Alia Jamari, Mark Iraqi England. What? As you Quintal, a mobile market click by tomorrow Stop when Jim Keller Bhattarai. Sunny Monsoon. They go toe toe there, sir. With Sonny Much in just Sacra. Poor Penelope Agudo Kazim. What is Jamaat e? Where? Come with so much Amanda marker when I stop in soon, you know poker, Larry. Somebody earlier kind of focus the market solamente miserable. Then try happen soon your local areas. It is going crowded. Market Where? What did that? You? Yeah. You don't know a Cuomo Komura's Alani must kill. Kill, kill, Kill Mark are back again? Yes. Predominance goes up for leaving. Yeah, You? Yes. That must call Mark out of oxygen. This is your lower click on Mark are but its eyes. Any mass young community synonymous young cannot blow a Google usually faceted implement that when a mostly eponymous popularised rock out through Okay, Sokolow batteries could appear more remark are carnal on a day when it does you Some in the commercial oil We carried more car than did Ukiah. When l animation is bracketed by just tandoori Come oyster alleged Mama's gonna learn to click It's in the lower were click Get America Keep your bar click Remark Oh, come in Societal Jamel Any machine some of them on this happens you on The lighting was going on market like Brazil anemones young Google must animation bones Where