Geo Crystals and Stones on Canvas with Alcohol Ink and Resin | Kellie Chasse | Skillshare

Geo Crystals and Stones on Canvas with Alcohol Ink and Resin

Kellie Chasse, Artist/Instructor ✅ 15+ Years

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11 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Geode Introduction

    • 2. Geo Materials

    • 3. Geode Options

    • 4. Step 1 Geode Adding Pink

    • 5. Step 2 Geode Adding Gold

    • 6. Step 3 Geode Paint Pens

    • 7. Step 4 Final Painting Details

    • 8. Step 5 Fixing Stretch Canvas

    • 9. Step 6 Adding Resin

    • 10. Step 7 Adding Crystals and Gems

    • 11. Post Your Project


About This Class


Alcohol Ink and Resin Geode/Agate slice project on Canvas 

Create some very easy and beautiful Geodes/Agate slices using Alcohol Ink and Resin. Remember that materials are optional so you can use what you have to accomplish a similar project. Try Acrylics with glitter for example. The one thing I recommend is the resin at the end to pull it all together. 

I like to make my classes simple so that anyone can do them. I've broken the class content into easy, manageable steps for beginners. My classes are edited to cut out all the "fluff time" and I try to get straight to the main points so we can paint! 

We will be adding gems, rocks, glitter glass and any other sparkly bits you want to try in your pieces. 

We will learn several important concepts like how to use alcohol inks mixed with powered pigments, see how  gold pens can create lovely details. Finish off your piece by adding a clear coat of resin and add your crystals and rocks for the finished details.

What you will need for the this course:

Small Canvas,  Pinata Gold Alcohol Ink,  Crystals and rock gems of your choice,

Art Resin to seal, glitter or glass glitter, and a gold/white paint pen for finer details if you choose. 

Looking for the full list of all the Amazon Shop  supplies I use in the demo, I've made it easy with a PDF and all the links in the Material section.

This is a Beginner course for those of you that want to have fun, be creative, and get the basics on how to create some simple art pieces.


  • Mixing alcohol inks and powered iridescent pigments.

  • Mixing Your Art Resin - You, of course, can use different brands

  • Pouring Your Art Resin and adding crystals and rocks, glitter and other shiny bits to your pieces.

  • Learn my tip to tighten sagging canvas.

So if you are ready to gain some confidence with Resin and Alcohol inks and create your own rock slices of art let's jump in! 

If you want to try larger canvas please note that Art resin recommends a wooden board or cradle. still can be done on canvas, here's a quick video reference from Art Resin

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