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Gentle Yoga Flow for Beginners

teacher avatar Yoga With Dakota, Certified Yoga Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction To Stretch & Restore

    • 2. Gentle Yoga Flow

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About This Class


Move the body and link the breath with gentle movements and intention.

Poses will offer lots of stretching, lengthening, improved flexibility, stability and strength. All levels are welcome, especially great for those who need a slower pace, those new to yoga, or with some physical challenges.

~See you on your mat!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yoga With Dakota

Certified Yoga Instructor


Health, Fitness and Yoga have been a part of Dakota's life for 10+ years. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless. Dakota encourages her students to be creative and challenge the body. She seeks to inspire every student to feel refreshed, nourished and balanced both on and off the mat.

What is it that you continue to say you want to do or be? Do you want to be leaner, stronger and healthier? Do you want to be more present at home, more dedicated to your work or more adventurous in your life? No matter what it is, dare yourself to stop saying and start doing. It doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to make drastic changes—all you have to do is begin. Let's begin toget... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Stretch & Restore: Hi everyone, welcome. My name is Dakota and today I've put together a gentle yoga practice to help calm, relaxed, and reconnect the breath to the body. The poses we take today will be mostly down on the mat for a grounding experience. That being said, I recommend for this gentle practice, a yoga mat or soft grounded surface, and a blanket or two to rest on in some various poses. Now whenever you are ready, get into something comfortable, find a quiet place, maybe light a candle, and let's get started. 2. Gentle Yoga Flow: For this, gentle practices will begin in a comfortable seat, maybe placing a blanket or two under your sit bones to allow the pelvis to tip forward slightly so the low back can rest in a neutral position. Maybe gently closing the eyes. Taking a few breaths. Simply letting go of busy thoughts, worries, plans, stories about the past and the future, and go within to a still place of calm. Usually this is achieved by paying attention to the breath, taking the few inhalations and exhales. These are things we know how to do, but in our busy lives we don't have the time or get the opportunity to do so. For right now, we're giving ourselves that opportunity. Breathing in, breathing out, taking one big inhale, filling that belly with breath, and exhale with the mouth open. Breathing it all out. Setting a goal or an intention for this practice. Whether that's big or small. Giving yourself permission to let go, inhale, send initial theirs up to the ears, exhale sending him down and back. Inhaling, setting them up and exhale, sitting them down and back. Doing a few on your own breath. Cultivating a patience with yourself, not rushing anything. This is your time. Your practice. Sending them the opposite way. If it feels better for you to make the circles beggar, go ahead and do so. This is your practice. Next, inhale, come back to a neutral spine and ambling into stdin cat, cow. In herring setting the chest saying gains, exhale, semi it back, arching the spine into our cat. Inhale, extend the chest up. Exhale. In herring. Feel more on your own breath. Inhaling, coming back into a neutral spine, Amy rolling out the shoulders. Now Minister circle around here and rain and go into a seated forward fold. Removing the towel or blanket from underneath your sit bones. Setting the spine up nice and tall. Inhaling, exhale. We're going to walk our hands out in front of us. Routing or your sit bones and replacing the forehead on the mat and bringing me a blanket or a pillow here to rest your head on. Relaxing the forehead, relaxing the neck, and just taking a few breadth. Coming back to your intention or goal you sent in the beginning of this practice, our minds tend to wander and go to places that we don't often read. Back. One more. Slowly coming up. Into our culture, we'll see one vertebrae in time. Letting the neck come up blast. Drawing little circles with your neck. The opposite direction. Coming back to center, moving into a gentle seeded twist. We'll bring our lengths l in front of us. Flexing the feet. Routing are sit bones into the into the ground. Sitting up nice and tall, inhaling, setting the left me to the chest. Planting the left foot flat on the mat, telling the ground, walking our left-hand just behind us, planting the rate elbow on the outer edge of our left, me gently gaze in behind us, twisting from the upper chest, not the low back. If this is too much free, just keeping the wrist here on this knee. Gazing backwards or gently closing the eyes, smiling because he can inhaling. Exhaling to sing a bit deeper. Sending the left arm back to I left me walking out the left leg. And now we'll go on the opposite side, setting the right me up, planting the right foot down on the mat. Inhaling, setting the spine up nice and tall routing or hips into the mat. And when you're ready, walking the righthand back behind us. And either placing the left elbow on the right me twisting from the upper chest, not the low back. Gaze goes to the back of the room. We're placing a hand on me. Inhaling, exhaling, twisting a bit deeper. Coming back tier intention eSet, gently walking there and back to there a mean flexing those feet, rolling the shoulders, moving into cat, cow and on our hands and knees. So crisscrossing the sea Calibri and get there however long it takes to get there. But just gently coming into a nice cat cow. If this is too much on their knees. Course options to come onto a blanket or a towel underneath that means shoulders over risks, hips over knees. And whenever a red eagle ahead, a nail gently lowering and belly extending the chest, Samy gaze, shoulders relief from the ears. Exhale clean to the Halloween cat shape, setting the belly button all the way up to the spine. Inhale, exhale. Going at your own pace. Going as soil as you want, as fast as you want. Remembering that this is for you, this is your time. Even if you want to walk your hands out a little bit more and Jerome, little circles with your hips. Beanie going from small to big circles, sending it in the opposite direction. And then coming back onto our hands and knees, sending it back into a child's pose. Removing the blanket, either putting your knees as wide as the mat or as close together, whatever you find comfortable. Relaxing the forehead onto the mat, relaxing the elbows. In a given your forehead and nice massage. Shaking your head? No. Yes. Breathing into your low back, sending the hips down, inhale, keeping the forehead on the mat. But walking he fingertips up as far as he can comfortably. Feeling and nice stretch in the back body. Exhale gently placing the elbows back on the mat. Meaning the thumbs in the pointer fingers together to form a triangle above the head. Start to feel the sensations your body's telling you. One more inhale. Exhale with the mouth open, coming back onto our heels. And now making our way to ally on our backs, everyone's favorite part, isn't it? Coming down onto our back, relaxing, letting the fee follow, then either placing the palms face up or face down, whatever you're feeling great now. Just taking a breath here. Taking up as much space on your mat as you feel. And whenever you're ready. Our feet flat on the ground, hip-width, distance apart. Maybe inhale sending him tea or chest to rule out the lower back. And then placing them back on the ground. Placing our hands thanks to our hips, palms facing down. We're gonna windshield wiper the legs. So semilunar Mina direction of whichever you choose. And then the other breathing, feeling the sensation. And then walking your feet out a little bit more to the edge of your mat. And now windshield wiper brain, the legs. Healing indifference in station just from walking the feed owl. And when you're ready, coming back to center, walking feet in hip-width, distance apart. Palms are still facing down, maybe sending the feet a little bit more to your bottom, to your glutes, keeping them flat on the ground. We're gonna go into bridge pose and linear ready, inhale, sending the pelvis up just for a little bit, and exhaling, sending one vertebrae and a time to the ground. One more time inhale, sending the pelvis all the layout. Taking a breath and exhale, sending it down one vertebrae at a time. A nail sending the knees into the chest, wrapping the arms around, rocking back and forth between the spine, a nice massage. Coming back to center, moving into a simple spinal twist. Whenever we're ready, sending the left arm down, routing in the shoulder to the ground, the mat, and sending our knees over to the right side. Feeling a nice stretch in the left side body option they keep your gaze up or to look to the right side of the room. I maybe gently closing the eyes, checking in with the body. Making sure the left shoulder is planted on the ground on the mat. Breathing back your intention? Gently sending the knees back to center, hugging it, owing. Maybe setting the forehead to the needs. Down back to the map. This time setting the right arm out to a tee, reading the shoulder into the ground, sending them out to the left side. Linkers to check in with body routing the shoulder, telling a nice stretch on the right side body. Coming back to center, hugging it all in the forehead to the knees. Can yourself a nice big hug. And coming back down onto the mat, going into Happy Baby, I there holding your ankles or your big toe. Whatever you find more comfortable. And sending it until a happy baby. Many rocking from side to side that feels good. Breathing in this stretch. Coming back to center, hands, go to the angles, gently directing them down. Feet are planted on the mat, walking one out and then the other. Taking a nice vague long stretch. Fourier come into our final resting pose, corpse pose or plasma. Making your final attempt to getting there. Taking up as much room on the mat as you can. Bring your hands where every find cough trouble, I need placing one on your heart, wanting your belly. Facing them up. And taking a minute to relax. Closing the eyes, relaxing the jaw, stillness. Coming back to the body in the fingers and meeting your way to one side. Helping yourself for joining me and it's gentle practice. The light in me. Honors and CVS delight in each and every one of you.