Genius in 21 Days: Week 3! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare
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21 Videos (4h 19m)
    • 43)Why could I always put my dog on a diet when they were overweight but not do the same for myself

    • 44)How I realized I was living a do as I say not as I do life and changed it

    • 45)Today try finding one situation where you can live by example

    • 46)See the yes or no choice you are making right now

    • 47)How the yes or no choice looks in my life at different times

    • 48)Today find the choice you are making about saying yes or no to life

    • 49)What is the future? What is it like to finally arrive there?

    • 50)Know the idea that you have to be somewhere or find something in the future

    • 51)Today notice when you are in a hurry to get to the future and slow down

    • 52)What do you think is supposed to happen? What do you expect?

    • 53)How to turn expectations in gratitude

    • 54)Today look for a place where you are expecting something and change to gratitude

    • 55)Accepting the past and using it to bring gratitude into now

    • 56)How I dropped the burden of my past and started learning from it

    • 57)Today see how your past burdens you

    • 58)Meditation opens the space where inner genius lives

    • 59)How I meditate today with very little effort and use meditation to keep space

    • 60)Today take a few extra deep breaths and think of meditation when in pain

    • 61)The surprising power of allowing and accepting uncertainty

    • 62)How I went from hating uncertainty to accepting and loving it each day

    • 63)Today accept the uncertainty in your life about the past and future


About This Class

Continue with week 3 of Genius in 21 days here!  Would you believe after looking for months for a new website to host courses on I suddenly realized that skillshare, right here, was just what I was looking for AND I already had been using it.  I just had been thinking that skillshare was not good enough for me.  When I started thinking about what I could contribute and considering would skillshare be a great place to contribute it, now it is obvious just doing work here each day is an amazing opportunity.  This video class as a part of Genius in 21 Days I hope will help you see the same in your life!





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