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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. 22)How does purity relate to being a genius and what is purity?

    • 2. 23)What I did to restore my purity and what I do to maintain it each day

    • 3. 24)Today look for the purity in your life

    • 4. 25)How is patience a core value of genius and what does that look like?

    • 5. 26)What can you do to find and practice patience in your life? How do I do it?

    • 6. 27)Today look for one opportunity to be patient with yourself and with life

    • 7. 28)You have everything you need already to be a genius

    • 8. 29)How can you and I see that everything we need is already here?

    • 9. 30)Today see the depth and opportunity in what you already have

    • 10. 31)The illusion of separation

    • 11. 32)I will show you the illusion now

    • 12. 33)Today try to define yourself as a separate being from the world

    • 13. 34)Taking a day off is normal in life until you get to do what you love every day

    • 14. 35)Taking a day off each week has been one of my big challenges

    • 15. 36)Today find a day within a week you can totally take off from your passion

    • 16. 37)There is no substitute for getting enough good sleep

    • 17. 38)How I am able to fall asleep easily now after a lifetime of struggle

    • 18. 39)Today try going to bed a little earlier and noticing your sleeping habits

    • 19. 40)Variety is the spice of life and your inner genius

    • 20. 41)Accepting change and playing with variety helps you learn

    • 21. 42)Today find a new way to accept change and embrace variety in your life

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About This Class

Enjoy the second week of Genius in 21 days starting with hearing about how my daughter learns so rapidly at a year old because is still a pure being in her own way of seeing the world.  See looks around without any sense of being a failure or not good enough.  I hope watching this class will help you to continue focusing on restoring your own purity.  When you are able to learn like a child again, you will find creativity an effortless and beautiful process instead of something that is challenging! 

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1. 22)How does purity relate to being a genius and what is purity?: at the core of who you are. You are a genius at the core at the center of who you are as a soul as a divine being. You are a genius at that core. What happens in life when your kid and very early on it happens, you start picking up all this dirt from life. And what you don't do is drop it. You get dirt on you from something bad happening to you or something bad you've done to someone or some bad situation you witnessed. You pick this dirt up and you carry it around and you say this. This is my dirt. This is who I am. That plane crash I saw that awful thing I saw happen in my home, that abuse, that I've taken that thing that I did to someone else. That's who I am. That's me. I did that. And you own that dirt and you get a sense of who you are through that dirt. And that dirt obscures the purity of who you really are because you are placed here. You came here toe witness life as it is. You came in a pure form. And the truth is that nothing that you see or do or feel in life can really dirty up the divine being that you are the spiritual life that you have. And so from a practical standpoint of view, none of the baggage you have defines who you are, as long as you let it. If you let the baggage you have, define who you are, which most of us do, then the baggage you have will define who you are. So the idea is to live a pure life because genius comes out of purity. Genius comes out of that child like creativeness, of looking at the world with wonder and saying, Wow, what is this? What can this do? That childlike wonder off not being scared of what's going toe happen, of not worrying about the results of what happens? But just picking things up and messing around with them is seeing what happens. That's where genius comes out of that child like pure vision of the world where anything's possible and a desire to learn about how the world works the baggage we pick up the impurities that we let go to our soul. Those get in the way of genius I've seen these for myself. I had a ton of baggage and I thought just because I got good test scores and because I could do things easily and learn them easily in life, I thought that meant I was a genius, and I was always a genius at the core. But if you look back at my work before I started going through the steps, I show you this 28 day program I put together for you before I started doing this in my own life, it was very hard to look at anything I done and see where there was any genius in it. I was more just following along with the story in my head in the story the world had. For me, genius comes from that childlike point of view where you don't have a story. You just look around at the world and do things. And that's where original creativity comes out of that pure fresh look at life. A seeing the computer as if you've seen it for the first time and not remembering and not being burdened by those thousands of times you've seen it before, and the thought that you know exactly how it already works. So genius comes out of a pure state. And before I worked to get purity back into my life, it was very hard for me to do any good original work. I'm or recycled. What I'd already seen in just reiterated what I'd already done. There was not much genius and what I did, I was opportunistic. I did some clever things. I've had a good life. I've had a lot of education, but the same time those things aren't genius. You don't need a good life. You don't need an education. You don't need most anything from the world except a pure open heart that looks out at the world and plays with things and messes around with things and tries new things and sees how things are and how they might be a pure heart is all that is required at the core of being a genius. Now, practically, there's lots of other things that go along with that in our world. And so that's why there's 28 days instead of just one. But this one day is just a Zim Porton as each of the others, and especially in the aspect of purity. Lots of things I go through with you are really about purifying yourself. So today we talk specifically about purity of cleansing, of dropping all those negative ideas you have about yourself of letting go of the burdens you have on your learning on your interactions with the world. So what I'll do next is talk about in the basics how to recognize those burdens and then how to go about dropping them because you can't do anything to become more pure. If you don't see all the ways in which you are currently feeling impure, if you don't see all the baggage in the dirt that you are claiming, you are saying this is mine because that's what I did. I had all this dirt in my life and I said, This is mine. This is mine. This is who I am as if they were things in my house that I owned. I literally had things in my house that I owned that were symbolic off that dirt that I felt on my soul and those were mine. That's mine. And in order to do anything, those first must be recognized and you have to see Oh, this is getting in the way. This is hurting me. This was something bad that happened to me that I have held onto in one way or another, and now I can drop it and be free of it. So the things that happened to us tend to put us in a prison in a prison where we feel like we are all of the things that have happened to us and we're limited by all the things that happened to us that we're no longer pure, but that were simply a function of whom we've been. And being pure is a state of not being anything. You are nothing. And that's what I try and be is nothing. When people say, Oh, I really like how you are. I think you're great. Alright, I really like this about you. What you like about me is the nothing this space that's there for you to be yourself for you to discover yourself what you like is that somewhat of a drone approach to life? I try and have where I'm just here to help. I'm not anything. I'm not anyone, and that's purity. I'm just here to see what's going on, and that's all. And that's a great, peaceful way to live. So now I'll talk to you more about how I've recognized all of the dirt and burdens in my life and hive one about purifying myself from those to let the core of my inner genius roam free and be free in life because that is a great gift toe have. So I want that to be a gift you have, so thank you and let's see what's next. 2. 23)What I did to restore my purity and what I do to maintain it each day: What I did to restore my purity was to ask to pray desperately for help in fixing. What I could see was the biggest problem in my life. From there I followed instructions. I listened to life. I started opening my ears to all of the things around me in life, one of the first things I did after praying for help and then getting a fresh idea in my mind as to what support group I could go to to get help. Then I went there. I tried something new, and I slowly started listening in becoming a member off that support group and it's a 12 step support group and the foundation of all 12 step support groups is purification to start in the state of surrender and admitting you have a problem with whatever it is you have a problem with and you go through a purification process. And so that's what I did to get purification. Now that may not be the exact path for everyone, and that's fine. The ideal with purification is fairly simple. You start in the state of surrender, you say OK, I'm not running the show. I am not the director off all life in the universe. I'm or here toe watch and to enjoy and experience being alive. So that's a state of surrender. And you accept your place in the universe that there's some power, whatever you wanna call it, there's some huge, vast intelligence that has made all of this universe, and the more depth you can see in the universe, the easier it is to see that creative intelligence behind it. The immense depth to everything is just impossible to comprehend. And so when you accept, you are a part of this vast universe in that this vast intelligence not on Lee has time and doesn't need time to create and maintain the universe, it can vary personally, pay attention to every single little detail in your life all the time, and in fact is always communicating with you every second I m manifesting in your head right now, these words are here on purpose from the very creator off the universe. You are not hearing this by accident. This is exactly what you are supposed to be hearing right now. And the key is simply to open to listening to the universe because you will hear always exactly what you need to if you're listening with the understanding that the vast intelligence in the universe is always directly talking to you and it talks through people , if you want to call it God or the Creator or Brahma or whatever you want to call it, it speaks through everything in life and especially through other people. And you might say, Well, didn't you script this? Didn't you make all this upper? I don't even know what I'm going to say next. I have no idea what the next word out of my mouth is going to be. It just comes out because when I try and do Toby, let my energy nous out is to let the voice come through me, let it come through me. And that happens in a state of purity. In a pure state, I can let myself be used. I can let the vast intelligence that runs all things everywhere work through me Or if I'm not in a pure state, I can block that. And heaven and hell are very simple in this definition. If you are in connection with all of the universe, that's heaven. If you block that connection that hell, it's that simple. And it seems the only choice I have in my life is too. Allow that correction to be open or to try and block it. And that seems the only real choice. I have it every single moment, and I try and let it be open. So being in a pure state is a state where you are connected with all of the energy in the universe where you appreciate all of the beauty in the universe around you. So when you've surrendered, you can open your mind as long as you think you can do this than all of that baggage. All of that dirt you've picked up is yours as long as you think it's all about you and that you somehow did all these things and live in ignorance off God, if you use that phrase or the universe, if you live in ignorance that you were given exactly what you were supposed tohave, that every single moment in life. If you take possession of that, if you try and own it and say I did these bad things thes bad things were done to me. I saw these bad things and that's who I am. That's who I am. That is the state of not being pure. That is a state of blocking the universe out of blocking God out of your life. And that's a painful, awful state to be in. That's a state where all you can do is reiterate what you've already heard. You can say again what you've heard someone else say before. You can hear what you've heard before, and everything is old and stale and no genius can flourish in that environment. Your goal is to see where all of these impurities are in your life. When I had to do to start was to see where the impurities were, and the first thing I could see was the biggest problem in my life. The biggest problem I could see in my life was drinking about a year ago, and once I could see that problem, then I could see all of the other problems soon after. Once I surrendered and said, OK, I clearly can't handle this drinking from on my own. Then I could see Oh my God, I have so many more problems. I drank too obscure all the other problems because when I didn't drink, I couldn't hide from all the other problems. The selfishness, the ego, the arrogance, the controlling, the mania, depression, anxiety, so many problems. And once I surrendered to one problem and allowed the light of the universe to shine through me, then that was enough to start seeing where all the other dirt and impurities were. And man, there are a lot of them. All those thousands of things I'd went through in my life, that bad, the hurtful, the challenging things that I'd picked up and said, This is mine. I did this to that person. That person did this to me. Life did this to me. I shouldn't have seen that. I shouldn't have had to be there for that. All of that dirt and resentment and anger and frustration through life. So that's the next steps is to see those things to see. Take a look at who you think you are. Take a look at who you think you've been and take a look. Oh, you think you're going to be Look at it honestly from a nonjudgmental point of view and then share that with another person because sharing it with another person lifts the burden , and I don't mean to just willy nilly share with any person but what I've done. I have very carefully let the universe guide me to share with a few different people my innermost, darkest secrets, that things I held closest that things I swore I'd go to the grave with because those were the biggest, darkest poisons in my life. And the craziest thing is, I didn't end up sharing a lot of things that were related to drinking. Drinking was numbing. The pain off those things, the things that happened long before I drank that many of which had happened in childhood and then many of which were done through drinking or many of similar awful things, don and gained through drinking. So I first had to surrender to the problem. I could see I could only see the drinking from, But then I had to open up and see all of the things all of my life and see some of the worst things that I could remember that it burdened me that made me feel shameful, that it made me feel impure, that it made me feel like I had lost my innocence. That made me feel like I couldn't control my life, that it made me feel like I couldn't be who I wanted to be. That made me feel like I couldn't be a good person in this world, the things that conflicted with all of the good nature I had. And so I shared those things honestly with several people that I could trust. And they shared things back with me. And our burdens collectively were less because you think things air so bad you'll think things are so bad that you've went through until you share with another person and hear their bad things. And then your allies. Wow, maybe my bad things weren't so bad. And maybe everyone's bad things are OK, maybe the things that happened to us in childhood that we're ashamed of, and then that we perpetuated and tried to cover the pain up and ended up in all these war painful situations. Maybe those were just things we saw. Maybe in a pure state of being, those things don't define us. And so comes a willingness ah, willingness to work, to be pure work to be pure. And I tried work every day, every moment to try and be pure to drop to let go off the things that I feel don't make me pure And then through willing toe work to be pure to ask, Ask God as you understand him asked the creator of the universe asked the vast intelligence that made all this ask approach and ask Please help me, Please help me to serve other people. Please help me. Please show me what to do. Please let me have that light in my life. And then through there you go repair You repair the damage you've done in life as much as you can and you do more good. I try and do more good. This is a process now of me trying to do more good, do something that's useful for you. Do something that's useful for other people. Take care of myself and then to consistently be aware of new things. I pick up because once you drop the dirt off in your life, once you wash all the dirty things off of your soul, then it's easy to spot new things. It's easiest spot, some new bad habit you've picked up and say Okay, I'm willing to work on this. Let me surrender to it. Let me get help. Let me talk about this with someone. Let me purge this new bad habit I picked up and I picked up several new bad habits. Since I've been going through this process and I've dropped them just the same, I was speculating on Bitcoin for a while. Not a good habit at all. Dropped it. I talked with people about it. I asked for help. I accepted help dropped it. And it didn't have to take a lot of time and energy and effort. It took what it took. What? It took a lot less than most of the other bad habits in my life. So living in a state of purity is one where you constantly once you've been purified, you look then for new impurities. You look to make sure it every second you're serving because your genius will flower when you are serving. When you're trying to hide an obscure the dirt in your life, your genius will go away. Your genius is very delicate. It's like a little kid. Little kids will do amazing things. One of my nieces or cousins I'm not sure exactly which she's like eight or 10 years old. She sang for me one night at a family party, and it was just so beautiful to see that. And she honestly just saying because she felt like she was in a place where I opened up space for her to just be go ahead and just be how you are. And that was cool because normally what we do, we shut those things. Downs and kids. Your art teacher will tell your arts not good. And you'll stop drawing. Someone will tell you can't sing and you'll stop singing. And this happens as a kid. You quickly get told all these things you can't do and you're not good at. And you stop doing them, you give up, you say, OK, you're right. You believe them. You believe them. You believe that? Yes. I can't sing you right. I can't draw your right. I can't color in a coloring book. I didn't color in the lines. You're right. I can't do math. You're right. I can't do science. You're right. I'm stupid. And that's not true. That's simply not true. And you know it. You know it you can feel it. That's why you're still here with me, because you can feel it. And you want that miracle in your life. You want your inner genius back because you are your inner genius. You know, always have known your energy and if and you remember your inner genius and you want it back. So you go through this process of purification and then you live in constant connection with the entire universe. The best area I can point to is the co dependence with my wife. Co dependence is very much a habit of form and addiction, and most relationships are the biggest addiction people have in their lives. I was very co dependent on my life as if when my wife went out of town, I didn't know if I'd be OK. When she wasn't there, I'd be lonely. I would be feeling vulnerable like some bad habit could just jump on me. And now, in a pure state of being, I feel just as good. Just is happy to be alive When my wife is not home for the night as when she is home. I behave the same way when she is home. Is when she's not home. And I'm grateful when she's home. And I'm grateful to have time when she's not home. I'm grateful. Four life always. And I met Piece. And I noticed when I'm not at peace and as soon as I noticed, I worked to go back there as soon as possible. So now I appreciate through my wife, the universe, the God that has created her and created me and allowed us to be together. And then I don't have to hold her or my life hostage. I can simply live and say thank you, God or thank you. Whatever word you want to use. Thank you for this moment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the chance to be here with me. Thank you for listening to this. Thank you for going through this. Thank you. And so you go from a state of frustration and fighting and anger and resentment and hatred , and you surrender. You give these things up, you go through some kind of purification process, and then you get to a place of thank you so in summary. Thank you. 3. 24)Today look for the purity in your life: today be aware of the purity you have in your life and by converse the impurity you have in your life. Be aware. Start being aware if you haven't already or continue to be aware off the purity, the areas you feel innocent and the areas you feel peace and serenity and and start being aware off all the areas of impurity the areas where you suddenly disappear and you go into these unconscious routines. You go into these habits things that you might say, like I just have to or when this happens, I just or anything that happens where you suddenly go on autopilot, where you suddenly stopped being conscious and you go into routines. Things like eating things like eating are surprising areas of unconsciousness where suddenly you're tasting that first bite of food. And all of a sudden the whole plates gone and most of my life that's how I ate. Who this first bite of food go, man. It's all gone. The only two bites of food I usually noticed were the first bite and the last bite, the first bite. Oh, this is so good. I'm a river. Oh, the last bite of food already how that happened. And that's unconsciousness. That is impurity that is going through and just rushing through life without and in experiencing it, you want to experience life. And impurities tend to be areas where you aren't experiencing life. They will feel very anxious. They will feel very toxic. And you might associate that with feeling alive. I know when I used to drink or I used to feel so alive, I call I'm alive. Life is really now that euphoria sets and the thing Waas that wasn't alive that was closer to being dead. I couldn't think straight. When I drank. I did stupid things. I had bad judgment. Why? Because I was hurting myself. Every drink I had was hurting myself. And not everyone has. The drink is the same thing. It could be medication you're taking. It could be the 15 hours every day you're spending working and away from your family. It could be something like a sex addiction, where all you can think about trying to get with some of the opposite sex. It could be eating. It could be watching TV or playing video games. There's all kinds of things we used to be unconscious to get a break from life, where we go through life impure, frustrated, and then try and get a break from that through some kind of distraction. So notice those things in your life. Noticed those areas where you stop really paying attention. You kind of go on autopilot like video games was a good one for me. I might be nice and kind and loving playing video games I was not. Then I'd be cussing at people trying to tear people down. I'd be behaving completely different than how I often behaved in the rest of life. And so impurities tend to be like that. Impurities tend to be things you wouldn't want anyone to know about. The next time you're doing something you'd be afraid to get caught doing, know that it's an impurity. I try and live my life now that if I had an audience watching me all day, I would be okay with that because I know my life was filled and it from childhood. It was filled that these times where I just wanted to hide and be alone and do these things in secret, and it was a shameful place to be in and those air impurities. Those are impurities, so you can enjoy many of the pleasures in life. There are many ways to enjoy the pleasures of life that aren't in shameful ways. You feel like you have to do alone or with someone else alone. Even sex is something that doesn't have to be impure to experience sex in the way that it's meant to like with, ah, husband or wife in the privacy of your home, and not in a way that feels shameful. Then that feels nice and pure and good, and in a way that if people were watching, you wouldn't be ashamed to have them see you. You wouldn't look at it as if it was a horrible thing. So today, look for the impurities in your life. Look for the shame in life. And yes, I know it's hard getting started with This is very hard. If you haven't started looking at the shame, honestly, because what I did most of my life was avoided. Or ignore it or lie about it, simply go around the issues or make jokes of them. Oh yeah, I'm a man. I messed with my man parts all the time, things like that where it's lighthearted. But in the moment it feels very bad and shameful and light hearted or jokes. What I would usually do is go around it anywhere it could. I would try and avoid it. So I know it's hard to intentionally shine a light on things you've been trying to hide from yourself and things You've worked so hard to hide from other people your whole life. I know that's hard. If you want to let your dinner genius out, you do the hard things. You do those hard things because it's worth it. It's worth it to get thes negative, shameful areas out in the light because when they're in the light, you'll stop them. When you talk with someone about some of the shameful things you're doing on a regular basis, you'll stop doing them because the next time you go to do them, you'll remember the conversation, got about them and then you won't want to do them anymore. That's how it works. You'll recognize when you start going down the path to doing something like playing video games for eight hours, and you've talked with someone about how bad you feel after playing video games. Frayed hours you'll find when you go to sit down and try and play video games. Frayed hours. You don't want to, and you'll stop. You'll get up and go do something else you'll find when you have things you're doing that are hurtful and lying and cheating and stealing and mean hearted. When you talk and share and start looking at these things, you'll stop doing them. And that's the miracle that happens to becoming pure is by looking at all these things. You're free of them as long as you trying to hide them and stuff them away in the closet and not look at them. They will control you because you will know they're there. As long as you have a closet full of shameful things, you will know their in that closet at all times in the back of your mind, and at some point you'll have to go into that closet and take a look at him. Use them whatever it happens and put them back away and then hope no one finds them and be paranoid all day, every day that someone might find them and you'll live your life in pain and you'll try and numb the pain in various ways. Why not just throw all that crap in the closet out? Get rid of all those things, whatever they are. Rather it's an old PlayStation or whatever it is. All those shameful things. Why not throw them all out? Just throw him out, get rid of them, destroy them, see how pure life can be. Then imagine. And I'm using closet metaphorically. Clean out your closet. Then you can live every moment free of that prison. And so at this point, if you're finding this really difficult already just listening to me, you might need help. I need help every day, every day from the creator of the universe on down to the smallest thing you can imagine. I need help every day. I go to a support group almost every day because I need help. This isn't something I do on my own. And I'm not doing this here with you on my own. You're here with me, which you might think is funny since objectively I'm talking No webcam right now. I know you're here with me. I feel you here with me. and that is what's amazing. When you're pure, you can feel beyond what you can simply see with your eyes, and that's how you do amazing things. That's how you let your genius out is You can feel you can feel and so you may need help and that's good. If you realize you need help, that's good. I need a lot of help. I've need a lot of help. Most of the people you see that you look at them. It's a man. They're so talented. That's why you see, like celebrities that are so good, then commit suicide. You're likely to have a lot of downs if you have a lot of ups and you don't have that period in your life. If you have that period of you can have the ups, the great, wonderful things and not have all the downs with, um, I know I had a lot of ups and a lot of downs in my life and I get help so all you have to do is be aware, be open and be aware of where you can get help becoming pure. There are organizations like the support groups. I go to their based on 12 steps. That helps me. There are religious organizations. I have received help from a religious organization. I think there are tons of ways you could go about getting help with purity. And if you're willing to just try to just learn things, try things. You might go to a some kind of 12 step group and not like it. You might go to religious organization and not like it. You might try six different things of each of those and not like any of them. And then in the 7th 1 you might find a hole. This one I like. This one will work and you won't go and do it if you don't like it because you've got to be open to it. And liking it is a reflection of being open. So just today, be aware of your impurities and your purity and be aware of where help is available. Ah, therapist. A counselor might work for you. None of that would have worked for me before because I wasn't honest enough to let that work. Now that is something I would be open to if that was what I needed. At that point in my life. Ah, therapist or counsellor might help. You might need a recovery program. I don't know what you need. What I do know is that simply being aware off what's possible and what's available and then being willing to try things, being willing to try things because it's worth it to get your purity restored. It's critical in letting your genius out to have your purity, because genius works from a state of purity. And so today, all you have to do is just look, just look around at your purity, your impurity and look around and see what opportunities are all around you for help. It could even be a family member. Ah, family member could help you. A friend could help you. Life is waiting for you to ask for help. As soon as you ask for help, life will start giving you things, and you'll be amazed how much help is available to you. No matter where you're at in the world, No matter how young or old you are or what your look like, you'll be amazed and how much help is available to you because life wants to help you. You must ask for help to get it, and you must be open to receive it. So thank you for being here with me today. Thank you for helping me maintain my purity. This is what I do to maintain my purity. I try and be aware of it. I share honestly about it and so you can see me doing exactly what I'm offering you. The chance to do today is a part of this program. Thank you. 4. 25)How is patience a core value of genius and what does that look like?: a core value of genius is patience. Patience means having the ability to not have instant gratification in what you're doing. Patients allows for all good things toe happen by having a little bit done every day. Patients has taken me a long time to develop in my life for a lot of my life. I want an instant gratification all the time. I love things like video games because they would provide instant gratification. You do a good job biting the boss and bam! You get a great reward right away. Life, on the other hand, rarely seems to give a good reward in proximity, toe working hard. I do really good in school, work hard in class and finally getting a at the end of the semester. It was really aggravating. Same thing with girls. You try and get to know a girl and ask her out and finally get to go out with her, and then it wouldn't even work out. My patience was tested at every moment of the day, and I had a hard time with patients. I thought of the race of the turtle and the hare or the tortoise and the hare or the rabbit in a turtle, the rabbit running fast and I could see the wisdom of the turtle running slow. And yet I lived my life like the rabbit. I'd run forward in these bursts and then stop and forget about it and go backwards. And always, the people who weren't like a turtle could get farther ahead than me, and it drove me crazy. Core of genius is having patience, and you can see when I talk. Patience is important. That allows me to talk more smoothly because if you don't have patience when talking, what you end up doing is stumbling over your words all the time and having to say um and ah and get a break for time to think. If you slow down a little bit, the words come out more naturally and you don't have to make a many mistakes. This allows me to make my videos with almost no edits, which allows me to produce way faster. Patience is huge, and here's how patients plays a big role in genius. Think about Steve Jobs with his idea for the iPhone. Now, how much patients do you think he had between the moment he had idea which he said came out on a meditation as faras. I've heard out on a retreat. So he had the idea. Then how long do you think it took before? It actually was available in stores. And how long do you think it took between when he had the idea and people could actually start using it? How long between when he had the idea and it started to make some of the changes he would have hoped for. How long from when he had the idea? Tell what? Someone like me actually got one when I originally had everything but an apple device. Patience is an absolute requirement for genius because you're unlikely to do any of your genius work very quickly. What you can see with me on you, to me is a little bit of consistent work over time. What you can see with someone like Steve Jobs is the little bit of consistent work overtime to make the iPhone a reality. Once he had the idea, then there's tons of steps thons of things to go through and get it actually idea. Developed, tested and out for release make new versions thons of time and energy and effort. And the thing is, you don't have enough time in one day or even a week or a month, usually to do your best work. Usually your best work takes an incredible amount of time and energy, and you can have that much time and energy if you'll do a little bit every day. Some of my best work takes me hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to do, and it's founded on everything I've done. So the thing is, I can do thousands of hours of work in a year if I'm willing to do just around three hours a day every day. That seems like something that is impossible from the point of view of wanting to get something done. Patience is absolutely huge. Think about someone like Einstein developing his theories of the universe. That didn't happen overnight. That happened with a lot of work and thought, experiments all the time, tons of effort, tons of mistakes, tons of things that didn't make sense over and over and over a little work all the time to get it right. Finally, and then more work to get the next thing right, so patients means accepting your limitations and saying, You know what? I only have a few hours of good work I can do every day. Patients means being okay with delaying gratification. And I know that's difficult. I know because I go through that myself. And yet the more have developed patients, the Mawr exceptional work I've been able to do. I know I used to serve clients. I had very little patience, very little patience, and they had very little patients. Also, they wanted things. Now, now, now I paid you and want these sales. Now I had that a lot. My own business and having no patients or little patients mostly hurts me. I suffer when I don't have patience, and now I try and design my life around being patient. If I know something is going to take time like sending a letter in the mail, I try and do that and send it well in advance. If I know something like making a new Google AdWords campaign is going to take some time, I try and plan for that and say, OK, I'll just throw this one campaign up and leave it in check tomorrow. I used to be so impatient all the time. I wanted to check things, and it's amazing the amount of energy you waste. Being impatient. I wasted ridiculous amounts of energy in my life being impatient things like double checking, micromanaging, getting all anxious and nervous and calling customer support right away and immediately going after and trying to solve all these problems. Sometimes it just takes a day and everything will work. I used to flip out if I couldn't sign into a service online, and usually all I had to do was wait till the next day and it work. I didn't need to call customer support. I didn't need to send that email. I didn't need to get all frustrated. I didn't need to put that Facebook status up. Complaining. All I had to do is wait till tomorrow and it be fixed. No effort required. Patience is at the core of genius, and so I'm grateful you're here. I'm grateful you've already had enough patients to get to this point. With me, that's a really good sign. I've set this course up in a patient's format where you do a little bit each day, every day because that works and I know that works because that's what works for me, and that's what I see for people working around me. And so I've built this course already based on patients. And if you think I'd rather not just be able to power the whole 28 day course out, I would love to be able to do this all in one session and have it be good. The truth is, I can do about one day worth off this course in one day and have it be good. I know. Based on my previous experience, I built most of a una me course and one day before, and you know what? The quality was not very good. Most of the course had to be replaced. I only have so much time and energy I can put into doing something creative like this every day and have it be top quality. Same with something like video games. I only have a few hours. I can play video games before I start. Not playing is good. I don't know exactly how it works like this, but I know with most things I could only do them for a few hours at peak efficiency exercise. I could only exercise for an hour or two. It peak efficiency. After that. My body really wants to rest. And so patience is about doing a little bit every day and being okay with that. It's about being okay that this course is taking me over a month to make because I don't work on in every single day. I have other courses I work on, and I visited my mom between some of the lectures, so I didn't work on it then. And patience is knowing that I'll finish it when it's time to finish it. Knowing that doing a little bit every day will get it done and when I don't expect the gratification of having it done are out there and getting sales, and I just enjoy doing this with you then not only does it get done, but it's awesome and you're liable like it so you can see me practicing. Exactly what I'm telling you about here and when I'll do next is talk more about how to cultivate, practice patients and be in the habit of patients and how to diagnose. Rather, you're in the habit of impatience or patients and rather, you can find opportunities in your life and where you might be ableto look to change impatience into patients. So thank you for spending this time having patients with my speaking speed, having patients with my course set up and thank you for continuing with this course. 5. 26)What can you do to find and practice patience in your life? How do I do it?: So what can you do to find and build patients in your life? And how do I do it for myself? First, you want to know what those patients feel like. Patients feels like acceptance. It feels like a comfort with how everything is. It feels like things are moving at the right pace. Not too fast, not too slow. Patients feels like tranquility, like peace and serenity. Ah, look at the world as if everything is just fine. Everything's good, just how it is a look at your work and what you're doing as the patient doing, and that's just fine. The place you're at is just fine. It's a place of acceptance, so that's what patients feels like. Here's what impatience feels like. And getting to know what impatience feels like will allow you to step out of it into patients because I get impatient. Believe me, I get impatient, and so I have to know what impatience feels like so that then I can transition and become patient in patients. Feels like restlessness. So, like if you're sitting somewhere, you know the bouncing around that happens if you're sitting somewhere and you have your leg moving constantly I used to do that a lot. Your legs moving. When you're sitting down to chair that Jim patients, that's impatient. You're trying to go somewhere. You're trying to move ahead. Impatience feels like irritation. Ah, car pulls out in front of you and you're like, Damn it, I'm late. Her I'm late. That's impatience. Patients, when a car pulls out in front of you, feels like Okay, a car pulled out in front of me. It's fine. I'll get there. When it's time, patients feels like I don't have to be anywhere. Do anything. It's a wonderful feeling. I don't have to be anywhere or do anything right now. There's nothing else I need to do right now. This is great, and that's how I feel with you right now. I don't need to be anywhere else. I don't need to do anything else. I'm where I'm supposed to be. Impatience feels like you don't have time for that deep breath. I just took the short, shallow breasts. All right, What are we gonna do? Come on? Commands. That's what impatience feels like. Impatience feels like a means to an end. Let me get this out of the way. so I get to where I want to in patients. Feels like being in a hurry. Come on, come on. And I know I've spent a lot of time in impatience in my life, and I share this to help you. Justus. Muchas to help myself in patients. Feels like being late. Come on, come on. Impatience feels like, man. I'm never going to get this done. I'm making this lecture. I'm only 1/3 of the way through the course. I'm never going to get this done. Why even bother? That's what impatience feels like. And so, if you know one impatience feels like, then you can also be in serenity if you know what patients feels like and you know what impatience feels like, You will pull into patients just by recognizing impatience and having some space from it. So Thursday it was 9 40 I got in a hurry to go the gym, and then I realized, Oh, this is impatience. Deep breath, all right. Everything's fine, just where it iss. So when you see impatience, then you have the option to go into patients, and the easiest way to go into patients is just to take a deep breath. And if you got impatient watching that, then that's impatience. There it ISS, and there's nothing wrong with it. You just have to notice it and know that patience is much more effective if you feel like I'm speaking in slow motion because hurry up, get the damn words out. Come on, come on, come on. If you feel like that, that's blocking your genius. It's getting in the way of your genius because genius happens with slow, consistent patient work. Your brain needs time. Your brain needs to be able to process things and to put things together. You can have a great idea one day and it might not be a great idea the next day. I know I've had a lot of those you might call them. Ah ha! Moments. Oh, yes, this is going to change the world. And then I wake up the next day like that was dumb. The idea is you want to being a place where you understand life comes and goes in various things. So this helps with moods a lot. I used to get sad, and all I could think about was not being sad. I want to not be sad. What can I do? So I'm not sad now. If I get sad, it's fine. It'll pass. I'll be happy at some point, and I don't have to do anything. All I have to do is do what I normally do, and Sad will pass when I'm happy. Hey, that will pass to and at some point I'll either be kind of neutral or I'll be sad. And that's fine, too. The moods I have are okay. I'm patient now with myself, and it's easier to start off by trying to find patients for the world. Things like people cutting in front of you in line, The cashier taking too long at the store, the book you ordered in the mail not coming or what you did online. You submitted your information and no one's responded. Yet you called customer service and you have to wait. It's easier to see the opportunities to be patient with life outside. The ultimate goal is to be patient with yourself inside, because if you get impatient with yourself, you'll start things and not finish them. You will get in the way of your genius. Your genius is peaceful, quiet, consistent and always there. Impatience gets in front of that. It's like a big distraction of big Party. And it might not be a very fun party lots of times, and it gets in the way impatience blocks out your ability to see your inner genius. So when you get all frustrated and upset, I know it freaked my wife out one night. I couldn't log in to HBO. Go and I flipped down like I wanna watch this. No. Are you? Uh, and the next day it worked fine. The next day it worked. Fine. That's the value of patience is being able to accept things and that most problems will solve themselves. You know, I found I have a lot less problems when Im patient most problems will solve the ourselves and the ones that don't. For example, my sprinkler pumps been out for several months now, and I've just let it go. The ones that don't solve themselves if you're patient will often have an opportunity presented to you that makes an easy solution. Rather, it's time to fix the problem. Things like my pool pump. I didn't know what to do with it. I was fairly patient with it. And then I got a nice new pool pump from Pinch A Penny. Things like the HBO go sign in if you just wait, a problem goes away. Playing legal legends Last night it kept disconnecting. I said, Okay, I'll go play a different game. Patients will lead you to make decisions that are smart patients will lead you to stop banging your head off the wall and it, damn it. Work, work, work, work it work. And if you are trying to make a new invention, if you're trying to do something, like make a course like this if you're trying to write a book, if you're trying to paint something, no matter what you're trying to use your inner genius to do, you will need patients for it because sometimes things will go wrong. Some days I go to upload my videos to you, to me and they won't upload. They take forever. It doesn't work. It drops. You know what I do? Okay, I'll try once again. Usually I'll try twice and after it doesn't work on the second time, I'll try again tomorrow. Engineers will fix the problem. They're aware of the problems because the people who are impatient are very quick to bring the problems to their attention. And so usually, if you are patient, other people will go ahead and solve your problems for you. They'll call the company. I'm complained, and soon enough things will get fixed on their own. I used to get crazy, impatient when the Internet wouldn't work. Oh my God, I remember flipping out so much, I'd have made drinks up. I'd be sitting at home trying to play a video game. And, man, I'd flip if that Internet wouldn't work. And what did that get me? A night full of pain and misery and suffering when I could have just said, Okay, it Internets work, not working on Go watch a movie. Then the next day I feel bad. I didn't watch a movie, and all that time I had available, I drink too much to try and numb the pain. I was causing myself over being impatient. So today, the easiest thing you can do is just take a deep breath and understand that having patients with the world is inseparable from having patients with yourself and then having patients with yourself Will not only allow your inner genius to come out, it will let you have a brilliant life. So thank you for having patients going through this lecture with me. Thank you for having patients going through this course. And next, I'll talk a little bit about what you can do today to find a little patience. A little bit more patients in your day. Thank you. 6. 27)Today look for one opportunity to be patient with yourself and with life: today find one opportunity to transmute patients out of impatience. To change impatience in two patients, find one place where you already have patience and maybe noticed one place you don't have impatience and take those times. Find a place where you are being impatient and see if you can change that into patients just by your awareness, even if it's just with the way I talk. I just did this right before this lecture. A plane flew overhead and it's loud and I can usually talk over it. I waited to start the lecture until the plane finished flying over, and I recognized I had got impatient over planes flying over lots of times, like Come on, get done up there. You know, some of us have stuff to do on the ground. You know, I had had plenty of the head and so I took the opportunity right before making this to say , Okay, go ahead and fly over. I don't have anything else to do. I'm fine. I'm just fine waiting and I don't even have to wait. I'm just fine with how life is now, and this is OK. This is what supposed to be happening Now, if you want patients, it's more of a matter off recognizing all of the places you are impatient, recognizing all of the places you are patient and then doing your best to try and bring the patients you already have into all the places you're impatient. So, for example, I did have good patients with school work most of my life. I was pretty patient when I would sit there, work hard on a paper, go through, do it, turn it in, wait for the grade. I was patient enough because I knew if I had patients and did a good job, I'd end up getting in a on a paper and it all be worth it. And then if I had impatience, I'd put it off the last minute to be really stressful. I wouldn't do a good job. Then I get something lesson, and then it would all not work out. So your mind is really helpful. Your mind could be really helpful to show where you have patients where you don't you might have patients driving you might not. Either way. The next time you're driving, think about am I being patient now and notice whenever you go from patients to impatience. That's the most critical thing for me, because as soon as I notice it's happened, then it can stop like Thursday. A couple days ago, I noticed at 9:40 a.m. I saw had 20 minutes to get too personal training, and it's a 13 to 16 minute drive, and I didn't even my gym clothes on. I quickly switched from patients doing my work to impatience. Oh, I gotta get the gym and on. And I noticed that a minute or two in, I noticed all that mental stress coming on, and I noticed it, and I took some deep breaths. Breathe out from the naval with the deep breath. Start that breath in the bottom of the lungs so your lung should go out. So when you start a deep breath out from the belly and then the top of the lungs fill up towards the very end of it. So I started taking deep breasts. I took several deep breasts and told myself, It's okay. What you're doing is fine. You don't need to go anywhere. You don't need to do anything. You're just fine right now where you're at and then I was able to return to patients. I got back in a state of patients, and then as I was driving, somebody made aggravating driving move. I've went to impatience, and then I saw It's okay, and I quickly dropped back in the patient's. If you've been impatient for years, sometimes it can take a little time to recognize all of them patients and to get into patients. But it all begins with recognising where you already have patients and where you have impatience. And so no matter where you're at, if your life is 99% patients or 99% impatience or somewhere in between, you can always push one step farther. You can always be a little more patient, and I know I can, and I know today I'm taking the opportunity to have patients with making this course. So far, this is the longest course I've made before getting it approved, and I have rushed out a lot of my courses in impatience to get them done. I want it out there. I want some kind of product and what's happened. Sometimes I've put out courses that if I had taken more time to make them better. They would have immediately gotten better reviews and more sales, and they probably be doing even better now. So today I'm having patients with making this course. I'm on day nine right now, and I may rearrange the days at some point. So I don't know if this is Day nine for you or if you're watching this in some kind of preview video. I don't know exactly where this is. What I do know is I'm exercising today what I'm sharing with you. I've had a lot of impatience when it comes to doing work in my life. Things like making these course of at a lot of them patients. And so today I'm practicing. Having patients. Three lectures is fine. That's 30 plus minutes of HD video I've created. That's fine. I know one agency locally, they charge 1500 a minute. That's $45,000 of value that I've created today. And I don't know if it will actually work out to that much. Probably not. What I do know is I'm enjoying being here with you right now. I'm very happy, very happy to be here with you right now and That's what patients feels like. The course doesn't need to be out there and done. Yes, I'm talking to my webcam right now. And yes, you probably won't have seen this for quite a while after I make it. And that's okay. That's patients. So today I'm exercising patients with you because I do this course genius and 28 days I do this course every day in my personal life and in my professional life, these are the values of principles I live by. And so the only way I can do a good job do is be a living example. So that's I'm doing my best to be patient with myself, be a living example for you and be patient with you as you go through the course as you ask questions. And I'm honored you're here with me. So thank you for experiencing having patients with the patient section. And I love to know what you think, and I am honored to be part of your journey two. And in being a genius. Thank you. 7. 28)You have everything you need already to be a genius: to let your inner genius out. You want to make the most out of what you have. This is a key mindset, making the most out of what you have and having an open mind as to what you have. That's the beauty that comes ingenious. For example, Albert Einstein worked in a patent office, and no doubt that was really helpful for him. In his own work, he could see the patents coming in for work other people were doing. Bill Gates had access to a server mainframe where he could do coding one of the first in the world to have an opportunity like that. At a young age, you use what you have in front of you, and you don't need a server mainframe. You don't need toe work in a patent office. Genius comes from making incredible things out of what you already have in front of you. I would guess you might think it seems like genius to just take ah Facebook profile like I had and find a way to send messages to pages and then somehow get clients from countries all over the world. That's what genius looks like is using what you have in front of you to do amazing things, and sometimes it means using what you have in front of you not necessarily. In a way it was intended to be used. And genius can be painful in that respect. Sometimes you will get punished for using things that they weren't intended to be used that way by the Creator. And yet you'll still get great rewards when you find ways to use things in ways that connect with everyone in ways that produce powerful, meaningful, creative work for people. And so the beauty of this is you don't need to go anywhere else. You don't need to be anywhere else. I know I've heard lots of people talking about Oh, if I just had this funding or if I just had some more employees or if I just had ah, bigger group of people I could work with if I just had a bigger office. If I just had more experience, if I just had better connections, if I was just located in a better part of the world, if I just had this or that genius comes from making the best out of what you have, so that's very liberating because you don't need anything else besides what you have, and so you will figure out what it is you need along the way. Ultimately, you just need what you have right now to start, because what you need is what you have inside of you. The material things will all respond to your inner self. Your soul. You might call it your connection with the universe or God. You might call it your former world around. You will respond to what's inside of you. So you never need anything outside of you to let your inner genius be. And that's a beautiful thing because you never need to make any excuses. You never need to look at the world and show how it's not good enough for you to really do what you're supposed to. Leonardo da Vinci was drawing helicopters back hundreds of years ago. That's genius, and he didn't need to make an actual helicopter. He still inspired to people off his time. He still created things that then were later made into reality. So if it just means you draw something, your inner genius can come out that way you're drawing can be an excellent creative work. You don't need to be able to actually make it right now. In time, you will have what you need at that time. Right now, you always have exactly what you need. So this is an important component of being genius because it removes all the excuses. It removes all of the seeming necessity of the world that give you things. In order to use your genius, remove the idea that the world needs to put you in a certain position so that you can really be yourself. You can fully be yourself right now with what you have. You don't need anything else to fully be yourself in yourself at the core has genius all over it in every corner. So all you have to do is fully be yourself. And you can't depend on anything an outside world to fully be yourself. And yet, when you are, believe yourself, you will find incredible ways to use whatever is in front of you. Even sometimes that could just be eating dinner, eating a meal in a slow and attentive fashion when most of the world just cramps their food down quickly and doesn't think about it, you could be a genius just sitting at the dinner table thinking about all of the things that were required to put the food on your plate, Thinking about exactly the impact the food is having in your body, seeing the depth that is there, you don't need anything else outside of what you have to be a genius and you never do. And that's great news because it's so easy Look around. And other people, the CEO or the established, successful genius you see and say, Look, they could be a genius. They can be successful because they have everything they need. Well, you have everything you need to, and that's great news. You already have everything you need. So all you have to do is just figure out exactly how to fully embrace and be in what you already have. And if there is something at a future time you need, you wouldn't have it when you're ready for it. And that's beautiful. So thank you for spirit sickness with me Now, apparently, this is what you need right now, and this is what I need right now. So we're here together. Let's explore more about what it means toe. Always have what you need to let your inner genius work and be in the world and most importantly, inside you. 8. 29)How can you and I see that everything we need is already here?: The key is to see what you already have. Fully the need to have something else, the feeling that you don't have everything you need toe. Let your inner genius flower the feeling that you don't have everything you need to really serve the world and to give the world what it's supposed tohave from you. That's based on a trouble with seeing. So you can see in the world when you're seeing that you have everything you can need, you can see the depth in all the things you have already. So, for example, I have a computer here on my Mac. I'm not Microphone another computer next to me a mouse, a lighting set up a background. And I have an Xbox one behind me. With the TV, I can see the depth of what I have. I have a fantastically powerful creative studio right here that literally Onley depends on me to just make an effort. Music it now. This is what I need now this is not what I've had. I started with a laptop which had a webcam, and I started with a camera which I tried to use to make videos that Onley would make videos up to 10 minutes. That didn't have very good audio. That was really frustrating to put on the laptop and upload to YouTube. Then that's all I needed. I was still just getting started. I had so much to learn. I still have so much to learn. I wasn't ready for this level of creative tools. I wasn't ready to use this kind of a set up. I didn't have enough money for this kind of set up. I didn't have Ah, good enough space for this set up. And most importantly, I didn't have my inner self ready toe fully make use off This kind of sent up. What I was creating was not of great service at the time. It was good for what I had to do at the time. And so letting your inner genius out is simply making the most out of what you have. And when you see that there are things you should get to enhance what you have, you will get them, you will get them. And so, if you see oh, maybe I should get a desktop Instead of trying to use this laptop. You will get it. You will find a way to get it and you won't Southern want it and then blame your inability to use what you have on what you've got. Because I consistently used what I had to try and do things anyway, and I put things up anyway and everything I did, I did the best with what I had. And when I saw that something new like this, I Mac would be useful for me, I found a way to get it. I borrowed money so that I could have this right now instead of waiting several months in advance because I'm ready for it. It's what I need now. And if it burns up in a fire and I'm using just my iPhone, then I'll still have just what I need. So the idea is to make the most out of what you have already and to be able to look at what you have as enough. And that means if you have money in the bank, that's enough and you could change that money in the bank into something like an I Mac, and that's still enough. But the key is to see what you have now is enough because when you look around and you see what you have is not enough, that's an excuse, then it's an excuse to not make the most out of what you already have, and that kills your inner genius. That kills your creativity, because suddenly there's some reason why you can't fully be what you're supposed to be. I could make all kinds of excuse. I could say that I need to be free of the debt I have. I could say I need to have a creative agency behind me. I could say I need to have more people watching what I'm creating. There's all kinds of excuses I could look to find. I could say the planes fly over my house too damn often and it disrupts my filming. What I do is I work with what I have. I know that the planes mostly start flying in the afternoon, so I film mostly in the morning. I know that the air conditioner makes a little home, and so I turn it off. When I make the videos, I know that my pool pump is liable to make a little hum, so I let it run in the afternoon and I do my videos in the morning. I know it's easier to make my videos when my wife is taking a nap er and batter out doing something, although I can still make them while she's home to. So I tend to make most of my videos while my wife's not home, which is during the week while she's working and when we have a baby later in the year. I'll do my best with that, too, because everything you have in life is exactly what you're supposed tohave right now. And so I could make all kinds of excuses, ice thought before needed in office. And at the time, that is what I needed. And then suddenly, when I realized all I need is to work at home. Then I moved everything home, and now I'm back working at home, and I find that work much better at home. I learned a very valuable lesson, moving in out of home into an office because I wanted to feel something. I wanted to feel like I was legit. I wanted to feel like I was established. I didn't think if you had a business out of your house that was really legit. I didn't feel like that was really something meaningful. I felt like to do great work. You had to have an office. So sometimes what you need when you look back at it will be a lesson. It might look like a mistake, but the thing is, you always have what you need right now. There's never any reason right now. You can't be fully who you are supposed to be, and that's a beautiful thing. That is a beautiful thing, because when you are fully who you're supposed to be now your energy nous is at the core of that. Your inner genius will do the work for you will produce exceptional work. And when you find that what you have is enough already, you will also find how comfortable you are changing things around to do better. When you're comfortable with how much money you have in the bank, you don't feel like you need more. You will make the most out of the money you do have in the bank. If you realize maybe I should convert some of the money I have in the bank into an I Mac, you'll do that if you realize I should get some studio set up like this. You'll do that if you realize maybe I don't need this. I'm AC. I can just use my iPhone or whatever phone you have. You might sell it and then use the money to run ads. The thing is, when you feel like what you have is enough, you'll make the most of it. When you feel like what you have is not enough, you will tend a waste. What you do have and you'll always be grabbing, you'll be seeking something new that you don't have, and when you get it, you'll do the same thing. You'll do the exact same thing. So if I was like that and I spent a lot of my life being like that, always grabbing and seeking grabbing it, seeking all, if I just would have this if I just would have that. And when I finally stopped, that's when I really started doing amazing work. When I stopped grabbing and needing something else and used what I had fully. Then I started doing amazing work, so if I was in that mindset of I didn't have enough, I'd be finding a way to sit here and look at you in this beautiful screen of this, my Mac, and somehow say that what I heads not enough while I find a bigger ad budget. Well, if I had a video editor, well, if I had this or if I had that well, if I had a professional studio, well, if I had a better Mike, there's so many things I could easily try and say about what I could have. And the thing is, all of those on Lee would hold me back. I don't need anything besides what I have right now, and what I have right now is just this moment. And so I've used what I've had to make into this also. So when you have enough, you will set your life up so that it is enough. But that doesn't mean you can't improve what you're doing. In fact, if you look at what you're doing as if it's enough, you will also keep finding ways to improve what you're doing. Whereas if you're just making excuses and saying, Well, if I had that, if I had a nice set up like he had that I could do videos is easy is he does. If you're doing that, then you have the less chance of actually setting it up for Rio because seeking is an empty state. It's empty because every time you get something, and then soon enough feels empty. So here's the thing. Having everything you need is a very full state, and so it will tend to stay full regardless of what happens. I did a lot of great videos on my last computer, which is still sitting next to me, and I still do videos on it. This one works really good for Web camp. I wouldn't have gotten this one, though, if I didn't already feel like I could do everything worth what I had before I got this, because this makes things easier. I used the last one a ton, and I took a risk to get this one, but I had enough. I had enough credit to borrow for this, so I did so When you have enough, you'll find ways to make up their weaknesses and you'll maximize your strengths. You will find the areas you're doing well on. You'll find a way to do more of them, and in maximizing what you're doing good at. You will tend to be able to fix your weaknesses almost effortlessly. So thank you for sharing this with me. This is something I don't often hear talked about in the context of doing creative work. The idea that you already have enough? Not that you need a better computer. You need this certain software. You need an editor, you need a team or you need a agency or you need a brand. You've got enough right now. Whatever you have is enough right now. And as long as you have enough right now, the more work you do, you will continue to be given mawr What I've noticed. The better work I do, The better I do. The world tends to give me more. So when I wasn't doing very good work, the world didn't give me much help in trying to do better work. When I started doing better work, the world started offering me more help. Here's more money. Buy yourself a little studio set up. Here's more enthusiasm. Do this more often. Here's more money. Buy yourself a new computer. Here's more credit. Go get that computer. That really will work well for you. Here's Mawr Enthusiasm. Do this more. Here's someone to help you set up your video format better. The more good work you do, the more you use your energy genius. The world will just drop off what you need all the time. Think about it like ordering packages online. Except you don't have to order or you do is do your best and things will keep coming to you . If you're giving good help to people one on one, people will start recommending you. If you're drawing great things, people will start asking you to draw for them and pay you to drop for them. If you're doing great with your business, people ask you to help them with their business. Pay you to help them. If you're doing great with what you have now, you will get given everything you need. If you feel like you don't have what you need to do, what you really are supposed to do, you will not be given it either, or if you are given it, you'll get it and it won't satisfy you. So this is all an internal state. This is purely something that goes on inside you. So I hope what I've shared is a good explanation of how I am happy with what I have now and how being happy with what I have has given me progressively better tools to do what I'm doing. You know, I'm happy you can feel. I'm happy here with you. And you can see the tools I'm using are effective. They may not be perfect. They work. And that's the thing. Nothing is ever perfect. So long as you look for ways in which it could be better, everything is perfect. This is just perfect right now. Being here with you, sharing this with you, This is perfect. I've everything I need. And I hope now you are discovering you're feeling maybe for the first time maybe you're remembering from before, but you're feeling that I've already got what I need. I don't have to wait for something. I don't have to wait for something. I've got what I need now to do what I'm supposed to do now. And if there's something you're supposed to do later, you'll have what you need then to So thank you for watching this. And I'll share with you finally away today to start seeing or keep seeing that you already have what you need today. Thank you. 9. 30)Today see the depth and opportunity in what you already have: today see the depth and opportunities you already have in front of you. The things you can do immediately with no resistance, no effort, no prerequisites. And you don't need to necessarily see how you can transform the entire world today. Although I believe everything everyone does transforms the world all you have to do, see one thing, find one thing new or one thing you haven't looked at for a while, that you have everything you need to do it. For example, for me, I've been looking for a while that I want to make longer YouTube videos. I've had an issue with my YouTube account now where I can't upload longer than 15 minute videos. And what I can see is that I already have everything I need today. Today, I don't need to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. I've been trying new, shorter videos, Mawr inspirational, and I've made that into a podcast and videos on my Facebook page and into a free you to meet course. So I was upset at first that I couldn't upload videos longer than 15 minutes after being hit with a copyright strike, even though the copyright strike did not specify where I had copied any material, and it should be over sometime soon because I follow the counter notice. But the thing is, I saw the opportunity toe upload more shorter videos, and that's what I've been doing. I've been uploading shorter videos because in my focus on Onley up, loading, longer videos, the data shows my longer videos are the ones that work really good. I was neglecting uploading any videos at all. I was just not even doing videos because I wanted to do these longer videos. My old computer couldn't do the longer videos anymore, and I was just neglecting to do anything at all. I was saying, I need I need to have a better computer to do the videos. Then I got this computer to help do the videos, and then I got hit with the copyright strike at the same time. So and I never even have got to make one longer video. Yet with this computer, what I've done is make a ton of shorter videos with it. I've actually used what you could look at it, something negative as an opportunity. Ah, here's why can try something new. Take this thing and use it to try something new and to really focus and give time and energy to something new. If that hadn't happened, I might not be doing my daily inspirational videos, which are now on a podcast and other formats. I wouldn't have been doing that. I would have been just trying to hammer out all these longer videos. And so if you can see the opportunity, even in bad things, something you look at, things were not really good or bad, but something you look at and say This is bad. I don't like this. If you can see the opportunity in that, that's a miracle that is seeing that you already have everything you need that when you need something different that when it's time for me, when I'm ready to then make longer videos in the grand scheme of things, I will be able to. And so that's the key is to see some area in your life, especially if it's some negative things. See where the opportunity is in that today, something like you've got in trouble for something or something is not working right when I consistently tell people when they have a Facebook ads account that gets disabled. I One of my first things I got known online for was Facebook ads, Help and Facebook at account disabled, something I've been able to help with. And what I usually tell people right away is that this is an opportunity for you to learn and do something else. If you got your Facebook ads account disabled, that is a sign you don't need. Ah, Facebook ads account to do what you're supposed to do. Go do something else. This is an opportunity to try something new. But people are so frustrated, all they want is to get back what they had before. The universe gives you what you're supposed tohave when you're supposed tohave it, and then it takes it away from you when you don't need it anymore. And I know that idea can be scary for something like a family member. I lost my dad last year, and the universe took him away from me because that's what I needed. I needed to have that love and support in the form of my dad removed, because then I was able to go into finding that that love and support data given me was still there was all still in my heart that losing dad's body did not change the fact that Dad loved me and that had all that love and support in my life. And it was still in my heart and that if, without Dad, I could see I needed to be a part of a community, I needed to give more. I needed to have more people in my life. So at the time, for a year before, when Dad was sick and for months afterwards, all I could see was anger and resentment. Why did my dad get taken from me? Why? Why did this happen? This shouldn't have happened the same way people are with their Facebook ads account. I just want my dad back. I just want my Facebook ads account back. I just want what I already had before. I don't have everything I need now because I don't have a dad, at least in the body on this earth anymore. When you can see that everything in your life is just how it's supposed to be. Just what you need is already here. If you can see that today, then you're opening up a miracle and the best places to see it are the most hurtful places , Like losing a loved one. Through losing my dan, I saw that I needed to take better care of myself. I needed to do so many new things. Removing Dad from my life in the form opened up so many new things to me. And now I have a wonderful life today I'm here with you in big part because my dad died last year. If he hadn't died last year, I don't know whether I'd be here with you at all. I don't know rather, I'd be on this earth still, I was struggling. And now I have a wonderful life today and the mawr that I've embraced. The fact that I have everything I need, the better work I'm able to do. I was not ready to do a course like this. I've done a lot of courses before this one. I was not ready to do one like this until right now. And so if you can see you are ready to do right now, what you need to do and you're not ready now to do anything in the future and that when the future comes, will be ready to do it then. But the future never comes. It's always now. It's always today. If you ever find a day where it's not today, please let me know it's today. Always. It's now always all of eternity. Eternal life is now the past in the future ideas. So if you can warm up to the idea that now is the only time you can ever have what you need and now is the only time you can ever do your genius work, Then you will experience the rial, flowering and growth of your genius. And if you're already in that, because I know a lot of the courses I take, I'm already in it and I just want a little help getting farther. If you want a little help getting farther, be quick to see today. How everything that happens is exactly what you need toe happen and behind everything you see is bad or annoying. There is good there. There's an opportunity there, and that helps me. I have very few bad things happen now because I'm very quick to see opportunities in whatever happens, bad things still happen in my life, Yes, but I'm quick today to see where those things are helping me. I'm quick today to see that I have everything I need. And when something is removed from my life, that's because I needed it removed from my life. And so that helps me have a lot of peace. And that's where genius comes from, is out of peace. I did not have enough peace any time in my past to make this course with you. Now, if I would have tried, it wouldn't have came out very good. And I'm honored. You're here with me. I hope that today you can see you have everything you need already. And you don't need any time to do that. You could do that right now, even if just for a second See, you already have everything you need. Thank you for being here with me. I'm honored. You've spent so much time here with me. I'm honored that being here with me is something you need today. So thank you. I will keep working each day to serve you and to make more things that you can use that are helpful. So thank you. 10. 31)The illusion of separation: a genius is aware off the illusion off separation. What is the illusion of separation? The illusion of separation is the confusion of the point of view you are currently experiencing with a separation off that point of view from the universe that it is a part off. So I'll try and explain that again. Where you are is the same place you've been your whole life. You are watching from one point, and what goes on in that feel of what you see is constantly changing. The world you could say is constantly being experienced in front of you. The illusion of separation is that at some point you and the world are separate. At some point there's this division where you end and the rest of the world begins. The illusion of separation is what our whole world is based on naming and having these identities. It's useful for practical things as a way of living as a genius. You can't sustain the illusion of separation and have it not ruined or limit your work because the illusion of separation cuts you off. It makes you feel isolated, an individual lost unit you can't hope to feel and embrace the full power of the universe without awareness of the illusion of separation. And so the exercise for today will be to see where there is no separation by trying to find the point off separation. So I will look with you. We will look together and see if we can find the point of separation, the point where I end and you begin the point where I end and the world. Then begins the point where who I am ends and what everything else and everyone else is begins. The idea of personal space is founded on this, and the idea of personal space will help us out with this a lot. So today this is a farm a little bit different day than some of the other days. This is a day where you just get to know yourself at a deeper level. I'm honored you're here with me, and I will explain more about how to get into knowing and seeing through the illusion of separation and what power that gives you. And then with an exercise for you to be able to do it yourself 11. 32)I will show you the illusion now: it's actually easier to try and show you the illusion of separation. Then it is to try and explain it further. That's why it was a quick video to start with, because in this video I'm going to try and show you who I am. I'm going to try and show you where I'm separate from the world, and what you'll get out of this is pretty cool. And I hope what you'll do is see, See the illusion picture. This is a magic trick. I'm trying to show you how it works. So what we do, we go around in this world as if we're each separate beings, that I am somehow separated by you. I have my own name. I have my own property, my own things, my own body, and that somehow separates me from you and the rest of the world. Generally that in theory there's some me, and then there's not me. So the key is to defining me is to be able to show where me stops and not me starts. If I'm going to say I'm separate, I have to show you where I am separate. If I'm going to give you a cake and say, there's pieces of a cake. I would have to cut that cake up so that I could show you. Okay, here's one piece of cake. Two pieces of cake, three piece of cake. I would have to cut the cake up to show you where your piece was. Otherwise, all you would see is a cake. And I'd say you can have a piece of the cake and then you would know you were making an arbitrary cut into the cake. In order to take a piece out of it, you would know that that piece was something you created and that really the cake was Ah, hole. The cake was whole, and you just arbitrarily chopped a piece up and ate it. So what we do the life with this idea of separation is we chop up life, we chop it up and say this this is separate from that. And if you want to let your inner genius flow, you have to see beyond the illusion of separation, because then you can draw all the power off the universe into everything you do, and you won't have to just work in your field. You can pull ideas from any part of life into what you do. You don't have to work just in your time. You can pull ideas from any time into what you do. In fact, you can just bring things that have never been really into being. It's amazing, and so that starts with seeing through the illusion of separation. So what I'll try and do is explain to you by showing you so. What I'm doing now is I'm trying to define where I am, where me becomes separate from the world, from you, from everything else. And so you might say, Well, it's that webcam. That's where you're separate from me. You're talking to that webcam, and that's where we're separate. Well, that's interesting, because then that's an inanimate object. Supposedly, I own this webcam, although technically I'm financing the computer right now. So does that mean a company in Minnesota actually owns the computer in the webcam? Are they between us? Well, this is an apple machine. They made it so they created it. Is it? There's I'm creating this video. Is it mine who actually even really owns the webcam? Well, if they say possessions, 9/10 of the law. I sure have control of it. I can reach up. I can put my hands around the webcam and no one else can do that. So does this webcam separate us? Well, you might say no, you You are a human being. You, you, me, I'm a human being and that's where we're separate. You're just talking to me through this microphone and through this webcam. And that's where we're separate. Okay, well, let's go with that then. So I'm a human being. I have a name, right? Because if you couldn't name me, how could you describe who I waas? Naming tends to be the foundation of a separation. So I'm Jerry Banfield. Is that my name? Well, kind of. I chose the first name as a nickname for myself. Based on my dad. My dad did the same nickname. He went by Jerry Band. Phil. That's not my really legal name, though. My real legal name is Gerald. Ralph Banfield The third. That's my riel name. So how did I get that? Is that my name? I don't think there is another Gerald Ralph Banfield, the third in the whole world. What does it mean? It's really mine. But if no one else has the name And how did I get this name? I was given this name. I didn't choose my legal name. I was given it by my parents. So how can that be who I am? If I didn't even chose that I was assigned that name. I was given that name. So is it mine? Because I was given that is the separation in this world, something that's given to me that I don't make any choice in a lot of people. Look at it that way. But if something was given to me, couldn't it be taken away when I die? My name's just taken away then, right? Or is it still mine when I've died? Whose was it before I was born? No one's So why is it mine? Once I'm born and maybe or maybe not, it's mine. Once I die When no one had it before I was born, I just come into this world, grab this name. That's mine. I go the grave with it. That's mine. What about when you use my name? Are you using my name or you using your words? See, even trying toe Look at my name is mine is tricky. And once you see that even your name is questionable as to whether it's really yours or not . Then the whole foundation starts to shake. And so let's forget about the name for a minute. Let's look mawr at trying to figure out physically, Scientifically, where do I start and stop? And where does the world start and stop? So what I need for that? Just like a cake. Where am I? Where do I end? And where does the world begin? Where does my piece off Cake Stop. I need to know where I am. Cut out of the world. Where? Where is it? The easiest thing to say might be okay. It's your skin. Your skin. That's where you end. Okay, so this is this where I end? Well, I can't feel where I end without using another part of myself. So you notice I instinctively put my hands on my face to try and feel where my face ends. Is this where my face ends right here? Okay, that's where my face ends. Well, I'd use my hands. I'd use another part of me to figure out where me actually ends. Okay, so that's a little confusing. Do I end at my face? What about my chest? Okay, so my skin, my skin is where I end and where the world begins. So what about this shirt? Where does the shirt fall in the play? Why old in this shirt? This is my shirt, right? If you tried to wear this shirt, would you be stealing my shirt? I would have to give it to you. Or you'd have to steal it for it to be your shirt, right? If you stole it, would it still really be my shirt? The home? Sure it is. This Some company made this shirt and then another company put it on their shelves. And then I bought it and I lost the bottom button off of it. Here in the dryer. So is this my shirt? I'm wearing it if possessions 9/10 of the law. I'm wearing it. What is this shirt? Part of me is this shirt. Part of who I am. Well, I can take the shirt on and off. Kind of like a name. I could take the shirt on and off. I could use a fake name somewhere else. Bob, Joe, Dan. I could even use a woman's name. Kayla. Now you might not believe that, but like a name, I could just take this shirt on and off. So you might say, OK, that shirt's not you. You're probably exhausted by now. Find, Find that that damn shirt. That's not you. So if I take the shirt off and you don't need to see that right now that my skin is exposed , But then I'm covered on the shirt. Okay, let's say, for practical intents and purposes, my skin is where the world comes into contact with me. So my skin is the end of me, right? Then the shirt could act as a symbol, a divider. The shirt is the first part of the world. So we're saying now the shirt is not part of me and just notice. Notice how difficult this is getting already, and we haven't even gotten into how difficult this will get. Notice how difficulties get from me. Just trying to tell you who I am, how hard it is for me to just chop myself out of the world to cut my piece of the cake out of the world. It's really hard. If you look at me in a cake, I'd be trying to cut it all different ways and butchering it, just smearing the frosting. So that's what we're getting into. So this is my shirt. Right? But it is not mine. My skin. Okay, that's me. This is me. This is me. This is not me. Okay? So this symbolizes the division Between me and the world. The world starts where my shirt is. The world starts where the air contacts my skin. Okay, so that's separate. Does that sound fair? That separate. So we've defined. That's where I am. So what about my hair? Well, let's just make it easy and say my hair is part of me. Also, if you tried to pull it out, I wouldn't be very happy. And I can't just take it off, although it could just cut it off. So if I just cut it off, then is my hair still part of me? Then you might say No, it's not physically attacked. So let's work with just physically attached right now. And yes, this is supposed to be getting confusing. It's showing you the illusion of separation. so I've defined. So faras what's attached to me? What? My long is there certainly attached to me, right? My lungs are in me. So what about when I take something in? Where is it when I eat something? Is that then a part of me? So I have some tea down here. I'll drink some delicious. Okay, so the tea was in here. He was in here, and now it's some of its in my body. It's underneath my skin. It is in my stomach, which is under the shirt, which is under the skin, which is under some muscle. So that t which was outside of me now is inside of me. So is that t part of who I am? Well, if I got sick, I could throw that t back up. Would that not be part of who I am, then? Well, the teas inside me. So for saying things that are attached like my hair. My tea is now mawr intimately a part of me than my hair is. I could easily cut my hair off. I could not easily throw that t back up. So the tea has now become assimilated within my body So I took something from the world and added it to myself. Well, this just gets more complicated. So if the shirt is dividing me symbolically from the world and I just took something from the world and put it into me Well, what happens when I breathe? So right now this is not me, right? This is air. This is not me. Well, what about I'll go breathe the air in. Okay, I've got that, Aaron. Me Now that is in me, right? The same is the tea. Is that air is in me. The oxygen I just took in from that breath is now going into my blood. It's now underneath my skin. It is now more intimately a part of me than my hair is. In fact, there's nothing I could do to get that oxygen out off me. It will simply come out when it's ready in one way or another. And so I every second and pulling part of the world into who I am, and then I'm spitting who I am, back out into the world in the form of breathing Well, the same thing happens with eating, drinking and then going to the bathroom. So if I'm going to the bathroom when I'm done, whatever I just put out. So that's not part of me now, right? But it was part of me before, so if I that thi is now part of me. But when I go the bathroom later than it won't be that exact tea I drank some of that tea I drank will be in my body and other places in blood. And some of that water will have been something I drank before. So I won't be putting that t right back out the same with eating. You really are what you eat. When you eat something, it goes into you. And the waste that spit out is not what it was when it went into Ah, bunch of it has been removed from what it originally waas. So I drank that t Some of that tea has been removed, and then some new things have been added. And then that comes out things my body doesn't need. So I put the t in. It takes what it wants. It adds what it doesn't want. That is already in my body, and it puts that out. So this is just getting real confusing. Where exactly does who I am? Enter into this If I can breathe and instantly changed the composition of who I am, if I could drink something or go the bathroom and change who I am, like the idea of how much do I weigh? Why is that? I can weigh something one day, and then I weigh something else. The next day, when you say I lost weight, I gained weight. Well, it's really a temporary state, isn't it? Because you're always losing weight and you're always gaining weight. You really never have one stable weight. If you measure your weight down toe enough significant digits, you never have the same way you're always taking in mawr and giving out more, even just breathing. Sometimes you hold in and you give out more than you breathe. In other times, you'll take in more than you breathe out. If you're putting a lot of carbon dioxide out creating in your body, you'll put a lot of that out when you breathe. If you're not, you'll just take more oxygen. So the C were just lost right now, where exactly do I end and does the world start. I'm in a constant, interactive relationship with world and I say I I can't help but be a part of the world. I can't exist without the world. If you suddenly put a plastic bag over my face and said, Enough, this is you. I would suffocate and die then because I couldn't take in and give back out to the world. So if breathing is an integral part of the world, then how am I really separate from the world? In fact, where does all this energy I have come from? Where does it come from? Well, I eat food and then I have calories. Or does all that come from the sun, their son energy shining down right now all over that energy is heating everything up. I have heat in my body. You could attribute nearly all of the heat in my body to the heat from the sun. So what happens if you turned the sun off all of a sudden? Where do you separate the sun from me? I cannot exist without the sun. In fact, I am very much a part of the sun. I have sun energy in B and my body wouldn't function without the sun. So I'm dependent on air. I'm dependent on the sun. I have to have food and water every day. I have to bring things from outside of this body into this body. And I have to expel things from this body in order just to keep it going. So how am I separate? In fact, I'm made out of the things I've eaten and drank and breathed. 12. 33)Today try to define yourself as a separate being from the world: so this whole body is composed of things I've eaten, drank and breathe. You could say OK, OK, fine. The brain The brain is what special? The brain that There you are. Okay. What is the brain made out off? The brain is made out of things I eat, drank and breathe. The brain has oxygen and water and nutrients from what I've eaten, drank and breathe In fact, my original brain was made from things my mom ate, drank and Bree So where is the line between where I start and where I end and where the world starts in the world ends? I'm so dependent on the world I am in such a state of constant interaction with the world How is there any separation? The idea of separation is just the same as the idea of my name is. It's an idea if you look on my body I don't have my name anywhere on it. You would have to pull up a piece of paper. You'd have to talk to me if you just saw me laying down somewhere. You You have no way to know my name unless you watch this video are seeing something online . But if you'd never done any of that, you'd have no way to know my name. And so to you, my name wouldn't exist if I don't remember the past. And if I can't think about the future, then who am I? If I can't remember my name? If I don't know where I am? If I don't know that all the things in this room supposedly are mine, then whose are they? That always bothered me in my life. If I didn't remember something, did it really happen? Because we tie who we are. So much to our memories in these ideas. And yet when you try and define who you are, as I've just tried to define who I am, you'll find it's nearly impossible. Do you might say Okay. Okay. Give up on defining who you are Now tell me about what you've done. What have you done? Okay. Well, what have I done? I've Ben in school. I've taken classes, I have a wife. I have brothers and sisters, a brother and a couple sisters. I have a mom. My dad's passed away. So do I really have a dad then? Since I couldn't go show you I could show you pictures. I've got grandparent's. I may have a child coming soon. I live in a house in Florida. But what does that tell you? All it does is tell you how to find me. What does it really tell you about who I am? It really tells you nothing about who I am. You really know nothing more about me than you did before. You know, you might be able to apply stereotypes. You might say, OK, well, you're from Florida, blah Boma, Or you went to college here. Will Laba Those may or may not be right, though Those are just guesses. You don't really know anything. And if I've shown you even trying to define something physically as who I am is very tough . So trying to define me in terms of ideas is even more difficult because those are all subjective. One person's ideas are not the same as another's, and ideas are all so subjective. I could tell you I went to college. I have a master's degree, and someone else with another type of degree would say all that's not a real degree guy of a master's in criminology someone with the Masters and something else that's a professional degree, might say, Oh, that's great. You technically have a masters, but you really can't do anything with it. And someone else who has a Ph. D might expect me to call them doctor because they've had 45 more years of education than I have when I've had around 20 years of education and they would have 25 or 30. You see how tough it is to define things in the world. You see that if you go far enough into detail, you really can't separate the world from anything. Everything is one part of the world, and when you try and cut a piece out of the cake, you are hurting the cake. In general, you're ignoring. You're trying to eat and make part of the cake yourself. And when you try and cut the world up, you're doing the same thing as if you're cutting a cake up. You're just chopping it up artificially. Those divisions you make in the cake are not sacred any more than everything else is sacred , so if you go chop up a cake, you could do it by whatever system you wanted. But that cake was originally and even still is. Ah, hole. It's an inseparable part of the whole, no matter how it's chopped up. If you chop that cake up and eat it in different pieces, the cake is still the same part of the whole, because the cake never really was separate from the whole. You put things together. You created the cake, you chopped it up and you ate it. The idea of the cake is just on idea. It's not real. It's just a form. So understanding getting into this illusion of separation is really helpful. It's so helpful in understanding and getting to know yourself. So today, try and do this on yourself. Try, take a look and try and define yourself. Try and see if you can very specifically define yourself separate from the rest of the world. Try and isolate who you are without having the world influence that then once you can see that all things ultimately are part of one whole, then you can draw on the energy from the whole. You can work as a part of the whole instead of an isolated person with isolated problems and an isolated life and a isolated past and isolated future. You can work as part of the whole, and that's where the miracle happens. That's where you can do amazing things. As a part of the whole, you can do almost nothing trying to separate yourself from the whole, because you will always be reminded you are not separate of the whole and it will make you mad. When something happens and you say this has happened to me, it will frustrate you. So today try and see the illusion of separation for yourself. If you meditate, try and meditate on the illusion of separation. If you don't meditate, just try and define the same way. I tried to define myself for you. Try and define yourself in terms that are unarguable to someone else, even to yourself, trying to find yourself in a way that makes it clear where you start and stop and where the world starts and stops. Outside of you. Thank you for experiencing this with me as one part of the whole, because I'm just a voice in your head. That's all I am. I'm a voice on a screen, our voice in your ear buds that's who I am to you now. I am a part of the whole and I m appearing inside your definition of who you are. So if you can see that there's a miracle there for you. So thank you for experiencing this with me today. 13. 34)Taking a day off is normal in life until you get to do what you love every day: When you picture someone like Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs or Leonardo da Vinci or any great genius you picture, do you picture them working really hard every day? Or do you picture them taking a day off here and there to just spend with their families to just do something fun like Steve Jobs to go out on a retreat? Taking a day off is a critical part off maintaining your genius from day today. I like in the Bible, it says, where God took six days to create the Earth and then rested on the seventh. The idea that God needs a day off to May is very compelling for me needing to take a day off, and you might not think if you have a regular job at this point where you work five days a week and you have two days off, you might take that as something of a given off course. You want some days off from work, what happens and most of the people taking my courses. Odds are you have your own business. Odds are you have some work. You do like a hobby or passion, and it can be tough to take a day off like what I'm doing with my you Timmy courses. I've had stretches of entire months where I haven't taken a day off and I have been forced into taking a day off consistently to do better work because I don't do is good of work when I don't take a day off. And so that's an average of about one day per week. I find it's a lot more helpful to take off one day out of the week than it is to try and take long stretches like five days off and then work straight for a month. What happens? You need some variety and you need some space for rest in your life. What I've found when I don't take a day off is there's no space. Everything gets all wrapped up in exactly what's happening today. I took a day off yesterday. I didn't make any new lectures, no new videos. I didn't go on the una me dot com website. Now I did check the app a little bit in the morning while I was in bed, still to see if a new course had come up so you could argue rather that's 100% a day off. But as faras, almost everything I do on you to me. I took yesterday off. No checking my courses, my income. I didn't check the questions. No making new videos, no putting up a new lecture. Nope. Sending out promoting emails. I took a day completely off yesterday. And what that gives me is the ability to come back refreshed, an ability to get a little space where my life is not all about you to me. Because if you've spent much of your life in kind of a work world, a normal job or if you've spent a lot of time in school where you tend to have five or six days a week, you work and then you tend tohave a force to day off. You'll find that that day off is critical just for getting you into the next week. And if you've had a job before where you've ever not had days off, you'll know how fast you can get burnt out without taking a day off here and there. Well, when you've got your own business, when you've got your own habit or passion or something, like video games. Even we've got something you're really excited about. It starts to become easy not to take a day off. It starts to become easy to just do that every single day. I know when I lived with my parents, there were months where I played six plus hours of video games every single day of the week . And what happens? You lose space in your life. Suddenly, when there's a problem with the game, your whole life is a disaster. When there's some issue in the game, like people not getting along, I know I would get all thrown off because I did that every single day. It was an integral part of my life. And so taking that day off give you some space to have some perspective, some point of view outside, whatever it is you're doing. So for me, when I don't take days off on you, to me, it gets really easy to get obsessed whenever there's a problem on you. To me, whenever something's not going just right or my income's not going up fast enough or a negative review came in, it gets of easy to obsess over it. If I don't take it least one day off out of the week, on average. And this has been a challenge for me. With my business, I've tended to over work with it in balancing my life. This has been challenging because most of life I've went through doing things I didn't feel like I wanted to do. And now I have something I really love to do. And it gets to be a challenge to say, Look, don't do anything for today to say, Look, my work will be better if I take today off and come back with a fresh perspective. So I will go into a little more the dynamics of this and then an exercise today for you that could be useful in implementing a regular day off kind of thinking and contrasting that with what a lot of people do with the binge vacations or the binge five days off and show you the difference is between. So thank you for being here with me. I'm honored you're here, and I'm grateful for every minute you spend in this course with me, 14. 35)Taking a day off each week has been one of my big challenges: The idea of taking a day off for me has been something I've struggled with in my life whenever I had something I loved to do, and it's funny to look at how normal it is to take days off when you have something like school or work that you don't like doing as much. When you have something you love to do every day. It almost seems unnatural to not do it one day out of every week. When you say love playing video games like I have a lot of my life I tried to play every single day When I started my business. I found myself working on it every single day. And while I made fantastic progress with my business working every day, working six out of seven days tends to work better for me because then I get a little space . If I work every single day, it's hard for me to get fresh new ideas on when you'll work six out of seven days, you'll find you have more time MAWR energy for fresh ideas, and you'll have less of a tendency to obsess over what you're doing all the time. I know for video games. I'd play every day a lot during my life, and I get so obsessed with various things in the game. I get obsessed with a relationship with another player in the game. If I was in a clan and we would be playing together all the time and then one day they would be a problem and I get so obsessed. And if the game didn't work or there was a bugger, an error, it was so easy to get upset. And then when I had something like my business in my life, I loved to do every single day. Then I would get so obsessed and still have this issue. When I work every day, it's so easy to relentlessly focus every day on the same thing and so on you. To me, it's been easy. For months. I got obsessed with my reviews and I just the reviews all the time, just obsessed with that. And then I made a system where I could get more reviews out of people, and so finally that review system didn't work out very good, because you'd me got mad when I weigh over, did it and all of that started from obsessing over the reviews and from not taking a little bit of space in what I did. I had months. Why worked every single day on you to me. And even when I was on vacation, I'd be checking my you to me messages and emails and sending promo emails and checking out the website and figuring out new lectures I could make even when I wasn't actually doing the core work like I am right here with you now of making a lecture. I was doing all of the auxiliary things related to that. And so, with months of no space, I then got to obsess over all of the issues and the weak points, and I lost space consciousness. I lost perspective, and then I couldn't see what I was trying to fix so bad. I couldn't see how that solution would look bad to other people because I didn't have a day off to just embrace and enjoy life without thinking about in doing a bunch of you to me all day. And it has been hard for me. Lots of my days off, like I'd go to Disney with my wife. I couldn't take a true day off, even though I technically didn't check my e mails or you to me. Whatever I was doing at the time, I would be talking of my wife just hours during the day about while I could do this in the future. I could do that in the future. Maybe this or maybe that it's a really struggle. When you finally get something in your life that you love and you apply your creative genius to, you're doing all of these other things. The taking a day of rest to me has been one of the most challenging parts on maintaining my creative genius. When I don't take a day of rest, my work starts to lose some of that original feel. It starts to have more of a copied forced means to an end type feel that if I take a day of rest like after yesterday today my work feels a bit more original again. It feels like it's been a little while since I've been here with you and done this, even though it's only been a few days since I made a lecture in this course, and it's only been like 48 hours since I've made some lectures on you. To me, it feels like there's some space. It feels like there's a little distance from before, and that's good because that gives me the opportunity to be fresh to get a new point of view. When you can't stop thinking you're talking about something, what you get are a lot of recycled thoughts, a lot of recycled things where you heard it somewhere before you thought of it before. And then you're thinking of it again. You get a lot of projection into the future, because when you do something every day, it's very easy to start losing track of why you're doing it. You're all of a sudden. It's just what you've been doing, and it feels like you've been doing it forever, and that can get unsatisfying. And then you can start wanting satisfaction. In the future, you'll start to really crave. You'll want a break, and so you'll try and push harder and harder to a point where you can see some point in the future where you'll be satisfied. And I know I had ah, good way while it worked, at least to take breaks. One of The only ways I found that worked for me to really take a break from my business was drinking. Once I would drink, then I'd play a bunch of video games. I never hangover and lots of times I wouldn't hardly do anything with the business for a day or two days. The thing is, the way I took a break was more destructive than the benefits from the break. So lots of the things that our lives we've set up aren't really a day of rest. They're not truly a day where you're getting a break. It's a day of beating yourself down or numbing yourself with alcohol or marijuana or whatever it is you use. There's lots of things we do and many of the great creative geniuses do these things to, to force a break. And so for me, one of the hardest things I had being sober for most of my life was taking a break I didn't ever want to break When I wasn't drinking. I just wanted to do like video games or my business just constantly and so taking a break has been huge for me and taking a break, taking a day off, not by using some crutch, like drinking or whatever. You would want to substitute into that place, to uses a crutch, but to just take a break, Having a day as if my business wasn't there to just go about a day as if my business didn't exist, What would I do? Like yesterday, I went to hang out with my wife friends, and we spent most of the day hanging out with them. Just talking. I don't think I brought my business up once and the hours were hanging out with them, and I did not mention it much that I can remember yesterday in talking with my wife or my family. It was a day of a break of rest from what I normally do, and that is huge because now I'm back today and I just feel the passion to get in here and doom or of this today. And I'm very aware of burnout because in my life, and you'll notice the more skill and talent you start to realize you have, the easier it will be to burn yourself out on things. A lot of people who are able to stay at jobs for a long time, do well with rest and have a more humble view of themselves. Ah, lot of the people who are very talented and who tend to learn things quickly that I consider myself. I've been lots of my life. I also burn out of things all the time. Like when I was a police officer, I was always thinking about being a police officer was picking up over time. I was working too many hours, and soon enough I got really burned out on it and didn't want to do it anymore. My friend, He's a police officer, and he has always been good with taking breaks his days off. He's not sitting there doing cop stuff all day. He's playing video games, is hanging out with his wife. He's going and doing things with his non cop friends. And so he does good at putting breaks in all the time. And so if you've never got to a place in your life, if you've always been doing things like school or work, you might not see the necessity yet four day offer for rest. When I bet you've done something in your life where you did it relentlessly every day. It might even be a relationship that didn't work out where you just had to spend time with a person every single day. And even like with my wife, there's usually at least a day every week where we don't see much of each other. And that's healthy because another six days a week it's easier to appreciate all the time we have together. There'll be a day where she works late or she goes out with her friends that she gets up in the morning. I see her. I might talk to her a little bit, but we don't have much time together all that day. And so in a relationship that's a big thing to a space, taking not negative space, just something fresh, doing something a little bit different. I know a lot of what I talk about. His routine's getting in routines while the balance to routines is having one day a week where you do a little bit different than the routines, you step out of what you normally do a little bit and have that be a habit. So with me, this is one. As I'm making this with you, I'm working on this too. I've started the last several weeks. I've realized I'm a danger of burning out on you to me if I don't do Mawr rest mawr of these total days off like yesterday. So I'm doing that because I want to be here with you indefinitely. I don't want to be sick of teaching you to me courses in another six months because this is the best thing that ever happened in my professional life. And I know all I have to do is not take days off and I will get sick of it. So I'm here with you doing this with you. So we'll look at next how to go about taking a day off? Because it's a little harder than it seems. Sometimes how to go about taking a true day off. So thank you. 15. 36)Today find a day within a week you can totally take off from your passion: today our mission together you end me is to find the next day we can take completely off of our passion. And if you aren't sure of what your passion is to figure out what it is that you are putting your energy into every single day and find a day, you can take off from it. For me, my business is my big passion that I generally work on every day that I track my work and specifically you to me, a track, how many of these lectures I make each day and discussions. I answer YouTube videos. I upload then to my podcast and to my YouTube channel and Facebook. I track that, and I generally do that every day. So what I'm doing with you is today I'm committing to Thursday. I'm traveling with my wife to see my family in Michigan. So Thursday is the easy, convenient day for me to take off. Thursday is a good day where I won't need to work on any you Timmy things and I can just enjoy life, just experience life, be present in what's going on and not be saying they're trying to do all these things on you know me now you might look at it all. That's easy. You're traveling. You're not gonna be at home anyway. You're not going to be at your home office where you make all of your you to meet videos. Well, let's look at what I did when I just visited my mom with my wife a couple weeks ago. So I looked at it that I was taking a big break from you to me there because I didn't make any lectures for five days, which is about the longest I've went since December. And it's May now. So I drove Thursday with my wife Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Five days. I made no lectures. Which of those days did I actually take a reald day off, though? Where I didn't send a promo email. I didn't answer student discussions. I didn't look at my website or my courses or I try and optimize something. Three days. I really only took two days off out of those five, and I worked three of those days. I sent promo emails. I answered student questions. I did check my emails, the Onley riel days. I took off for Thursday and Monday, and even on those days, I had some time. I talked to my wife about my you Timmy courses. I had plenty of time thinking so even those days I was still working to try and make them a true day off. Having days off is really important, and it's more challenging than it seems. Because when you have something you really passionate about, you'll find you really are taking a riel day off from it. If you're like me, where you get really excited and put all of your energy at something. And so I'm working with you today, I'm looking at Thursday I can make Thursday. Ah, good, complete day off when I'm not thinking about you to me all day, or when I realize I'm thinking about it, to just let it go to not be answering my emails or student discussion questions, air checking my course income and not making new lectures. So at least one good day off in the last day just took Saturday off. Sat yesterday is one of the best days I've taken off in a while. In terms of I really took a break now, Like I said, I immediately was checking in the morning on the U to me app, seeing if my new courses had been put into the app yet and I realized, Oh, today I should take today off because today's the best day. I have until next week to take off and I haven't taken a day off since. I don't remember. It's been probably a few weeks, and so today I am planning on Thursday to take off, and I just took yesterday off, so I'm doing what I'm sharing with you to do so. If you know what it is you're passionate about, then today plan a day that you can take off completely and start being aware of all of the energy you have surrounding whatever your passion is. And if you're not sure when I say my you Timmy courses are my passion. If you're not sure what your equivalent passion is, look at what you're doing every day and see something. You have a lot of love and excitement about video games making music. It could be school. It could be work or your job. It could be your business. I'm not sure exactly what it is for you. What I do know is it's more than likely there, so you can't take a day off from it until you identify what it is you are doing and what you are excited about every day. So if you haven't done that yet, think about today. Think about what exactly is it that you're pouring your passion into a the moment, and it could be easy to just remember what was the last thing you obsessed about. It could even be a relationship where you're texting or talking or facebooking or hanging out with a person every day without a little space in it, without a day where you don't talk much on the phone or where you just Onley send one text that day, Or maybe not even a texture. Maybe you don't even talk that day. I know there's an area of your life where you have passion and where you need a day of space in it, so as long as you know where it is, then you can at least plan a day to take some space. Now, I'm not saying that to something like if you're dating someone new toe, cancel a date with them or anything like that. But if you're whatever situation you're in, just find a place where you can have a little space from it, where you can have a day off, and from there you have the opportunity to make a habit of that from their notice. Notice what happens when you give yourself a day of space. Notice how your energy the next day responds. If you think about how many people have got through jobs and school, they didn't like those two days off of Saturday and Sunday. That's it. That's how people do it. And taking a binge, a longtime off tends to not be as useful. A sabbatical tends to not be nearly as good as just consistently taking one day off. I know my wife's gotta flex schedule now, and she gets to have Thursday off right in the middle of the week. So she works three days as Thursday off works Friday and then Saturday and Sunday off, and I know that helps or a lot, because it's about breaking up the stretch when you only have to work a maximum of three days in a row. That's a lot easier. Then trying to work 567 days in a row. I often got physically sick with a cold or flu when I was a police officer, and I'd work stretches of days in a row where I didn't take a day off and I'd be working 12 hour shifts that I pick up a eight hour overtime shift the next day and then I pick up another. She even short, maybe four hour overtime shift. Anything at all can disrupt a break. So if you especially if you have your own business or company, take a day where you don't answer the phone. You don't answer emails because you'll find it really helps. And if people know you won't be available on Sunday on a regular basis, for example, they won't call you on Sunday. And I know yes, I get that. That can be hard. If you are in the habit of trying to manage and all of your business and you're in the habit of being the one who puts out fires. I know it can be hard to let go just to drop the idea that what if something bad happens today? I have the same thing. What if someone pulse. A bad discussion that I don't go on answer. And then it leads to a negative review. What if something happens on my website? Oh, don't notice. And my websites down a day or something. I don't see it. I have those same kinds of things. And here's what the helps. It'll be all right. I can't have anything in my life that I must hold on to so strong that I can't let go for a day where, then my life is totally dependent on that. Because at some point, whatever I'm holding on to so tight will drain me off all of my energy. So find a day where you can take some real space where you're not answering those phone calls. They're not answering those e mails where you're not in the game. Logged on, playing eight hours that day. Try that and see. See how you respond to that. Thank you for enjoying this with me today. And even if you've been taking this course effort, you know the same thing can apply. Try taking a day off, try skipping a day and then coming back to it. You've been with me several days now so I don't know what it is. If you're obsessed with this course and maybe take a day off, I'm happier here with me. And I'll hope to see you on whatever day you're here with me again. Thank you. 16. 37)There is no substitute for getting enough good sleep: as you've seen by now, being a genius is all about simply being at your best. If you want to unleash your inner genius, all you have to do is be at your best. Get to know yourself and be at your best. Ah, big part of being at your best is getting enough sleep. It's absolutely volcanic, massive giant, hugely important. I am leading by example on this I think I get at least 60 hours of sleep every week. Every night I average about eight hours, and then sometimes I get another extra hour to like. Last night, I went to bed at 10 30 and while my wife woke up at 5 30 I didn't get up until a little after seven. I am grateful to get so much sleep now, and sleep makes a huge difference. Sleep eliminates most of my bad moods. Sleep gives me the ability to heal myself. Sleep gives me the ability. Toe work without fatigue, and working without fatigue is a key to doing your best work. You can function while you're fatigued. You can do tons of things while you're tired. What you will find is very difficult to do is exceptional creative work when you're tired. If you're trying to do really good job making something original like I'm doing with this course, it's very hard to do when you're tired. In fact, if I'm all groggy and tired like I've been lots of days in my life, I can't sit here and make something that's quality. I wouldn't have the energy to do it with you. I'm grateful. I've gotten positive feedback from students in my other courses saying, Jury, your energies just contagious. How do you do it if you want the number? One thing I actually do as opposed to a broad, sweeping look at my whole life with the abstract statement like Take care of myself. The main concrete thing I do is sleep. I get lots of sleep. Last night, I got up at nine o'clock in the morning and then went to bed at 10 30 last night. I was on Lee up for 13.5 hours yesterday, and you might say That's crazy. I can't sleep that much. Oh, yes, you can. I used to think I couldn't sleep very much. I worked a lot of my twenties on little sleep. And you know what? I suffered a lot in my twenties because of getting little sleep. Same thing in high school. Sleep is amazing. There is almost nothing better you could do for yourself. Then simply get sleep. And if you've heard the phrase if you've ever been to Vegas with some friends of phrase, I'll sleep when I'm dead, probably been said by someone as they were trying to push the limits. You will sleep when you're dead, so to speak. At the same time you'll be dead a lot sooner, and your life will stock a lot more on the way to being dead. If you don't sleep while you're alive, it really helps to get good sleep. And the only thing that I can say that's a true testimonial of that is that I'm doing it and you can see the results yourself. You can see a person who is fantastically awake and alive, and that's because my body's had a ton of downtime to repair itself. To get sleep too, organized my mind to do all of the critical functions your body does while sleeping, and now you might have all of these issues with your sleep. The bottom line is you've got to do it somehow. It doesn't matter what your issues are. It doesn't matter if you have a newborn kid. I'm about to have a newborn baby and I'll tell you what, I will get my sleep. I don't care if I have to sleep. When the baby sleeps, I'll sleep. If the baby wakes up every three hours, I'll wake up two hours and the baby falls back asleep. I will fall back asleep. I'll do whatever it takes to get my sleep because I am not the same without my sleep. I have a nice little thing I've noticed. If it's after 10 o'clock at night and anything's wrong, there's only one thing that can be wrong. I should be getting in bed. That's what's wrong. My friends and I stayed up playing video games until five in the morning one night, which I used to do all the time. But then I didn't used to get up until noon, either, so that wasn't a big deal. Now my wife wakes up at 5 30 in the morning most days and this was the night she was gone. Of course, most days now I get up between 5 30 and 9 30 in the morning. So staying up with my friends till 5 30 in the morning was pretty crazy in the context of how my life is now. And here's what happened. We had a lot of fun until about 2 30 in the morning. We have people in mountain time and in Central time and in West Coast time. So 2 30 in the morning. Everyone was up late by then, everyone was up late and you know what happened? For three hours, there was nothing but complaining, whining and cranky people trying to play league of legends together. Five people up too late. And for three hours we just slogged our way through fatigue, complained wind or me knew each other. And finally we all went to bed at 5 30 Eastern to 30 Pacific and then three etcetera between. That's what fatigue does to you. It will bring you down and force you to go to sleep, and you already know this, and all you have to do is go to bed when you're tired. It's really that simple. Go to about when you're tired and if you have a fixed alarm you have to get up at like my wife has to get up to go to her job at around 5 30 to 6 30 Between there, she has to set the alarm and get up and go. I have to wake up with my wife. I don't have to actually get out of bed, but the alarm goes off just the same for me. I try and be in bed every night at 10. 30 and I try and aim to start getting in bed and plan on getting in bed as soon as 9 30 crosses. And I know how hard that can be. And I will talk more about how to actually get the sleep. But the first key point must be communicated under no exceptions. No excuses. You've got to get your sleep if you want to let your inner genius out more than a little bit here and a little bit there. If you wanna have this explosive energy you see, I have first thing in the morning or first thing in afternoon. If you get up in afternoon and go to bed late, you've got to get sleep there's no substitute for it. It's amazing what I see people doing, not getting enough sleep and then trying to roll through the day on energy drinks. All you have to do is getting extra tried to sleep, and you don't need to be knocking back those energy drinks all day. So your response, probably as well. I can't get that much sleep that simply does not work for sleep. I know a lot of these days are here with you. I give you leeway and I try and make things open. I try and be a little more light hearted. Sleep is the one area absolute strictness and discipline. There's no substitute for that. The next time you're screwing around and it's late, take your ass to bed, get in bed. No substitute for her. And that's what I do with myself now when it's late, when I notice I'm tired. Bedtime right away. Rarely do I mess around more than 30 minutes between when I start feeling tired and when I'm actually in the bed, sleep is not negotiable. If there's any other thing in this course that is negotiable, sleep is not it. You have to get your sleep, and I'll explain more about how this impacts the body and how you can do it. And there's simply no substitute for sleep. The worst periods of my life have also been a periods when I got the worst sleep. The craziest periods of my life were also when I had the most messed up sleep patterns. The worst I felt in my life was also when I had the worst sleep patterns, high school, hated high school, horrible bad attitude. What did I also do? I rarely got enough sleep. I go to bed is latest possible like midnight and then get up at, like six to go to school every day and wonder why I was pissed off and man all the time. Sleep is there for a reason. And I know one of the days with you. I give you rest. I just filmed it yesterday. I don't know if I've moved it around since then. Rest is one thing that is rest while you're awake. There is no substitute for sleep, and some people say you really go on about some of these points. Sleep is huge, and I'm sure if you're not sleeping what you're trying to look at some of these geniuses you've heard off who didn't sleep and worked all night. Sure, that's possible. It's possible most of us require lots of sleep. Most of us function a lot better with lots of sleep, and whatever you've heard is different from what you've seen. If you actually watched Albert Einstein every minute of every day and you noticed that he didn't get much sleep, then that's one thing. But hearing it, that's not necessarily the truth. If you've heard some of these geniuses just went all night and were crazy and didn't sleep , it's a lot different and actually seeing it yourself, because all it takes is someone to see a genius that is well known one night going all night, going hard and not getting sleep, and then for that to spread when they might have gotten great sleep every other night. So what I'll do next with you is explore more on how I'm able to get so much sleep and some tips and tricks you can use to get your sleep and some ways to make sure you can actually do this. And the best part is you can easily try some of these things today. So thank you for being here with me. I'm honored. You're here. I love every minute we spend together. And thank you for experiencing this with 17. 38)How I am able to fall asleep easily now after a lifetime of struggle: if I were you, I might be thinking something like okay, You just told me, Sleeps really important. Now tell me how you get so much sleep and please keep in mind of my life situation. So now back talking is me. I realize I have a pretty easy life situation to get sleep. Although my wife's pregnant, she's starting in the third trimester. She often is having trouble sleeping at night because of the baby. The baby's moving around, so that is a little challenge. I have No. However, it is fairly easy to get sleep in my house. It's just me and my wife and our dogs. For now, we don't have any in laws. We live in a quiet neighborhood. I understand there are a lot more challenging places to get sleep. And like I said before, I don't care about the challenges in the sense of making them into an excuse. When you have challenges, you deal with, um, you look at them and say, OK, this is interrupting my sleep. What can I do about it? You will look at your sleep with a relent. Less passion to make sure it's taking care off your sleep is very important. And so I don't care exactly whatever your situation is in terms of hearing excuses, there are no excuses why you can't get could sleep. And as long as you make good excuses, then you will not get good sleep and it will be hard toe. Let your inner genius out. So what I'll do is try and explain how to handle some of the common situations and show you that more than likely, your problem with sleep has nothing to do with things outside of your control. My problems with sleep my entire life have always been things in my control, and the things outside of your control will tend to be relatively minor that you can handle . For example, if you live somewhere that's loud, get some earplugs. Ear plugs are pretty cheap. Well, if they're not comfortable by another set, keep buying them until you find a set of earplugs that's comfortable if you live somewhere that has a lot of light disturbance. For example, you live where people live on different shifts in its you try and sleep during the day. Get some blinders. There are things you can do, no matter what environment you're in to handle the environment. The key with sleep is understanding that rarely is anything outside of you truly messing up your sleep. And even when my wife and I have a baby, yes, that will mess up my sleep. Here's the take away, though I will do whatever it takes to get my sleep. I will do whatever it takes to get my sleep. If I have to sleep extra hours, I will do that. If I have to sleep on shifts with the baby, I'll do that if I have to sneak naps in the afternoon. I'll do that if I have to do these videos at a different time of day because I'm too tired in the morning because I'm sleeping and the baby's waking up. I'll do that. I'll do whatever it takes to get my sleep. And if my sleep gets disrupted, some I will deal with it and I will try and sleep mawr to make up for it. So what you can see is the key. Take away that relentless attitude off. I'm going to get my sleep, and I'm not going to make excuses for why I can't take care off myself. My wife is like that, too. She's pregnant. She has trouble sleeping some nights. You know what she does. She takes a lot of naps now. She took enough before she takes even more naps. Now she often will sleep an extra five plus hours in naps on the weekends. And some nights when she comes home from work, she'll come home and fall asleep on the couch. She is relentless about getting her sleep, and I learned this from her because I was not. So you can learn this from me. I was not relentless about my sleep most of my life. In fact, I always tried to push my limits on sleep. I have to get up at 5 30 for work. Fine. I'll try and go to bed at 9 30 But realistically, if it's 10 30 11 30 12 30 whatever, I would always do things like stay up late, playing video games with my friends. I would stay out too late, and then I wouldn't get enough sleep. And then I try and function all day. It sucks. Let's look at this in hours. You stay up two hours later, so you get six hours asleep instead of eight. You pretty much need most people need about eight hours of sleep average every night. At least I certainly do. And most people I've seen if they're getting eight hours of functioning very well, you can certainly function unless. But if you want to let your inner genius out, we're not talking about functioning unless nothing in this course is about doing whatever works in terms of doing the minimum, this course about doing your maximum. If you want to do your maximum, you've got to get around 78 hours of sleep average every night. That means if you get 61 night, you need 89 10 hours another night and you might say, I can't store up sleep. Your body can easily get a little extra sleep one day and make up for it the next day. Now, you can't necessarily sleep 30 hours one weekend and haven't carry over to the whole week, although your body will still try and make that work. Nothing beats getting 78 hours every single night. It's really good, and so once you start with that, then let's look at not doing that first, let's look at how that works. Not doing it. So most of my life I'd push the limit, like in high scores, step till midnight. As late as I couldn't and I'd get up and be all tired and aggravated so I'd be in a bad mood. Let's say an extra full hours. Conservatively, I'd be in an extra bad mood four hours getting up in the morning all the way until the first few classes in school. Now, if you notice I have been up about an hour or less right now, I'm in a really good mood. I'm really happy to be here with you. I did not do this in high school because I didn't get enough sleep. I hated being up in the morning and it had nothing to do with the morning. I hated not getting enough sleep, so I got an extra two hours at night. Often I'd be a little tired and cranky, and then I'd have four hours in the morning that were miserable. Let's look at what I do now. Let's look at yesterday's a good example. I got up at nine o'clock in the morning after the night before I went to bed about midnight , so I got about nine hours of sleep last night. I went to bed at 10 30. That's because my wife went to bed at 10 30 to make it simple, I go to bed with her most nights now. She's stuck in the bed Saturday night, so I was playing video games and she didn't want to bother me. That happens about once a week. Most nights I go to bell for my wife. My wife goes to bed between 9 30 10 30 most nights because she has to get up at 5 30 most days. So she gets her eight hours, 78 hours of sleep most days and she takes naps, especially when the baby's disturbing her now. So yesterday I got up at nine after getting nine hours of sleep. I went to bed at 10 30 after being up 13.5 hours. I then woke up my wife at 5 30 in the morning. Although she woke up at night, that won't be up a little bit. I went back to sleep pretty quick, and then I kind of fell back asleep. I actually got out of bed at 708 So however you count that in sleep, you can say after being up 13.5 hours. I got another good night of sleep last night. And here's the trick to it. You just get in bed and stay in bed and you have to let your mind stop. If you want to go to sleep now, you might have been waiting for this. You're like, OK, I agree with you. I agree with that. I agree with you. How do you actually fall asleep? That is what you will get putting this whole course together and maybe my 12 steps for a spirituals solution course. And maybe my podcast Getting the sleep tends to be the rial challenge for people. And it was for me a lot of my life. I didn't want to go to bed unless I was totally exhausted because I was afraid of laying in bed at night, not being able fall sleep. So I'm sure you're dying to know. Okay, you were up 13 half hours. How did you manage to fall asleep? It took me about 30 minutes to fall asleep as far as I estimate last night. So first prerequisites I exercise yesterday exercise a good 30 plus minutes of aerobic exercise. Walking or anything on up from that helps me fall asleep. Even a little walk during the day for 30 minutes helps me fall asleep. Doing something like an hour workout on the elliptical of personal training like I'm going to do, really is useful for falling asleep because my body has that level of physical fatigue in there that it wants to recover from. So some kind of physical exercise very helpful for falling asleep. Another thing. Not eating at least three plus hours before bed. And now it's just a little bit of sugar. I have a box of Altoids. Sometimes before I go to bed. That doesn't matter, but not eating a significant meal or a whole bunch of sugar, anything over a few 100 calories. Do not eat a whole bunch before you go to bed. I noticed it's hard for me to get a good night's sleep with my stomachs full, and I remember a guy that I used to go to school with. He had weight problems. He still does, and he had sleep problems and I didn't quite get the two of them together until I hung out with him one night, had him over where the party and he ate a gigantic meal at, like, nine or 10 at night. And my thought was, Wow, no wonder you have weight problems and can't sleep. I could never get a good night's sleep if I had a gigantic meal like that right before bed . When I have a big meal, my body ramps up. It puts a bunch of blood into my stomach. It tries to digest it, and all of the internal organs get going to process that food. When you goto bed, you want your body to be in a state of shutdown. I want my stomach to be relatively empty throughout the night so that it can close down and get some rest. And then it will eat all day the next day. So never have a big meal right before bed. If you want to get a good night of sleep, get some exercise earlier in the day, these air to simple, practical things you can do in the 3rd 1 The 3rd 1 is by far the most challenging I can literally and have literally made a whole course on getting this one right. The spiritual dimension of your life and the understanding you have of your own mind is critical for being able to fall asleep once you get in bed. If you're using any sleep aid. Rather, it's drinking or taking some kind of sleeping pills or medication. You're certainly having a problem, probably with the first to at least one of them, I mentioned. But more than likely the big ones the 3rd 1 and this is the one I struggled with most of my life stopping your mind at bedtime. It's really hard for most people to stop their mind at bedtime, and I'm grateful. I'm really, really grateful that I am able to fall asleep so easily now. Because of this third thing, you've got to have a peaceful and quiet mind to fall asleep. In fact, if you can learn to let there be silence internally, you will almost automatically fall asleep. And that's what happened to me last night. That's how I can get in bed after 13.5 hours of being awake and fall right back asleep after dine hours of sleep the night before. I know that all I have to do is focus on being in the moment, being grateful for the moment, being thankful and allow my mind to go silent, and I will drift into sleep almost effortlessly. So what is an example of how that works? I am grateful. My wife's in bed with me last night, and so I was hugging her when I fell asleep and then rolled over and all I would think about. I had some lines of thought go the other way. But every time I realized I was off on some other line of thought, I come back to I'm really grateful to be in bed with my wife. I do not need to be anywhere else right now. I do not need to do anything else right now. I do not need to be asleep right now, right now, laying in bed. Appreciating this moment with my wife is absolutely perfect, and it's all I need to do. I think of it like in being at the gym. There are no weights in front of me to pick up. I have nothing to do. I'm laying in bed is a perfect scenario. I often think of when I'm at the gym picking up these weights, doing my personal training like, Damn, Wouldn't it be nice to just be in bed right now? And then when I'm in bed, I think of that like, Oh, it's nice to be in bed right now, and I just allow myself to be there without that mental pressure to fall asleep. And you're thinking, All right, this is weird. You don't press yourself to fall asleep, and it's easier for you. Yes, yes, I don't pressure myself to fall asleep. I know I have faith. I will fall asleep when it's time for me to fall asleep. When the universe has had enough of me that day and wants me to rest, I will fall asleep. And all I have to do, in the meantime, is be grateful and appreciate. Each moment I have and I will effortlessly drift into sleep even if I have not been up that long and then what goes with this is unless I'm in a state of extreme aggravation, which happens maybe 1 to 2% of the time, I will not get out of bed once I've gotten bed. And so the idea of getting up in doing work, all that crap the mind wants to do, I've noticed when I do get out of bed in that situation, I do crappy work. So now whenever my mind tries to lure me out of bed, who do you want to go Make some videos? No, I know you don't do a good job in the middle of the night doing work, so no, we're going to sleep and that I know that takes a lot of effort. But, man, it's worth it. There's this giant peace and serenity. It comes from knowing you can fall asleep whenever you get bad, huge. And yet that peace and serenity usually needs to come first while you are awake and so cultivating that can take a lot of energy. What I'm sharing with you in this course will help with that. All of the lessons combined will help with that taking Other of my course is listening to my podcast or watching my YouTube videos. They can help with that also, so understanding, at least that the main area you're likely to have trouble with in sleep is in terms of getting in bed and wanting, pressuring yourself, feeling obligated, being in a hurry to fall asleep. The mind is likely your biggest challenge to falling asleep. And so if you can get to a place of peace and silence inside each night when you fall asleep, it's nearly effortless. And if you can then do that before going to bed, then you will consistently get in bed on time when you're willing to accept your limitations, you'll just kind of fold your cards at the end of the day and say, Okay, I did what I can today. I know that if I get enough sleep, I'll do much better tomorrow. I know I didn't use to want to fold at the end of them. Want to keep going? Keep going, Keep going. It's just like this lecture. This lecture is going on long enough. At the end of the day, you've gone on long enough, getting bad, have some peace and silence and fall asleep and you'll be amazed and how much your body positively responds to your sleep. So thank you for sharing this with me. 18. 39)Today try going to bed a little earlier and noticing your sleeping habits: today. Try going to bed on time or a little bit earlier and notice your sleeping habits. Notice exactly what you're doing prior to bed and notice exactly what's happening when you're getting into bed. That is to be aware of it. So, for example, I can explain what happened last night. I heard that my wife was getting ready for bed. She stopped by and said, Sweetheart, I'm preparing to go to bed, which is my sign. If you're going to go to bed with me, now is the time to get started. I was reading a book. I finished reading the chapter in the book. I closed the book. I went, I brushed my teeth and then I said, Good night to my wife. We got in bed and then she fell asleep on May, and then I roll over and fell asleep on my side. In the meantime of falling sleep, I focused un, controlling my breath, intentionally taking deep breaths. You might call it a meditation. I don't think of it so formally, but you could say I kind of meditated. Prior to falling asleep, I focused on taking big, deep breast from the naval exactly like that. You can see that takes a while to actually do. And one of the things that's really helpful from a physical standpoint is your brain having enough oxygen to fall asleep and your nose your nostrils being clear prior to falling asleep. My nostrils were both clear prior to falling asleep, and I had taken a lot of deep breast before I fell asleep. And this gives my brain the piece toe. Fall asleep. If you're not getting enough oxygen, your brains liable the worry that maybe it shouldn't fall asleep just yet. You're liable feel a little bit anxious, so taking control of your breath is a way to reduce anxiety. Make sure you get enough oxygen and get your nostrils clear through the night. You will tend to sleep better if you can breathe through your nose. Breathing through your mouth tends to produce. Snoring tends not to work as well. That tends to be a back up your designed to be able to breathe through your nose when you're sleeping. So if you can get your nose clear prior to sleeping, you can usually do that naturally just by taking deep breaths in and deep breasts out, your nose will usually clear itself. If you do enough of those in a row 10 20 minutes, that will usually clear itself if you don't fight with. If you don't, if you don't try and fight with it, it will usually clear itself. If you try and fight with it, it'll get so stopped up it'll take a lot longer. So that's exactly what I did last night leading up until bedtime. What I've noticed. My mom has a very hard time falling asleep on what my mom does is she tries to do too much before bed. She has a long, drawn out routines before bed, like she has to shower and get the house clean and put the dog and it's great. And then she wants everything cleaned up. And in a certain way, my mom often will spend three plus hours trying to actually go to bed. Here's what I do when it's bedtime, I'm getting in bed. I don't care what else needs to be done. I'm getting in bed. If sometimes that means the dog door gets left open. Okay, if sometimes that means I don't brush my teeth, okay? If that means I don't finish chapter in my book. All right, I get my butt in bed. And so if you're aware of what you're doing prior to getting in bed, you can have choices about what you're doing. If you are unconsciously running through these patterns of getting in bed, you're not aware of it. You are helpless. You can't do anything about your sleep. If you're in the habit of running through all of what might happen the next day and what happened today and playing the tapes of your life over and over again before bed, it's hard to fall asleep if you're in the habit of fantasizing. This used to be a big one for me, especially when I was single or when I was a little kid. I'd be fantasizing that I had my wife in bed with me when I was a teenager. I be fantasizing, and I'd have 10 girls in bed with me. And it was hard to fall asleep like that, letting go of fantasy, letting go of the past, letting go of the future, not worrying about the next day. That's how you fall asleep. So if you are doing those things be aware that you're doing them. If you are taking any kind of AIDS to go to sleep, be aware off that and know that that is generally a long term big negative for your sleep and my work tonight to take an Ambien or to have a few drinks in 10 years, you'll find things. They're totally screwed. I know I used to think I bend was a lot easier if I'd had a few drinks or even if I had a hangover, I knew I could go to sleep. It was that Dare was sober all day and then tried to go to sleep. That was tough, and I'd try and just wear myself out to nothing so that I could be sure I getting Ben falsely because I hated being in bad, not being able to fall asleep. I felt like the purpose of being in bed was to fall asleep. The purpose of being in bed is to rest so you can rest a soon as you lay down in bed. And so if you today are willing to notice what's going on with you and some contacts, notice your sleeping habits. Be aware of them. The first step to being able to manage them is to be aware of them and to see the areas. Were you having a hard time? See the areas where you're not doing very well and know that all you have to do is put some effort into those and you will do better now. Lots of times. Your sleep problems may be related to much bigger, deeper problems. Mine certainly were. If you're sleep, can show you these problems. That's very helpful if you're living a crazy, insane way of life like I did for a lot of my twenties. Sleep showed that staying up till five in the morning, one night drunk and then going to bed at 10 or 11 PM the next night with a hangover and then sober, just running full blast the next day and going to bed at like, two in the morning, sober and then repeating the same cycle again. That's crazy. I was not taking good care of myself. I was running myself hard, not getting sleep and then sleeping a lot and then getting in bed, not being able to fall asleep. I had a lot of mental emotional problems. And so if you get those dealt with, sleep will fall into place almost effortlessly. As long as you're aware of what's going on. If you can't seem to do anything about your sleep, there might be some other things you want to work on to. And it's OK. I'm here telling you I work on keeping myself saying every single day that's the most important thing I do. Every single day is to keep myself saying, because when I'm balanced, when I'm healthy, then everything tends to happen pretty easy. If I'm imbalanced, if I'm insane, If I'm up and down all over a fine manic, then how am I supposed to get good sleep? How am I supposed to do something that's useful for you if I can take care of myself? Sleep is like being on a plane. If the oxygen mask comes down, who's do you put on first yours? You put yours on first. If you can't get good sleep. If you can't take good care of yourself, it's very hard to be of service to anyone else. And being a genius is about being of service. I'm here to help you and I'm not here because it was my idea. I'm here because I have been saved. I have been helped. Life has put all of the miracles all of these amazing things into my life. And I am here to lead by example and to share that with you so that you can experience the same thing. I'm here to serve. I'm here to help you, so thank you. It helps me to be of service to you. And so I hope in explaining how important sleep is in this whole process that this has been useful for you today. So thank you very much for being here today. I'm honored. You're here. You're willing to spend this time with me. And I hope taking a look and being aware of your sleeping habits is useful for you. 19. 40)Variety is the spice of life and your inner genius: variety is huge when you're opening up your inner genius to the world. Much of what I share with you in this course is about making a new, healthy lifestyle about opening and clearing away the cobwebs and the restraints you've placed on yourself at the encouragement at various points of life as you've grown up. Ah, lot of this course about stripping away the things that hold you back and setting up new, healthy routines within those routines. Variety. Doing something a little different is very important to maintaining the integrity of the whole system. I live a life that is very routine oriented. Now I live a life that is full off predictability. You might be able to say, I can tell you what time I'm going to get up most days within a few hours. I can tell you what time I'm going to goto bed most days within an hour or so, and I can tell you what I'm going to do most of the day several days ahead without having actually planning. For example, on Friday I'm probably going to go to the gym, do some videos like this and go to my support group meeting and spend some time with my wife After she gets home from work, I'll probably go to bed between 10 and 11. I'll probably get up that day between seven and nine. And even though I haven't planned much specifically that day, I know that's probably what I will do. Well, it's important to have variety within those kinds of routines because you don't want your life to be so rigid that you can't handle change. So having some intentional variety is very good within ah, basic structure of healthy living routines. So today I'm going to do a variety with you. This is where I demonstrate that I'm doing what I'm suggesting. You do so in the next lecture, I will. Actually, instead of you looking at my face, you will see me, my point of view sitting at a Detroit Tigers game because my idea was to add some variety to these lectures instead of having them all in here with you in my home office to get out and give you something a little more alive and vivid to look at. With variety comes trial and error. So what? You'll also notice about this Tigers game is that the audio sounds very similar to how it is in my studio. You'll notice there's no wind blowing. There's no game sounds. And there's no sounds of me talking to my family I'm sitting next to and you'll notice that because my experiment in variety was not successful the way I had planned it. So along with Variety, along with trial comes error. I planned to be able to do this entire day of lectures at the Detroit Tigers game. The problem was, it was so loud that I could not have filmed even an acceptable quality there for you, and it would have been rude also to take that much time away from my family. I was going with a total of 11 of us to the game, and I did not plan out. Well, nothing advance exactly how I would get to have a chance to do the filming there. So with Variety comes all of these little lessons you can learn in life, and that's the magic of variety. If you get ah healthy life routine down, you'll start minimizing all of the mistakes you're making, and that is critical to letting your inner genius out because you want toe work in an environment that's safe, that's healthy. That's peaceful. And at the same time it's very hard to learn in an environment where there is nothing that goes wrong. So adding variety intentionally into what you do will help that learning process to continue. The idea is not to strip your life away so much that you don't make any mistakes and that you exist completely in a state of peace and completely in an environment where everything is in sync and nothing goes wrong, because it's kind of difficult to create or do something in an environment where there's complete peace and serenity. There's not a lot of motivation in that Byron Vern to do much besides simply exists there, so letting you enter genius out and contributing your genius to the world is often about letting that background of your genius interact with some of the variety and challenges off life. And so that is when you can really produce for the world. There's nothing wrong with spending your life in peace and serenity, and some might argue there's nothing greater you can do well, if you're calling is to spend your life in peace and serenity while letting your inner genius out and contributing to the world, which if you're here, that likely is part of your story. Then Variety goes along with everything we've bench talking about here. And variety is what brings together everything change trial and error, doing things a little bit different experimenting, testing new things all very important to reaching your full potential and to giving the most you can to the world. So I will talk more about how I do this in my life in a way that's healthy versus how I used to do it in my life. And I will share this with you in the exact method I attempted to at least visually matched with what I know works good to give you a good audio experience here in the studio. So thank you for watching. I hope this is useful for you. And I appreciate every minute you spend here with me. 20. 41)Accepting change and playing with variety helps you learn: change is the law of life. Everything consistently is in a state of change. And yet the background on which life happens is always the same. Peace, love, serenity that is the background of life that's always the same. And yet in that background, the things that happen change all the time. One of the new principles were uncovering in quantum physics is that you actually can't pinpoint where a particle is that small enough at any one moment. The idea now that the electron cloud is out there, that there are electrons existing somewhere in that cloud, they're all flying around and moving around there and that they're moving so fast you can't actually pinpoint one. And you, as the observer trying to pinpoint one, has a real influence on where it is. So what does all that mean? That means it's important to have a background of peace and serenity, where in life happens and is always changing. So what does that mean on a personal level? For me, that's a basis of I'm living my life and adding variety into my life. I often it was very rigid in my life before I was rigid about my beliefs. I was rigid about how things should be done. In other words, I thought there was a certain way to brush your teeth. There was a certain way to do something like write a paper properly, that all these routines I had were how things were supposed to be done and that within those was not room for change. In fact, change indicated something was going wrong, and that caused me consistently to struggle. For example, asleep, I thought you got tired, got in bed, and we're supposed to fall immediately asleep. And if deviation happened, that meant there was a problem that meant there was frustrate in, and so I would get in bed and not be tired enough to immediately fall asleep. And then I would be overloaded with frustration. I would toss in turn. I would hate the variety that was there in my sleeping routines because I was afraid of what I would wake up to the next morning and being tired. And so I hated variety in things like sleep. I wanted to immediately get in bed and fall asleep, So variety is something you must love an embrace if you want to be able to have it in a healthy way in your life because my life has always had change. It has always had variety. The difference was that I hated and resisted the change in variety and most circumstances. In most circumstances, I did not like the variety and change that came with life. Now, of course, when my life was not going good, then I was really happy to try a new job. I was really happy to move into a better place to live. So I was very subjective about my judgment self, how life changed In one situation, life change was good. In another situation, life changed with bad. So now I've got a lot different way of looking at the world that accepts that life is full of change and full of variety, and that is something to be thankful for. And the only thing that does not change is the love, hope and faith that is the background, the space in which all of these things happen. And so today I embrace change. I embrace doing things a little bit different. And yet I have mawr consistency in my life that I've ever had. I have consistency and things like going to sleep. I consistently get eight hours of sleep every night. Now. I consistently do useful work each day. I consistently take care of myself each day, these air things you don't want a huge variety and change. In Today I've found the things that are worth having as more of a background structure of my life. And then I accept and embrace the variety that comes within each life activity. So in other words, I embrace the variety that comes with getting in bed and having different amounts of time when I fall asleep and instead off my bedtime, varying widely, how long it takes me to fall asleep is what varies now. My bedtime is a lot more stable now. Before I sought to control what I did not have control over. And so I missed what I could have as a fixed part of my life. I can, with consistency, choose to have less variety in when I goto bed. I can consistently choose to have less variety as to when I get up, and then I accept and embrace the variety. The change, the little differences that come every day from day today, for example, with this video today, you can see that even though you can hear me talking clearly, there's a different picture on the screen. I've done something a little different, and it didn't work out exactly how I thought it would, and that's okay that is embracing the variety and change. It comes with life. I tried something new. I made a screen that you can see here that's a baseball game instead of my usual face talking. And I don't know rather this is better or worse or not less arm or inspired. The thing is, I've tried something a little bit different. And even if it doesn't work out good, as in this case, it didn't work out. I planned it. I thought I could go actually filmed the lectures there, but it was way too loud, and there was not a good opportunity where I had the chance to go film and do this with you . So I'm doing what I know works. I know my studio here produces good audio. I know it's easy for me to film in my studio and get that to you on you, to me, so I'm going with consistency. And yet I've added a little bit of variety, and it just to keep things interesting, a little bit unpredictable. And so that is, the beauty of life is to have a balance of variety and change in your life and to match that in a way that's healthy. And that keeps you learning. And that keeps you trying new things because trying to make this video trying this new lecture format was very useful with you. I learned from it. I learned how to do some new things in Final Cut pro. I learned how to do some new things with my Mac computer in doing this. And that is where the beauty comes in is the learning. And so if you spend all this time listening to look for that main benefit, the main benefit is the learning. Every time you try and do something a little bit different, there's learning, and this is a big difference in trying to resist and be frustrated with the variety and change life brings you. Because I missed most of the learning available in my life when something on the computer didn't work. I think it should. I got frustrated. I got mad and I missed the learning there. When I first started my business, I made a WordPress website. Man, it was so frustrating because I just wanted things toe work. I didn't want change. I didn't want variety. I wanted things just toe work and I wanted to understand it. And then I was missing out on all the learning. So with doing these lectures with you, I understood things might not work out exactly how I planned, and that's okay. I embraced the variety and change that came with trying something new here with you. And I knew that I could easily work with whatever happened, even if I couldn't get a video, even if I couldn't get it right on my computer. Even if I didn't do enough footage, I could work with that. And so it's all about attitude and so accepting changing variety in life and embracing an intentionally introducing that and giving yourself the chance toe learn. That's where your inner genius really gets to flower. Because if you're trying to do something for the world, the world usually needs you to learn from what is already out there. In order for you to give something meaningful because most people what you see with creativity is people simply taking what's out there and putting it back out there and you can see the absence of learning. In many of the creative works we see, it's the same movie, the same kind of book as has already been written. And so if you want your inner genius toe flower, what you've got to do is take something that is already out there, try it in a little bit different way and learn from it and then create from there. This may not be the best or most amazing lecture I've made. It may not be the most inspiring in the history of the world that that's OK. It has a little bit of an original little bit of a fresh feeling to it. It has a little bit of the feeling that you're going for in your ingenious, where you can see something that was taken from the world that was put in a creating, loving, peaceful space and given back out to you. So that's the idea off embracing and accepting and intentionally adding some variety into your life against a background of peace, love and serenity. And in this case, a baseball came. So thank you for experiencing this lecture with me. Thank you. For all of the time you spent all of my courses. And what will conclude with is talking about how you can look for opportunities to add a little bit of variety into your life today. 21. 42)Today find a new way to accept change and embrace variety in your life: What you just saw was my effort to try something new today and to learn from it, the magic that's there is the learning. I learned so many different things that I didn't know. In Final Cut Pro, I learned how to put two videos together to have the video show on the Tigers game while I had the audio come through from what you're seeing right here, I learned how to separate the audio and visual components and how to trim those separately and how to bring that all together in one video at the same time. That combines with learning I had while I was at that game itself, and I realized and adapted to my situation that was different than I planned. What you see is the power off, adding a little intentional variety into what I do and accepting the change that comes with each opportunity in life and the learning I got out of it. So today you have the same opportunity. Look for somewhere in your life where you can add a little bit of intentional variety. You want to have variety and change in healthy ways in your life, and you want to have a lot of healthy routines that you use on a regular basis that take care of you rather having a good day or a bad day that don't changes much from day today. The idea is, I want to intentionally and and look at variety in every part of my life. I want to look at the change I'm doing for when I go to bed. I want to look at how I'm doing these videos here with you. I want to look at going to my support group. What time I go, what people are there, what I say. I want to always be aware of all the variety in my life and intentionally try some new things in some places because then every time I do that, I can learn what I've noticed. And what seems to be the law of life is that if you're not intentionally trying toe, learn and introduce some variety into your life. If you are in a place where you don't want anything to change, you usually will be in a state of decay. Life tends to exist in two states, growth and decay. What you'll notice is a lot of people before they die, get in a place where they don't want anything to be different, where they want everything to just be the same, where they don't embrace any intentional variety and where all changes rejected Negative. Now that happens to some people. Other people flour and are very enlightened before they pass away. And so you can have either experience right now in your life. You can embrace and be open minded to the possibilities of everything changing, and you can look for some intentional place in your life to try something new that have been kind of stale. Where you've been not doing anything new. I don't know for you exactly. Rather, that's in your dating life, in your work life in your family, life in your entertainment and gaming life. Rather, it's watching a new show are going out with a different kind of person or treating one of your family members a different way, are trying to do a little bit of your work a little bit differently. Whatever it is today, you have the chance to find that variety in your life. You have the chance to find a way where you could try changing something to see if it works better, because this is what has ultimately saved my life. It is trying these new things in all phases of my life, looking at my life as if it's a scientific experiment where I keep some things constant and I intentionally try variety in all these new places, I see what works better. I remember I learned from it, and then I go to another part of my life to do that. So that is how my inner geniuses able the flower and grow and be here with you today. So today, look for those opportunities in your life. Look for the places where you've been unquestioning Lee doing the exact same things over and over and over again. Look for a place to try something new and try something new in a way that's fun. That's healthy and not in a way that self destructive or hurtful or mean or negative or spiteful, or to try something that adds a little bit of fun. Try something a little bit different. Try something a little bit more loving. Maybe today it will be just talking to a family member. When they say something potentially insult you to know that they still love you and to let that insult go through you so that you don't have to let it be stopped by you and you bow up and you respond how you usually do. Or maybe it's doing your work a little bit different today to see that you don't have to do things in the exact order you've done them. That there's an opportunity to do something that might be more effective to respond to an email in a more thoughtful way instead of your default response, or to create something with a little more passion and energy and honesty toe not worry about what people think of it, to just do it and just see what happens. So this is what I have in my daily life, and I'm grateful for it, and I'm sharing it here with you today. I'm doing something a little bit different today, and that helps me to keep learning to keep being able to make this course with you, because if I tried to make every single lecture every single day the same, the course would be boring, dead and lifeless. So you get a course that's alive with you today because I'm practicing. What I'm telling you, I'm practicing. What I'm suggesting you might want to practice today. And so even though you see most of the courses set up very same, you'll notice there's some little differences in it. And so be aware of that same opportunity for your life. Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for trying this today with me. And I love to know how this goes for you and what variety you try adding to your life. Share it with me in the course discussions so that we can talk about it together. Thank you.