Genius in 21 Days: Week 2! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

Genius in 21 Days: Week 2!

Jerry Banfield, Teaching 59 Classes

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21 Videos (29m)
    • 22)How does purity relate to being a genius and what is purity?

    • 23)What I did to restore my purity and what I do to maintain it each day

    • 24)Today look for the purity in your life

    • 25)How is patience a core value of genius and what does that look like?

    • 26)What can you do to find and practice patience in your life? How do I do it?

    • 27)Today look for one opportunity to be patient with yourself and with life

    • 28)You have everything you need already to be a genius

    • 29)How can you and I see that everything we need is already here?

    • 30)Today see the depth and opportunity in what you already have

    • 31)The illusion of separation

    • 32)I will show you the illusion now

    • 33)Today try to define yourself as a separate being from the world

    • 34)Taking a day off is normal in life until you get to do what you love every day

    • 35)Taking a day off each week has been one of my big challenges

    • 36)Today find a day within a week you can totally take off from your passion

    • 37)There is no substitute for getting enough good sleep

    • 38)How I am able to fall asleep easily now after a lifetime of struggle

    • 39)Today try going to bed a little earlier and noticing your sleeping habits

    • 40)Variety is the spice of life and your inner genius

    • 41)Accepting change and playing with variety helps you learn

    • 42)Today find a new way to accept change and embrace variety in your life


About This Class

Enjoy the second week of Genius in 21 days starting with hearing about how my daughter learns so rapidly at a year old because is still a pure being in her own way of seeing the world.  See looks around without any sense of being a failure or not good enough.  I hope watching this class will help you to continue focusing on restoring your own purity.  When you are able to learn like a child again, you will find creativity an effortless and beautiful process instead of something that is challenging! 





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Jerry Banfield

Teaching 59 Classes

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