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20 Lessons (3h)
    • 1. What value do you get immediately out of starting this 28 day program?

    • 2. Being a genius starts with letting go of every idea you have about your limits.

    • 3. Today practice having an open mind about what your mental abilities really are.

    • 4. The connection between genius and original thought. Where are original thoughts?

    • 5. How I have original thoughts and how you can too!

    • 6. Today look for a space in your thoughts where for a moment there is nothing.

    • 7. In a world of talking, being a great listener will allow you to amaze people.

    • 8. How can you and I be a great listener today?

    • 9. Today practice being a great listener and find the best listener in your life!

    • 10. A genius can make a hollywood movie in their sleep and you already do it!

    • 11. How to bring the same creative genius you have in your dreams into every day.

    • 12. Today reflect on a few of the dreams you have had and prepare your workshop.

    • 13. Einstein was big on the role to gratitude in the creation of his work.

    • 14. How I found gratitude in my life and how it allows me to reach my full potential

    • 15. The biggest obstacle to being a genius is having a closed mind.

    • 16. Opening my mind has been the single most helpful step I have taken.

    • 17. Today find the opening in your life into love, acceptance, and an open mind.

    • 18. How does prayer help me and why does it work no matter what you believe?

    • 19. What has prayer done in my life? Praying has saved my life.

    • 20. Today try praying for direction in your life and to be of service to others.

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About This Class

This course is based on the idea that you already are your inner genius at the deepest level of who you are. You walk with me in this course in dropping the negative ideas you have about yourself and seeing that being an amazing person that makes a significant contribution to the world is more about effort and less about talents you are born with.

You will be amazed with this course before you are halfway through! I lead by example in the course and simply explain to you what I do in my life that works for me. While tests told me I was a genius, I never lived it until I started getting to know myself. What I found shocked me. The test results in my life that had told me how smart I was actually held me back. In thinking I was so smart, I rarely thought it important to be a humble person that was willing to do good work and who felt connected to the universe. It turns out this is all you really need to be a genius according to the people most consider to be geniuses. Here are several Albert Einstein quotes that highlight this.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."

"Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character."

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."

"The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind."

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

"A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be."

Take this course now to discover your inner genius today!

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Jerry Banfield

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BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. What value do you get immediately out of starting this 28 day program?: thank you for enrolling in this course. You get daily inspiration and motivation to reach potential so far beyond what you would ever imagine for yourself in this course that in 28 days you will look back and say, I am absolutely amazed at what has happened since I started watching this guy's videos every day. This is ridiculous. That's my vision for you. I have seen miracles in my life that have allowed me to be amazed at what is possible when you go through what I'm sharing with you in this course. From a practical point of view, I've often been called a genius by the world. And the only reason I share that with you is that you can have the proof, the trust and the credibility to get started with me, knowing that I am simply showing you where I am and that you are there to with me and how to get there if you don't think you are there right now, in more practical terms, that means I've accomplished things you might say or associate with a genius. Things like top scores on tests. I'm in the MENSA High I Q society, things like that That you might say this indicates a genius, brilliant innovations in working online. And I share this with you again because you have all of the same abilities and powers within yourself that I do. There is nothing that is special or unique about me that is not special and unique about you. So I'm sharing from a point of gratitude and of grace that you, if you're not there already, can enter with me. If you are there already, you can focus your energy mawr to unlock the capabilities that you have inside you. I'm sharing this with you because the world needs you to be at your best. The world needs your contributions. I want you to give everything you can to the world. I am honored that for some reason, the universe has decided toe put me in a position where I really have the chance to give not only to the people in my life immediately around me, like my wife, my family, my friends, my co workers, the people in my support group, the people and serving me, and that I worked with in my life like my personal trainer and I also then get to serve online like this. What I hope is that you will have the same potential, the same possibility. To serve everyone in your life, to be who you are needed to be by the world. There's so much opportunity in the world. There's so many wonderful things yet to be done. There's so many wonderful things that are going on right now. What I want and why I created this program is to help you unlock your full potential for contribution to living in this world. And being a genius is a huge help to that. And really, being a genius is just being who you are at the core, being one with your soul, drawing on the greater intelligence that is already in you. So I am honored you're here with me, and each day, if you'll listen to the section or watch the section for that day and then try what I've shared with you to try in the last lecture of each day. If you'll do that for 28 days, you'll be amazed before you're halfway through this course at the little changes you see in your life, and I'm doing this course with you. This is not a course that you get and then you don't have to do it anymore. I'm doing this with you because this is what it takes for me to be a genius. Doing this course is a reflection of what I'm already doing in my life. And so I share it with you with the understanding that I'm giving you the tools that already work for me, that you have somewhere Either you've used them before in certain aspects of your life or you're using some of them now and you want to use more of them. I'm simply sharing over 28 days my full tool kit with you to be a genius. It's not something you're born with or something society has to give you. It's something you have in you, and all you have to do is find where all those tools are in you. And I hope by sharing with you where they are in me and how I'm using them and that, honestly, I picked most of these up. I learned from other people from other geniuses and from everyone I learned all the time every day. And that's how I'm able to do things like teach. So Maney courses on you to me, on so many different subjects, with so little time learning them and have people actually like them. That, to me seems absurd because it's so far beyond what I ever imagined I could do. So that's where we're going together. That's where I am now and where you are with me too. So I'm honored you're here, and today will start by looking deeper into what is a genius and looking deeper into who you are. And through their we will find the beginning together, off where you can become a genius if you don't think your one already within just 28 days. So thank you. And I appreciate your feedback at all points in this course. Just add a discussion. Tell me what you think. Ask your questions. I will answer every single question you ask as fast as I can. So I'm honored you're here and let's get started moving forward. 2. Being a genius starts with letting go of every idea you have about your limits.: The very first step that's critical for getting started is surrender. And by surrender, I mean surrendering your limitations, giving up on all the ideas you have placed on yourself about what you're capable of. So by that I mean often looking at your past and saying What limitations on my placing on myself, things like I'm not good at art. I can't draw very well things like I can't learn another language things like I'm stupid. Things like I never can get good standardized test scores, things like I just don't understand music Things like I just don't get relationships with things like other people are stupid things like I just I can't handle this or things like you can't possibly answer questions about certain topics. Letting go of the limitations you are placing on yourself is the biggest barrier that you're facing. So if you can let go of the limitations, if you can allow yourself to drop all the limitations you are carrying around that you are placing on yourself. So for me, I placed a lot of limitations on myself. There were all kinds of things I used to think I couldn't do, or I'd never be good at and external validation from the world makes this a lot harder because what happens? The world gives you something. The world gives you a test score. The world, gives you a bad grade an art teacher, sister and says You're drawing sucks. The world gives you something and you pick it up. You accept it. You say Yes, this is mine. Now that 1200 out of whatever 1600 I got on a standardized test that's mine. Now I'm 400 points away from being perfect That f I got on my art test. That's me. Now that's represents my art ability. That project I got from a client who never will work with me again. That's me. Now I've picked that up. That's who I am. I can't complete projects like this. I can't work in groups. That test that told me that I'm right, brain that that's me. Now My left brain's just useless. That math test I got back that said Dionne It, That's me. I'm not good at math. I don't do math. I don't like math. These are the limitations that holds you back from being a genius because they're as riel as you make them. If you've seen the movie like The Matrix, you create almost all of your own reality. In other words, you are responsible for your reactions to reality. And so what happens is most of the time we pick up these things in our life about our learning. I know I picked up a lot of positive ones in my life. I'd get back a test saying I was 99th percentile and I'd pick that up. I'd say, Yeah, yeah, I'm smarter than you look around at all the kids in my classroom and think I'm so much smarter and all You guys 99% dollars. Probably no one in here that even got within 2% off me in this class. What? And so I picked up all those things in my life. I'd get a great score on a test and I'd say, Yeah, I got 100. I've ruined the curve for everyone. What? What? And I would pick that up. So I got lucky in the sense that I was given good things by life to pick up. I was given good things to associate myself with that also held me back a lot because I didn't realize I also picked up bad things and when I would pick up something bad, like a date wouldn't go very well. I just say our guests, I'm bad at dating, and often if I picked up something bad, I'd have no desire to learn more about it. So things like music. In sixth grade, I decided I hated music, even though I got decent grade in it. I think I've gotten a in the class. I just hated music. I didn't like it. And so I picked up the idea that I don't like music. Then I'm not good at music that I can't play music. I can't play the piano. I can't play an instrument because I hate music. I picked that up the same as I picked up all those positive test scores. I owned that like, this is a part of me. And then I picked up Mawr things in my life. I picked up bad habits, like acting out when I didn't like how things worth screaming and yelling and treating people bad. I picked those up to. That's who I am. When I get mad, I act out our yelling, screaming Everyone, I'll make everyone suffer with me when I'm mad. I picked that up the same as I had picked all those test scores up, the older I've gotten. Then I picked up so many bad habits. I reached a critical threshold where it was going to cost me my life, or where I would start learning how to drop those bad habits, things like drinking. I got to be a person where if my life is stressful, where things are going good or if it's just Saturday, I have to drink. And that's why am I picked that up and said Okay, Regardless, rather I wanted to. I picked it up, said, I have to. I have to. This is who I am. I don't know how to be who I am. If I don't do this and that's how things are with your learning abilities, you pick up all these things in life. You pick up all of these ideas about who you are as a learner. You pick them up things like I'm stupid or I'm not good at math or I'm not good at science . I'm not good at English. I'm not good at reading. You picked these ideas up the same as you picked bad habits up. So if you look at your learning skills, what you want to do is drop all of your bad habits and all of your ideas that you are limiting yourself on. This is tricky because you've got to go back and examine sometimes where you pick those up to even realize they're there. You've got to go and remember Oh, my art teacher was mean to me in sixth grade, And that's when I started hating art. That's when I thought I couldn't draw. I know I did not like art. I liked to draw. I enjoyed drawing as a kid and after 6 35th grade, whatever it was when I had art and I didn't like our then I also said, I don't like to draw. I used to sketch things I used to draw. I saw a kid in a baseball game sketching and drawing, and I kind of looked at it longingly like, Wow, I wish I could do that. And then I realized I can do that. I can do that. Maybe not exactly how his looks, but if I just tried at it. If I just took a much times I wanted, I could do that, and that's what enabled me to do. All these things you see that I've done online is the idea that I can do that. And this has come from surrendering the idea that I know who I am through my limitations, that I know who I am through all of my bad and good habits that I know who I am because I got this on a test score before because I drink on that night or because I yelled at this person that this timer, because I lost this relationship or because I have this relationship, the first step to being a genius is surrendering, giving up the idea off you, and especially when it comes to your learning abilities, giving up the idea that you know who you are in your learning abilities and more generally in your life that you know who you are because of what's happened to you. All you have to do to be a genius is simply give up the ideas that are holding you back and then replace those ideas with habits that help bring the energy nous that's already in you out. And so that's the whole point of this course. And so the very beginning is to surrender. Give up those ideas and I will go through with you and I will provide some more ways that have helped me learn to surrender. But the biggest thing that has helped me surrenders to admit I needed help. And for someone who's been told they're smart their whole life. For someone who's been told they were good at so many things their whole life, admitting I needed help and I couldn't do it all myself was really, really, really hard. And what was even harder was to do that every single day, not just do it one day after I'd had a bad day before and said, OK, I do need help but to do it every day, this morning, constantly, all the time. Surrender, Give up to admit I need help. I can't handle the whole world on my own. I can Onley handle the world as one part of the world who serves in the world who is connected with the world. So I surrender to the world and say OK, universe creator. God, if you use God or any other similar term. Okay. Please let me serve you. I can't do this on my own. Let me know what you want me to do. So I will load you up with all the tools that help you. Exactly. Do what I'm sharing with you to do genius in 28 days. So thank you for watching or listening to this. I love your feedback. Tell me exactly what you think of this so that I can do better for you so that I can serve you most effectively. 3. Today practice having an open mind about what your mental abilities really are.: This is a program off action. Every day in the last lecture, I will ask you to try something for me today. So in other words, I'm giving you 28 new things to try at the end of every day. Now, ultimately, they're all related. You'll notice a similarity. What I do, I give you something to do. So if you want to watch this in the morning or earlier in the day and then try and do it for the rest of the day and if you don't do that, well, it's OK, Just try. If you're willing to try, you can do this. So here's what I'm asking you to do today, and the reason I asked you to do this is toe. But Bill, your end of this program. If you just sit here and watch the lectures, you won't get anything out of this. If you try and do what I'm sharing with you, you will get something amazing out of this. So here's today. Today I pray that you can have an open mind about your learning abilities and especially about your ability to be a genius. I hope that I I pray that I can have an open mind today about my ability to be a genius, because I will never ask you to do something that I am not doing myself today with you. And it's easy because I'm trying to do all of these things I share with you over 28 days. I share them with you. I try and do all of them every day. So that's the point. You go through this course, you go through it over and over. And so you do all these things every day and it becomes normal. So if you can have an open mind, you can complete all of this and you don't ever really finish it. You add it in place of your limitations. So what I mean by an open mind is you might be asking yourself that this point, you might be thinking, What a crock. I can't really become a genius. This guy's out of his mind. I can't be a genius in 28 days from now. That's ridiculous. You have to be born with that. You have to learn. You have to have education. You have to have validation. So when you notice a thought like that to ask yourself, What if What if I'm right? What if this guy, Jerry Banfield, one of he's right, that I can be a genius in 28 days? What if he's right? What does that mean? Because if I'm wrong, it doesn't matter. Your life's not going to be any worse than it is now, and hopefully your life is good now. So in other words, there's no risk of me being wrong. What are you going to find out? What you already knew? There's no risk of me being wrong. So that means the opportunity is here. The whole opportunity is here. What if I'm right? What if you really are a genius? What if you already know you're a genius and you just have been waiting for validation? What if everything? And that's what's cool. What if you have a world of opportunity so much greater than you ever imagined? What if that's an open mind, a mind where I don't know where you can look at it and say, Is he right? Is he wrong? I don't know, because the truth is, I don't know if I'm right or wrong. I don't know if I'm right or wrong right now for you, specifically, I don't know. And that's where genius lies in not knowing, because when you don't know, you have an open mind and you're willing to go Look, when I know I don't know how to do something. When I know I don't know the answer. I'll go Look, I'll go try. I'll go do something. I'll go put some energy out. Go put some effort. I will try to find the answer. I will try. So if you don't know, you can try. If you already know I'm wrong, for example, if you already know that has no way this will work is all fluff. It's all wrong. You don't know that's the Onley attitude that can defeat you. And today, all I ask is, if that's there to notice it, you don't have to condemn it. You don't have to beat it to death. Just notice it. If that's not there, that's good to you may have more challenging things to deal with You're not aware of. What I try and do is to be aware in myself of a closed mind, a mind with contempt prior to investigation that is the only thing that can totally ruin and hold my learning back is contempt prior to investigation, on agitated tude of belligerent denial, to say no, that can't possibly be to close my mind off from whatever is possible and say, Nope, nope, you're wrong, that I pray every day to have an open, peaceful mind that I may receive all of the learning that's there for me and what I put that in words usually as I pray to receive direction from the universe from the creator, if you use the word God from God to know what I'm supposed to do and that's genius is to receive from nowhere the exact right knowledge at the moment to act. That is the essence of genius. That is the essence of the geniuses I've study. That's what they say. That's how they learn. They don't sit there and crunch things out in their mind. They try, they're willing to try, and they receive inspiration. All of the sudden answer's obvious no thought pattern. It's just immediate, obvious answer. Oh, here it is iPhone, That's it. If you today can go forward with an open mind, you will have a very strong start or if you're doing this program again and again and again , you have a very strong continuation of what you've already been doing today. I'm doing my best to keep an open mind toe. Look at everything around me with curiosity to say, I don't know. Maybe I'll learn more about it and to never say I already known. I don't need to learn anymore. Don't need to know any more about that. So that's what I'm working to do today. So if you'll work to do that with me today, then you're off to a great start. You'll have the chance to unlock your inner genius, and the greatest person who benefits from that is you and I benefit from that, too. When you unlock your inner genius, I benefit greatly from that. Everyone in the world benefits greatly from that. So thank you for spending this time with me. Today, every moment of your time is precious, and I care deeply about helping you doing what I can to share what works for me so that you can reach and be at your full potential every moment of your life. So I'm honored you're here. I love to know what you think of this, and I'll see you tomorrow for day two 4. The connection between genius and original thought. Where are original thoughts?: one of the biggest gifts. Geniuses are known for our original ideas things like the iPhone from Steve jobs, things like relativity from Einstein or Gravity from Newton. These tend to be the hallmarks of genius, these original thoughts that seemed to come out of nowhere. So what is the connection between being a genius and having original thoughts? The connection is complete. All you really need to be a genius to be separated from the masses because I say everyone has the potential to be a genius, so I wouldn't say to separate you from others. Everyone has the ability to be a genius to realize your inner genius. You want to have original thoughts. Genius comes through original thoughts. Genius is not coming through high test scores. That's effort. That's time. That's simply trying over and over again. Genius comes through original thoughts because anyone can go out and copy what's been done . Anyone could do that. Genius comes through a brand new, fresh, original perspective. Ah, lot of the great musical groups have said We just play the same song over and over again. One way or another, that's genius. You make something original and then you just do it over and over and over again. And the key to genius is to have original thoughts. In other words, thoughts that aren't copied from someone else's thoughts. Thoughts that aren't conditioned. And so it's often hard to find genius in schools because school is all about conditioning. So what we're doing here is stripping away conditioning, and you've seen that with what you've done before already. Strip away conditioning because when you strip all the conditioning away, there are Onley original thoughts left. You want those original thoughts to come in because those original thoughts are unbelievably powerful. And where do original thoughts come from, according to many scientists and the greatest geniuses in the world, like Einstein, there is somewhere in the universe, a place where all ideas, all thoughts, all history exists. It's often called the akashic record or something like that. I probably butchered the pronunciation of it, but it has a name in science and its historical throughout history. All kinds of cultures and places have referred to this record, which I won't try and pronounce again, where all information is contained, where everything that could ever happen and could ever be, is all contained and genius is to allow yourself to be peaceful enough to download from that record. Now, how crazy is that? And I just watched a program on History Channel. It might have been aged two showing that that's exactly how geniuses like Albert Einstein said that they got their ideas, some of the greatest geniuses that we look to. For example, there was a guy in the twenties in India who dreamed up many of the current mathematical formulas were using. He got these gigantic breakthroughs in a dream. He effectively downloaded them in an original thought from the record that's in all of the universe. And if you're thinking, man, this is getting out and some crazy stuff. Yes, genius goes out into the limits of what's possible. The definition of genius is pushing the limits, doing things original, doing things like the iPhone that suddenly seem so inspirational and creative and original the time. And now we look back like, How did we ever do without this? So what I'm sharing with you today is how to get in a place where you can have original thoughts. How do you put yourself in the position to have an original thought. How do you download from the master record of all thoughts and all ideas? How do you download one that no one else is using right now? If you look at thoughts like computer programs and software, you might simply look around and say What I want to do is grab one out of the master record . That's helpful that no one else is using right now. That's what you can do with this. So I'm honored you're here, and the next step is to share with you exactly how I am able to have original thoughts and how you can repeat the same. 5. How I have original thoughts and how you can too!: How is it that I have original thoughts, and how can you do the same thing? I'm grateful. I've been told a lot of times that Wow, Jerry, what you share is just so fresh, so honest, so original. And I noticed that I tend to be attracted to people whose work exhibits the same. So in other words, I tend to look for the geniuses in whatever field there in. Like I look at, Eckhart totally has a lot of original work and spirituality, and to be fair, it's more of a way of putting together the existing work. That's themes original. Still, he gets a lot of the same feedback. It's so original, so fresh. And the idea is, if I want to have an original thought, what I have to do is find the space in my life. I have to find the space in my existing thoughts because I can't have an original thought while I have all of these other thoughts swarming around. So it's like fishing upon. There's no room to put a new fish in a pond if the pond is stocked full of fish that are always swimming everywhere. If you look at your mind if your mind stock full of all the thought you've ever had, plus all of the thoughts the rest of humanity is having right now things like, Oh, this disaster of the shooting or all this weather Oh, what's gonna happen tomorrow? I don't like what happened yesterday. I don't like what she's doing. I don't think this is going to work out very good. I need to go through and get this done. This is exactly what you're supposed to do if you can just feel the energy of all those thoughts. Even when I describe them to you, you can see it's almost impossible to have an original thought within that mind. Structure off constant thinking If you have a voice in your head that talks you all day, non stop every day. Take not hung, calls it radio Non Stop thinking. There's no room for original thoughts. There's no room for something fresh if you look at it like a refrigerator. If you look at your mind like a refrigerator and all your thoughts air food. If your refrigerator stuffed full of food, there's no room to put more food in there. Thoughts are just the same way in your mind and needs empty space to receive new thoughts. It needs peace and serenity to receive new thoughts. That's how I've been able to get new thoughts after going through my life. Running on existing thoughts most of my life I've ran on existing thoughts. And yet I've still been blessed that I would continually purge all these things all the time so that I would always make room for new things in my life. And so now I found how to do that. Intentionally and again, I referenced what some of the existing people say. For example, Steve Jobs. Do you want to know how? He said he got the idea for the iPhone. He went out to some kind of like retreat or outdoors and was peaceful and was quiet and would meditate for hours and hours. And that's where the idea of the iPhone came to him. It wasn't an idea that was just sandwiched on top of other ideas. It was an idea that came out of peace and stillness. It was an idea that came out of nothing out of silence. If you noticed that silence. If you notice every time when I stop talking, if you notice those pauses, those of the pauses you need for thinking if you find my silence is as awful. If you think that during the silence you need something, you need something. You need me to talk faster. You need me. Don't leave any silences. Just keep talking. Just keep going. Come on, don't leave the silences. Then I might have to think for a moment. Then I might have to fill that silence. These original thoughts come out of silence, and what interests me is three great religious figures. Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed. Here's how they got their religious ideas. Now let's strip away all of the all of the trappings of religion. Let's just look at what they did the same ways. If you walk down in the store, bought something. He came back. You tell me I went. I walk down the store. I bought something. I came back. Here's what they did. All of them had around 40 days where they went out on their own. Buddha, I believe, sat under a tree. Jesus, I believe, wandered out in the desert. Mohamed went and sat in a cave. Now What does that have in common? It sounds just like what Steve Jobs did with the iPhone. Sat out in peace. Got away from the existing mind structure. If you want to have original thoughts, you must. If you like the movie The Matrix, break out of the Matrix even just for a minute. If you want to be a genius, you don't have to. You have all these super s A T scores and fix Rubiks cubes. All you have to do is go get some peace and quiet and let your thoughts stop. I remember one time when my ex girlfriend had just broke up with me. I was so stressed out, my mind was going full speed. Only, uh is one crazy ass thought after another. And I was driving to go see her to make sure she didn't want to get back together, which he didn't. And my mind was just It was running around crazy. And it ran her own so fast that for a moment it stopped. It just stopped for a second. And I don't know how long this lasted in time, but I remember the exact moment it started my mind was racing. My the world was flying by was driving and all the sudden it was, is if time slowed down I was driving and I looked around. I'm like, Ah, because time felt like it had slowed way down. I could see each individual line moving by on the road. I could see the river. I was driving over a ziff. Everything was in slow motion because my thoughts stopped even just for a few seconds my thoughts stopped. And in that space of thought absence, I had time to look around and see the world, because when you're thinking all the time, the world is hard to notice. I find I have an incredibly small attention span and not in terms of time. I mean in breath. I can only pay very good attention to a very small amount of things. And that means if I'm thinking about something, it's very hard. Vania. Pay good attention to what I'm doing now. I've driven enough Aiken drive while I'm thinking I can fairly mindlessly drive. My mind could be thinking about things, and I can drive. But the quality of my driving's less I'm more likely to get in an accident. I'm more likely to be a rude driver. I'm more likely to get upset by other route drivers if I'm just driving. Driving is very easy and unlikely to notice things that are happening. Almost a ziff in slow motion. I have plenty of time to react. Plenty of time to do the right thing. Plenty of time to be patient with other drivers. So genius thought works the same way. If you want to have original thoughts, you've got to have a little bit of silence in your life. You've got to have a little bit of silence where there are no thoughts. So what I'm going to do today is share a little bit with you. How I find silence and how you confined silence today. Right now, you don't have to go out in the desert for 40 days or in a cave, or sit under a tree or go meditate in the woods. You confined some silence today, so we'll talk about that. And this will be an awesome step for you on your journey to being a genius. Thank you. 6. Today look for a space in your thoughts where for a moment there is nothing.: today, you can have on original thought and get started on having mawr. If you'll look for the space that's in your existing thoughts, the more you've been used to compulsively thinking all the time, which I was for most of my life, the harder this can be. So what I asked today is find a space, any space in your thoughts. Try and notice. Just notice. Whenever you're not thinking, just notice it so it could be. If you've seen something new for the first time, there might be a brief half second or second where you just look at it where you don't think about it, where you don't name it, where you're just present with it. If you've been doing meditation, if you've been doing things that have given you more space in your life, you may find this pretty easy, and I do meditation. I try all kinds of things in my life to give me more space prayer resting, being peaceful. Watching my breath. Watching your breath is one of the easiest ways to do this. So if you'll do it with me, if you'll just breathe in there, that was the space right. I had very few thoughts. There was a lot of space in my thinking right there. And if you'll sit and watch your breath for maybe 10 seconds, 20 seconds, you everyone as 10 or 20 seconds sometime throughout today. So if you'll take 10 breasts like that narrow, don't say anything. Just breathing. Just notice how the air fills your lungs up. Watch the air, go out of your lungs and notice that you are having less thoughts than usual While you're doing that, that is where original thought comes from. When there's a peaceful background of no noise, an original thought can slip straight into your mind. If you make your mind a peaceful place, original thought can come to you. I know a lot of great artists when you might say lyrical genius. If you're in rap or something, often someone who just sits there and get some original thoughts some way somehow into their music. Same thing with an artist, someone who somehow peacefully, somewhere accumulates new thoughts. And so if you can just watch your breathing even just for 10 breasts in a row, you can do that. You can get a glimpse if you haven't already had it. Of what spaces of what you get by going out like Steve Jobs did in meditating or what you get by what the Buddha or Jesus or Mohammed did for going out for 40 days on your own. You may not need to do that much. Just a little meditation might do it. Just a little breathing that's attentive might do it. Notice every little detail. When you breathe like that, this is where you're finding space. This is a big part of finding space is just being present in the space. You're already in notice What's going on around you because genius comes from having a new thought in the world around you. Genius doesn't come from figuring something out in the past usually or making something about what's going happen in the future. Genius comes from seeing exactly what you can do now. What can you do now? An iPhone might be an idea, but ultimately there's What do you do now with that idea? What do you do now? And so breathing helps get you into this moment in the mind. I know my mind. Hated noticing. I was breathing hated. I was afraid that when I noticed I was breathing, I could not stop noticing, and I was afraid I'd be stuck the rest of my life having the like. It would be so boring or something that all I could do is breathe for the rest of my life. What a drag that is, the mind. That's the web of compulsive thinking. If you want to get into genius, you have to tap the greater intelligence that runs your whole body that runs the whole universe. That is, the intelligence you want to draw. Thoughts from your mind is a tool. The same is your hands and feet and legs. Those air tools. The mind is a tool to interpret the greater intelligence of the entire universe, just like the computer as a tool. If you're running all these programs on your computer all the time, how can you do important work on your computer? How can you run something new on your computer when you're using all of your processing up ? I'm running the same old programs you've been running. You want to open your computer, close all of those programs, close all those things in your mind. You don't need that time able to do this lecture with you. That's how you can see the energy and passion that flows through me in all off my work because I'm here with you. It's not me. I'm allowing the greater intelligence of the universe to flow through me. My mind acts as an interpreter. Yes, my mind is useful for doing this. My mind is peaceful. Instilling it lets me talk. I don't know what I'm going to say next any more than you do, which is why people like my work because its original it feels fresh because I don't know what I'm going to say next. I don't script anything. I just talk. But first I have to be peaceful. First, I have to be present. I often what I cut before the video. I will often sit here. I will often cut that before the video because I need to be in a still place. If I'm going to do a good job with you. If I'm going to give you something passionate from the heart, from the heart of the universe, from the heart of the world, from the heart that is in you that's useful to you. Because really, I'm just a creation of your mind. I'm just something the universe is placing in your head right now to serve you to be useful for you. And that is the essence of geniuses to use the universe. Let the universe the work through you. Because when you allow the universe toe work through you, as you can see I'm doing now the universe will speak to you, and it will allow you to speak exactly to someone else. It will allow you to really talk to them as if the divine is talking directly to you. That is how you have genius, original thoughts. And you can start all of that by being in a peaceful place the same way I do. I'm doing this right along with you. Everything I'm doing and everything. I'm showing you simply what I'm already doing. And so doing this with you helps me to continue to do it and notice what I'm doing myself. So today, try at least one deep, thoughtful breath and thoughtful. I guess I should say mindful breath one deep breath where you can get an idea, get a sense of peace and serenity. Get a sense of where those original thoughts come from. Put your mind in a peaceful place where it can receive direction from the universe from the creator. If you like the phrase God from God. If you pray you already are in the habit of doing this. If you meditate, you're already in the habit of doing it. Try doing a little more. Try connecting it with the understanding of genius that if you're praying you're meditating already. These air the same things. They're the essence of genius. So thank you for watching or listening to this with me today. I'm honored you're here. I'd love to know what you think of this. And I'd love to know how this went for you today as we continue on our journey together. Thank you. 7. In a world of talking, being a great listener will allow you to amaze people.: today on our journey to being a genius in 28 days and staying a genius once we're there. Today, the emphasis is listening, listening to everything around in life, listening to other people when they talk listening to the sounds. When we're outside the sounds in her home, in our office, in our car, when we're inside, genius comes through listening, and I know this is a surprising thing in our world of talking. What do we usually think when we're going to have a conversation with someone? What do I need to say? What do I need to say? What should I say to this person? What can I do? What can I be? Who should I sound like? What can I say to them that will help them? One. Really. I find if I want to help someone, and especially to help myself. All I need to do is listen. You will see me talking a lot in my courses and what I create online and most of the rest of the day I'm listening. That is, where genius comes from is a life focused on listening because in a world of seven plus 1,000,000,000 people, there's a lot of listening to go around. And if you just listen to all of the things if you really listen, you'll be amazed at how fast you can learn from the world around you. When you listen without judgement, when you listen without trying to filter and put everything into context. When you listen without trying to understand in the mind, you will listen with the greater intelligence that is genius, that give you all of the abilities that you associate with the genius who makes a great boss, someone who listens, who makes a great friend, someone who listens, who makes a great co worker, someone who listens, who makes a great husband or wife, someone who listens, who makes a great parent or child. Someone who listens. Listening today is an in demand skill on a practical level, and it will give you superpowers out in the world. You'll be amazed at what you hear when you really listen, and it takes some practice. The easiest way to practice can be to find someone you think of as a great listener and spend time with, um, try and do what they do for me. This has been with my wife. She is a great listener, and I've learned from her and learned from her and learned from her. Now people tell me I'm a great listener which blows me away since all I did was tried, talk most of my life and I thought I was a genius long before I knew much about listening, and I find that listening brings out the best in other people. And to me, a genius is someone who encourages people to feel like they are smart when they're with you . When I go spend time with people, I want them to feel like they are smart. You comptel talking to you. I want you to feel like you are a genius. I want you to feel like you are really smart because you are. That's geniuses to bring out the intelligence, bring out the positive feelings and other people just by being around. You don't even have to say anything. It's incredible. That's a super power to me. Seeing it happen is just mind. Lord toe watch someone who won't talk very easily openly share and talk about their life and get context and feel good about themselves and then you realize you haven't even said anything in 30 minutes they've been talking and they feel great and they go on with their life and they feel a little bit batter. They feel good about themselves. That's geniuses to bring out the best in other people. There's a story of two prime minister candidates in England who both went out with the same girl. One was very smart and the girl said he was so smart and he knew all these things and the other went out with the girl and listen to her. And she said with him she felt smart and she felt like she knew things. That is a genius. You are opening up to that. You are inside that you can have by being a great listener to let other people feel like they are smart around. You. Think about someone like Einstein in your header, Steve Jobs. Do you picture them walking in the room and trying to show off their formulas? Show off. Look at my iPhone. You You wish you could make something like this, you idiot. I picture them walking in and just being peaceful and other people being happy there. There And that's how genius gets attributed when you walk in and change the presence of the room. You do that by listening. When you feel all of the people around you, when you really try and listen to each one, that's how you change the presence of a room and it doesn't happen overnight. You don't just suddenly walk in and oh, look, I'm here change room presence when you've got someone who's worked and done that their whole life. Then when they walk in the room to talk, the presence changes because that listening, that understanding, that love, that history, that foundation is there. So today, more in depth on how to be a wonderful listener. And I hope I've shared with you the superpowers I've found from listening and that one of the big things with genius is being a great listener. Thank you for watching this, and I hope this is useful for you. 8. How can you and I be a great listener today?: Well, the first question you're liable. Tohave is okay. I get the power of listening. How do I be a great listener? I will try and explain to you the best very quickly of what I know about being a great listener. Number one is to just listen and do that with your entire attention. That means no thinking about what you're doing tomorrow. No judging what they're saying right now. And that means finding that silence that you noticed before finding that silence in you and then being silent as you listen. So the more you work on finding the silence, the better listener you can be, because a great listener is someone who offers no resistance. So when I'm trying to listen and I'm throwing up thoughts like out what you just said crap , that's wrong. I don't like that. What am I doing tomorrow? What should I say next? What? I really want to say this. I'm going to say that as soon as you stop, that's resistance. So when you are throwing out mental resistance, the other person feels that even if at a subconscious level, the other person feels that resistance so what you want to do is be silent and what I do. A little trick I do that helps us focus on my breathing because when I'm breathing, my mind tends to be quiet. So if I want to listen to you and you were talking right now, the first thing I would do is this. And you can see just looking at me. The silence There I was breathing, breathing. My mind is offering no resistance as I'm breathing. And sometimes when I'm listening to people, it involves a lot of breathing and people notice taking a lot of depressed while I'm listening to them. And they will also notice that I'm not mentally resisting what they're having to say. I'm focusing on being present in the moment with them not being in five minutes ago where yesterday or tomorrow or 20 years ago, focusing on being just completely present with them. So breathing helps me with that. When I have control of my breath, I can listen well when I'm not controlling my breathing or I'm just little anxious breast. It's hard to listen to someone like that. So what? Controlling my breathing helps me to get that silence mentally. Now on top of that, there's a few other things you want to never do that are devastating. Never interrupt the other person. It's like a punch in the face. If you're sensitive now, some people are used to being interrupted all the time. It's not as hurtful them, but if you're sensitive like I'm sensitive when someone interrupts me, it's like a punch in the face. It takes me a second to recover, because the better listener I am, I don't talk as much. And then when I don't talk as much, if I'm talking with someone and I talked for five minutes out of the lower and they talked the rest and then I get interrupted in the five minutes I'm talking. It's like a punch in the face. That's what it feels like. A punch in the face of punch in the stomach, like, Oh, all right, you're talking now, okay? And then I have to immediately have to recover my silence. Recover my silence. Control my breathing. So I'm very attentive to how I feel when I'm interrupted now. And I immediately have to triage that as soon as someone interrupts me t breasts that they didn't do anything wrong. Let them be wrong. Let them be. However they are, it's fine. Be a good listener and then I'm back toe listening. Sometimes it takes a second. Sometimes it takes five or 10 seconds. But being sensitive will help you be a good listener. Because when you're all armored up, you don't want to let anything in when you're all armored up. I got this. I got this. You're not gonna piss me off by interrupting me? You're not going to hear anything they're saying either. So you've really got to have your guard down when you're listening, which is scary, because sometimes people will say things that if you hadn't been listening very well, you might not notice. And since you're listening very well, you notice I like I just called me a jerk. If you would have been thinking about what you were going to say, you wouldn't have even heard that when you're a great listener, you want to have your guard down so that you can really get everything they have to say, and then you want to be transparent so that when someone says something nasty, it just kind of goes through you and this takes work. And if you don't understand any of these things, I'm saying, then find someone in your life who is a good listener that you look at and say, man, they're good listener. Spend time with them, Ask them how they do it. Get to know them. You won't get anything out of this course by just listening to me talk. Everything in this course is designed for you. Toe. Give your willingness a chance to aim your desire to be a genius at certain things. So this listening is full of these practical tips. And so the easiest way to become a great listeners just to find someone who already is a great listener spent time of them. I've spent years now with my wife. She's a really good listener. And now, for the first time in our relationships, she's starting to get on these talking roles. For most of our relationship, I would be the only one that get on a talking role. In other words, I've talked 10 2030 minutes Just go on and on and on. Now, finally I listen good enough that she will do it that she gets so excited. There's just no resistance to her talking that she'll just talk and talk, and sometimes he's like she knows how much he's talking. Just wants to keep the words to herself. But I'm a good enough listener that keep coming out anyway. And that is the easiest way. Just spend time with someone who's a good listener. Watch what they do. Try and copy them. You will find exactly the keys to being a great listener, so I hope I've given some of the quick, simple ones is toe have peace and stillness? Have your guard down. Never interrupt. And here's another trick to that helps Put yourself in a position to be comfortable. That means if you don't like staring into the sun, move, move around so that you can listen to the other person without staring into the sun. If you don't like wearing a hot, sweaty suit, then don't wear a hot, sweaty suit. When you're in a position to listen or take your suit jacket off or unbutton your shirt. Do whatever you've got to do to put yourself in a position to be a better listener. At a job interview. You will do much better. If you're dressed comfortably, maybe barely acceptable and you can listen good, then you will. If you're dressed up, all up, tightened, don't aren't happy, and that comes across that's more important. So dress comfortably. Put yourself in a comfortable situation. Put yourself in a position to listen and then try and relax. Relax your body when you're tense. It's hard to listen. It's alright, Gordon Talk Doc Glenn talk. You can just see looking at me that wouldn't work. So that's why breathing helps depressed 10 deep breasts. No, not like that. 10 D breasts and now nine more of those. I won't sit here through all of them with you because, well, who knows if you're that good of a listener? So I'm honored. For every minute you've spent here, you're obviously a pretty good listener. If you could make it through all of what I have to say. And finally, another little tip. Listen, the audio books or things like this do just doom. Or of the audio books and mawr online courses like this, listening to audiobooks and taking online courses. Help me be a better listener a lot because it's not his mind dead his TV A's and it's the same kind of format is listening to someone talk. So that helps me is focusing on listening actively. So thank you for watching this. I'm honored. You've been such a good listener. And now all you have to do is take this listening out into the world. Take it out into the world and you will be picking up a super faour rapidly. 9. Today practice being a great listener and find the best listener in your life!: so today, I hope you can practice being a great listener and find one person in your life, preferably who you have in person contact with. But if you just talk on the phone or Skype, that can work, too. Find a person today that you can learn there listening skills that you can see them as a living example of how to be a great listener that you can notice when you're talking, how well they're listening to you because nothing will beat. Having a role model to do this with every day because it takes time is taking me a long time of being with my wife. I've been with for over four years now, and it's taken me about four years to really start picking up the depth of her listening and to add that in to make that my habit of listening also. But you can do it much faster than four years with enrollment in this course with intentional focus on it and with choosing the right person in your life to be of service to you. Ask them if it's your data, your friend and a dad or friend. How do you listen so good. How do you listen to me so much? How do you listen to me Talk for an hour without giving me all this negative feedback or without telling me all these things you have to say today I will practice being a great listener myself. I know that most of my life I've been a talker. And so today my goal is to first be a listener. When someone asked How are you today? I say something like good or something short. I try not to give them a 30 minute spiel of how my a day is before. I genuinely want to know. Oh, how are you doing today? And sometimes it takes silence in order for listeningto happen, you've got to be comfortable with silence because if you give another person enough peaceful silence, lots of times that will spur them into talking. So if you're having trouble with it, try silence and not an awkward silence where you're expecting something, just silence where you expect nothing. I'm here. It's quiet. That's fine. And try focusing on your breathing and coordination when you're listening. When you see when you notice yourself dipping into your mind when you notice yourself starting to judge. Oh, that was really stupid. What you do? Well, I'm judging. Okay, let me take a deep breath. All right. What What was I thinking? So that's the idea is to disrupt your compulsive thinking with breathing, disrupt your compulsive thinking with presence, and that will allow you to be a great listener. That's exactly how I do it when I notice I'm starting to think when someone's talking, I go straight for a deep breath. I use that deep breath to take me into presence and out of my mind games because ultimately , I don't need to sit there and think about what I'm going to say, because the right thing will tend to come out of my mouth if I'm fully listening. So if you're talking to me and a lot of the phone calls I have with people, people will pay to talk to me and then they'll talk most of the time, which I think is great. Sure, I'll sit here and listen to you for whatever my dollar per minute rate isn't. Oh, I think that's great. They'll talk 30 40 minutes and I'll talk about five and the better you listen, the more people will pay attention to what you have to say. If you want a motivation to be a great listener, people really listen to what you have to say when you listen to them. I have been shocked. My mom, I've been talking to through a lot over the last year. My dad passed away last year. My mom lives by herself. I'm one of the primary people, her and my brother, that she talks to on a regular basis most of my life my mom and I have been interested in just talking at each other. Now we've listened to plenty also, but most of my life it's been frustrating for me and my mom because both of us often felt like the other one wasn't listening. And now that I have focused on being a better listener, often my mom will talk 90% of the time and when I talk in that 10% of the time she listens . She really listens. It's amazing because when I listen to her talk, I noticed she's repeating all these things back to me that I've said, and I don't ever remember that happening before with such consistency. I swear. It's like my mom ends up saying back to me, Almost everything I've said to her. If you want some motivation to do this, know that if you want to change the presence, what if you want to be that genius who walks in the room and everyone starts listening, that's how it happens. You listen to them or you get a reputation of being a great listener and even if no one's listen to you before or talk to you before the other people who have will bring in that presence into it. So when you have someone like Steve Jobs that walks into a room and the whole presence of the room changes, it's from those few people in there that have talked with him and know how while he listens and from him being an open listener, being present than the whole all of the people in the room, even if they've never met him, never talk to them. Everyone feels that presence there, and so it has nothing to do with him walking, and it has to do with how people react to him and people react really well when you listen When you walk in and people know they can talk to you, everyone changes a little bit. Who knows they can talk to you. I go to a support group. I see this firsthand. There are some people when they come in, the great listeners and people just they feel at ease because they know they can talk to that person knowing trust that person. And even if they're not saying anything, the presence changes a little bit. And if you go hang out in a support group full of good listeners, your listening skills can rapidly develop. So there's all kinds of ways to develop your listening skills today. So today, how do you feel about both of us, You and me working on our listening skills, being conscious of our listening skills and looking intentionally to find places where we can be a better listener. Today, I will spend at least an hour in a place where I will be listening most of the time to people talk. A support group is a great place to home listening skills because of the format and open discussion kind of format where anyone can talk the most, you're going to talk usually is five minutes and you'll listen 55 minutes. So that helps me a lot. And then my wife will come home and I will practice being a great listener with her. Honey, how was your day? And then I listen. I listened carefully, as if there's going to be a test on it, especially if you have a little kid around who talks a lot. Listen to that little kid like there's going to be a test on it. I have, ah, nephew. I listened to him the other night at a baseball game for about three hours, and I listened as if there's going to be a test on it. And he was just having a best time just talking because he could see I was listening. I wasn't interrupting. I just let him talk and he had so much fun and he didn't try and show off for me The way he does it with other people. He just talked honestly to me and it was really cool. So a kid can really, really give you a great opportunity to test your listening out because most kids are not used to being listened to by adults. And when you listen to a kid, they will open up like you can't believe. They will show you a totally different side of themselves than they show their friends. Or even then, they show the other adults in your life. It's really inspiring. So today get the rewards out of being a great listener, you can get them today you can start a journey of lifelong listening That will be amazing for you and everyone around you. So thank you. I appreciate every minute you've listened to me, I'm honored you're here, and I'm honored to be a part of this journey with you. 10. A genius can make a hollywood movie in their sleep and you already do it!: do you want clear proof that you can see for yourself that you have already genius in you as a part of who you are. Here's a simple way you can verify the creative genius it's already inside. You think about the last vivid dream you had, and next time you wake up after a vivid dream, think about this again. I had a lot of very vivid dreams this morning, and I woke up realising this was what I should share with you today. On this course. Think heavily, deeply about the dreams themselves who creates those who creates those dreams. Who makes those dreams? How realistic are those dreams? How amazingly in depth been creative? Are those dreams and their riel time? You're in them, you're moving around. How amazing in terms of creativity, our dreams. I just had a few dreams. I've been to places I don't know, people I don't know, situations I've never been in before. I've heard things I've never heard said before. I've been in situations, for example, in the dream. I was a kid night, A stepfather. I've never had a stepfather. My dad just passed away. A year and 1/2 ago. I'm 30 and my mom, I don't even know is dated anyone? So how would I have a stepfather? Very vivid and completely Riel is if I had a real relationship with that stepfather already . And I had several dreams. Some brought back memories from the past in terms of names and places and things. Well, most of the dream was very creative, very original, fully rendered in video gamer graphics terms. Ah, whole environment. Very riel. Feeling very riel. Who did that? Who created that? That is proof off the gene issue, haven't you? You can render ah fully amazing riel time environment in a brand new original scenario that you've never been in before. Perhaps using a few of your memories, but mostly from scratch. And you don't have to sit down and plan it. It happens instantly. It doesn't take a lot of hard work. It happens effortlessly. All you have to do is fall asleep. You just have to go to sleep. But it happens effortlessly. There is exactly the genius you already have in you. And if you haven't remembered your dreams and while that's okay, all you have to do is remember dream you've had to know this and the next time you wake up , remember a dream. Think about this. Here's your proof. You're a genius right here. You can create a Hollywood movie in your mind effortlessly while you're asleep. I believe everyone on Earth has a potential to be a genius, and I don't mean everyone. One do the same. Things is a genius. A genius is someone who has original creative thoughts that adds something to the world who uses their mind in a great way. Dreams are proof. You have that, and now when you wake up, things start getting more complicated. You start thinking all. I'm not very creative. My art teacher said. I wasn't creative in sixth grade, she said. My painting sucked. I just talked to 1/5 grader, and he's having that experience right now. In his art class. He doesn't like art anymore. He's in fifth grade now. Imagine all of those experiences you've had throughout your life. Are those more important than the fact that you can clearly render and make amazing creative works in your dreams right now or whenever you remember the last one? Interestingly, you probably had a lot of dreams last night. Rather, you remember them or not? That's even more amazing. You can make all these great creative works of art not even remember them. Clear proof. You have creative, exceptional original genius inside you. Clear proof. Because if you didn't you couldn't have dreams like that. Your dreams would be as boring as your real life is. Sometimes you'd be sitting at the office again and nothing new would happen. Even if you do have dreams about sitting at the office and nothing new happens, you still went and rendered all of that on your own and very clear, amazing detail. And the more crazier dreams are, the more definitive proof you have, the more real your dreams are, the more they make you feel the mawr definitive proof you have because that's what the great works of art do. They make you feel something like the Mona Lisa makes you feel makes you wonder, don't want the dream you have make you feel and make you wonder. I've woke up from dreams before. I had a dream where there was a bunch of us, like standing out in a field hanging out, and we watched an asteroid er come down and it came down and there's this big white light and it hits and we turned around to run. We all got wiped out. It was incredibly well. I roque up and was amazed to be alive like, Wow, it was this. If I'd experienced someone's death before now that's creative genius to make someone feel like that. That's why people are so impressed with things like the movies and people get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a week to go right thes Hollywood scripts, and you conducive that in your mind effortlessly. You can do it in your mind without drying. You can make a Hollywood script movie while you're asleep. Dad is the creative genius. You already have a new there it is pointing right at it. That's it. So now the exercise today is to more clearly link what you do in your dreams with what you do in your creative work. Because what I'm doing right now is very much like dreaming. It just happens just effortlessly. I don't know what I'm going to say, and so if you already know how to do this, then this might help you just do it Maurin All parts of your life. If you don't know how to do this yet, hopefully we're on our way there and that right now, by understanding how you already do this while you're asleep, you can do it while you're awake and then you'll have clear proof to yourself. You're a genius because really the only person you need to prove it to is you You don't need to prove it to me. I already know your genius. I know it. I'm certain of it because ultimately there's nothing different between you and me and ultimate reality. And I've just given you clear proof be I've already proven. I tell myself that you are a genius because I know you have dreams. I know you have great creative dream, so I already know. So today let's work on clear proof to yourself that you already have genius powers in you. And it's simply a matter of we working a couple of things in your life to bring what you already know how to do into what you're doing today. So thank you for being here with me. I'm honored you here, and I love talking about this with you. As you can tell, 11. How to bring the same creative genius you have in your dreams into every day.: I'm honored you're here sharing this with me. And now let's talk about how you can bring your dreaming genius into your daily life and how I do it. So you've already heard how you effortlessly can create Hollywood movie worthy dreams in your mind effortlessly. How do you make that into your daily life? Well, it's somewhat similar to falling asleep. When you go to sleep, you have to have your mind activity cease. At some point, your mind stops. Then you fall asleep and you'll notice you have a hard time falling asleep if you can't get your mind to stop. I know since I've been training my mind better to stop and getting more silence in my life , it's very easy for me to fall asleep. I just couldn't fall asleep. I stopped thinking. Sleep comes easily if you notice that's a first key thing. Whenever you're about to fall asleep, your mind stops thinking that is the same prerequisite for doing your creative genius when you're actually not dreaming. Although some of the great geniuses have said that life is just a persistent dream, you keep having the same dream all linked together all at once. and the more you see the commonality between dreams in your real life, it starts to feel a lot like this. So if you have the power to create and be in that dream, you have the same power to create and be whoever you want to in this life now. So seeing the commonality between who you are in a dream and who you are here is very helpful. Who you are on the dream is simply consciousness. That's consistent, every dream you have, because in some dreams you may be used some dreams you, maybe someone else. But no matter who you are in the dream, you're simply consciousness. So if you can bring that same awareness into who you are now, you're simply consciousness. It doesn't matter what your face looks like. It doesn't matter what body you have or if you're wearing the same shirt is you wore to film this the day before. That's who you are is simply consciousness. You're simply aware, quiet presence. You're simply space to space in which life happens. You have a divine presence in you. All you have to do is experience the love, peace and joy of being alive in a dream, you'll notice. The dreams are often filled with terror and with complete identification with what's going on in the dream. When you're in life, trying to be a genius has the same limitations. If you want to create greatly, you can't be totally identified with where you are and what you're doing. I'm here with you right now. I'm existing as a voice or maybe a picture in your head. I am a able to exist completely and coexistence with you, and that's how I'm able to create. This is because I feel the speaking through me to you. I feel the being the voice in your head, the common connected consciousness. It's more like I'm talking to myself, which, you might say is easy enough to visualize with just a webcam in front of you. That's what it's more alike. The common the connection. I feel that and I just operate in that space. I let whatever words come out. You can see it happening right now. There's no script. I'm not reading anything. I don't know what I'm going to say next anymore. Then you do. The same is what might happen in a dream. Your behavior and a dream can often be very unpredictable. You don't know what's going to happen next. If you want to get your creative genius out, it's unpredictable. Also, it's that same raw energy in a dream. You don't know what you're going to do next, except the difference a little bit is Have you ever had a lucid dream, a dream where you realize you were dreaming? Life is kind of the same way. If you can realize this is just a dream, a beautiful, wonderful dream to experience. At the same time, though, it's not all there is. And when you can feel more connected with all there is, then you can really do whatever you want. You can really contribute, can really create. You don't have to just rely on what other people have created for you, but you can bring original fresh things into the world. And that's what's associated with genius, the same as you've already done in your dreams. If you were to put those dreams in no Hollywood movie, they would feel original and fresh to people. The same is they feel original fresh to you now, you might have some nightmares. You might have some things that are recurring. You might have some of the same dreams all the time. That's OK. Lots of days in life tend to be the same. Lots of what genius work is tends to be the same. When Steve Jobs went about making the iPhone a lot of the work probably tended to be the same at some points. That's okay. A lot of my videos tend to be the same you'll notice. It's like I'm saying the same thing in every video I've ever made. Now the words come out a little differently, but it I'm tapped into that universal intelligence. It's not something that I can hold I can obtain. It's something I can let use me the same intelligence that runs my body. The same intelligence that makes those dreams left that intelligence talk. When you're creating, when you're drawing, when you're writing, when you're typing when you're speaking, let that intelligence talk the same way you let that intelligence dream. So in other words, it's more of a matter of getting out of the way. It's a matter of removing yourself and letting that creativity come forward. Most of us the way we're set up with our egos and our life situations were more built like a damn. And the greater intelligence, the greater flow of life is like a river. And what we do is we damn it up and we say yes right here. This is me. I am this damn look. I stop all this water, you give me a great idea and I will try outside, and I'll say, Look how stupid that is. Show me something beautiful. And I'll tell you, Look how blemished it is. That's what most of us do in our lives. That's what I did for most of my life Here. Here's a test beautifully created for you. I'm gonna shred this test and show you how smart I am. Here's a girl beautiful, that could love you. I'm gonna show you how awful she is. That's how I went through most of my life. And so it was hard to have that great creative energy come. And now when I get out of the way, when I let life happen instead of try and play life like a piano when I let life happen, the creative genius comes effortlessly just like it does in a dream the same way, just like it does in a dream. You didn't have to sit there and script out the dream. You didn't have to imagine exactly what would happen if you didn't have to try and put it together. It all just went together somehow, and it may not have made any sense, and being out of came out very good. It might not be just perfect. It was original, and it happened effortlessly. Those are the same two things you want to bring into your daily life. Original. Effortlessly thes videos Don't take effort. I love making these videos. I don't have to do anything. All I do this walk up here. I'd sometimes have something I kind of think I'm going to say beforehand. I just walk up here and start talking. It's really cool. It's the same, is dreaming and it's more of me getting out of the way. It's more of me getting out of the way than it is me stepping up to the screen, because when I do, I pray in the morning. I say, Please let me make videos that will be of service to other people of used to other people, and I don't mean let me dictate what will be of use to other people. Let me get out of the way and let this body be used the same way the mind is used. When I'm dreaming, let this body be used and be of service to other people. Be of service to you because you are hearing or seeing me within your field of awareness. I'm creating this in my fill of awareness. But how different? How separate is my field of awareness from yours? When this form passes, that's okay, because we're all together. We're all one in one field of awareness, and from your point of view, you may see me talking from my point of view. I see me talking to and it seems the voice is continuing to come out of from within, and that's beautiful. We're here together and the essence of what you do in a dream. That's how it's just the same. So if you can put yourself in a position, the same is going to sleep. When you goto lay down at night, you put yourself in a position to go to sleep. If you can figure out ways in your life to put yourself in the same position, to do your creative work, to do your genius to let your genius out. Then your genius will come out effortlessly. It will just explode out into existence from nowhere. It's awesome, and I'm doing it right now with you. You could see and hear me doing it so you know it's riel and you've probably already done it before and you didn't even notice it. The more I talk with you about this some more, you'll start to remember some of the things you've already done. And so when you can set your creative life up in a way where you can allow your energy nous to simply come out effortlessly, the same is in a dream. That's all you have to do. So we'll go a little bit more about what you can do today to make this possible. Thank you for being here with me. I'm honored every second you spend here. Thank you. 12. Today reflect on a few of the dreams you have had and prepare your workshop.: today. Let's reflect on the dreams you've had before. Let us both u N b get to know ourselves and our amazing creative genius through those dreams we've already had. I hope you can see proof thinking about some of those dreams you've had. Take some time today. Think about some of the craziest dreams you've had the most amazing the dreams that you woke up and you were shocked or horrified are really happy or that you just loved and that you wanted to have again the dreams that made it hard to get out of bed because they were so good. Take a few minutes. Think about those dreams. Focus on those dreams, focus on how powerful they were and think about who made those the same brain that made. Those is the one you're walking around with right now, the same brain that could do that. The same brain that can do that can do anything else you want it to. It has amazing talents, and the more you get to know your brain and know what your brain does in dreaming, you can start to really see the potential your brain has in everyday life, so think about those dreams and connect. Those dreams were created by me. My brain made those. Wow, what else can my brain do? If my brain conducive that, what else can it do? If my brains that creative, what else can it do that's amazing and then reflect on also what you do in order to get good sleep and think about that in the context of what you'll want to do to do good work every day. So in order to get good sleep, you might have routines before bedtime. You might have things like prayers. Before you go to sleep, you might have things you do like clean up the house. You might have things you do like brush your teeth or flus. Use mouthwash. You might have things you do like watch TV shall read a book. You probably have some routines around going to bed and think about the night you get the best sleep. What do you do before you get in the bed? You prepare yourself. You put yourself in a situation to sleep. You put yourself in a situation to be a creative genius in your dreams. So the more you get to know yourself is a dreamer. Today you can start seeing that you've already got that creative genius. You already know what to do to let it out. You've got things you do before bed. You have a place you go to do your creative genius in your dreams. You go sleep in that bed for me. I brush my teeth and floss and use mouthwash and I get in the bed and I go to sleep. And that's all I have to do. I put myself in position to let my creative genius out. So then what do I do in the morning Before I make these video, I get up, I eat, I drink some water, I make some tea, I get down on my knees and pray that I will make good videos for you today. And then I will stay sober today and be a good person today and that I will do anything to serve. And then I read an inspirational book that reinforces the same ideas. And then I get up. I turned the sign back on, and I start saying whatever comes out of my mouth and I don't know exactly what I'm going to do beforehand. Sometimes a little fear can pop up like, Wow, where you going to say in the next lecture? And that's where I go back to trust. I it I don't have to plan it out. I just say whatever I'm supposed to. The same is dreams. So what you'll see is a commonality. I have the same thing I do to go to sleep and to get dreams. I do the same thing in the morning. In my creative work, I have routines. And then I put myself in a position toe. Let that creative work out, let it out. So if you can use your dreams as a reference point to see you've already got genius in you , all you've got to do is figure out how to bring that genius that already exists. It already exists in your dreams. You already are doing it in your dreams. Figure out how to bring that out into what you're doing each day. So reflecting on your dreams and then reflecting on what you do to set up those dreams what you do before you have those dreams, I hope doing this will help you to see exactly what you can do to let your genius out anywhere anytime of the day. And I hope that by going over this with you, I can reinforce it for myself. Because the beauty of this is I'm working on myself by doing this with you. Everything I do with you, I do with you and I look to refine what I'm already doing. You know how they say when you teach something, that's when you really learn it. I'm looking to continue really refining what I'm doing and by teaching you by making myself aware of all these things I'm doing and by making myself aware of these things, then I'm doing them better. I'm able to really focus on how I'm doing when I'm doing more so you can see how everything is all interconnected. So I'm honored. Thank you for being here with me today. I appreciate every minute you've spent here with me. And I hope this is something that is starting to make you go. Wow. This is really cool because that's how I feel. Wacko. I'm amazed I even made these lectures like this today. This is really cool. So thank you. 13. Einstein was big on the role to gratitude in the creation of his work.: Einstein was big on gratitude. He said something like He tried to be thankful and thank 100 different people every single day for what he was able to do. Gratitude allows you to fully unlock your brain, allows me to fully unlock my brain. Because gratitude is a state of appreciating how life is a state of being thankful for how things are a state of accepting how things are. And when you accept how things are, it's easy to let the universe speak through you. It's easy to make original works of art. It's easy, then, to serve your purpose in the universe. So what does gratitude look like? Gratitude looks like remembering all of the people who have allowed you to be in the position you're in now. For Einstein, that meant all of the physicists and all of the scientists before him that had given him the tools to do what he did. People like Isaac Newton people that I can't even remember without googling them all these people Einstein was grateful for for giving him the chance to do his work. And I tried do the same thing. Today I try and maintain gratitude that I'm alive every single day and that allows me to be here and create with you if I don't have gratitude if I'm not in the right state of being grateful, it's really hard for me to create good things for you. And I very intentionally sat down or God on my knees, prayed and asked to be in a good state of gratitude, to feel grateful for being alive prior to making this video for you. Because I can't talk about gratitude without being thankful I'm here and I'm alive without being thankful for all of the other people that have allowed me to be right here. It's really easy to start thinking how important I am when I think about all of the people who came and served before me and giving me the chance to be here. It's easy to forget that I actually matter that I am important at all because I'm simply here is a product of all the things everyone is done before me, my parents taking so much love and time and energy to raise me all of the teachers I've had , all of the schools I've want to all of the people who've inspired me online. All of the thousands of you that have shared so much positive feedback with me and said, Jerry, please keep making these Please keep doing more for us. We love this. I love this video. You may do another one. Make something else. I wouldn't be here without all of that without my wife, who's loved me through sickness and health for the last four years, who's taking great care of me, who got a job she didn't enjoy that allowed me to start my business because it paid very well. My brother, who went to graduate school and got his PhD in nuclear engineering, who inspired me to try to do more to see what can I offer because my brother was doing a great job and still is off contributing to the world and then act made me ask myself, What can I do? What am I supposed to do for this world? It clearly is not just to stay here and serve myself for all of the people who work to invent. All of the resource is online that I'm using off the engineers that work that you do me, all of the staff. All of the students taking my you to me, courses like you. Thank you. All of the people. All of the time. They've put in all the love and energy all of the amazing things we've done together. Having a state of gratitude allows me to do exceptional work from the heart, because then I don't have to have some agenda. I don't have to try and somehow influence you to do something for me. I just give completely I try and love mawr than I am loved. And that's challenging because the more I am loved, the more I have to give in. The more I have to love in the less room there is for me to be judgmental and hateful and hurtful. And gratitude is what I want every moment of my life to be filled with because I am grateful to be alive right now. There are lots of times in my life where if something else had happened, I might not even be here right now. So I must always be grateful to whoever whatever created this universe, I came to a realization like this with my wife and appreciating how wonderful she isn't being grateful for. I could not very well love her more than I loved that which created her more than all of the people who were part of her life that allowed her and still allow her every day to be who she is. I couldn't very well love her more than I loved everything that built and supported her. I couldn't love her more than I loved me. I couldn't love her more than I loved me because I'm there with her and we're together. And I can't love her more than I love myself. And so that inspired me. I need to love myself more if I want to love her more. Have to treat myself better. Have to be grateful. My body's working today. I have to be grateful for everything I have if I really want to love her. If you want to be your genius and let your genius out into the world, gratitude is the foundation of the energy you want toe work from, and you can work from that any time. All you have to do is be grateful right now. I know gratitude was not much of a part of my life. for most of my adult life. I went around, took things for granted, complained about everything that was wrong, and then I suffered a lot. And then I had a hard time creating things that were useful to people. The things I created tend to be created out of insanity and craziness, and there's already so many people are so good at creating things out of insanity and craziness that what I created was just crap. People didn't like it. And when I've started to have more gratitude in my life and create out of gratitude, then that's when people started saying, Wow, this is good because we need more things that are created out of gratitude instead of out of insanity and craziness and resentment. We need that because that's how we make this a better world. You when you can use your genius and create things out of gratitude, then then we can have a better world, right when you're creating it right now, well, I'm creating it. We have a better world with a much better world than what I might be creating if I didn't have gratitude. I know that when I didn't have gratitude as a foundation in my life, I created really crappy things, things that were not inspired, not original boring that people didn't like watching things you might think of. Like most TV ads, gratitude is where genius grows from gratitude is the field the dirt that you plant the seeds in and allow the universe toe. Let your genius grow out of gratitude. Gratitude is estate of acceptance with life. So I'm honored you're here. I'm grateful you're here. It means the world to me You're here and it's cool because I'm talking just to my webcam. And yet I feel I feel the exact communication with you. I feel that because I'm grateful and that is open to me. So it's is if I'm talking straight to you and I'm honored for every second you've spent here with me, and I will talk more about my journey of how I found gratitude in my life and how you can notice gratitude in your life. And then what role? That place in your creation and your execution you're being in living of genius 14. How I found gratitude in my life and how it allows me to reach my full potential: How did I find gratitude in my life? And how does it allow me to reach my full potential? I found gratitude in my life, mostly through suffering through being in a lot of pain and through not being grateful. Then, through all of that, when I had moments, I was just happy to be alive when I had everything perfectly arranged. Then I could see gratitude. The problem. Waas. I suffered so much because I thought everything had to be perfectly arranged in order for me to feel gratitude. One of the first times I remember feeling really deep gratitude was at the movies, with my wife seeing beauty and the beast at Disney. I just felt this joyous, a live nous wonderful. I cried and it was awesome. I usually would let fear get in the way of being happy. But right there, for some reason, I was able to fully experience the gratitude of just being alive and how beautiful life ISS . Most of the time, when I would get happy, I would somewhat sabotage it with some fear, anxiety or something like drinking or scam bling. Playing too many video games, I would often sabotage my gratitude in moments where I was happy and so I stopped sabotaging all of those moments where I was happy. That's how I found gratitude. I was covering up gratitude with all this other crap and I started to uncover it. That's how I found it. So I went to a support group to help me with this, and the key to going to the support group was realizing I couldn't do it myself. I could not stop hurting myself. I could not stop being in this cycle of resentment and anger and frustration and anxiety and depression that I couldn't stop doing that myself. And then I couldn't stop drinking on my own. I could not get my life in a place that was manageable on my own. So I went to a support group out of desperation out of maybe something would work. And then being a part of a support group full of people who live with gratitude helped show me firsthand how I could have gratitude in my life. And when I walked out of my first support group meeting, then I felt great gratitude. I felt gratitude from my dad, who had passed away a few months before, and when I sat down in my car after the support group, I felt this giant Thank you, thank you is if his prayers had finally been answered for me to start taking better care of myself. So if you're not feeling gratitude in your life, it's more than likely there. You have to remove essentially all the trash on top of it. You've got to clean up your life, take out these bad habits you've got. Take out these points of pain and frustration, and that could come in a strange form. I'm lucky mind came in such a easy for me to identify. It's more difficulty if you've wrapped your life up in all these things, like a job and other people that you then are blaming for how you feel. That's a lot more difficult because it's then more obvious to you what the problem is and that it's outside of you. The key for me to realize that was I didn't have gratitude me. I didn't have love in my life because I was shutting it out. I was lucky enough to have my life be just perfect externally and to be a disaster internally, so I could see Oh, the problems in here, the problems in the mirror and I need to do something about it. So as long as you look out at the world and judge it and as long as you're unhappy on account of the world, it can be very hard to see that you're really unhappy on account of yourself. And so if you don't have gratitude, if you haven't been grateful in a while, if you look around at the world and are frustrated with it, if you find yourself complaining if you find yourself cursing God, you find yourself cursing other people. You probably don't have a lot of gratitude in your life, which is okay. Now that you know the power of gratitude, there's a lot you can do to get that in your life. And for me. I had to clean up my life. I had to stop hurting myself first and foremost stop punishing myself. And that didn't just mean drinking. That means stop yelling at myself in my head or you're gonna be late. You're gonna be late. You're gonna be late. Stop that. Quit that. You didn't do this. Good enough. You didn't do that. Good enough. You're not a good person, okay? Just let it be and not fight it. I had to clean up my life and love and accept myself. Okay? You're going tohave stupid thoughts the rest of your life. That's fine. That's just fine. All these crazy thoughts. You ever okay? You don't have to do anything about them there there, and they're not hurting anyone as long as you don't have a problem with them. So for me, finding gratitude is taken me about a year to go through my life and to get experience from people who have gratitude to look at what they've done to clean up their lives and to be in a place where they're grateful on a daily basis. So you probably already have someone in your life who's grateful. You may not need to go to a support group. If you have someone in your life who's already grateful, then all you have to do is learn from them. If they are happy genuinely to be alive each day, spend time with them. You don't even have to talk too much. Just spend time with them. You'll start noticing little things they do that you can do. So for me, gratitude takes effort. It takes effort to love and accept myself. When I hear myself saying you're gonna be late, you're gonna be late. You did it again. Okay? Okay. It doesn't matter if I am late. It's fine. I'll get there when I'm supposed to get there. I can't control the thoughts that come into my head. But I can control the thoughts I intentionally produce. So when I hear that crazy thought to start with, I can produce a loving thought after it like Okay, everything's fine. Everything is just fine. You don't need to go anywhere. You don't need to do anything. You're right where you're supposed to be. So gratitude takes work. It takes effort. It takes learning to cultivate gratitude. And what you have. Gratitude. I have gratitude on a daily basis. I don't know how many times now I say thank God every day, but I need time. My mind is kind of idle. I try and produce a thank God thought. Thank God I'm talking with you here right now and instead what I used to do for most of my life was to say the G D word. I would damn God for all the things in my life that were messed up. I can't stand this are someone will pull up in front of me a trafficker. So to say thank God is an expression of gratitude. It doesn't matter if you really believe in God or not just saying the words to yourself. Thank God, thank you. I say that a lot every day. So practicing gratitude gives me the peace in my life, where I can then do what I'm doing with you right now. Because when I don't have peace when I don't have gratitude, I cannot do what I'm doing with you at all. It's horrible. The videos come off terrible and I am grateful. There've been very few days where I've tried to do this without gratitude and the days where I do this without gratitude. It is incredible. The amount of negative feedback I get. I'll make one video that's made out of ego and selfishness and self centeredness, and the amount of feedback that comes back is amazing. And all of life is like that. You get what you give. So when I have gratitude. I give gratitude and I get back gratitude. When I have hate and hurt and resentment and anger and frustration, I give that and then I get more of that back. So if you want to reach your potential to find your inner genius, then you've got to find gratitude. And if you already have gratitude in your life, you've got to practice it. I know I've got a lot of gratitude. My life and I must practice it every single day, and I must especially practice it prior to doing any type of genius work, you might say, or any type of creative work. Like I said in the last video, I got down on my knees and prayed before this video, even though I had already prayed earlier at probably 20 minutes earlier, I wasn't sure if I had enough gratitude. So I said, Please let me have now all of the gratitude I have for being alive, And then I got up and started making these videos, and I can feel just doing them. I'm in a much better place than I was a few minutes before I tried to start thes so if you want to do exceptional things. Gratitude is huge. Being thankful. Think of it. Every day is Thanksgiving. Every day is Thanksgiving. If you're in the US, if you aren't in a US, that might not make sense. But Thanksgiving is a day in the US where we're try and be thankful for everything we have . And I try and do that every day, every day's Thanksgiving. So I'm honored you here. I'm Thank you. For this time you've spent with me, it means the world to me. And that's why I do. This is because you've spent this time with me because this means something to you. So thank you. If you weren't here, I wouldn't be doing this. And doing this is something I love. So this is just awesome. So thank you for being here. I hope this has been useful, and I will talk more about how you confined gratitude for at least one thing today. 15. The biggest obstacle to being a genius is having a closed mind.: What is the biggest barrier to your inner genius flowering? You might think it's ignorance or not having enough raw processing power intelligence. What I've found the biggest barrier to genius actually is a closed mind. And another way of saying that is contempt prior to investigation. Another way of saying that is belligerent denial. Another way of looking at that is arrogance, intolerance, judgment. These are all one way of saying the barrier to genius is not letting anything new in or severely screening what you do let in. Genius flows from love and openness, honesty, geniuses stifled by judgment, criticism, close mindedness, pushing away, closing up, getting defensive. And you already know this from your own life. You know this because every time you've been criticized, you could feel your energy and your shrinking when a teacher gave you a paperback that said , Be year C. D. F. You could feel it shrinking. You could feel yourself trying to close up and protect yourself from that hurt when things have came at you in life. And when you pushed them away and said, No, no, I don't want this, I don't want this. You could feel your energy in your shrinking genius allows all things good and bad to happen. And genius flows in the open minded energy of life. The open minded energy which might be called ignorant sometimes which might be called not knowing genius, is put off by false knowing off, putting on a show of acting, saying yes, I know about that when you really don't or looking at a situation and saying yes, this is how it is. That is exactly how it is. I know. I studied criminal justice and was a police officer, corrections officer and a mental health officer. I spent a lot of time with people who society said were criminals, murderers, sex offenders, all kinds of the worst things you can imagine that people do to each other. I spend a lot of time with those people, and when I was in the classroom studying for my PhD, it was amazing to see how people would react around me because I would think grad school is a place for me. It greatly opened my mind. It helped me to flower in a blossom and to have an open mind about the world and for some people, grad school had the opposite effect, and not because of the grad school itself, but because genius is within, and genius is all about how you interact with the world. So, for example, we would have a case come up we would look at, and it was a child molester and the seven year old girl in it. He said that she had seduced him and that she had got jealous when he was messing around with her friend and then told her parent about it. And many of the students in the class would look at that would just contempt. No, that's ridiculous. That's awful. That is not true. It's not like that. That's not how it is. He is just disgusting, and that's it. You could see the resentment in the pushing away and the close mindedness of not allowing something that is possible just possible. So it's often easy when everything's comfortable. When you're peaceful looking around Oh, yes, everything's wonderful. It's when things get tough. When you see something offensive, you want your genius to be open, not to saying it's right or saying yes, that's it. How does But to just say I don't know when you hear people recount something that happened . I don't know what happened. I wasn't there. Anything is possible. When you look at something and say No, that's not possible. No, it can't be like that. That is the worst enemy to genius because geniuses about seeing the depth in all things and when you see the depth and all things, then you can do things that are miraculous. Like in the case we looked at, the guy was sentenced to a long time in prison, and if you just looked at that and said good, good, he won't be able to hurt anyone else. If you looked at it that way, that's contempt. Prior to investigation, you don't know anything else and you just say good, lock him up. What happened to him? If you look at it further and say I wonder how he was like that to start with, you go back and see. Oh, he got molested when he was younger and now he is doing the same thing and now he's in prison. Sure, he's not going to do anything except to other people in prison which there are other people , aren't they? So really, he's still doing things. He's just doing things to other people who do things to. What about the little girl? Now? What about both little girls? What about their mom? What have we told them? How likely are they to repeat the same cycle that he initiated them into? And when you look at things like that, then you can see the depth and you could see opportunities to do more. Then, instead of looking at, let's punish this guy. Yeah, what can we do to help? What can we do to help the people who've been initiated into this cycle of violence? What can we do to stop the cycle of violence and to not blame? Because everyone who's a victim in that kind of situation everyone is a victim. And so what can we do to help all the victims? The same thing? You see wars and conflicts. There's not one army that's right, one that's wrong. They're all victims if you think that shooting and stabbing your neighbor or a guy across the river from you is a good idea, and you had your family hurting, stabbed by the people across the river. Everyone's a victim. So what? I've given you is something that is the kind of situation that is libel, a provoke your inner defensiveness, your inner closed mindedness. And if you can know this reaction no, this reaction know how it feels when something comes up and this may not have provoked What ? Next time? Something does. No, that reaction. No. The reaction when you stop letting in information because geniuses like a river flowing and any time you stop the flow of information, you stop your inner genius from working. And you might think, OK, I can have one view when it comes to school shootings or child molesters and murderers. And I can have another view when it comes to my work. When it comes to the great things I'm doing to help people, life is very unified. And if you exhibit closed mindedness in one area that closed minded, this likely comes out in all of the other areas. Except it's harder to notice the little, subtle ways you can be close minded in your great work for other people. Those could be a lot harder to see than your attitude that comes out when something offends you, because there it's obvious. So look for it where it's obvious, see it words obvious and then go down to the root of it. And you can find all of the places because I know of course, I did this myself. I was a correction officer, and I looked at all the inmates and said, You disgust me. You deserve to be in here. I looked at them all with contempt and with no love and no desire to get to know them anymore. And no vision to see that they were a victim in there as much as all of the victims they had. I did that quite gloriously myself. And then I was lucky. After enough time serving in law enforcement and then studying for my PhD in grad school, I could start to see a bigger picture, the whole whoa. And that's part of the problem. When your genius opens up this bigger picture, part of you says, Oh, no, What does this mean about how I acted before? If I did treat someone with so much harshness in so much cruelty and now I see, maybe I didn't do the right thing when it seemed like the right thing at the time when it seemed like the right thing at the time. Send him to jail. Send him, lock him up forever. What if that was wrong? What if I didn't make things better? What if I ignored the opportunities to do better? What if I ignored helping all the victims? They at the purpose of hurting the perpetrator more? What does that mean about me? Genius? Having an open mind requires sensitivity, and it hurts. It hurts to see how you've been in a bigger context. It hurts to look at all those times when I've been cruel. When I had people share their intimate stories with me about how they got place and I said , That's too bad, you deserve it. When I looked at them and did to them what was done to them originally that they then did to someone else, I kept the cycle going. I kept them in the same place. I offered no room to be loving and expanding, offered no room to accept their story simply as possible. Not that it was the truth, that it was possible that from their point of view it was possible that that was their truth and So I hope sharing this with you helps you to find your biggest obstacle to genius . Because contempt prior to investigation denial, closed mindedness will cut your genius off, will cut it off at the ankles, and you will fall down and say, What happened to all my brilliant ideas? My giant potential. And you might not even see that your attitude your reaction to something else showed on light into where you can eliminate your biggest barrier to genius. So I'll talk more about how I've been able to see my contempt prior to investigation, to see my close mindedness about how I was able to open my mind because I had a closed mind , a lot of my life. This was my biggest obstacle to genius. And so you will want to know. Okay, what can I do to overcome this? Thank you. 16. Opening my mind has been the single most helpful step I have taken.: The miracle is, once you are aware off the biggest block to being a genius, that's all you have to do is be aware of it and accept that it's there. So when you see your mind closing off in a certain situation, just all you have to do is notice it. Seo, I don't like this. For some reason. I think this is wrong. For some reason, I see myself closing up now. And as long as you see that, then you can remain open because you can do intentionally good things. Son. You couldn't say, OK, I'm being closed minded about this. What other ways? Can I look at it? You can intentionally open your mind back up. If you don't see you're doing it, you can't do anything about it. So the biggest thing I was closed minded on for most of my life is that I knew how to live my life already. I knew how to live my life already. I don't need your advice on how to live my life. I don't need any books. I don't need any support groups. I don't need any help living my life. That was the biggest thing I was closed minded on for most of my life from a very early age . I know how to do this. I don't need your help. And so the miracle happened for me when I admitted Okay, maybe I'm not very good at this. Clearly, I'm messing things up quite a bit. What can you tell me to help? And what can I tell other people about what I've went through That's helpful to you? What can I share with you that will help you? Based on what I've been through? How can my pain suffering and misery be useful for you so that you don't have to suffer so much? Because when we are open, we can take in other people's experiences and really learn from them. I know the people around me I see that have went and done all kinds of things that have been painful and suffering. But through divorces and losses of Greer's, they loved and friends and family and lives destroyed. When I hear about how they did that, then I can learn what they learned without having to do what they did as long as I have an open mind. When I thought I knew how to live life when I thought I knew when I thought I knew I had belligerent denial be towards all evidence in favor of me not knowing. So if something came up that was very obvious. For example, I'd have another hangover waste another day in bed. I had something obvious would come up. Look, you're not doing very good with life. You got upset. You drank. You got head too much. That's not how people who are healthy generally deal with life. People were healthy and open. Handle the things that come in tow life without making them worse because there's things that are challenging for all of us. If you're loving and healthy and open, you handle things without making them worse. Just like the prisoner example, I stated in the last lecture, you handle things without making them worse. You look at everyone affected and say What can we do to help instead of making it worse? So what you want to do is have that open mind and notice. When it's not open, any area you have that is open. For example, if you're open learning out to be a genius, that's a big opening. You can use that opening. You just need one little opening toe. Let all the rest of life in. So if 99.9% of use closed off, you think you know just about everything except this one little thing here. If you know that if you have that one little area of openness, you can let all of the light and through their and through seeing all the areas you're closed off in, you can then transcend it. So that's what happened to me. I realized there was one little thing I needed some big help with. I realized that I did not know how to stop drinking on my own that clearly after years of trying and failing and trying and failing and trying and failing clearly, I did not know how to do it on my own. Now I still figured I knew how to do my own finances. I knew how to run my business. I knew how to have a happy marriage. I news theoretically in the future, how to be a good father. I knew how to be a good family member. I knew how to drive. I knew how to go the gym. I knew how to have ality body, so I thought still, I had a pretty good handle on all of those other things. But the one area opened up okay? Yes. I don't know how to stop drinking on my own. That one area I opened up allowed me to get into all of the rest of the things I mentioned . Once I started accepting. Oh, I better listen to what some other people who have stopped drinking and have a great life now have to say about how they did it. And once I started doing that that I opened up to the entire world through that one thing. Because once I saw how easy it was toe learn. Once I felt the love and acceptance come in from opening to that one thing. Then I wanted that Everything okay? Well, what do people know about having a healthy body and a healthy weight? What people know about that? So even though I had a personal trainer before, after I opened my mind up about drinking, then I opened it up about having healthy body. I started to really listen to her because she told me before. I hadn't listened, So I asked her again. What can I do? She says you need to work on your diet. The 80% of it's your diet. I'm okay. Okay. What do I do with my diet? Slow down your eating. Try and drink some water before you eat and while you're eating. And finally, Mariah. Wow! Look, that worked. And then the same thing with how to be a better husband. Don't get other people. What are other people doing To be a good spouse? Okay, let me try to do that too. Oh, If I treat myself good, then I will be a better spouse. Wow. If I treat myself good, then I will have a better business. Wow, If I don't try and exploit other people when I try and create real value for people, I will make a great business. Wow. All of these seem so simple. And yet when I had a closed mind, these were impossible for me to process. All I had to do, though, was to notice notice one area I had a closed mind on that obviously needed to change one area on where I was being closed. not accepting any help and to say all Oh, I do need some help here. I do need to open my mind up in this one little area. So that is where the miracle happened. I love the book I've been reading by even Alexander. He had a near death experience, and he went first into what you might call it Underworld. He called the earthworms. I've you kind of a primordial sludge. And he said from there there was a little light that came down and he said yes to that, and it got brighter and bigger and drew him in. So life is often lived in this dim, dark, close minded realm, and all you have to do is find a one area in your life toe. Let the light in one area to let the light in, and it will like the whole rest of the dark room up that is can be your life. So it unlock your inner genius. I know this is sounding really craziest. Might not be what you expect, but this is what's worked for me because I had a lot of raw potential before this Getting through this barrier has been one of the single most critical factors for me because almost everything else I've shared with you and we'll share with you is a result of opening my mind up and stopping a living of close mindedness of defensive ism as my first reaction. So any time someone would give me advice, my first reaction was, No, I don't need that. No, I don't need that. You're wrong. You don't know about my life. You haven't walked in my shoes. That was my first reaction. Always. So. I am grateful today to have finally open to my mind toe life. It has made the world of difference. There's no one single thing I've done that's been more helpful for unlocking my inner genius than this. And so there are some taps that you want to take to try and do the same thing and even and maybe especially if you think you are ready in open place. These will be really useful to do because the hardest place to get to this from is where you already think you're there, and then at the same time, you're pretty sure you're not there. So I'm honored you're here. I hope this has been awesome, and I will then share what you can do today to get a taste of this 17. Today find the opening in your life into love, acceptance, and an open mind.: today with me. Find the opening into your loving, accepting an open mind. Find that opening wherever it ISS, and you may be in a place where you have 99% openings or you might be in a place like I was . We have 99% close. Mind with only one or less than 1% of open mind wherever you are. Find that opening, and if you feel like your life is already very open, then find the remaining closed mindedness. Because if you feel like your life is already open, finding the remaining closed mindedness will help. Because this ultimately the same thing. It's self knowledge. Discover where you are open and where you are closed, because if you're 99% closed, it could be easier to start with the one area you're willing to take some help on. If you're 99% open, it's helpful and know all the areas you're open minded at and to know exactly where you think you're close minded, because ultimately it doesn't matter how much you really are open or closed. You want to know exactly where the openings are, where the areas are. You'll take help in where the areas. If someone gave you advice, you would actually try it. So, for example, in my support group, I was told, maybe you should stop saying the F word so much. And the first time I was closed, I said, Oh, that's nice. I'll think about that. The second time I was open, I said, Oh, I see why you are telling me this and that's the key is to see why life is giving you what you've been given and when you can see it from the bigger picture. You can see it in this space outside of you and inside of you when you can see. For example, when I was told you should stop saying there for it all the time, it wasn't because of some judgment or negative thing. It was because off the love the person has for me, they wanted me to be able to effectively reach and talk to the most people and that every time I said the F word, the negative I got out of it was much more than the positive that came out of it. Sometimes there'd be a few laughs at my harsh language, but often I would close people up with my gratuitous use of cuss words. And so seeing that allowed me to open my mind to there if you wouldn't listen to some advice in one area of your life, that's a close minded area. So, for example, think of something right now you are good. Act and think about the last time someone gave you advice on how to do better at what you're good at. And this will help you see, Are you closed minded, open minded there? And ultimately the ideas of close an open mind are all relative. Also, so think are you loving and open and accepting to doing better, Or are you pretty sure you've got it already? Are you pretty sure you've got this and you don't need any help with it? If you don't need any help with it, you'll find it difficult to do better to really let your inner genius out. So for me, that was the biggest barrier I faced my adult life. I just could not take advice because when I got advice, I had to accept them that I needed that advice that I didn't know enough that that advice was helpful, and my ego was too big for the 1st 10 plus years of my adult life to accept almost any advice. Jerry, this Jerry, that jury, this so many people that gave me so much loving advice and that I just either dismissed. Oh, you don't know what you're talking about, or I just looked at and said, Oh, I can't do that. Lots of people told me I should quit drinking and I just would dismiss it and say, Oh, you don't understand my life when really they were telling me exactly what I needed to do, and I didn't need to know all of the other details. They saw enough of my life. The message was there. And if you look at your life as the creator off the universe, every thing that comes into your life is a very personal, intentional message from the creator of the universe. And think about it like that, and then consider whether you want to ignore the creator of the universe. So the creator of the universe placed a lot of people in my life who told me, Ah, lot of useful things I could do and very directly. Jerry's should stop drinking. Jerry, Maybe you shouldn't have so much yogurt all the time. Jury. Your two hour workouts might not be such a good idea, Jerry. You might want to think more about value in your business instead of just trying to make money from people. Jury. You might be really good at business, Jerry. You might make a great teacher. Jury, you are an awesome public speaker now. See, things like that were easier for me to process because all I like the sound of that. Yeah, you're right. But all those other things were really hard to process. Oh, I don't like business. I don't like business. That's what I said most of my adult life. I don't like business. Several people at several jeer You be really good at business. And here I am trying to go in the Army or do things like engineering. And I get these very direct things from people who see. And it's a Ziff, the creator of the universe. Deliver that specifically to me. Here's a little hint about what you might want to do. Here's a little hint about what you might want to do. Their customer thing the second time in all this is a creator of the universal delivering this message through this person. If you want to be able to communicate with people, better, stop effing cussing at hm Oh, alright. And even things like negative reviews come through like that. It's a creative the universe saying, Look, my ego's been hurt by the work you created, and the main reason that it's been hurt is because it bumped into your ego. You don't have quite as little oven egos, you think you dio and so that's something you can grow with today. So try that. Try looking at every little advice you get, because I bet someone will tell you something they think you should do today. And if not today, soon enough, I think about every little thing like that is a message from the creator of the universe. And now, of course, there could be conflicting message. You can watch one news story that says something, and then the next news story will say the opposite. I don't watch the news, so maybe my messages from the Creator aren't coming through the news. The thing is, when you're open, you will try new things, and even if they're wrong, you will learn from them. So I try to met a fast diet because that was suggested it lost weight, but it didn't work out good. In the long term, it's still planted the seed that I could be thinner. It planted the seed that I could take better care of my body and lose weight. And now I'm doing that without the Medifast I using some different tips. So when you're open, you'll try these new things, and that's what it's about is trying. So see if you can find one area of your life today you're open to trying something new wind because it's hard to try something new in, and all of these little tips and advice you get from people are great opening to give you the motivation, overcome the fear of trying something new. So that's what I try and do Today I try, and when I see any advice on something Okay, well, what can I try based on what this person is shared with me? Ah, great advice I got is try praying on your knees instead of laying in bed. Now I do it and it works great. It's more focused because there's pretty much only one thing I do on my knees, and that's get down to pray. So when I'm on my knees, I know I'm praying. That's helpful. And I see some religions have the same thing. You get in a very certain position, you face a certain direction and you pray and you do it several times a day, and the only time you're in that position is when you're praying and that's helpful. It's a little reminder. And so find something like that in your life. Find an area you can have an open mind and finding area. You do have an open minded and then find the courage to try something new because all of your genius depends on being open to trying new things, Edison said. I didn't find a way to make a light bulb. I found 1000 ways not to make one, and that's how I feel. Like I've lived my life. I found 1000 ways not to live my life, and so now I do have a good way live my life, and I'm grateful for that and getting through the barrier of closed mind and contempt about life and thinking. I know that's been the hardest thing. The letting my genius flower. I had a lot of these other things I share with you in place before that, but until I opened my mind up, almost nothing else would really work. So thank you for sharing this with me. I'm honored the time you spent and I hope this is useful for you. 18. How does prayer help me and why does it work no matter what you believe?: you might think prayer really to be a genius. Oh yeah, Prayer is really good if you think about something else I mentioned in this course gratitude. Prayer is intimately linked with gratitude. And here's the beauty of prayer. Think of prayer like a 24 73 65 help support line you can always reach out to directly to the universe. Prayer is amazing. Prayer is something that I did when I was younger and I stopped doing for a lot of my adult life in my adult life. Got a lot harder. And once I finally got to a place of desperation, then I was willing to pray. And here's what's awesome. It doesn't matter who you pray to. It doesn't matter what you believe in. It's the act itself that's really effective. So it doesn't matter if you do or don't believe in God, although it helps to believe in God. It helps tomb or direct your prayers at something. But the beauty of it is it doesn't matter, even if you're certain God doesn't exist or if you don't like the word God, or if your religion doesn't use the word God, if you're a Buddhist or Hindu. Or if your religion is not big into any deities at all, that's good to prayer works and is used across every religion in some way or fashion. Prayer is amazing because it's the act you are asking. You're reaching out. You're admitting they're some kind of higher power. There's some kind of force in life that's greater than you that you can talk to, or that you can at least reach out to four help. And that's what's awesome about prayer. It's the act off, Opening yourself up. Four. Help opening yourself up for guidance, offering honestly to the universe what you're struggling with. And so, regardless of rather, you have any concrete beliefs around exactly how the universe was created in structured and organized prayer works, and I testify firsthand. Prayer works awesome. I get down on my knees and I pray every morning. Why? Because it helps because it works, and I first prayed as an adult out of desperation. And so if I look at prayer more, let's look at what I mean by prayed. Well, first off, asking what you want out of life is not really prayer that is more of ordering up prayer to me is more of thanking whoever you want to thank, just being thankful and of honoring everything in life. End of showing duty and obedience toe life. End off occasionally asking for something good or asking for help with something. So prayer to me is something where I offer myself up for service to the universe, where I admit that I don't have all the answers where I humble myself where I show my gratitude. That's what I do with prayer. Now what I used to do with prayer was say, God, I'm kind of annoyed with something. Will you please fix this for me? God, I don't like how life is. Will you please make life how I want it to be Now what of those? Sound like those sound like childish prayers to me. God, I don't like something I used to have even praying for, Like God, please take my mom's headaches away. That might sound like a good prayer. At the same time, I'm asking God or the universe to change itself because I'm not happy with it. And that tends to be a way where prayers ineffective and that tends to be a point where most people lose prayer in their life asking for something. Hey, creator of the universe. What? You've maids Nice, All but for this one little detail. Can you please fix this one little detail up for me so I could be happy with work you've done? Why do you say it like that? Now you can see where a lot of people lose prayer in their life. That's where I lost prayer. After enough times of praying for my mom's headaches, Do not go away after enough times of praying for my problems to go away. Then I just gave up on it, said Okay, this isn't very useful. But then when I got to a desperate place, a desperate place when I said Okay, God, please, I'll do anything, anything to do better. I'll do anything to get help with this problem. Those prayers work. Those prayers work fantastically well because I've offered myself up to the universe. Okay, Universe guide, world creator, who? Everyone I've offered myself up for service. Give me something to do and I will do it. Now You see that prayer? That is a big part of genius because here's the thing. Our minds are human minds are mostly processors were mostly given information, and we process it an output information. What prayer does is prayer asks to receive the right information, and nothing's more important for genius than receiving the right information. So when you look at genius that way and when you're open to receiving the right information , the universe God the creator, however you want to phrase it, the universal tend to give you the information you're supposed tohave, and that information will tend to be much dramatically more powerful. Then whatever you would have thought of simply based on your own thoughts, because anything's possible in the universe and out of the infinite world of possibilities to be given exactly what you need. That's genius. And that's more of how the great geniuses have referred to as downloading straight from the source. Prayer is where you ask the source to give you what you're supposed tohave. You don't ask. You don't say. All right, look, give me this mathematical formula. So I downloaded. You ask. Please tell me what I can do for you, and I will do it. Then you get given what you're supposed tohave. It's a ziff. All of the universe opens itself up to each part of it that wants to be seen. When you say OK, I'm here. I'm here to serve. You will get given something to do the same as if you showed up at work and said, All right, I'm here, Put me to work. That's how it works. And that's what's so cool. And so I will go mawr into how this has worked for me in my life. Because when you see how it's worked for me in my life, you might be amazed. And then I will talk about what you can do to just give it a little try today. So I'm honored. You're here with me. Thank you. 19. What has prayer done in my life? Praying has saved my life.: What has prayer done in my life? Prayer has literally saved my life. Prayer started coming for me as an adult out of the childish prayers. So the only time I usually prayed in my life before starting how I pray now was to ask for things kind of like you might look at Santa Claus. I prayed basically to Santa Claus. Here's my list. Give me what I want And then I would get mad like a child and you didn't give me what I waas. And then after a while I said, Prayer doesn't work. Forget prayer. But I remembered prayer when I really needed help and when I really needed help, I'll give you an example of three prayers. I did that really worked one prayer. I had a problem with drinking and driving. Now one thing I should tell you about genius at this point is genius is also associated with having a lot of epic problems. Because you have exceptional abilities, they must be managed or you will have exceptional problems. Usually any genius. UC will also have lots of tortured past problems, and that's why this course will help you put it all together. in a way that you can bring your inner genius out without releasing your inner crazy. So my inner crazy was out. Lots of life. And now I'm able to be more helpful and do not have to have the inner crazy running my life . So back to my prayers, my prayers were all the result of my inner crazy running my life. I had a problem with drinking and driving. I did a lot of that. And on the way, during a 700 mile drunk driving road trip I took after driving 700 miles earlier that day, I was really far out. And I said, God, please, if you get me home, I will do never do this again. If you get me home, I will never do this again. And that was weird because I never offered anything up in a prayer before that. I never actually said I do anything. I just ask for things I didn't offer to actually do anything. So I said, God, please, if you'll get me home, I will never do this again. I will never drink and drive again and you want to know a miracle. Before that, I had struggled for years to not drink and drive. I direct a car before drinking and driving, and I bought another car and I was drinking and driving again. And I just couldn't stop drinking and driving. I thought, Man, I just wanna have fun and go out. I don't want to risk my life and other people's lives. I couldn't stop drinking and driving when I prayed. I never drank and drove again. After that, I never would have more than one sip if I had more than one sip. I would not drink and drive until I'd out of full night's sleep. And that, to me, was a miracle, because all I did was make that one prayer. I made that one prayer, and I knew if I ever drank and drove again, I'd have to quit drinking. That I didn't want to do that will not wholeheartedly. So that worked. And now the thing is, I forgot about that for several years, and then I got chlorine in my eye one day when I was trying to quit drinking A few years later, I flipped out, I washed my eye out and I couldn't see very well and I was just had a panic attack. I said, Please, God, if you let me have my vision, if you let me keep my vision, I'll do anything. And I screamed at my yelled No, young, please, You know, total panic attack. And you know what I did the next day? I forgot about that. I forgot about that. Forgot about that little offer I'd made of. I'll do anything. And I said, Man, I'm having a tough day and I drank. And a few months later, maybe not even that long. It wasn't too long. Later, I found myself laying in bed. One day I gambled online the night before, and I gambling online was one of the worst addictions I'd ever had. Man, that was bad. And I would quit in 2006. And so here was 2000 and 14 and I'd gamble online again and drank a whole lot the night before and aggravated the hell out of my wife the night before. And I said, Please, God, I'll do anything to stop drinking. I will do anything. I'll do not tell me or not, you know, fix this for me. Look, I'll do anything to fix this. And right after that I had a thought. Well, finding a support group for this specifically going to on a meeting is part off anything clearly, that's part of anything. So go do that. And what's weird? I'd went to a meeting 8.5 years before that, and I said, This is stupid. I don't need this. And a week later, I was going to visit my mom right after that. So as soon as we got back from visiting my mom, my wife and I, I went to meeting. And you know what I felt? After I got went back in the car, I sat down. I felt immense gratitude. My dad had passed away, and that was the closest I'd felt to my dad since he passed away. As if his prayers had finally been answered three months after he died. His proves have finally been answered for his son to start taking better care of himself. And that didn't do it, though, because three months down the road, I found myself with liquor bottle in my hand. And you know what I did. God, Please help. Please help! Please help! I'll do anything. Please help! Please help! And I prayed like I never prayed before. I prayed constantly. Please help. Because I couldn't not drink and I couldn't drink. So what options does that leave? That doesn't leave any options. That's all of existence. As far as I could see at the time. I can't drink and I can't not drink. Please help Over and over. Please help! Please help! God, please help. Please help Over and over and over again. For weeks I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed. And finally, one day I went to go get a massage. The first time I was looking at a massage envy, and I was looking at the liquor store and I said again, another prayer. Please help. And then I realized why I'm really actually afraid to go in that massage envy. It's something new. I haven't done it before, but I was more afraid to go in the liquor store because I didn't want to know how bad that was gonna be. I went and got a massage. After about 30 minutes, I relaxed more than I'd remembered relaxing in a long time without alcohol and I had some clear thoughts in my mind that I'll summarize like this and they felt original. And this is genius is to get these thoughts that air clear and actionable in your head out of nowhere, very clear thought. If you don't want to struggle, you've got to do the work. Oh oh, that makes sense. If you don't want to struggle, you have to do the work. And so now I get down on my knees I pray every day I try and pray and be Say thank you, God, Thank you. Thank you all the time. Every time I can remember to do it Thank you. Which usually I don't know how many times a day it is. It's probably an average of about 10 to 20 times a day. Now I Fran my knees to make sure I do it every morning just because I forget stuff sometimes. So I do that I don't think I'd be alive still if I hadn't done all this prayer and then took action on the suggestions I received because what I've noticed, when you pray, you'll tend to pick up on all of the things already around you. So when I was praying the stay sober for about a two week period just over and over again when I'd pray I'd remember something. I'd heard it a before. I'd remember something someone had already said. In other words, God, the universe didn't need to deliver me something new. All that needed was for me to be reminded of something I'd already heard before. And so that's a power of prayer. Even if you don't believe in God, you're asking for help and you'll find If you ask for help, you will often help yourself. And if you ask for help enough, you will open your genius up. You will receive original clear direction from the universe as to exactly what you can do, and that has been a miracle in my life. I was at a place I was getting, or already at a fork in the road where I had to start taking better care of myself or I was going to not be alive anymore. Around this time, my marriage was getting strained. My health was getting strained, and if I didn't stop drinking and not just stopped drinking but discover a spiritually way of life, it was going to cost me my life and that much I knew, and that's how I got desperate enough. That's how I got desperate enough to pray. You don't have to get that desperate to pray. Or if you've been that desperate before, remember that and use it again. I'd get down on my knees, and I prayed to stay sober that day. I remember that desperate state I was in because remember what I said about high prayed in the shower when I got the chlorine in my eye and I desperately prayed and said, I do anything. You've got to use that desperation. You've got to keep that in your life because if you forget, you'll just soon run on your own will, and you will have no genius powers in your life running on your own will. Your own will is so far from not enough, it's hard to believe when I'm giving you are everything you conduce to go beyond your own will because genius comes from going beyond your own will. Genius does not come from being some exceptional person or doing these exceptional things. Genius comes from opening yourself up to the universe and letting the power of all of creation come through you to serve all of creation. So I'm more of a vehicle. In fact, I try and remove myself from the picture, which is not always easy. The mind and the Eagle loved to come into play. I try and prayer helps me remove me from the picture. Remove me. My idea of who I am is an obstacle because that's what happened. When I prayed and kept praying. I lost the idea off me. I thought I knew who I was before. Drinking was part of why Waas. All the things that went along with that was part of four was what was really hard about not drinking was not knowing who I waas. If I don't drink when I get upset, who am I? If I don't drink to have a good time, who am I? If I don't act out and act like a little baby when I'm upset, who am I? And the spiritually life is a huge part of being a genius, and prayer is the key gateway in it. So I hope, by intimately sharing with you the exact details of how prayer came into my life through desperation through struggle that you will either remember what you've already been through . If you already made a promise to God at some point, if you'll remember that in Unbroken and I hope I don't spoil it too much in the book, the protagonist, I guess, makes up, pleaded God. When he stranded on the raft in the middle of the Pacific, all finished says, Please God, I will serve you the rest of my life if you get me out of this and then he goes through, he gets out of it. Horrible time on the way. There is a prisoner of war. He gets into being an alcoholic. His marriage is ruining. And then one day he remembers. He remembers that pledge to God and everything gets better, he remembers. He offered his life in service to God, and then he suffered until he was able to then honor that. Once he remembered that pledge to God and started working to serve. And like I said, you don't have to believe in God. I'm delivering the story as other people have experienced it, and how I've experienced that you can get all this same functionality if you will, without believing God, although I think it's easier to kind of aim. But at the same time, it's not required. I was an agnostic before I needed God and God is just a word to God is just an explanation . It's trying to put something undefinable. God's power, the creator of the universe. The whole higher power is not define herbal by a word. One word cannot contain any faith. So I hope I've explained this to you. And if you've never experienced this before, then maybe you don't have to have a near death experience. Maybe you don't nearly have to lose your life. Maybe you don't have to suffer so much before you can get into the power off The things I've shared with you that I gained through the hard way and that so many people before me gained through the hard way that at 30 years old I can have access to it, that I don't have to goto 40 or 50 before I get access to it. So thank you for being here with me. What I will share with you next is a little bit of how you can give prayer a try in your life today. Thank you. 20. Today try praying for direction in your life and to be of service to others.: today you can get started with prayer. All you have to do is simply ask whoever or whatever or nothing that you believe in. Ask, say that you're willing to do anything to help other people will be of service to be of use to other people, to do whatever you're meant to do. So it might be something like this. Insert your DD name here. If you want to, Please give me the strength today, please. I'm open to doing anything to serve you, to be of service and of use and helpful to everyone in my life. I'm willing to do anything to serve the people in my life, to be a good friend, a good family member, a husband or wife, a friend, a good person, a good co worker. Ah, good parent. Are good person online. I'm willing to do anything to be of service and be useful to all of the people in my life and to all the people on Earth. Thank you and another prayer. Even if you don't want to do that one. There's a very easy prey. You can certainly say, and I like the shortest. Where I do is thank God or thank you, guide. Because I used to say g d a lot in my life. I certainly knew how to cuss God, even if I was agnostic. A lot of my life where I didn't know if there was a god or not. I sure knew how to cuss at God. You know G D it on this traffic is ridiculous. And now I figure I can certainly take time every day consistently to say thank you. God. And the next time a near miss happens the next time Say you almost get in a car accident. But it doesn't happen that someone does something that almost hurt you. But it doesn't. The next time you're reminded of your mortality and this will probably happen today. The next time someone or something happens, you almost trip and fall. You almost drop a glass. You almost have something bad happened. Just say thank God or thank you God or thank you to the universe If you don't like the word God. Thank you. Just an empty thank you will work. That prayer of gratitude is very powerful because if you want to be in line, if you want to be in service. If you want to be the genius you already are. And you're meant to be. You can do that by opening up to the universe and being grateful for how things are. I noticed when some car almost hit me before I get so mad and I thought the g d word out there and I'd custom personnel flick him off, ride their ass. And now, when that happens, I say thank you. Thank you for keeping this body nice and whole. Thank you for not having maybe mangled in a car accident. Thank you for someone else Not getting heard It from me being in a car accident with them. Thank you. I was going left a little while ago, so I was driving straight and then making a left turn on the light. I had green. There was a car sitting left right here. And I'm going here in the car right when I'm getting up, suddenly starts to pull out in front of me. Stopped. No reason for that to happen. And I had this brief moment around like that. Well, this is a silly and then the car stopped right before they hit me and I turned and I said, Thank God I didn't just get in a car accident. Thank you. And most of my life I saw someone else react to the same situation different. And this is how I would have reacted most of my life. I was driving into a shopping center, so there was a car stopped here and there was a car in front of me and there's no stop sign for the car in front of me, so they just keep going. But this car, as a stop sign, goes to pull out right in front of them, and they almost wreck. But they don't then the cargos around them. The passenger flicks off the car driving by and is all mad screaming, and you can see the difference in that. The difference in giving God thanks, air giving universe. Thanks for not getting hurt versus being upset that you almost got hurt. That's the difference. Ingenious versus not genius. Gratitude, openness and thank you. First being of service to the universe first thanking the universe whenever things go your way and asking, Please let me serve because here's the thing out of the infinite possibilities off things that can happen every day. For example, there's probably sometime today in some place I could go. I could leave my house at a certain time going to a certain place and I could get in a fatal car accident, and I There's almost definitely a very exact time and exact place. I could go where that would happen and all of the rest of the day is free and clear. I could probably drive almost anywhere else and not have much of a problem. So here's the thing. When I pray, I'm asking to have my actions guided by the universe in a way that's of service. And I'm accepting that the universe has total power over me as to which time that is, that the universe could easily put me in a position where I do leave at the wrong time and where I do get in that fatal car accident. That's not something I have any control over. Yes, I can drive. Yes, I can try and do my best to drive when I see the power of the universe has over all of the random chance things that could possibly happen in my life. a makes me get down on my knees and say, How may I help you? The same as a waiter might help you in a restaurant. How may I help you? You are paying the bill. You would like me to do something, I hope, And I will do whatever you ask me to do. When you respect that, the world could literally wipe you out at any moment and not notice it when you see that the world could carry you through anything beyond even your protests. When you hear the stories of what people have lived through, you respect that the universe has all power and that puts me in a position to pray and serve When something does not go well, I pray to be okay with it when I'm in a bad mood. I say I helped me to be of service to the people in my life. Please let me be the best husband, the best friend, the best family member I can be. That's what I do when I'm in a bad mood. And when things go my way, I say Thank you. Thank you, God. Thank you, universe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I get down on my knees and I ask every morning, please, I'll do anything to stay sober. Help me to have the peace, to know what I'm supposed to do. The wisdom to know the difference between what I'm supposed to do and all of my selfish ego motives and the courage to go do it. Because when you know what you're supposed to do often your mind will throw up a lot of resistance. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. We can't do that. We might look bad. We might not be received very well. We might get in trouble. You know, things like, honestly, sharing your own faults with someone that can be really fearful. And yet it's really helpful. So prayer you can find a way to give it a try today. Try it at least once today, Just honestly say thank you to the universe. Find something good in your life and honestly say thank you. It could be your spouse, your wife, husband, your brother, sister, your mom. Dad, My dad passed away last year. If your dad's still alive, say thank you. Thank you. That you have a father that's alive because there's all kinds of things that can happen, even if you're strange from your father. My father was estranged from my sisters. He didn't see them for the last 10 plus years of his life. If there's hope, even if things don't look great now there's hope. And when you pray, miracles will happen. I've seen miracles happen for me firsthand. So say thank you, Thank you. I say Thank you for having such a wonderful, loving father who was right there to save my life when I needed it and who, by passing away when he did, may have saved my life. And I say, Thank you for that. Even though my dad's not here anymore in person, I say, Thank you, thank you. So I hope you can try prayer a little bit today, and I hope you can see the miracle just a little bit of the miracle prayers done for me in my life