Genius Training: Increase Your IQ 10-20 Points in just Four Weeks

Matthew Checkley, Supporting strategy & cognitive skills

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10 Videos (44m)
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About This Class

This course rapidly builds your IQ and neuroplasticity. The core training takes only around 20 minutes per day. No more time is needed or desirable. Based on new science emerging from the scientific journals, your results are guaranteed. Along with rapid increases in your mind's processing power, the course offers an integrated program including techniques for idea generation and refinement. You will find that within only two or three weeks, your performance at work or on academic tests starts noticeably to improve. You will find challenging cognitive tasks easier and more enjoyable. This course is also valuable for those wanting to join high IQ societies, such as Mensa, or simply those wanting to perform better in all work requiring focus and mental clarity. On purchasing this course, you have a unique new opportunity - with new and proven methods - to quickly enhance your abilities. We look forward to supporting you very soon!






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Matthew Checkley

Supporting strategy & cognitive skills

Hello, I'm Matthew. I've spent over 25 years in investment banking, consulting and academia. I hold a PhD in network science and have published books and articles on strategy, risk and collective intelligence. It's research in academia that has really transformed my thinking and opened my eyes to the transforming power of evidence-backed and pressure-tested training. It's the best of these techniques that I strive to share with you.

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