Generate Search Engine Marketing Keywords, on a Massive Scale | Elias Dabbas | Skillshare

Generate Search Engine Marketing Keywords, on a Massive Scale

Elias Dabbas, Data Science for Online Marketers

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6 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • The 3 main elements of any SEM campaign

    • Doing it the traditional way

    • Doing it fast with advertools

    • Project explanation / demo

    • Your turn! :)


About This Class

Generating keywords is one my favorite tasks in any project. It's the phase where the general outline of how we are going to tackle different users happens. Imagining what different people might be looking for, and how we might provide them with what they want is always interesting.  

But how do you actually achieve this when you have a website with 2,456 products, 322 product categories, and has three different versions for three different countries? 


By the end of this month... 

Hey, I said ouch! 

What you will learn in this lesson is how to drastically reduce the time and effort required to generate keywords in a consistent scalable manner. This is a different approach from the traditional keyword research. You will be using simple programming techniques to achieve more than what you do with the traditional approach, with a few lines of code. 

This will put you in a much more strategic mindset, where you mainly focus on what your prospective customers want and how to achieve that, as opposed to worrying about those 143,254 keyword combinations!  

You will use Python, and the advertools package, a set of functions and tools that I developed for the day-to-day work of online marketers. 





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Elias Dabbas

Data Science for Online Marketers

I've been working in online marketing for the last ten years, and mainly focusing on online advertising. I have also been working on incorporating data science and programming into the daily routine of creating campaigns and analyzing them. 

I eventually came up with a set of tools that help me with my work. 

This is what I mainly share here. 

advertools is the package that has all those tools. 

Here are some presentations where I share my ...

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