Gemstone Sculptures : How to Sculpt Minerals & Crystals from Polymer Clay

Stephanie Kilgast, Artist and Sculptor // aka PetitPlat

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8 Videos (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3.1. Sculpting : Rhodochrosite

    • 3.2. Sculpting : Rhodochrosite with Quartz

    • 3.3. Sculpting : Vanadinite

    • 3.4. Sculpting : Chrysocolla (normally pale blue)

    • 3.5. Sculpting : Agate Slice

    • 4. Final Words


About This Class

An extensive class to go into depth on how to mix colors, what materials to use, which sculpting tools to use to sculpt just any mineral you would like.


During this class I am showing how to make five different minerals from scratch with my own color twist inspired from real minerals.
For inspiration, I invite you to check out my pinterest board :


The class is organized like follow :

1. Introduction
2. Materials
3.1. Sculpting : Rhodochrosite
3.2. Sculpting :  Rhodochrosite with Quartz
3.3. Sculpting : Varadinite
3.4. Sculpting : Chrysocolla (normally pale blue)
3.5. Sculpting : Agate Slice
4. Final Words

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I follow Ms. Kilgast on youtube and she is a true inspiration. Not only is she extremely creative and talented but she's also a good teacher.





Stephanie Kilgast

Artist and Sculptor // aka PetitPlat

Inspired by natural forms, Stéphanie Kilgast grows colorful organic sculptures on abstract backgrounds, celebrating the beauty of nature and implying the impending doom caused by human activities.
She built her reputation around hyperrealistic miniature food sculptures and learned how to handle what would become her favorite medium, polymer clay.
With a focus on natural forms and often ethics, she worked on the « daily veggie challenge » in 2015, where she sculpted a different vegetable every day to present the vast quantity of edible plants, while encouraging to reduce our meat and animal products intake for environmental reasons. At the same time, to brighten her own mood, she keeps getting back to insects and surrealism in the “happy bugs” series.

French, Born in 1985, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, currently resides in Vannes, France.