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Gasoline | Create an Abstract Style Poster Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

Gasoline | Create an Abstract Style Poster Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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5 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction About The Class

    • 2. Adobe Photoshop - Images & Brushes

    • 3. Adobe Photoshop - Image Overlays

    • 4. Adobe Illustrator - Patterns/Swatches

    • 5. Class Conclusion

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About This Class


Gasoline | Create an Abstract Style Poster Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
In this class you will be using Photoshop to create a fun and enaging, slighty grungy style poster.
We shall look at layers, how images intereact with eachother and how gradients, shapes and patterns come into play to create a super abstract design.

This class includes (for free):Photoshop Design
Photoshop Mock Up
Brushes Used
Images Used

Useful Links:
Unsplash Images -

Download the FREE files here.

Very much look forward to seeing what you create and am happy to give my feedback and direction.
Do follow my latest work on Instagram and feel free to tag and share to my account.


MadeBy StudioJQ

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Love What You Do


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1. Introduction About The Class: Hello, everybody. Finally back after a few good weeks working, I wanted to get a poster design together. This time for basically to share is not necessarily to show what for shop could do. I just want to give you more than insight about how I actually think about compositions. Um, touches how everything comes together because what I want to do it for this tutorial is too . Um, we're gonna create something similar to this class of the poster. We've kind of like a grungy look, vibrant colors, but not going on. So when someone looks yet they settle. Wow. But then I think I've been in towards the details of it. You can see different parts which make it a lot more interesting, especially to the subject matter. I'm going for, like, acid in because I like the idea of lucky us road trip. Um, being free, going around, do what you want exploring, basically. And that's how I see how I do my pace to work. So just to give him the quick in front intra about what we're gonna be doing, So I've got, um but I've basically got serving images for months. Plaques, which is amazing, which is where people upload their own images and you can use them copyright free. This is not for commercial work anyway, so that that works out well. And they said I've just picked up seven images I think work well, what could work? Well for the poster that is similar to the original. But this time we're gonna do you one. So on the fly, basically side that can come out similar to what I've done. There will be different, which I kind of like. So every time design something it should be should be slightly different in pretty little different, maybe nine pretty could be imprint should be improved. Um, I just want to give you example of how he can donate your images that you like and how we're gonna put them together. I've got this great and I've been using, like, coffee, Internet. This will be all these things were being created. So I'm gonna include this first shot far alongside the tutorial as well as the brushes I've been using so under include the Grinch set on the splatter set for you, Teoh. Play around with specially what you see here. What we designed what we're doing now. You have got to do it yourself alongside. May obviously created something different, but least you've got all the tools to actually create something very similar to this. So, yes. Let's let s get going on. I start working eventually. 2. Adobe Photoshop - Images & Brushes: So here we are ready today. This is the inspiration as they come out differently. But this is kind of the idea of where we're gonna go. So clicking on this is the market. You will be better than the with the class. I give you the link for afterwards. Most free market people ask what's going on offense that a few years gave it's time. You let me really wild my pace to Siri's. But as in, click into the smarts later. This is where you work in. So just forget this. But for now, we're gonna concentrate on, um, the elements they're going to go inside. So stuff I showed the background with the color doesn't really matter color for now, but put color overlay on. You can see it does like changes. Um, but this will come into play once we see what's gonna happen with the images. So we go something similar to what we had on the my suspicion grants to Brother Sun. What? So these are the images I decided to use. What sign? Once it is concentrate. Well, I'm kind of a background in its first, While cities are duplicates each of the images really to come back to it. You've always got wants you to be disquieted it and then naturalized that last and you can play around with, um, the elements events. I will see just to grab it. It could be cited. I never go over 100 for what? Of importance of one once import have a bigger always imports because you can then reduce state that the other way around. I've done this because I know I don't want to get too big. And I just want to concentrate on the flat. Um, so just play. This is basically just going to be playing with layers imagery on the flight. So I want to see what was happening about over into the into the background. So just I mainly use multiply light, and I have Let's be honest, these other ones like hard light stuff a bit too, the bit too hard that they take away of elements the focus of the of the image, say, with ones like overlay multiply, they ready? Just dive into the backgrounds, brushing. See, now that's going too far to die. So I want to do here is get image adjustments. You saturation. I just take down the saturation sits That's money. So now it is combatant. If you see now, that's multiply that sinking in to get a bill A that brings it brings out Yes, I really like So you can see this breast girl on top What we're gonna do, we're gonna go to the razor so we couldn't really get these. Grunge is a new girl again the splatters again. These are These are things coming around. 1000 1000 pixels. 100% of UK is bigger than then. You'll see that the details will take away look blurred and stuff So we don't want that. So I just have a player and see which one might want to use. I was like in this, I think Do you see Here is God edge, so wherever has an edge so you don't want to go sees the edge on that side. I'm just gonna start taking away some of this image. Just say what I just said and you're indicates what I just said last that where's the magic history protester circulators? Because you can I would take it away, or you can add to the color of the background of the brush. But because we're gonna be changing the background color are innumerable as we get through . It's better to just take away from the image rather than put color on socks cause conflict down the line. So I returned some of this stuff in some of this stuff. One here it also name. It's it doesn't get complicated. So you're saying so we've got that play with what's we bring in nets? Um, let's hope that's right. So that you, because turn that would love pull this one month. Seven. This is really nice because it's got the texture on a straightaway if you see here when it sings in getting that nice texture with the image on how it's working with, um, the flak. So for this one, we got the grunts we're gonna use the splatter, the natural eyes, that excuse May did you see that, uh, have used because you can't so you can't see what you're gonna be taken away. But again, it's the brush, and there's no because that chapel So with this, I don't have a British. You can see what's gonna be taken away from the image I don't think we want too much. So, Fox, how somebody similar to this in our religious nut Take parts away one take off all this grave It I really do love this brush is it just once just takes for the answers. What kind of bit more? This So now it was still not really saying much of the flat. So what can we play with the the layers off this, Then you can start to see how it's coming through it. I wouldn't change this problem. If you go to like that, it's gonna take everything away. So it's a bit. We're kind of like a dark, huh? So that's actually called other place is not very American aspect. Yeah, that's nice. That's not last. Now, because this is on overlay, is is it's digging into the brown, so it's really nice. That's a good start. Just going to stop the recording so it doesn't crash was one computer planet, and then we get on to the next villages 3. Adobe Photoshop - Image Overlays: All right. Thanks for that. I give my computer few minutes to rest up. Yes, This is where at the moment, kind of a nice Mandy Urban, not haven't, um outduels desert, he fill way still his a burn mind what would kind of able for the colors are different, But I kind of like, where is going with this? This one to style, uh, going back in. So we must operate in small images. So the tree one worked really well again to implicate this She These colors here, uh, working quite well with one's reboarded chosen. So I understand. Look, a placement. I'm not sure where we're gonna put the last point of the screen that you can't see that. I'm not sure where we didn't put the gasoline text yet, so let's just get the images together. What we need to bear in mind, we're gonna have seven images, maybe five socially visible, three visible. You know, this we're gonna teach us, um, so a background textures kind of mood. Then we could have some grungy start painting slopes in there. Then we're gonna have a great an image we're gonna have type and the longer religious um, patterns from my industry ater playing violence much colder. So we come back to that in a minute. It doesn't just concentrate on the trees. See what happens with these. Um, as soon as you do play with the layers on these things, they do You can see where I was gonna work. Basically. And I think my ox, if you see this orange, it's working well on that text. Kind of given it burned sorts of a fat it can be They wanna have the edges. So really goes to the razor direction of asteroids. That stuff I was gonna take away these horrible letters were not insurgents for this design . And even you can just take away on some of the images as well. So nothing is ever true. I think it is not normal. So I do like to my neat design, But this one we're going up there. Uh, it's working. Well, that's coming through. Um what nurse? I put in this image that I like. The fact has got reference back to the gasoline there. So I wanna concentrate on that day, and I think Ah, yeah, I see what we can see with this. So if you six another very important thing which I did forget to do sometimes is, uh Up will say that because you've got assuming the images inside that this fire going to be about 956. Good guilt, everyone full 500 mode because of the images we got in there. Ah, So I did parties of your slate download speed, But have you were fit? Oneness. When you start playing around, forgets the three teen. I remember when you say that just going back to the original That saved the kind of smart far within the main photo shop. But we also need to say that may 1 is why stay? Forget to do that because you're worth on this. So you work on this, you close this down and then open that and you've been working it for about half an hour. You're pumping up another good day because all that work you've been doing, we're not transparent. Say one toe that that's happened to me a few times. Say I just want to put the warning out there for that. I'm just too quickly See that it actually do preview. It is important to get back to, um it is important to get back to look at the main compositions when that's being, say, zoomed into working on it. You want to go back and just take a step back and see how it's gonna actually look, uh, I'm one have done that. I just noticed that that color before was at work and said, What I also like to do is just drop Collins form. What do you use? And so that's quite nice. Now let's give it it's been given media. I think it's gonna end up this cause you know how I like to use my vitamin colors ingredients, but we're gonna state go flat for now. We're going to save it, pop back in and start playing around with this sense of honor while also dio you can spend time with you can use the pencil or the twit selections, or just to go around to take away elements. Um, so you haven't got the backgrounds, so if you just press this, you can change the tolerance of the talk or simply shift so high on to work. The elements are trying to get, and if you don't want that. Only take your finger off shift and it takes off because we're going to super Hans tra on Solar Couple aren't in this list. Also lazy. But it's nice just to see what happens. So you see, netted the outside part Well on Prince. Let's inverse called the paste. Take off the original image. I'm not. Hasn't waas? Not to mention so turn it up, Do you? About slowly, Well started Can. Okay, when I started in now, Mr Let's inverse complete taste. Get rid of that. Sister says now we've got this crows such to six. So now I was taking off some of those. I just read it. One edges in this, that's for sure. Uh, we're gonna stop claim of Laura so soon that waas under the trial. I'm kind of life to that. How were that's not a nice place to dominant the moments that we're gonna use some of straight away. So someone in the middle still to drown from the moment. But we're gonna come to that in a minute. She was this car to pick a this Let's get it done in the fall. Um, a beast. We are gonna take out saturation on this and then see how it's gonna sink in. Tore design can. This is given lies, given too much of work. So it's kind of any really needs to sink in. Was getting to read. Now, you see, is getting to, like, hard light now, and it's just a bit it doesn't know to get put it there for now, we're going to use some of the splatter to get rid of some of the answers on that. So, again, I was talking about earlier about details that things are there, but they're not totally there. The main thing coming through now is the 66 Santa Monica, Um, some of the car there, the flag. Still kind of feel that nice. 197 And now we're gonna puts in. Uh huh. So we have. So I just learned in the color Well, it is quite big fall to be first. No, I just put everything on the I'm gonna find out where we were. All right. So we're going to this Carl Norden picture Cowgirl Turnbull, son on also gonna be up to where? Shake on that Now, the trick during this backgrounds not working some money to take off? No, this I'm doing one things to be everywhere, but kind of like I think so much of this is when we're gonna bring it the nice little Grady in, uh, it wants, but they wanted to be full of you. See that hard, like, just so safe because is at the bottom to bring into the talk. Always go below the tax so you can see the tax, not a per images on top of text. You see, that's just again. This is like live on doing this. Not so. I have a play. We're gonna take out some of these. Some of this upgrade it with the splats, Is you can see now started like different elements. Maybe large. It doesn't work. So we're taking way. That's Crittle. I think this is where we gonna get about the color background. So how much it can change instantly for the good old parts. Two dot Just takes everything away. You don't want it to for two oranges. You kind of wanted Teoh. I'm gonna came with this. It's not like you to use purple. Is it somewhere? You some purple or even steal often uh, quickly. So now this is on. I will not believe. Really? Like father, like son. You can come back, Teoh. All these all these elements were working before on the ground backup, but now returns about when you caught looking through it and see what works again on on the other color background. So we go back to this one, get back to that one. You got this kind of running through? It still isn't working for me somehow. So what? We continue here, Play with the color of the grade in this? Well, so it is. It's you like forward pump saturation. Remember, this is for what? Designing on on screen. So when If you weren't design for where, then we've got consider. So one cut. Um, it's quite nice with those colors for this form A at the moment is just too busy. Something isn't right. Let's change her too. One there as well. The ones that that's bringing in extra colors which you don't want. We want the great didn't come through, but not not make things too busy. I still don't know. Able is the way I want for this. There is in this still because here this I think we need to give it a breathing space. We need to take away some of the image. I mean to situate some of this until you launch it. But something isn't right in my small brain. So when I get quiet because when the Braves taken it, that's quite nice. We've consensually away from where we were that we maybe bring in this. This post struck today with these nice covers. Something that suit this doesn't have to sort. So there promise to change. You could make it solar. Other news. What a tall let's play with the layers again that it's not enough fest important thing You about to say that. And then we're locked and loaded and so much we perform account. That was all Brown. Now we've gone totally the direction, but it's quite a nice you always remember the the visas brands will force you can't get that is about speaker because we're doing this on the fly. So you have to change What kind of like that. And now we can look at the backgrounds, stop playing with these like so it certainly is contention. A different direction. Well, one of port night. I'm just gonna say this before question again, and we're going to illustrate an absent patterns and stuff. 4. Adobe Illustrator - Patterns/Swatches: but sources is saving knife. It's sharp. Taken ages were gonna pop into. Illustrator on. We're gonna come to more gasoline play grants. It's But this is where I have a favorite of processes patterns, cetera to see how it can help layer layer the design. Um, have you see here? Well, you see here the patterns I think it is out summit different to look at. And it could add to the flow off just just more abstract summit. Something different. So we're gonna keep that as it is slowing me, the upper tiny bags that doesn't let the kids for support on this text to live somewhere else. My real. We don't jump back into illustrator and just want to show you how to create some of these things. Everyone's got these on the basic do packet. Say, go down, Teoh, get a window. Get Teoh Swatch libraries. They get a patterns basically fits. I mean, there's lots of look up. I made me use the dots in the lines if you can see down here. So I got the dots there on, like, a pop front lines. Okay, so now I don't want to me to go and says quite a lot going on. But yes may be looking at in something like what I said when that just having a play. This is where I write to my random tools. I'm just thinking that you could have, like, a sign. This is what I mean about run. Have a sign of the news, My salt. It's but on the strength or thank you trying to think what's gonna work. But the design was not quite nice. Just creates and different Parsons and shirts You can always drop so I, and then drop on the side can. I don't want to mention to. I don't want Teoh conflict of what's going on. Always save it in this pixels. So you see here now for May and my head. It's a tree with Cem kind of pilots, but I know one house. It started passing on top. So for many has got a reason for others. It hasn't but could look quite nice. But for me, there is a reason why it's been puttin at the moment sewer looks like. And what that should have pinks nice. So really dropped from the background before. Now you consider this texture patterns going on top of the images. So there's no all, um it's not toe for total affairs patterns as well on a duplicate that the world runs multi Internet, some on different patterns freestyling that, um But I don't want too much this to make it too complicated. And like the last thing you want for nine days just to duplicate that, see how this is working on that? This these two colors worked really well, and we caught a good memory that now I'm kind of nerdy. Happier this to indicate that shape because we like her under court. Nice trade. Um, you know that still quite nice like that. But when you bring in Stingray Jin's with the screen this time, it's just I haven't said already. Nice. It brings up all the that because it's got the greatest. Working on the different images behind is bringing in the greedy in Connor's, but in the central way, on working with the texture as well, something that's really nice. So we're gonna save that, and this is the fund or that to him. We're gonna I'm kind of dinners randomly, but then it works out after sit on the copy that Chris shift copy all days. And then I will say safe. So you can see now we're going back into that kind of design is similar. It could sit in the same family. It is enough to be different, so I think it's important. Um, come on. I did cough it. Traditional. Is that wrong? This completo right now we're gonna go on that. What's really well, just to show one doughnuts on, like, take the job. I dropped this green. No, while purple again. That's not like me to use purple. That's for now. Which together? This green. Okay, what we do now in the paste in these elements from the poster. This is where we do the presentation. So you can't just leave it clean out that sometimes it really works, and I'm not even do that. But I'm kind of like playing with what we're doing here. So I've just posted everything that's just come in, I'm gonna press. I could see So we got all those. Make sure those air in the backgrounds there, so they think it over there over the paste er on the faculty. And then just see how this works using the same a mile in front of us from that. So using the same same design. But given that Bith given a home, basically, if you don't want this is horrible sidelines again. If you don't want all these details to conflict with the actual poster, this is where we go back to these parts and then we get the razor out. That really is this close. I'm gonna evacuate something. Judges, maybe even part of that. So this is another No, is that you don't want it to compete. You don't want to compete with the pace to design, But you still got the drop shadow here, Off off the poster. If you want to take it away a bit further, you can maybe make that a doctor. But you know, you're getting none of the layers and we want these works of layers to get about toe, drop them some of these clothes. So that was pretty nice, but blue for that. However, that will that no one needs to message me. Actually, when I put this up on Instagram and you, do you actually watch this or you dear timeto watch, you will enjoy it or that entry? Do you get me a comment and say whatever you wanted? A purple well, the green. So I really don't know what you want to use. Only green for the access to much, But I might revisit this. We're gonna go green. Okay, so I'll be interested. So so can your feet. But I only want you to say it's green. Well, I think that's that's actually that's the end of the That's the end of the you talk. I want absolute. We're gonna go. We could out of fifth dropper. A bit of, uh, I will put in the car. You can dip it in into the background, so we're gonna get color and so that there's too much is going on too much that my energy said that been there. So that's good. Understood, Look, including the next bit and then we're done, and then I can't wait to see what you come up with. 5. Class Conclusion: that, uh, this is it that this is the final front of design. Oh, well, with the this is the front of the science and you're gonna have I'm just giving recount on the whole class. Quickly. We started with a template. We brought in seven images which we played around with with using the layers we've played around with patterns that we've got from illustrator just to level things up, layer things that rather we've looked up brushes. We haven't gone into typography too much, but for this one, keeping it quite simple. I love my Helvetica, but that's so I think we could play this in typography that works well with, um, the content. So some a bit more it finds on the Route 66 they just does. You know what we can play with taking away touches from the front, But for now, which came that quickly, um, works in the same kind of style, this one. But it's very much in your face, but quite ball. But I quite like my kind of start said, If you have enjoyed this class, please let me know give comments on my class and sculpture, get comments on instagram what you've liked, not like about the class. What I can prove on on any feedback. Oh, account way to see you come up during designs. Then I hope that I can inspire so on, then for when you come out. If you inspired me back. So that's that's what it's all about. The so yeah to, um, cuts me on. It's got made by studio, Jakey. Attack me comment on. Then we get from that and then we'll see what we come up with next. Thanks a lot for watan on. I see you see?