Gardening to Attract Beneficial Insects | Tiffany Selvey | Skillshare

Gardening to Attract Beneficial Insects

Tiffany Selvey, Passionate Organic Gardener

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8 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction

    • Types of Beneficial Insects - Pollinators

    • Types of Beneficial Insects - Predators

    • Types of Beneficial Insects - Parasites

    • Attracting and Keeping Beneficial Insects in Your Garden

    • Easy to Grow Plants that Attract Beneficials

    • Creating a Pest Management Strategy

    • Conclusion


About This Class


Beneficial insects, such as bees and butterflies, not only serve the important function of pollinating our fruit and vegetable plants, they also include those insects which do battle against pests, such as fruit worms and aphids.

In this class I will discuss the importance of different types of beneficial insects, as well as how to attract all kinds of beneficial insects to your garden. Topics in this class include what to plant for different beneficials, gardening practices to keep these insects in your yard, and common garden practices to avoid in order to keep your yard active with beneficial insects all year long. We will also discuss how to create an Integrated Pest Management Plan that works with nature, rather than using harsh pesticides, to keep troublemaking pests at bay. Organic gardening is all about finding balance, and this class will help you learn to cooperate with nature to create balance in your garden for an easier, safer, and healthier garden for you and the environment.

I hope you will join me in exploring the insect wonders we can find in the garden!





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Tiffany Selvey

Passionate Organic Gardener

Some of my earliest memories take place in my grandfather's garden. We would walk around this magical place, snacking here and there on whatever was ripe at the moment, and listen to the birds sing. It's safe to say, I have loved gardens my entire life!

In 2012 I got serious about my obsession with gardening and became a master gardener. Since then, I have spent time volunteering in museum gardens as well as teaching a variety of classes including Advanced Master Gardener Train...

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