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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. 1 Garden Feng Shui Intro

    • 2. 2 Guardians

    • 3. 3 Pairs of items

    • 4. 4 Garden globes & weathervanes

    • 5. 5 Yin, Yang, Metal Element

    • 6. 6 Water Element

    • 7. 7 Earth Element

    • 8. 8 Wood Element

    • 9. 9 Fire Element

    • 10. 10 Whimsy

    • 11. 11 Color & Religious statues

    • 12. 12 Entertainment

    • 13. 13 Meditation garden & Project

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About This Class


Everything has cosmic energy, known as chi. When chi flows as a meandering path, this causes us to slow down and “smell the roses” and notice the beauty. If movement is blocked, disrupted, trapped in a dead end, funneled through tunnel-like paths (rushing chi), or forced to cascade over obstacles, this causes disharmony and is considered blocked flow and energy. Chi responds and is encouraged or deterred by certain light, sound, color, height, shape, and movement. Using feng shui principles balance and create positive flow while diminishing the negative, therefore enhancing life’s force.   

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Cheryl Oed

Feng Shui Consultant, Instructor


Cheryl's extensive study of the metaphysical and mystical provide proven tools that are catalysts for change and self-empowerment.

Her other interests include Enneagram, archetypes, mysticism, astrology, numerology, Jungian psychology, symbology, shamanism, healing & massage, painting, and the arts. Cheryl is a published illustrator of children's books.

2017 Year of the Red Fire Rooster,

Cheryl Oed (FB Bus Page) (You Tube) (Skillshare) (Twitter)

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1. 1 Garden Feng Shui Intro: Hello. Welcome to Gordon Sanctuary Fung Shway. Everything has cosmic energy, known as G when she flows and Amanda Ring Path. This causes us to slow down and smaller roses and noticed the beauty if movement is blocked , disrupted, trapped in a dead end, funneled through a tunnel like path or Russian CI, or forced to cascade over obstacles. This causes some disharmony and is considered blocked flow and energy. She responds and is encouraged or deteriorate by certain light, sound color, height, shape and movement. Using Fung Shui principles to balance and create positivo while diminishing the negative. Therefore, enhancing life's fourths. This funds weight class is a little more complicated than all the others because we're going to use all five elements in different areas. Also, where they used the entire bagua and go all the way around are yours or our garden. And as you can see on this functionally template, the bagua, we will be going and enhancing all the areas. So our wealth and prosperity, reputation, relationships, creativity, travel and helpful people, career skills and knowledge, family and elders, and so one. So each of these areas will have different elements that help boost Um and items. And so the entrance of the garden is important to mark in some way. I don't have to be fancy. It could be two stones could be two bushes or shrubs. Perhaps you have guardian. Some will talk more about that in the next lesson. The meandering path is the best way to go through a garden as it slows down the CI so we can smell the roses. So what kind of garden are you interested in this year? Flower garden? Do you just have a terrorist to work with? Perhaps you're playing with the sun room or meditation area, the vegetable garden, our greenhouse, herbs and fruits. Of course, you can have a garden with just potted plants. And then there are. Those of us who like to entertain, said there would be an area for socializing and a grill table and chairs, not sort of thing 2. 2 Guardians: several Carless aware the entrances. You may be coming up pulling up in a driveway and coming into the garden area from that area, or a sidewalk, or even from a back door. Either way, all entrances like guardians again. These could be two stones to animal figures. Two large potted plants. It is important to mark the entrance, the main entrance of your garden. It's lovely to have a seat for two somewhere in the garden, somewhere where two people can sit and shot, or you consider alone a write in a journal, perhaps contemplate, reflect on life in a meditation area. Or perhaps there's an area for entertainment. And so you put up, provide a picnic table to feed people to sit around and have fun. Perhaps you grow food, fruit, Berries, herbs. So what kind of garden might you grow 3. 3 Pairs of items: Let's start in the southwest area. This area is ruled by Earth, so fire is a good thing in this area. It also rules partnerships, relationships and the marriage area. And love, especially good toe have pairs of things. Animals that mate for life. Turtles for longevity. A crane, Mandarin Duck Bunny's lovebirds Doves. Peonies are especially good here. Roses, sweet smelling plants and flowers, heart shaped items. Kupets, Venus. Anything that relates the partnership. Romance. A marriage. Pairs of candles place on a dish, a ceramic dish. Any earth items, tiles, slate. This is a good place to put a bench or sitting area or a meditation seat. Squares and rectangles like to be here, and fire nourishes earth. So all lighting pink and red items and, of course, fire pits, grills, incense burners, candles that you light are especially good here. 4. 4 Garden globes & weathervanes: depending on what color you put where golden globes or very bulls have circled, like to be in different areas. It's especially good to reflect a negative thing in the area. So, for instance, if you're next to a business that's noisy or how sharp edges or that is an eyesore, you would put the garden globe on that side of the garden. Other items that you might want to consider or weathervanes, and so different animals have different meanings. For instance, the Dolph would reflect piece docks everlasting relationships. Ships are smooth sailing an arrow would be a direction Chinese a Signe Brewster as a proverbial mascot to the five virtues. Civil responsibility, marital fidelity, courage, kindness and confidence. Remember, have fun with function. 5. 5 Yin, Yang, Metal Element: Yen and Yang are terms used to describe the qualities and functions in relationship to each other. Getting young can be described as opposites. The symbol for yen means the shady side of a hill, while Yang represents the sunny side of the hill. For example, if you ask of the ocean is yin or yang, the answer would be both. The aspect of the ocean, which is deep, dark and still is very mean. It's aspect of motion with rolling waves and rising and crashing is very yang. If you ask a hill. If it is, you know, gang, it depends on Woodside or which aspect relative to a plane. Ah, who was young but relative to a mountain I was 18 in and yang or polar opposites. But they are what they are only by relativity to each other. They are dependent on each other as you cannot describe the darkness without the relative light, and you cannot describe the death without shallow, shallow worm is only yang when compared to cold because of his yen Compared to heart, a man who is quiet and withdrawn is said to be very 18 next to a woman who is active or outgoing and fiery. And the point of these descriptions is only to describe the balance or the lack thereof. If a person has an illness with fever, his yang is over active and consumes is yen. To restore the balance to this person, it is necessary to subdue the yang and to support the so when a garden some very is, prefer more yen, like the career area and the helpful people travel and then other areas, like the south in the southeast in Southwest, like more gang or fiery items. So let's talk about metal items in the metal area. Is the cobra your area north? Also think about wrought iron, metal utensils, brass or bronze ornaments. So we're candleholders. Chinese things. Sculptures from metallic picture frames, decorative metal work, bird bell skunks, electronic items, anything made with metal. The North is gin nurturing, CI caring and protective. Be aware that it doesn't become too heavy or sleepy. Good to bring lighter, more yang energy to counterbalance it 6. 6 Water Element: Although water likes to be in the north or water element, you just want to be careful not to make it too heavy or too sleepy. It's the things that like to be in the North area or colors. Navy, black, dark purple, dark colors, organic forms, irregular or free forms, things that reflect like water. Whether elements fishpond, fountain, birdbath, see shows, turtles, frogs This is a good place to put metal items as well. Chimes, bells, mobiles, mirrors and sound. This is auspicious to put something black here, or navy or dark purple or Gramick. Shapes are especially good in the north area. And remember, if you don't have a lot of room, a C show is a great water element to put in this area. 7. 7 Earth Element: the southwest northwest and center off the gardens love the earth element. And so there are a variety of things you can place here. Things made of sleep. Stone, glass, sought ceramic tile, cement or clay. Turtles like to be here. Elephant with a trunk up. It's a good money symbol. Beautiful glass globe is a symbol of clear mind, intuition and sharp thoughts. All glass items are considered the earth element, as they made from sand, so times that are made from glass, the glass globes or the fairy ball. Any crystals or stones are especially good in this area. Often the sunder is a courtyard, and so courtyards are where people hang out and are often made of brick or stone have an area with sitting in. 8. 8 Wood Element: the southeast on the east. Like the wood element ground. Cover low growth plants purple, navy, black, teal, green and blue colors. Symbols on long of longevity, such as peaches, deer or a turtle. Would area is a good place to put a water element as what are nourishes. Would a fish pond a fountain bird Beth Frogs column shapes water nurses would. Southeast also likes the wood area, and that is the wealth area, especially good toe. Have coin shaped leaves, shrubs or trees. The colors purple, blue, red and green are also good in this area. What are elements are best placed here? Buried treasure and coins are especially good as this will enhance saving money and putting money away for a rainy day or retirement. So placing coins in a small box and varying it in your yard in the Southeast area, the wealthy area. This is a simple way to enhance saving money for retirement. A rainy day 9. 9 Fire Element: the fire element likes to be in the south or the southwest. Fire elements or anything. Lighting lamps, candles, incense, anything. We burn leather. Adelman's fire pits are grills, points, triangles, pyramids, the color red and pink. And our son. So any son elements? Ceramic sons. These are all good for both the south. On the southwest, all animals are the yang fire element. And so any animals that bring activity or young If we place a bird feeder here, this will attract activity, which is also young, but only if we feed the birds. And if our bird feeders are full food. 10. 10 Whimsy: the West area is considered the Children creativity area, and this area likes metal and water. This is a great place to put a bench or sitting area a meditation seat. It's a good place to draw, paying right journal or be inspired. It's a good place to put a labyrinth stepping Stones path things from our ancestors. White metallic colors. Gold, bronze, silver wrought iron. Oh, good clocks, electron ICS trophy and elefant dome shapes round shapes. Birth also nourishes model. When whimsy is brought in, there is more joy where laughter hope the life. Illness, playfulness. And don't forget a garden. Be on just a wall. Born in close. Gordon. Remember Succulent Gordon? This fine, but do not put prickly, pointy stabbing planes plants near any door or endurance or along the walkway, or especially where you said and meditate. Prickly plants are not good. Four. Providing friends 11. 11 Color & Religious statues: if you are going to place religious statues or angels or cherubs for any images of a mentor for a spiritual teacher, the helpful People Travel area is best for this. This is in the Northwest area. The Syria also likes metal. It's a good place to put any metal items. Chimes, bells, timepiece, globe, sun dial, compass, weathervane items from a country you want to go to. Treasures from good friends. Photos over personal hero. A beloved ancestor, a religious statue. Francis Emphasis E is especially good here, and the benefactors area. Good to put things here made of earth as well. Dome round shapes are especially good. Don't forget about color color pops things out in a garden, and so having colorful flowers or items are especially good. Have fun with function way. 12. 12 Entertainment: so many of us like to have in area in our yours or Gordon where we can socialize, hang out with friends, enjoy the company of others, play games or have our Children have friends over and entertain. Have a tea party. Or maybe just a quiet evening in front of a fire pit with some cocktails, lower lighting, maybe a feast. Lots of food, music, entertainment. Whatever you enjoy, Have fun with function way. 13. 13 Meditation garden & Project: so, whatever the purpose for your garden, no matter how big or how small I have. A friend who has a very small labyrinth in her front yard works perfectly. Meditation garden is lovely toe. Add to the garden area as it brings peace and quiet and grounding to the family. Do you share a photo of your garden? We're sure the kind of garden you are creating this year. I'd love to see your gardens, your flowers, even if it's a potted herbal garden. Greenhouse, herbs and fruits, potted plants. Your entertainment area. Perhaps you're just working with the sun room. I enjoy creating a garden sanctuary and have fun with Fung shway. If you have ideas for other classes you'd like to know about, please let me know. I'd love to hear them. Thank you.