Garageband for Songwriting and Music Production - Module 6 | Frank Cuccaru | Skillshare

Garageband for Songwriting and Music Production - Module 6

Frank Cuccaru, CEO at Meijin Limited and Apple Certified Trainer

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25 Videos (2h 21m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Introduction to Module 6

    • How to use the exercise files

    • 600 Housekeeping before Mixing

    • 601 Playing with the volume faders

    • 602 Arrangement track

    • 603 Tempo changes

    • 604 Diving into Panning

    • 605 Intro to Automations

    • 606 Copy, Paste and Delete Automations

    • 607 Applying more Automations

    • 608 11 Essential Elements of Mixing and Mastering

    • 609 Using the Equalizer

    • 610 Equilizer Automation

    • 611 Audio Units Plugins

    • 612 Locking Tracks and Improving Performance

    • 613 Basics of Compressor and Limiter

    • 614 Exploring the Reverb

    • 615 Exploring the Delay

    • 616 Ambience effects Chorus

    • 617 Flanger and Phaser

    • 618 Tremolo and Vibrato

    • 619 Mastering your Project

    • 620 Sharing your song

    • 621 Congratulations


About This Class

Module 6 - Mixing and Mastering

Is Garageband considered for professional audio production?

Garageband isn’t less powerful than Logic Pro just because it’s free; People don’t pay attention to the things that are free in life. Just because it’s easy to get, it doesn't mean it’s not worth getting it.

I have been using Garageband since its release in 2004, and back then I used it to compose music for theatre.

With the continues improvements to Logic Pro throughout the years, Garageband has inherited some of the best features from its older brother. Tempo changes, Key changes, and some significant plugins for mixing and mastering, just to mention a few. GarageBand is a fully equipped music creation studio inside your Mac with a complete sound library that includes instruments, presets for guitar and voice, and an incredible selection of session drummers and percussionists as well as a vast selection of Synthesizers.

Can you make a professional recording with Garageband?

We can safely answer with a resounding YES!!

Garageband for Songwriting and Music Production

GarageBand is your swiss knife for music creation and audio production. Here you can record ideas, get your instruments blend with others available in the library in seconds.

Learn how to navigate the interface and create your first project by using one the available templates. If you have never composed a song, Apple Loops can help you in doing that. You'll find thousands of loops to add to your song and hundreds of instruments to play. All these tools will help you shape your compositions without the need for expensive equipment. 

If you are a musician and wants to record your instrument and your voice or two instruments simultaneously, Garageband helps you do just that with ease.

You will learn how to record, edit, mix and master your music whether you are a beginner or not. 

Get to play different instruments from around the world by using your computer keyboard or a midi keyboard.If you have a guitar, bass or piano, you'll get to try a vast array of professional sounding effects and include them in your composition.

You will learn what equipment is best to get according to your needs without breaking the bank.

Learn the 11 essential elements of mixing and mastering that every professional sound engineer use for a major release. 

Garageband is your Music laboratory where your creations will start to take shape and make your ideas available to the world. 

I can't wait to see you on the other side and start to compose today!






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Frank Cuccaru

CEO at Meijin Limited and Apple Certified Trainer

I have been using Macs for over 15 years, and I have been teaching it for the last 10.

I am passionate about teaching and sharing my skills and discoveries with people who are willing to learn and share as well. I have used Windows systems in the early 90's, and I was a bit intimidated by the Mac when I purchased one for the first time almost two decades ago. So If you are a Windows user, I know what you are going through.

I honestly believe the Mac can change the way you work o...

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