Gana más Seguidores en Instagram con las Tarjetas de Identificación | Instagram Marketing | Diana Muñoz | Skillshare

Gana más Seguidores en Instagram con las Tarjetas de Identificación | Instagram Marketing

Diana Muñoz, Instructora Online

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8 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. INTRO Skillshare

    • 2. Importancia de las Tarjetas de Identificación

    • 3. Cómo crear tu Tarjeta de Identificación

    • 4. Personalizar tu Tarjeta de Identificación

    • 5. 3 Formas Diferentes de Escanear las Tarjeta de Identificación

    • 6. Cómo Escanear DESDE LA GALERÍA de tu celular

    • 7. Cómo Compartir y Guardar las Tarjeta de Identificación

    • 8. Usos para ganar más seguidores con las Tarjeta de Identificación


About This Class

Hay una nueva funcionalidad de Instagram que mucha gente está subestimando. Hay personas que dicen que esto no sirve de nada, que lo están copiando de otras plataformas, que no va a funcionar pero por el contrario, yo pienso que está aquí para quedarse y es una gran oportunidad para que consigamos nuevos seguidores de una forma mucho más fácil y eficaz.

En estas lecciones aprenderás:

  • La importancia de estas tarjetas
  • Cómo crear tu propia tarjeta de identificación
  • Personalizarla
  • 4 Diferentes de formas de escanear las tarjetas
  • Aprender a compartirla y guardarla
  • Usos para ganar más seguidores

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1. INTRO Skillshare: well, the chickens going down just like the animal in your women You says they corso percent on Brocato Just a Colombiana Polices photo processing Tambien tengo jackal Serious annual experience Yeah, and smooth. I mean, but it's a kids movie. Morning Renaissance hepatitis person Stand up innocent person, though in the lanes. Ok, kidding upon the defendant. That's four months from a poor considered look Amazon in esta classes and in an instant sisters coming corn concept is hot. Hey, not the had variant because, um but I can t in the post minus case that comes a lot is Come on, I'm gonna cuenta comic your coat on illegal Kuwait it insulin instagram a person in the front one predicate up in their Mila's stop that members happen in that case and hit them Mama said Brenda comically toe probably hit that. They identification any signal caller personally SS hate us. Come across. Compare a color that I am Oh, jeez. It, um Ian Khama intact. Taking yourself is mama's up in that ass. Kanye last hit as they prosper Sonus Europeans Okay. Testimony in close unturned in America must seem us and and sisters some attending Captain the common scandalous tambien de pronto someone in in Quintana letterhead, Argon in the world, and then throws several those of sister and dresses like a mullah oneness. Kanye A System Anistan trade school. So central, a sweaty mess, election ish from suffering their karma come Party Assistant Head has a very difficult issue on E Coma Boy. Securely starless Occupy cannot know, but I could still plus again that no city that is a man emerges locus. There's the sand looking for somebody. Lego, Kayla's cardigan Nikolas a one that throws a party, the projectors for my skin. I've seen with the study for a squint, and I came in and be issues. Brendan. He settled with the front of our album Deep or one concern. OK, and this is a spent hours who study it doesn't really a six year they project of the sq Sure that's the course. E wasn't really likes. Eunice kicking off mental health 2. Importancia de las Tarjetas de Identificación: April KPN Circus The Stark It does the scientific assume Some unimportant this, but I don't notice a curious noise. Wascana, Hanta, Scania Another header Even difficult issue on Instagram Nobody would ever know in Tanita Castle. Um entertaining those apps, Eunice, the less I give them a little over two feet Then I would know that ultra four months, but return it looks, you know that then there's a year is nose I mean, maybe some retro Southern hete and difficult human for people go to Vegas system in Tanita loves young kids. I'm a mother turns younger bottom kissed on a so called gun and life for you in town Says has come Okay, this classical moon and boom No, They said that I had to come on a Miami Instagram. You know Nikko getting is security order to perfect. No, I must Yes. Come on. Canada hinted Big toe feel tape. Will there be okay when they're supposed to remember those harsh tax kept member ideas may cause us disappear. Then they said it would be a cigarette. No eso that had scientific us. You know a Delahanty supplemented those apps units. They look quite lovely. Made Some boat owners were good on the case. A follow or Segi as what is the case? Europeans. Okay. Is that opportunists? Multiple separate consecutive securitised. 3. Cómo crear tu Tarjeta de Identificación: It's a Accardo, Angela Ponta Jeremy Cellular, but apart. Most likely less passive sentences in America and made Accomazzo, said IHS. He ran a stripper feel than the clicking a party in failure. The nature, I think Amazon a stroke. But it feels e out of almost every element. New Kistane apart the superhero, the nature the most, like, I guess I would hope. CMJ Obama's hit the identification so says not supported, stops Young s park. It can in tow. We have never soon and see whether instagram intense is Let's recommend. Okay, actually, since you application Ottawa Maseca A demo simply can't hit the identification. Best doesn't hit scientific issue years looking at him with a Scania articulated directamente a super field. 4. Personalizar tu Tarjeta de Identificación: I defended this four months, but a poor person, when he said, is to start hit of the difficult young e liberty, medical support, etc. Is Is the the cooler in a part of superior sisters when customers come in a category a cooler? Yes. Again, I must computer the school or this tournament took a mostly apart quicker party. Fundo there Saturday hater. Yeah, you know, Giacomo Quattro up soon is the color e ss uniform a day personally start letterhead. CMAs click another button to start. You okay? Secular bombs Otras pop Souness SLMC on the Amati Corneas is sick. Animals come here Are the emoticon or the emerging the most clicking quicker part El Fondo It's an about it. In the new movie called Over a Month on the emoticon landscape almost daily, Anton says the stairs when in the hell stay the same. Yes, See poco poco one personally Send those without a head old rob soon. But personally sorry is to start hit us is a gift on the creek in there but on the area. Yeah, you know, support as a lobster on the selfie, Intense says. I promise Sukarno's Una foto a personally sadness that are hit Coma Jojoba psycho on a cell free media society A policy myself. He paid a supplement to conceal a prima s pastas were, you know, in Tanaka moist. But I guess there's a second in certain instances I yesterday animal selfie a secure personally Sorry, is that hit our mass for that leak in Cork Airport Elop Antalya. But I can be Ah, is the sticker kissed in Semen City in terms says you will say it has quite a Sonus mistake was selfie corner but Pakistan a parting failure When the age a kill me hit personally sell sisters in Second Minister Selfie lives with telephoto care and compare the sticker Olivia Lapointe said solamente cannon Quite apart from the list of Antalya I commerce and contest a commando emoji the meter hit Secure the repetition A photo cinema bestow boiled water taken apart the super your trees in the Salton Sea to case it repetition a security company Is that hit that called me? Some egos do it clicking apart the superhero are the richer that custody couldn't compactly Yeah, I'm a lovely you know, Antony Beaumont on the up soonest. But apart from party is that Arcata Day and difficulty 5. 3 Formas Diferentes de Escanear las Tarjeta de Identificación: are. We almost have transport among different and this couple is really sad. But it's Kanye is the star caters the event. If you cuss you, Anton says. Com os, That's enough insanity at Nueva Pedo Japan's okay, wasa he seeing the in mutual intense sister standing. Kathryn, there s Kanye last hit us the otras personas. A cow some wasn't really is the part of them, isn't it? Because union apart the infant your ah, um about uncle is is commuter Kate at the identification And don't sell CIA Most cliquey? No, but I believe that camera You just almost did it. Captain of the Temple of a Meter Hit and difficult. So nobody like Kama ladies and normally so are you E apron. Is Kanye letter hit? Yes, I go in the forum apart as Kanye s test are hit as the scientific as soon IHS Yanda knows Allah party they less historias The Instagram does a second apart The super your No Saturday Lacombe A doctor Most of what I'm a sucker in a photo. I don't really help with the most. Come on apunta like Decatur, East Austin and even the Windows assistant. And although comma K Instagram job record knows a kid to assess intent. Understand? There another hater. Eat there like a nose. A little hit a kissed us In Fontana. Scania drops young getting open a monster. This boy is the trouble. Boost cologne or they'll explode. Alert and about the superior or the nature The rules. Color Condominiums. Click Ionel Body. Dennis Conner. He's implement a weapon. Thomas A letter Hate identification. Kestas intent on those Kanye E. 6. Cómo Escanear DESDE LA GALERÍA de tu celular: e tambien i autopsy on the state of Laguna Obscene Boehner's the Commerce Tanya Hidta case . It would have been taking his word and to salute. Anthem says, Come on a moocher handle and beside ot decided that hit us the President of the Lemon India that we made Oh, no, sit alone and we are to salute it took us a second is in my hand and try to save him every single upwards s Kanye no in turn says in stock down while said you spent Saarinen S o e news. You know stop! Soon the they and Difficult another Pakistan were the Andhra to sell you like this is the most I don't subsumed esperamos ear, nose and a part of this candle Del bush Colorado can apart the super your upper atmosphere Know Sandra Strata Hate they even difficult Young is Kanye Hidta the scientific as soon he and the party super your the nature Nobody apart Say when a man can Allah muslih casinos ballot access So unrest regular area B I promise was car letter hit kicking nemesis Kanye in this the car. So you're wearing tortoise? Kanye is like a thing. What? Come e automatic. Um, in the instagram. Recognize a letter Hete pianistic. Ahsoka. Majority said yes. The Quinta Melissa K was your legacy. And the focus orchestra is nowhere and secure. U S stock went up a little bar La opcion the second eyes Quint. 7. Cómo Compartir y Guardar las Tarjeta de Identificación: you can tell Jealous. Have explicable for my coma. Comm party s that Arcata, the scientific US human, fatal avoidable famines united a car in the part of superior or the nature the doodle Quetta. The identification, Estelle. But on the comm party, I kind of already you know, in Tanita Anachronism Montagne the obscure, earnest but a comm party dress that hit think went in the Yorkis Eustis on before Use a iPhone Lissouba apart said, You know, soon part of people in this country is that I hate that they wanted because you're an automatic amended Beddoe Inter caste. So the will be my actually says You're the Andre Amedure's rememberance a lope. Soon they were That is my intern says La opcion Kotok Sena Costa. But, I mean, you print a poster champion is the envy our lab for millions a e made over millions. Messenger said you killed And that is that. I hate that the scientific assumed in through the Missoula lopo. Amanda a minusma put me a messenger. And those says Artemis Messenger. Mm. Was Call me Misma Deana. Who knows this assistance plainness. That Exactamente part of this point was car soon number even Barbara said, I intend says you're going beyond Melo Army misma equal Normal Um video Army Messenger Instances in a party in February scare that I am bottom Cito acquired. May already impacting human you e I and us a window soonest a safe until says Bonallack like I am Jack. If I were the directamente, then throw the Amiga. Lydia e I Jaballah said, Look, a job is Quetta, Minneapolis. Gotta get comfortable. Oh, accepted. Accepted A contract on the form a killer was the Makoto Stairs May go, Sammy. 8. Usos para ganar más seguidores con las Tarjeta de Identificación: Quentin styles getting an instant hit. The scientific us You this kinda interested also computer. I'm wintrust close escape when I say but upwards in their secure isn't wheels opportunity. There's that kid. Antone's a Llamosa Avelar. The defendant is also sisters, like a punch in the nose of yours. Well, so they decided that that hit that and threat to whip Cyclops responders and throws a party . They contact the autumn in the place partner. Then throw the sidebar the toe blow on a passport, lacking teleplays coming in quick. Your moment for that. The website Aleppo. A city lease are then thrill of fear money we may tambien siestas and the Jude Amanda's recommend. Okay, compartment intra Facebook just CIA, NSA cuenta personal old and throw the Yet in the noon from page with innumerable compartment and sat Arcata, I is a good omen that came with your mental capacity. Dambe employing. Compare piers that Arcata. Then throw your soup, interest, chicken and interest. All sisters carry on videos. Remember when annual s hidta then will be the swastika mutual? He'll attend the poor, the areas can your sister kids. It's just us. Immunity under physical old restored on tape, one important instead. Hidta. They difficult soon in LaMontagne Now, when the porta when almost rather the city and the faucet in a Paluch testament appointed hard and Matic ETA they lost lactose open Cloudflare So this point the hard and as missus But I can think access was hit the identification either member in any more assiduously and baseball I had committed a soak in the order Stone on the case can in essence, that hit us the even typical issued ellucian and so instagram he does the for most of this point that back in you toes Quinto and Swiss Productive Hinton success You stay his gun and said you know it is any insight Um Pedo tambien is somebody in the prison? Those poor kids stand on the backing us Quinto at Istres potency and it's cleaned us a job for a momento s political asylum system. Metro s election This But I mean nobody is secure is the son of functionality at Super Super Palooza emailed study accused someplace in Africa are the lowest. The Cajun is the ticket insist that hit us the identification personally saw skills like I'm gonna lend us that this card again. E Katumbi in the Parental knows a cancer lamented cornrows concept of Selassie A schedule Lizzie, but it is that some being in Mahin and be in sync. A older people then started his playing today at but lacking MPs since Communist said Hit as history is concerned and once again this autumn important an EMP. Asada even there must look those services sentences when I was the photo momento in Obama's and once again the core, so not seeing collection so