Game Design: How to Promote Yourself and Your Games

Lewis Pulsipher, Game designer, Teacher, Author

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2 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Marketing Yourself and Your Games After Publication

    • 2. How Twitter is useful to a game designer


Project Description

Sign up with online media and a free web host


Insofar as a large portion of self-promotion is through the Internet, and especially through online social media, the only way to promote yourself is to sign up and get going.

Do you have a website?  Sign up for a free one (google to find hosts such as freehostia)

Are you on LinkedIn?  If not, go sign up.

Facebook?  Twitter?  Go sign up.  It's all free.

Fancy writing a blog?  Make a list of topics you believe you can write about (without embarassing yourself!).

Check out reddit or stackexchange.  If you are interested in board and card games, check out BGG and BGDF.

Signing up won't take long, but if you use these much, it will take significant amounts of time.  If it's a choice between time designing, and time promoting, then you should choose the former until you have some designs completed.

Now, we're required to have a "deliverable" for this project.  List the URLs/handles for your signups and site.  I'll provide my own as an example:

Lewis Pulsipher  [comments in brackets are to help you, you don't need to provide such; I have not made these links clickable (except to Skillshare classes), you'll have to decide whether you wish to link yours.  Of course, anyone who wants to follow a link can copy-and-paste it.]

[email protected] [this is a special address I've arranged, you don't need to include email] (The www is optional)
Twitter @lewpuls
Linkedin profile Lewis Pulsipher: 
Facebook Britannia (game) page: [or put your personal page here]
Facebook Dragon Rage page:

Google+ Lewis Pulsipher [don't think I mentioned Google+ in the video]

[I have a reddit handle but rarely go there, so I'm not including it here.  Same for Instagram.]

[You'll have these only if a board and card game designer]
BGG: lewpuls 

Lewis Pulsipher (game designer entry)

BGDF: lewpuls
[You might have a handle on Video Game Geek or RPG Geek instead of BGG]

You probably will not yet have these:

Game design blog: and
Teach game design blog:
"Expert blogger", Gamasutra:

Interview with Lew Pulsipher in magazine
Interview with Lew Pulsipher in episode number 27 (audio) of Boardgame University BGU

"Game Design" channel on YouTube

Britannia (board game) entry on Wikiedia:
"Lewis Pulsipher" entry on Wikipedia:

Author of "Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish", August 2012; electronic versions also available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Books-a-Million

Skillshare links:
11 "Need to Knows" for Writing Well

Game Design: How to Promote Yourself and Your Games 

Design a Game the Quick Way

What to include (and not include) in your resume, and WHY

and others . . .

As Skillshare would not approve, I won't include links to my class sites outside Skillshare.

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