Game Design: An Artist’s Guide to Creating Your Own Sci-Fi Scene | Arlen DeCambre | Skillshare

Game Design: An Artist’s Guide to Creating Your Own Sci-Fi Scene

Arlen DeCambre, 3D Game Artist | Designer

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6 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Object Overview & Setup

    • 3. Texturing Overview

    • 4. Texturing Part I

    • 5. Texturing Part II

    • 6. Final Scene Setup & Thoughts


About This Class

Explore how 3D Artist Arlen DeCambre creates a sci-­fi scene utilizing modular pieces while focusing on hand painted textures. In this 60 minutes class, students will build a sci-fi scene using modular pieces and then use hand-drawn textures to bring out the details, all while utilizing the game engine's effects to bring it all together. This class is perfect for gaming artists, and everyone who works in multimedia and is geared towards intermediate 3D artists. Arlen will use 3ds Max, Photoshop, Unity 5 in this class!  





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Arlen DeCambre

3D Game Artist | Designer

I am a 3D artist who specializes in game design. Growing up I was always into fine arts such as sculpting and painting which became an artistic hobby. But when I received my first video game, it became a passion. I wanted to incorporate those same techniques to create worlds to explore but instead of using just your eyes, you can interact with them through an avatar. I've done works that have been used consecutively at PAX East and have also been featured in 3D World Magazine for environmenta...

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