Galaxy Cell Phone Poppers - Alcohol Ink & UV Resin - Easy No mixing/measuring | Kellie Chasse | Skillshare

Galaxy Cell Phone Poppers - Alcohol Ink & UV Resin - Easy No mixing/measuring

Kellie Chasse, Artist/Instructor ✅ 15+ Years

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10 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction to Alcohol Ink and UV Resin Galaxy Poppers

    • 2. Class Project Information

    • 3. Working with UV Resin

    • 4. Cell Phone Grippers

    • 5. Project 1 Shaved Ice

    • 6. Project 2 Galaxy with Stars

    • 7. More Options

    • 8. Tree of Life Popper

    • 9. Kielty Layering Solution

    • 10. Outro and Class Projects!


About This Class


Looking for something a bit different to make, gift, or sell?

Then you may be surprised by this art exploration class filled with glittery options on how to make these little galaxy cell phone poppers! 

Nervous about trying resin? 

This class was created to help you with your first go, no mixing or measuring! 

This course we will create some very easy and beautiful original art poppers for your cell phones. It's a great project that is quick, easy, and super fun! 

This is a Beginner to Intermediate course for those of you that want to have fun, be creative, learn the basics using UV resin to create these crafty little sparkly circles that are certainly useful in this day of technology!


  • How to create a galaxy Cell phone popper with Alcohol Ink
  • We'll cover how to pour and cure your UV resin.
  • How to use some glittery bits for extra shine
  • At the end of this course, you will be able to produce some very unique pieces
  • Please don't forget to post your projects below, I can't wait to see them! 

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I am so thankful to have you here!
Kellie Chasse

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1. Introduction to Alcohol Ink and UV Resin Galaxy Poppers : Hi, everyone. I'm Kelly chassis. I live in the beautiful state of Maine here at the lake full time. I have been a featured artists at the Portland International Jetport since 2000 and 14 and I saw my originals, my prints and my cards. I worked goes all over the world from there, absolutely love to share my process. So I've been teaching online now since 2000 and 16 and in the speaking, of course, we'll be using some alcohol, and we'll also be using resin to create some really fun galaxy inspired cellphone poppers. We'll talk a little bit about you being resin, and we'll go over how to sure that using a UV light. So if you are a crafty person and are ready to make your own, there's is perfect little project for you. Hope to see you in class 2. Class Project Information: we want to welcome to the class. The first thing I want to talk about is going to be our class project for the end. We're going to create these beautiful a galaxy poppers on. We do have a project in resource section here. What you want to do is click on that and for projects would have loved to have you do would be to scan or take a Finnish photograph of your galaxy popper. Plus, if you have any special things that you special glitter or special pens, I'd love to see what you views. We can share that with some others. So to post your project or create a project, click on the create project button. Once you do, that'll bring you here. You can upload your image, give it a title, and then just do a little brief explanation of your process. And then when you're ready, click. That publish button is that I'm really excited to see what you guys come up with for the class projects also want to mention we do have some resource is for you. If you are unfamiliar on where to get some of these items, I do have a clickable link with the materials listed here. And they do have the Amazon links if you want to purchase online for the all the materials . And the other thing is, I have another little section on some support information for you. So check those out. You can click on those. So we also have a discussions portion, and you can ask questions here, you cancels, Just start a conversation where you can share your project here is well, And, of course, don't forget to check out the gallery down below for other students. Beautiful galaxy poppers. It's always fun to see what others come up with. All right, so you ready to get started? Next, we're gonna talk about UV resin. 3. Working with UV Resin : all right. I wanted to talk to you guys about UV resin. This is something I just started working with, and I am loving it, and I wanted to share it with you guys. This is a a wonderful new tool that I found, and I've been using art resin for quite some time now a couple of years, but I've switched to the UV rays, um, for some quicker projects. So what is you be resin? It's basically it's resin. It's actually comes in a bottle that is already premixed, so there's no 50% of this and 50% of that you can go directly from the bottle. So the great thing about that since there is no mixing involved, you don't have to worry about not getting your ratios correct. It's transparent, It's quick curing, and it's toxic free. Once it's hardened or cured. The next thing I want to touch on is how to cure UV resin. So if you've never used UV resin before, it can be cured in two different ways. The first way is to cure it naturally in the sunlight. Now you have to have it in a direct sunlight, and you have to expose it for at least 5 to 20 minutes. What I'm finding is even with direct sunlight, I've left it out there for a few hours, depending on what brand used some a little bit different. Some have a little bit more hardener in it, so you will have to play with your brand because this could be different. Another thing to keep in mind as you want Direct sunlight raise. It does not seem to work on an overcast or cloudy day. You really need that direct sunlight so your UV resin can also be cured by using UV light or an led light. And the exposure time is a lot shorter with this is going to cure your resin much faster than in the sunlight. So it's We're talking anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes, and there are some things you have to again. I think about when you're using this type of resin. So I actually purchased this small nail UV light. This is by dawn. It's a many one. So it's really small, tiny thing. I'll, I'll open it up here and show it to you. Um, this one was perfect for what I'm doing? I'm only doing a couple of these at a time, and I could fit about three underneath this and let me open it for you. This one actually is plugged into either your computer or a USB port, and you could see how tiny this thing is is very narrow, very slim design, perfect for, you know, just doing a few pieces on my table, and it's got a little often on switch on the front. These flip open so you can slide your pieces underneath the UV light. And you could see here is where your USB cable goes into it and it comes with one, and I actually I plug. I could plug it into my computer, but I haven't overhead a USB port, and it works really well. So it's just directly above my camera. Hera's I'm filming. So it's plugged that into the back like so, and then the other part gets plugged into your adapter USB adapter or or into your computer or charging station. So here I have it plugged in, and it's actually my apple. One fits in the same one, and then you do. All you do is push the button you could see that beautiful glow of the UV light that turns on now when I push it winds, I slide this under. This will actually go for 60 seconds. If I push it a second time, it will go for 180 seconds and again, you're different. Brands may vary with that, but usually within that four minute time period that peace is fully cured. So this one has an automatic shut off, depending on if it's 60 seconds or 180. If you push it 1/3 time, it will turn it off. So this is a transparent resin, and it's activated by UV light. So you're really one of those things you have to keep clear. You don't want to have any dark pigments in there, or else it will affect how the light penetrates. That, and you'll have some sticky, gooey areas by Ken's have tested with some very translucent types of tents, and those have worked. But again, you know, depending on the brand that you're using and the chemical reactions, some might be a little bit different, so test those also, if you're using in large amounts, it can cause some shrinkage when part of it starts to cure before another area. Well, so it's really important that you don't use large amounts, but you do this in small layers if you need to. I want to mention that the resin will give off a odor, and it does give off some heats. You do want to make sure you have some very good ventilation in your room. No, although they're saying this is non toxic. That's when it's cured when it's fully hardened. So make sure you were taking all safety precautions. Take your Children your pets out of the room. Make sure you're wearing gloves to cover your skin. You're wearing glasses to cover your eyes, and most the time I will use a BOC mask so that I don't breathe any of that. And you definitely want to take your precautions it. So I'm a big fan staying safe while you're working with your art 4. Cell Phone Grippers : This is what I'm using. These are little poppers, cellphone poppers, air used to attach to the back of your phones and these cell for, like 99 14 99 for just some real basic ones. So I thought at the time I would create my own. I was using art resident for my 1st 1 but our president is completely different than a UV resin art raising. You can actually mix pigments in with it, and it just cures normally. Whereas you be resin, you actually have to have UV light and really need to keep that clear since we've talked about in the previous lecture. So I end up ordering mine in bulk, and the best way to do is just search for cellphone poppers or blanks, and you'll find them here will pop right up for you on Google. Now these are the pop socket ones or which are a little bit more expensive. I would have ended the three m brand, so there's a bunch of different ones on that. You really have to kind of search for them. I went on as I said we were I went on, etc. I went on eBay Amazon had them, but they're no longer available. The ones that you want to look for, they have better stickers or this ones that are three m and they do come in white and black . So you can dio, you know, a couple of different things with it, and then you can order him in different different amounts to they have packages of 10 20. They're all over the place. So that's just one way that you can search for them and find them online. So the ones I had actually came with these little plastic baggies. What? You're really nice. So if you're re selling these, you can put them in little plastic bags and tell him that way to retailers Oreo Salam in your craft fairs or just make them for friends because we all use these and I have gone through a couple of them now with my with my phones, so they have like a little bit of a a platinum. Obviously they made plastic and they have a little bit of a texture to the top of it, but not a whole lot very smooth, and you could see that they just pop open and the three M stickers on the back. So what I do when I'm working with them, I find the best thing to do is first will make sure that your table is level lifetimes. I'll actually open them up when I'm working with them. They still will fit underneath the UV light. But you can also just close them up and just make sure they're flat this way as well. Whatever way, you're more comfortable with doing it. So the ones I had actually came with these little plastic baggies. What? You're really nice. So if you're re selling these, you can put them in little plastic bags and until I'm that way to retailers Oreo Salam in your craft fairs or just to make them for friends because we all use these and I have gone through a couple of them now with my with my phones, so they have, like a little bit of a a platinum. Obviously, they made plastic, and they have a little bit of a texture to the top of it. But not a whole lot very smooth on. You could see that they just pop open and the three M stickers on the back. So what I do when I'm working with them, I find the best thing to do is first will make sure that your table is level lifetimes. I'll actually open them up when I'm working with them. They still will fit underneath the ah UV light. But you can also just close them up and just make sure they're flat this way as well. Whatever way, you're more comfortable with doing it. So there are so many options that you can do on these. I mean, they're basically like a little mini tile circular tiles, or you can really do so many things on here. But today we're gonna show you how I did a little galaxy ones. 5. Project 1 Shaved Ice: no case in L. A. You've got all of the supplies that awful the way. Let's get ready to paint. I'm gonna be using some T rex alcohol inks again. If you have other different types of brands of alcohol inks, feel free to use those. I just want to share it with you. Here it comes with clear blender space black Amazon's purple deep sea blue title teal glacier blue, drastic green Irish moss, sunshine, yellow Bellini, orange Shiraz red and dragon fruit pink, which is one of my favorite colors. So hopefully I said all those correctly so before he began. There are a lot of different brands of that. You be resin on the market and on Amazon, and there are a lot of different types of alcohol, ANC's And as you well know, if your reason using alcohol inks, you can get different reactions with different chemicals, so just make sure that you test one first before you spend a lot of time is you might have thievy. Rick Resin may interact with some of the alcohol inks who could fade them, so just test it first, and I'm also going to be using this stuff This is so pretty. I love using. It's called, um, it's made by stamp End this and is called shaved ice, and it's just basically like that. If you were to take the inexpensive way you know, there's a cellophane bags that you have that are always air doesn't colors or those wrap cellophane wraps it to use for Eastern things like that, just cut it up in a really small pieces. That's basically what this is, and it's a lot less expensive, but I found that out later cause I wasn't sure what it was, but it's it's beautiful. So if you want just to come up yourself aim bags and really small pieces, you can do that with just some scissors. Or you can buy in the jar of the shaved ice. So I love the stuff. I'm gonna be using this after we paint the tops of our poppers. So the first time I tried it, I just basically took my inks, and this is the black, and I'm just going to drop it directly on to the top and then just take a little piece of paper towel and a little texture on it, and I'm just gonna tap that on there and spread that out a little bit. But that one pretty solves. I decided. I like that. Let's go ahead and finish that off a little bit. Now The T. Rex Inc had a little bit of a bluish tint to it. A green blue grey, which is really pretty, and I have that nice dark color in there. Let's go ahead with a little bit of that blue green. Put that on top. I was trying to go for the like that Aurora. Boreal is kind of look initially, but the black was pretty dark man again. Just taking that tissue and just tapping it on here. You can see that's lifting some of that black up a little bit that will drive that upper really quick using that tissue. So here's what they look like really deep looking dark Spacey. Look to the best I could describe, so I'm just going to take some of that shaved ice and just Sprinkle it rate on the top. You want to make sure that you keep it more towards the middle. You don't wanna have it hanging over the edge because we're gonna be putting on the resin next. So if there's any little chunks of pieces, it will harden. Just make sure you wipe off any really large pieces and around the edges. You can spread it out just a little bit if you want. There's a couple of pieces I got stuck on the side, so that's all you need to do. It just gives us this really, really pretty glittery look. So here's the resin again. It's a clear resin UV resin. This one is a different brand, and its 200 grams of resident rather than the smaller bottle, which had 60 grams in it. Both worked very similar. I didn't find really any difference between the two. I'm gonna put about A I would say about a nickel size worth on here. Get a nice ram dollop on there, and then we need to do is pick it up and then just rock it back and forth a little bit. You wanted to go around the edges. We don't want it to go over the side, cause once it starts to flow over the side that wants to follow over the side, and we don't want that to get underneath. I'm just very carefully tipping it, and you can see it's it's liquid. It's a little thick liquid, so it doesn't move really quickly. This little molasses kind of texture and then just taking a little toothpick and anywhere along the edges that you don't get the residence you want to bring it right out to the edge is what you see here is pretty much how it's going to harden. So if you're missing some spots, it's not going to be level or even began making sure your table is level a swell if you need to pick it up and just rock it back and forth to get it to move. You can do that. If I turn it sideways, Aiken, see words level in words, not level. If you have any of those little pieces, some of them will stick to your toothpick. Just put those right back in there. Okay? So once you get that all set up, all you have to do is slide it under and turn the light on. I'm going to actually hit this two times. We want to make sure this is under here for four minutes and was gonna let that sit and harden. I did find I had some that I put out in the sunlight, and it took him about 1/2 a day to actually hardened so they will harden eventually. But they had to be tacky for a little bit longer. Aren't does beautiful call Pretty. They are now these because there are hard as a rock. Now these have the shaved ice underneath there, so they have a little bit more texture than not quite a smooth is what they would be if you didn't use any of the shaved ice. You can also use glitter. You can use bossing powder. You really you could throw all kinds of little things on top of here. I do want to mention that if you try to put a second coat on there, it does get a little trickier, because you've got to get a really, really level if you need the extra layer. But I found that one layer really worked just fine, but because I want to see if I could get rid of some of that texture because the of the glitter in there, I thought I would give it a second go and I'll show you what the results were here. So it really worked with levelling. I did notice on the side There, you got to really make sure you catch the edges because that's where that second coat missed it. But it definitely got rid of that texture, more so on the top. I could always even add another layer to this, but the layers Do you get a little trickier? I will say It's It's, um, you have to play it a little bit more to get that that perfect, poor, so to speak. 6. Project 2 Galaxy with Stars: So let's go ahead and try another style next. And for this one, I'm gonna actually just use some some clear saran wrap paper and we're just going to do a dipping for these. So I got the Saran wrap out and I do want to have given a little texture. So I'm going to just fold it up and get give a little crinkly. This is really fun to dio on water colors. I've done this for many years, and it's a fun because you can actually crinkle it up to your water color, let it dry, and then take a look at what you see. And I think that's actually one of my very first YouTube videos I ever did. And you get to use your imagination. Ah, with that because you get toe look for things that you might see in the paper to that one's really fun. So with alcohol inks, you've probably seen this done before as well. But I I love this because you can really get some really interesting patterns in there. So I'm gonna start off a little bit of the gets Glacier blue and then adding a little sunshine, yellow and then the pink. I think this one is called dragon fruit pink, and then add a little bit of the space black in here. Just a few dropped. The black really will takeover if you let it. So just a couple drops of that. And what sizes? You can keep this plastic bag and reactivate it with a little bit of alcohol later on. Or the blending solution or the blender Clear blender is what they call it. So then all you do is take that again and push down and lift up. You could see the beautiful texture a little bit more black in there for that spacey look. Capital bit more in there. I was gonna leave it well, like that. Not cool. So pretty. Go ahead and do one more people squish a little bit more black. There we go. So, to poppers, or really quickly, I'll obviously do a lot more very fast amount of time. So when is put a little bit of wash on here and then I'm gonna grab my hand, Danny toothbrush and I'm gonna create a little bit of splatter on these. So I did wet my brush just a little bit with some water. Not a whole lot just is damp to get it moving and then a load that up and then just take my thumb and move those brushes across. Look at that. Gets it a really nice fine mist of wash. And if you don't have white horse, you could use white acrylic paint. She could use posca pens, white gel pens. You could use white ink, so whatever you have on hand. But as we talked before, different chemical reactions could happen. So just make sure you test whatever a brand paint that you're going to be using on this before you do a lot of them, just to make sure that they don't change color on you. So I've got tons of little space stops in your little stars. And then, if you want to do a couple of a larger ones, you could take your brush more dotting tool. If you have that, of course, the nice thing about the wash it's water based was not going to react at all with the Alcohol Inc underneath. So that's why didn't seal these beforehand. Now a new V resident is brand new for me, so I'm not sure how it holds up compared to some of the other resins. Thomas far as color and again, T. Rex is a brand new alcohol Inc for me too. I do have these sitting in mice in my sunny window when I'm gonna leave them in there for a little while. I just want to see how they're going to react. So, um, I might check back with you on that. So if you don't like this, obviously you can just take a figure, wipe it right off, or take a little bit of water and start over. We tried to put these stars in here. You've got a big old North star on there that was pretty big. And it's spalla of a brush you have or it's a little bit better. This is a pretty tiny, tiny brush that I'm using. It's actually an older brush I have. So it's worn off the size by believe it was a double zero again is filling in the fuel extra dots. I'm still not real happy with that big one over here, so I'm just gonna take a little bit of water with it with a little tissue and look at that . I just pretty much Weber right off just a little pat. I don't want to scrub ICS. I don't want any of that going to come off, but you can pretty much get that back to nothing or get it back to back to nothing. Get it back to it. Where was that before? You out of the wash knows. Try that again. Well, spritz and taking my brush and just gonna add the stars on top of that again. - Okay , case at its more that resin on there, I would say I probably did more of 1/4 shape amount on their rather than nickel. That's really moving over nicely. So the poppers air a little bit bigger there, people guys remember the silver dollars for us. They were the size of a silver dollar. Roughly, maybe a little bit smaller than that. Remember, if you put too much of the UV resident there, what happens is especially in the center. If it's too thick, what happens is it will cure on the outside first, and it will start to shrink in. So that's why it's really important not to use too much Resident on these. So if you find you're getting some shrinkage from it curing you probably have a little bit too much. You have to do a very light layer of the present. So I went ahead and did it again for the four minutes and the wash did. It did pick up some of the color from underneath a little bit, but so it's more of a muted white. But it still worked quite nicely, I think. Aren't they pretty? Looks Basie. So imagine this will all these different colors that you could be using and every one of these is going to be just so unique, which it's really part of the fun and part of the process. 7. More Options: So I did you a couple more. Just want to show you a couple of colors and it more of a green with this one again. So unique, each one of them. And then I did another one here at it. A little bit of the, uh, dragon dragon fruit. Pinkeye was a dragon Fly pink as a little bit more of a purple tint to it. That was really pretty. Today, a couple of those and I'm going to show you the holographic embossing powder. This is what it looks like here. This is another one they did with the holographic a glitter that I have not pretty. I did try to do the embossing with the heat. Don't do that, cause the plastic on these will actually warp a little bit. So if you're gonna use holographic glitter, don't use your heat gun on that so you don't get that and Boston look with it. But regular glitter can work quite nicely as well. And if you like that texture, look, it is kind of a neat look. You could definitely go with its They don't have to necessarily be smooth, but it's still word You still see a lot of that that beautiful color in this one as well. So this gives you a lot of different ideas that you could do with these. If you have other little products that you can throw in there, it's always fun to just experiment and see what else you can do with this. I do a little mini miniature necklaces and with you po paper, and you could do a lot of little painted hand painted scenes on here as well and seal those with the UV resin. So there's a lot of different things you can do with this. And I think these are gonna make great little craft fair projects coming up for me. So I hope you enjoyed it, and I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with. 8. Tree of Life Popper: Here's another one. I did. I want to Just to share with you What could happen if you do get some bleeding from the Alcohol Inc and your resin your UV resin on. I also want to show you here. You can use a Sharpie to make a great little tree on these. I did the background on this one basically the same way, um, as I did on the 1st 1 But I use just a tissue and dabbling a little bit of blue on the top and then added a little bit of purple around the edge. It was really quick and easy to dio. And now I'm just taking a black Sharpie and I'm gonna create basically, I guess it would be called The Tree of Life where they have like those nice, strong roots again. You can draw really easy on these using a Sharpie pen. Now these are permanent sharpies, but sometimes they will react with the resin as well. Now in the class, I did not spray any of these with any varnish. I do. If I did find out that Kelty inks has a new sealant which I've just ordered, so I'll share that with you guys. Once I get that in. Ah, and it's supposed to seal any of the ink's any of the brands without any spray. It's just a brush on type thing. So I'm gonna be sharing that with you guys as soon as that comes in, I'll add that to the course here for you. But if you need to seal yours as I said earlier, test your products to see what they're going to dio. This one had a really cool effect, though I added the resin to and I'll show you This is a different brand inks that I'm using on this. Once I had it in my palette tray, so I wanted to try out just to see what it's going to do with that resin. So again is making a neat little scraggly tree on the He's always find that you could again create lots of different things on these I mean it. Possibilities are endless for this so, so fun. I'm just putting some old branches in here. I'm not going to see a lot of this cause we're gonna cover a lot of it up with the inks. We're gonna add a little bit of channeling cherry blossoms. We got, um, my husband and my son picked out for me for Mother's Day, a new tree. So I have brand new cherry blossom trees. And this isn't This is what inspired me to do this little one. I like to have just a little bit of texture in the underneath. And again, a lot of not a lot of this is going to show up, but just making some of the squiggles on there illusion of some leaves and gonna grab a brush now and just add a little bit of some purple on top of this. So I have my inks in the palette here, Just add a little bit of alcohol to reactivate them. And I was going to tap that on. There is a really pretty purple You can still see the black underneath. I'm just using, like a dotting motion here. Give the illusion of some leaves. I don't know any of any purple terry. Awesome, but I like the purple. I have just a little bit of red to this. I've got another shade at it to the purple here just for another, another value. Another color just a little bit there. And that's all we need to dio. And I'm gonna go ahead and grab the UV resin and we're gonna place that on top, and I want to show you what happens with this. It it looks really neat. So impulse put that quarter size dot on here. You can see there's it just looks so pretty. It's crystal clear right now. But what happens is as the sits and I didn't leave it out for a little bit before actually put it under the resin, so that could have the reaction. You can see that it's not really moving yet. I'm gonna take my fingers. Other toothpicks. Just gonna spread this around here, get in getting the edges. I want to make sure I have the edges completely done. A couple of them I missed with the toothpicks. I wasn't pink really good attention than that before. So I'm gonna go ahead with my finger and just come around the rim of that so that I make sure that that residents spread all the way out to the edges. So the reaction actually happens. Once I place this under the light, you could see It looks good right here and as the starts to cure. And it could be because it's more towards the center. I had more of the resident, but you can see how it did have a reaction in there. But it give it, like, this blurred look. And I think it's absolutely beautiful. You know, those happy little accidents that we have. And you see, the roots were were not affected is more in the center area. So again, I'm gonna try the ah, the seal. And you could also spray that with Kmart Kmart varnish if you wanted to. So that doesn't Doesn't do that. So I just want to talk really quickly about the three M stickers. It holds a really, Really? Well, I'm gonna use the galaxy one. I wasn't gonna do this initially cause I didn't get my new phone casing, So I ended up taking this off because my phone case did come in, By the way, um, so gonna place this on here and I pulled the sticker off. It came off beautifully. There was no problem with being stuck. Funny being a generic brand, it seemed to work very well. They're gonna have a little plastic sleeves here. We're gonna take it out of the plastics lead and let's go ahead and just add this on here for you so you can see what it actually is if you're not familiar with these this accessory . So this was the galaxy that we did. We'll peel off that sticker and then he's gonna push that right in the center here and push down on that. I didn't even put much pressure on that. Just a little bit of pressure and we are stuck. I tried to remove one of these after just putting it on. And I tell you, it's a challenge to get it off of here. So this is the nice little kickstand feature that you have that once you have that pulled out all the way, you can actually sit that on your table and watch your videos right from your desk this way . And of course, you can just use it to help you carry it around. You don't drop it. Don't drop it in the water, which is what I did. So yeah, really, really fun, little things. And they're so fun to be able to custom customize those for your friends or for specific holiday. So there's just so many options for this 9. Kielty Layering Solution: so in the shade just a few other little projects that I did. And I want to talk a little bit about some layering solution by Kelty that I tries. This is Kelty Inc Clearing solution is meant to basically seal your alcohol inks, and then you can actually apply more alcohol inks on top without disturbing the ones underneath. So I tested here on some of the pop ups. I did a little tree. I used some gold paint pen in this one on. It worked beautifully. It's sealed those ink, so if you have some inks that are moving cause different brands will do different things, try the Keltie layering solution. They're supposed to work with just about every alcohol in France out there. So these are a few that I did. I did want to mention If you use a white gel pen, I will show you here. I actually had down the alcohol inks, and before I sealed them, I went ahead and added the white gel pen on top of the alcohol inks, which you can do. The problem is if you try to see the alcohol inks once you've placed your white gel pen, on there. I found that the white gel pen did have a reaction to the guilty layering solution. And you can see here when I place it on its smears it a little bit. So that was the one thing you cannot use it with. Like I said, it's so important to test your products. Um, and it can be very frustrating sometimes. So I would like to share with you some of things that I've tried that didn't work so that, you know, ahead of time. So you don't ruin something that you absolutely love. So this one, I mean, I still worked with it. I went ahead and let the guilty layering solution to Rye on this. And then I added the reason on top of it. And then what I did was I placed another pen, another ah layer of the white gel pen on top of the UV risen. And then I seal that in, which gave it a really neat look, because what it did was it almost made it look like a three d image. So that was a fun little find that I did some placing here. You don't have to put a lot of the Keltie layering solution on here again. You can see the tree is moving. Ah, little bit on here. I tried it just with my finger the first time and it works just as well as with a brush. And I found that used a lot more with a brush. So the Keltie layering solution can be a little bit expensive. It has. They have smaller bottles and they had a little bit larger bottles. So again it's similar Teoh UV resin. You spend a little bit more money, smaller bottles, but the convenience is right there. So for something like this, I probably would not use the Keltie layering solution on entire alcohol ink art piece. But I I would spray that one with the came are varnish. But for these little pop ups, little poppers, this works really well. So again it seals it beautifully did not affect the gold crile on paint pen that I used to create the tree. I just drew that on there with a crile on paint pen. So something's works with some things it doesn't and I took just a little beat down here very lightly and held that hold it close for very long because again that the temperature, the heat gun, can melt plastic on the top of the so very careful. If you're using, you come with these and then I'm going to go ahead and put a layer of the UV resin on top of these four. Right? So I'm back. I have one layer of the resin. You could see his nice and shiny on here, and I've gone ahead and redrew the trees with the white gel pen. And I want to do it on this one just so you could see how I do. It happens sometimes they're a little bit tougher to work with when you're using them on resin, because they it's a very smooth service, so you might have to just have a little piece of paper on the side. That's what I have down here. I'm just scribbling in a little bit to get that Penn rolling again, that sometimes it wants to stick so that when I did, But they just went ahead and highlighted, basically on top of the gold that I had in the underneath can it just turned out so neat because it had that really three d look to it and just another little option for you to try . - The UV reason does not react with the the white gel pen, so it's always interesting to find out what's going to cause things to blur and what isn't . So again, I'm using just the reason that we talked about earlier. Place my little small dot on there and you can see how it just really magnifies everything . And it's really cool the way that it gives that three D image and the gold underneath is shining. You have all the alcohol in colors underneath, and I tap a little bit of that gold pen throughout their and it give it a really pretty iridescent on the underneath. I'm gonna go ahead and put these under the UV light and we'll show you the finished piece here. While that is curing, I want to show you here. I did another one, and now this one has the black Sharpie tree drawn on top of the alcohol inks. And I used the Keltie layering solution on this so it did not react to the black Sharpie. For this one could be possible. Maybe didn't let the um, the white Penn dry long enough for the first time. That could be a possibility. So I may go ahead and try that one more. Time is the black. This black Sharpie has been on there for a little bit. So I think I did this about 20 minutes ago. So if you go ahead and try that, feel free to share that with us in the group. If you did not have any reaction if you allow your white paints to dry a little bit longer now, you can also use again acrylic paints on top of this as well. So there's, You know, there's other options. Um, other than just the gel pen. So wanna go ahead and go ahead and put this one under a swell? And here is the finished results. I have a bunch of different kinds that I did, I so I did home with the black tree with some little little cherry blossoms. This is finish because you could see just is so pretty, especially in person. The phone does anyone captured quite is quite as well. Here's the black one that we didn't all dry again. These have some of these have a couple layers of the resin. Make sure you get those edges really well. If you do two layers and it really gives it a neat three D effect, especially when you turn it to the side. You've got all those colors underneath, so I hope this part was helpful for you. 10. Outro and Class Projects!: cheers. You got through the courts. I am really excited that you join me today. Difficult to package these up If you get those little plastic sleeves, those are great. Every going to do some reselling. As always, It's such an honor to be here with you guys and with so many creative people, it just makes my head spin and gives me more energy to do more things. If you're ready for your project, go ahead. Grab your supplies that we talked about here in the lecture and I am super excited to see them guys want to take some more classes, watercolor, resident jewelry, all kinds of them. Feel free to check that out. If you want to see some more UV resident projects, you may want to check out the alcohol. Ain't dependent class for beginners. Where I use Cem, you be resin there as well. I am on social media platforms and I would love to have you tagged me. I'd love to see your projects. I get really excited for you and then I also have a YouTube channel. If you guys want to check out some freebie stuff, I try to post their every week on Tuesday at 9 a.m. And sometimes I go live. Or maybe I might be doing some more lives, But we'll see. Of course. You guys have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me by email. So thank you so much for joining me again. I can't wait to see some of your work. Take care of the bike.