Gain Unlimited Amount of Free Kindle Reviews For Your Ebooks

John Smith, Business Owner

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17 Videos (1h 15m)
    • Introduction to the Course

    • What Is An Amazon Review?

    • Why Are Amazon Reviews Important and How Do They Benefit You?

    • Introduction to this Section: The Concept Behind Getting Reviews

    • Method 1

    • Method 2

    • Which One Of The Two Methods Works Best

    • Why Are Lists Important And How To Create Your Own

    • Email Template For The Initial Contact Of The Reviewers

    • Emailing Process For The Reviewers - Importance Reminding Emails

    • What Is An Editorial Review?

    • When Do I Stop Asking for Reviews?

    • How Can I Add Editorial Review to My E-book?

    • Method 1 of Getting Editorial Reviews

    • Other Methods of Gaining Amazon Reviews

    • Method 2

    • Method 1


About This Class

In this course we are covering how to get the first crucial reviews for your Amazon Kindle product. After gaining the initial reviews, you will be able to increase your organic sales and you will start seeing organic reviews pouring in. Therefore, this tactic is perfect to use after launching a new e-book and it can be used by existing or upcoming authors.

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John Smith

Business Owner

John is Sharing His Expertise & Secrets in 13 Classes


I have been an online entrepreneur since 2010 using various methods of earning money online. I have multiple YouTube channels, tried working with affiliate marketing, consultant on Internet, Forex, selling e-books and an online teacher on Udemy. I love to share my own experiences both from my entrepreneur life and also when I was working in one of the largest corporations in the world (see my CV below).


YouTube: Over 8 million viewers on my main channel, increasing by 200,000 viewers per month. I have several other channels, which are training related.

My CV:

I finished my BSc Business and Management in one of the top UK universities with a first class degree. After getting the degree, I worked in a couple of the major corporations that are in Fortune 500. Hence, I am familiar to the corporate culture and the daily life of working in major corporations.

While working for the corporation I have come across many different people that I had to work with. I have also had the opportunity to attend many different business trips in various countries with different cultures, which has allowed me to understand how differently business operations are carried out in different countries.

Right now I work online as an entrepreneur, which has been mentioned before.